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					                                            2012-2013 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Your responses will help the selection committee place you in the
most appropriate position. The goal is to create a dedicated Board that will work to increase Chapter membership and involvement
and to elevate the profile of the Texas Exes – DC Chapter. Feel free to type beyond the space already provided. Once completed,
please email your application to Barry Dauber barry@barrydauber.com by May 16th at midnight.

Full Name:
Degree and Dates of Attendance at UT Austin:
Contact information, including Mailing Address, E-mail, and Phone Number(s):
Membership status with the Texas Exes (Lifetime, Annual, etc.):

1. What are you interested in doing with the Board?

2. What skills or experiences do you have that qualify you to serve in the position you are applying for on the Texas
   Exes Board?

3. What skills and contributions would you bring to the Board of Directors? Have you been involved in a Texas Exes
   chapter in another city? Why are you specifically interested in the position(s) you listed in the previous question?

4. What traits or characteristics do you think define a successful, working alumni board?

5. Are you more comfortable with tasks that allow you to work on your own or task that require group collaboration?

     Chapter Events:

6. What events do you identify with the DC Texas Exes?

7. What ideas do you have for growing the organization, increasing involvement, and building community awareness of
   the Texas Exes – DC Chapter?

     Tell us about yourself:

8.   What do you do? How long have you lived in Washington? Have you been involved in the DC Texas Exes? For
     how long? (There’s no wrong answer here, we’d just like to get to know you better. We’d also like to create a diverse board—
     oldtimers, newbies, people with fresh ideas…all are welcome!)

     Please attach a resume so we may have a better idea of your professional background.

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