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									Company Overview

Dale Fittes
Boards & Modules Specialist
Hitex UK Ltd
    Some brief information about PHYTEC

•     PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH
       –   Located in Mainz, Germany, founded in 1986
       –   Activities
             • Development
             • Procurement
             • Production
             • Sales`
             • Marketing
             • Integration Services
             • Support, Training
       –   2,500 active customers, contact database with 23,000 qualified entries from Germany
           and 7,000 from other EU-countries
       –   100 employees, more than 40% academics
       –   ISO 9001:2000 certified, KTA1401 certified, VDA2 audited
       –   In-house production facilities (IPC-A-610D Class 3 compliant, µBGA, CSP, 0402)
       –   Open-Book-Management, employee profit sharing
       –   No outside capital, Familiy-owned company
       –   Hitex is Technical Distributor for UK
Some brief information about PHYTEC

•   Sales revenue Germany 2008
     – € 16 million
         • Market structure
              – Complex applications with quantities of less than 3,000 to 5,000 units per
              – At present predominantly achieved in Germany, but inquiries from other
                 European countries do increase

                       15%         15%


               15%                         15%             Transportation

                                                           Machine Building

                                                           Industrial Automation

                      20%            20%
Some brief information about PHYTEC

•   Typical applications
     –   Medical
           • Anesthesia Workstations
           • Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Verification Systems
           • Vascular C-arm
           • Dental Equipment
     –   Military
           • Leading German suppliers of military hardware
           • Mainly used in tracked vehicles and tanks
     –   Transportation
           • Fleet Management
           • Passenger Information & Ticketing systems
     –   Machine Building
           • Motor drivers, Axis control units
           • Sensor units
           • Human-Machine-Interfaces
     –   Industrial Automation
           • Special purpose controls (typically low-cost, high-performance or special interfaces)
Some brief information about PHYTEC

•   Hardware Development and Manufactoring

•   Solution Provider for OEM-Products

           •   And The Whole Range in-between

Splicer for fiber the home        Mobile Medical Diagnostic   Public Transport Management
Corning Cable Systems GmbH        Ziehm GmbH                  IVU AG
Product Design with
Industrial Grade Modules and Software

How PHYTEC can help

Axel Berghoff
PHYTEC press officer
Be close to your final application

• Make your first experiences with PHYTEC-Kits
• Measure performance
• Check out software

                  PHYTEC SBC module                                 PHYTEC CD-ROM including:
                  and Carrier Board                                 - QuickStart Instructions
                                                                    - Tools (C Compiler, Assembler,…)
                                                                    - AC adapter, cables
                                                                    - Start-Up Guarantee

Rapid Development Kits (for example) for Freescale Controllers
- i.MX31/27 Kit (WinCE, Linux)                           Controller on Modules for new designs
- Linux-PowerPC-Kit with MPC5200 (Tiny-module)           - i.MX51/350/31/27
- FPGA-Kit with MPC5200                                  - MPC5200B (I/O and tiny)
- PowerPC-Kit with MPC5554                               - MPC5554, MCF548x
- ColdFire-Kit with MCF548x                              - ATOM
- SPS-Kit with MPC5200 (Tiny-module)                     - Cortex
Be close to your final application

Two Hardware Interfacing Strategies for Modular Designs:

• phyCORE
    • All controller features available on connectors
    • Each module may have unequal interfacing
    • Best “fit-in” for controller-close designs
    • Most flexible base-board design possible

• phyCARD
    • Embedded interfaces on one common Platform
    • Standard signal alignment on connectors
    • Exchangeable Modules across controller architectures
    • Simple base-board design
Design Philosophy

                    Modular approach

• Common requirements across applications
• Modules as an apparent approach

                               Customer know-how

                                PHYTEC know-how

                                     Module as

                            for custom base board design

                            Customer Core Competence

• PHYTEC-module as Core
• for example: i.MX31
 Formfactor 84 x 58 mm

 Power Management IC     i.MX31     Ethernet 10/100MBit

                                               NAND Flash (64MB – 1GB)
                                               NOR Flash (16MB – 32 MB)

     DDR RAM (128MB – 512 MB)          Battery buffered SRAM

                     Bottom View:
                     - RealTimeClock
                     - Ser. EEPROM (4k – 64k)
                     - RS232 Transceiver
                     - USB Transceiver
                     - Molex Connectors (2 x 200 pins) were all controller signals are available

• PHYTEC know-how for custom baseboard design
        - ”Circuit Diagram Library”
        - Experience from more than 200 projects
        - Hardware elements with software support

• PHYTEC know-how for custom baseboard design
• for example:

                 Power Supply              Galvanic Isolation
                 • 5 VDC                   • Optocoupler
                 • 12 VDC                  • Transformer
                 • 24 VDC                  • Insulation groups
                 • 72 VDC                  • Insulation resistance
                 • 110 VDC
                 • 100-240 VAC
                 • DC / DC

•   PHYTEC know-how for custom baseboard design
•   for example:

            EMC / EMI                      Connectivity
            • Signal Protection            • CAN (Controller Area Network)
            • Bursts & Surges              • IBIS (Integrated On-Board
            • ESD-Protection                Information Systems)
            • Grounding System             • MVB (Multi Vehicle Bus)
            • HF-Return Path               • Ethernet
            • Bypassing                    • USB
            • Filtering                    • WLAN / WiFi
                                           • GSM / GPRS / UMTS
                                           • GPS
                                           • Camera Interfaces

•   PHYTEC know-how for custom baseboard design
•   for example:

            Power Management                 Analog Signal Conditioning
            • Power Domain Structure         • Operational Amplifiers
            • Operation Modes (Deep-Sleep,       Amplifier
             Standby, Normal Operation)          Inverter
            • Battery Charging                   Follower
            • Power Source Switching             Adder
            • Wake-Up Sources                    Subtracter
                                             • U/f / I/f conversion

•     PHYTEC know-how for custom baseboard design
•     for example: Development Board
                                         USB OTG and Host
                                                    CAN interface       Serial interfaces
       Lithium cell connector

    Power Supply Connector
                                                                        Security Digital/MultiMedia card
    Battery Connector
                                                                        One Wire connector

                                                                        ZigBee connector
                                                                        Key Pad connector
Display 320 x 240
                                                                        Compact Flash card

                                                                        Camera connectors

    phyCORE SBC
    with phyCORE Mapper         Expansion Board connectors for specific fast prototyping
Interfacing with our Customers

                                    Sensor Selection

                      Connectors                            Sensor
                                    Galvanic Isolation

                                                 Analog Signal
                       Power Supply PHYTEC-
                                   Actors Selection
                                     modules             EMC/ EMI

                         Power Management          Connectivity

                                   PHYTEC know-how!

                             Chemical/ Physical Process unit

                                    Actors Selection
Industrial Grade

       Industrial Grade – more than just extended temperature range

               Industrial Grade – a holistic design philosophy
Product life cycle

• Long industrial life cycles
          - 5-10 years and more – usage-time of products
• Shorter innovation cycles
          - every 1-3 years a new generation

                                                           Source: freescale
Industrial Grade – the elements

• Long industrial life cycles for modules to fit product life cycles
          - 5-10 years and more
• All components on PHYTEC-modules available in extended temp. range
• Robust design (EMV/EMI, power-distribution, connectors, shock tests)
• Software implementations – fit for purpose
• Certified production (VDA, KTA, IPC-610)
The software aspect

                      Software – a key factor
The importance of standard software environments

• Software as “translator”

               Soure: Embedded System Design; 09/02/07; by Richard Nass
Two worlds supported by PHYTEC

• WinCE
• Real-time Linux
• In-house know-how

• Knowledge-transfer in-and-out
• Alliances
… more on WinCE

WinCE 6.0 – what PHYTEC offers
• own BSP for phyCORE
• binary BSP include
• usable for own applications with Visual Studio
   Sources on demand
• professional training with our partners
• complete on phyCORE-module and baseboard
• CETK like quality test
Real-time Linux – OSADL compliant

• Open source idea and industrial requirements
• A different way to secure long term availability
Real-time Linux

• LINUX – what PHYTEC offers

 • Kernel-Versions up to date
 • The kits include sources
 • Own distribution
 • In-house know-how
 • Professional training with partners
 • Complete coverage of phyCORE-modules and baseboards
Real-time Linux – OSADL compliant

• OSADL- Open Source Automation Developent Lab

The idea
• Building a critical size of users
• Catalyser for an industrial community
• Definition of interfaces and standards (for example I/O framework)
Real-time Linux – OSADL compliant

• Feature Matrix

 Preempt RT features:
 • Patches for standard kernel
 • Kernel is preemtable
 • Implementation of High Resolution Timer
 • PI Mutexe

 Criteria for realtime Linux are:
                                                   Test with MPC5200   No Preempt RT   With Preempt RT
      • Strong and agile community                 at 396 MHz
      • Long term availability                     Idle                ~ 3 ms          ~ 50 µs

      • Ease of use (user space realtime)          Hackbench           ~ 3 ms          ~ 70 µs
      • POSIX API for real time (standard API)
      • Wide architecture support
      • Mainstream support by the Vanilla Kernel
WinCE or Linux

• Software selection criteria

                                Soure: Embedded System Design; 09/02/07; by Richard Nass
Modular software design
The connection in-between Software and Application

                                  Customer know-how

The important link                   Application

from hardware
                             .NET / dotGNU Framework
to solution
                                               File systems

                        Display                     Webserver
                                 Linux /
                                   Actors Selection Database
                         Open GL    WinCE

                           Drivers for external peripherals

                            Customer Core Competence
Putting all elements together

                        The modular design approach
Cost of ownership

• Realistic evaluation of development costs
• True calculation of upcoming costs
• Including hardware- and software maintenance

• Cost of ownership = Key word for sustained company success
Efficient development

! The question of core competence and resources
! Do not re-invent the wheel
! Focussing on distinguishing features as added value
Thank you for your attention.


Dale Fittes

Warwick University Science Park

Tel: 02476 692066


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