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					                                           Town of Prescott
                          COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE
                             Report No. 17 - 2011
                           Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday, May 24, 2011

                                                                                  Council Chambers

Present:      Mayor Brett Todd, Councillors Jo-Anne Beckstead, Michael Dimopoulos,
              Robert Lawn, Lee McConnell, Jennifer Wyman and Ray Young

Staff:        CAO/Clerk Randy Helmer, Treasurer/Deputy CAO Laurie Kirkby, Director of
              Public Works Craig Cullen, Director of Community Services Randy Pelehos and
              Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant Elana Arthurs

Mayor Todd, called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m.

Approval of Agenda

Motion: Wyman, Beckstead
That the agenda for this meeting be approved.

Declarations of Interest - None


     1. Strategic Plan – St. Lawrence College – Donna Silver-Smith

Ms. Silver-Smith spoke to the services and programs offered through St. Lawrence College.
She provided an overview of how the services of St. Lawrence College can assist Council with
the creation of a Strategic Plan for the Town of Prescott.

In-Camera Items

Motion: Young, Wyman
That Committee move into a closed session as per the requirements of section 239
(2) of the Municipal Act due to the following:
             a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by
             the municipality or local board.

     1. Sale of Public Property
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                                  Committee of the Whole Minutes – May 24, 2011
Chaired by Councillor Jennifer Wyman

     1. Staff Report No. 65-2011 - Tourism Coordinator Position

Mr. Helmer spoke to adding a Tourism Coordinator position to the full-time staff with the Town
of Prescott. He spoke to the job description and areas that require additional time and
resources that are currently lacking within the municipality.
Committee discussed the variety of the role and the possibility of the position being reviewed
after a specified time period prior to adding an additional full-time employee.
Staff was directed to review the description following the strategy session and determine the
reporting requirements.

Motion: Todd, McConnell
That Council approve the creation of a full-time Tourism Coordinator Position.

     2. Staff Report No. 66-2011 - Economic Development Advisory Committee

Mr. Helmer reviewed Staff Report No. 66-2011 noting the interest in the creation of an
Economic Development Advisory committee for the Town of Prescott.
Staff was directed to determine if there was any interest with the neighbouring municipalities
and provide details on the possibility of establishing this committee.

Chaired by Councillor Robert Lawn

     1. Staff Report No. 72-2011 – Social Housing Tour

Councillor Lawn spoke the Social Housing Tour scheduled for next Monday night.

Motion: Todd, McConnell
That committee waive the rules of procedure to allow the meeting to continue beyond the three
hour maximum.


Motion: Dimopoulos, Young
That the meeting of the Committee of the Whole adjourn to Monday, June 13, 2011 at 7:00pm.
(Time: 10:00pm)

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                               Committee of the Whole Minutes – May 24, 2011

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