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    Humanna Festival The   WELCH
    Scene, God Hates the   The Pain and the Itch,

DIRECTED BY                           REBECCA TAICHMAN

Clea’s ready to make it. Charlie’s trying to retake it. Lewis wants to
change it. And Stella is simply over it. It’s the New York entertainment
“scene” in all its boozing, schmoozing, and using glory. This black come-
dy about the ever-elusive “place to be” takes on the empty narcissism of
American pop-culture with bitterly funny results.

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                    This fall, Second                                   SB: How important do you think it is Scene, although it too is devastatingly
                    Stage      Theatre                                  that these characters are on the fringe       funny.
                    welcomes Rebecca                                    of the New York entertainment industry
                    Taichman as she                                     instead of at its center?                     Theresa and I are developing a short -
                    directs    Theresa                                                                                hand together, and there’s a deeper
                    Rebeck’s(The                                        RT: Charlie is a rebel. He had a brief        sense of trust between us as can only
                    Water’s      Edge,                                  moment on a TV show awhile ago, but           evolve over time and through long term
                    Spike Heels, The                                    for a long time has not been in “the          collaboration.
                    Family of Mann)                                     scene”. While he spirals into self
                    new play, The                                       destruction, he attacks the culture as
Scene. Taichman spoke recently with                                     only an outsider can.
Literary Manager Sarah Bagley about
the play and production.                                                SB: You and Theresa have been work-

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: Joan Marcus
                                                                        ing on this production for awhile. Do you
Sarah Bagley: What drew you to this expect the play will be received differ-
play?                                                                   ently by a New York audience?

Rebecca Taichman: Theresa uses
the world of showbiz and party culture -                                THE AUDIENCE LITERALLY                        A scene from Second Stage Theatre’s 2006 produc-
                                                                                                                      tion of The Water’s Edge by Theresa Rebeck, starring
“the scene” - to indict America’s collapse
into narcissism. Our central character,                                 HOOTED AND HOLLERED,                          Tony Goldwyn and Kate Burton

Charlie, an out-of-work actor pitched on
the verge of total self destruction, has a                              HISSED AND YELLED                             SB: Several of the characters in the
spiritual thirst for something real in a
world that is increasingly surreal. When                                DURING THE SHOW.                              play seem to be obsessed with youth.
                                                                                                                      Would you go back to being a 22-year-
                                                                                                                      old newcomer to New York if you could?
Charlie meets Clea, a 22-year-old vixen                                 RT: We were concerned in Louisville
whose stunning superficiality seem to                                   [where the play had a production last
get her everything she wants, he falls                                  spring in the Humana Festival] that the       RT: I don’t think so. When I was 22, I
hard. A siren from America’s cultural                                   audience wouldn’t be able to connect to       was struggling to find a place to live in
wasteland, Clea tempts Charlie to                                       the play because it was so outside their      New York, and a way into the theatre
release into a void of meaninglessness.                                 world, but just the opposite happened.        business. There wasn’t much about it
                                                                        The audience literally hooted and             that was glamorous. I wasn’t as scrappy
                                                                        hollered, hissed and yelled during the        as the 22-year-old newcomer in our
                                                                        show. I expect people will have as much       play, or anywhere near as wily.
                                                                        of a visceral response here, perhaps
                                                                        with a more personal or intimate sense        SB: What do you think audiences will
                                                                        of ownership over the subject matter.         take away from the play?
                                                 Photo: Eric Antoniou

                                                                        SB: How have future collaborations RT: There will certainly be the release
                                                                        between you and Theresa been since            that comes from sidesplitting laughter.
                                                                        this play?                                    Times Square may feel a little more
                                                                                                                      surreal on the walk to the subway. Clea,
A scene from The Huntington Theatre’s production of                                                                   our seductress, will suddenly seem to be
Mauritius by Theresa Rebeck, directed by Rebecca                        RT: The Scene was our first project
Taichman staring Marin Ireland, Michael Aronov and                      together, although I have long been an        everywhere and the narcissism that sur-
Robert Dorfman.
                                                                        admirer of Theresa’s work. Since The          rounds us will be more acutely felt. I
                                                                        Scene, we have been collaborating on          hope as well that the need for meaning
The Scene is a fiercely political play, but                                                                           and connection, and for enlightenment,
                                                                        another of Theresa’s new plays,
also a hilarious and sexy one. As a                                                                                   will be felt more consciously and with a
                                                                        Mauritius, which we are in rehearsal for
director, I love how it smashes comedy                                                                                ferocious sense of urgency.
                                                                        at The Huntington Theatre in Boston.
and tragedy together. I love its sharp-
                                                                        It’s a dark and hilarious look at the seedy
toothed attack, and how it is wildly
                                                                        underworld of stamp collecting. It couldn’t
seductive and entertaining while wallop-
                                                                        be a more different world from The
ing a huge punch.
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sional, such as a designer, press agent, producer
or casting director.
                                                       Add THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED
                                                       to your subscription and save!
                                                       Douglas Carter Beane’s hit comedy The Little Dog Laughed
                                                       makes its Broadway debut on October 26. Scott Ellis – who
                                                       directed the world premiere of the play at Second Stage Theatre
                                                       last season – returns with original cast members Julie White and
                                                       Johnny Galecki. New to the cast are Tom Everett Scott (TNT’s
                                                       “Saved”, That Thing You Do!, The Country Club) and Ari Graynor
                                                       (Second Stage Theatre Uptown’s Spanish Girl, Brooklyn Boy).

                                                       Forget all the holier than thou Academy Award speeches — what

                                                       everyone really loves about Hollywood is the down and dirty dish.
                                                       The players in this deliciously biting farce include a screen idol
                                                       hiding in the closet, an ambitious male prostitute and an agent
                                                       who can spin anything and everything. Maybe. Now, darling, do
                                                       not repeat a word of this, but what we heard is that…

                                                       Don’t miss out on another great Second Stage Theatre Broadway
                                                       transfer! Call Subscriber Services at (212) 541-4516 to upgrade
                                                       your subscription and get tickets to The Little Dog Laughed for
                                                       $55. The Cort Theatre is located at 138 W. 48th St., (between
                                                       6th and 7th Ave.)

                     Scott Ellis, director   think there’s a difference; I do not. You   SE: You know the first time I read this
                     of The Little Dog       have to approach it with the characters,    play, I was on vacation in Greece, and I
                     Laughed,       spoke    what they want, and what the themes         laughed when I read it. I just loved this
                     with Vijay Mathew,      are about - that doesn’t really change.     play and I promised myself that I would
                     Van Lier Directing                                                  wait until I got back to the States to read
                     Fellow at Second        VM: With this move to Broadway, Tom         it again. I thought that just because I was
                     Stage Theatre and       Everett Scott and Ari Graynor are joining   in Greece, in such a lovely place and so
                     Assistant Director      the company. What will it be like to have   relaxed, I found the play so wonderful.
                     on The Little Dog       part of the cast new to the play?           But when I got back to New York, I read
Laughed, about the upcoming Broadway                                                     it, and I liked it just as much as I did
transfer of last season’s hit show.          SE: The challenge with two new people       when I was away. Doug’s a writer that
                                             is that you’ve got to allow the rehearsal   just makes me laugh. I laughed when I
Vijay Matthew: Are there many differ-        process for them and not just rely on       read the play for the first time and I still
ences approaching the play now as            how things were done before. Because        do. His language is so unique. He’s a
compared to the original Second Stage        of these rehearsals, there’ll be new dis-   wonderful collaborator and a wonderful
Theatre production?                          coveries - they are new to the produc-      writer to work with.
                                             tion and the relationships will be based
Scott Ellis: I don’t see there being a       on what they bring to the roles.            TO READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW WITH
difference from the Second Stage pro-                                                    SCOTT ELLIS, PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR
duction. I think you approach the work       VM: What’s it like to work with Douglas
                                                                                         WWW.SECONDSTAGETHEATRE.COM / LITTLEDOG
in the same way whether it is on a small-    Carter Beane?
er stage or a larger stage. Some people
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                                                     2                                                                3


                                                 subUrbia OPENING NIGHT
                                                 at SECOND STAGE THEATRE                                                                                                           6

                                             The stars came out to celebrate our opening of Eric Bogosian’s
                                             groundbreaking play: subUrbia. After enjoying the production,
                                             the audience members partied the night away with the
                                             playwright Eric Bogosian, director Jo Bonney and the talented
                                             cast at Planet Hollywood.


           10                                                                                                  8
                                                                        9                                                                         7
Photos: At the subUrbia opening night party at Planet Hollywood (1) subUrbia director Jo Bonney and James McDaniel (2) a 2ST Uptown reunion, director David Schweizer, and cast
members Marcy Harriell and Manu Narayan (3) Jules Feiffer (Little Murders) with his daughter Halley Feiffer (4) Michael Esper with his mom, Suzanne (5) Champion Circle Members Janet
and Dan Scapin (6) Gaby Hoffman and Anna Paquin (7) Carolyn McCormick and Betsy Aidem (8) Anthony Mackie arriving at the theatre, last seen on stage in A Soldier’s Play (9)
Parker Posey, Josh Hamilton and Jo Bonney (10) Jessica Capshaw and Kieran Culkin pose before the press (11) playwright Eric Bogosian and Martha Plimpton, who was in the original
1994 production (12) Artistic Director Carole Rothman with her co-producers on Spelling Bee... David Stone and Patrick Catullo

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