Club/Organization Advisor Agreement Form by kwOG2B


									                 Club/Organization Advisor Agreement Form
                     Southern Connecticut State University
In order for a club/organization to be considered recognized and active, they must have
an SCSU faculty or staff member as an advisor. The advisors primary role is to advise,
guide, and act as a resource person for the club/organization. The Office of Student Life
will share pertinent information with club/organization advisors. However, it is the
responsibility of the student leadership within a club/organization to be responsible and
accountable for the club/organization. The primary advisor for the club/organization will
be contacted with questions/concerns when student leadership is unavailable.

Club/Organization Advisors may be selected by the student organization and will be
officially recognized by The Office of Student Life.

Advisors Expectations Are:

The faculty adviser has the following responsibilities to an organization:

       A. To be knowledgeable about the purpose and program of the organization. To
          help the organization pursue its goals. To encourage students to take an active
          role within the organization. To assist in identifying roles and responsibilities
          for the club/organization’s members and officers.
       B. To assist the officers and members of the organization in becoming familiar
          with University and Student Life policies, rules, and procedures. To
          encourage officers and members to attend workshops and training sessions
          regarding policies, procedures, and rules.

       C. To help ensure the organization completes all necessary paperwork required
          by the Office of Student Life and Student Government Association to remain
          active each semester.

       D. To make time available for club/organization members to discuss
          club/organization matters, assist with administrative matters, and to guide
          students in achieving their goals.

       E. To attend regularly scheduled and special meetings at the request of the
          club/organization and attend a minimum of two regularly scheduled meetings
          each semester to provide guidance and advice on meeting decorum, group
          facilitation, and general leadership.

       F. To assist the organization in electing officers and organizational leadership
          according to the procedures stated in the organization’s constitution.

               Office Use Only: Is the advisor on the List Serve? Yes    No
      G.   To have a general understanding of the rules and procedures governing
           student activity fee expenditures and fundraising policies established by the
           Student Government Association Board of Finance, Office of Student Life,
           Southern Connecticut State University and the state of Connecticut.

      H.   To be actively involved in the management of club/organization finances by
           guiding, advising, and assisting students in maintaining active records and
           abiding by university and state policies.
      I. To require the club/organization to process all purchase order requests, and
         financial requests through the advisor.

      J. To actively participate in the planning of on- and off-campus events as well as
         advising the club/organization regarding potential risks and policies.
      K. To attend and supervise all activities, programs and events sponsored by the
         organization on and off campus as deemed by the Office of Student Life.
         These events include but are not limited to large events open to the general
         public, all out-of-state and/or overnight trips, and events which garner a
         higher level of risk. The advisor is expected to be in attendance from the start
         of an event to its conclusion.

      L. To assist the organization in transitioning leadership at the end of each
         semester and the end of each year.
      M. To immediately inform the Office of Student Life when the organization is
         disbanded or becomes inactive.

Organization Name: ____________________________________________

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name: _____________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________

Department: ___________________________________________________

University Phone Number: _______________________________________

Signature:    _______________________                Date: ____________________
              Office Use Only: Is the advisor on the List Serve? Yes     No

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