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					                               Video On Demand and DVRs – The Perfect Pair
                                       Cable On Demand and DVR Fact Sheet

Isn’t it nice to know you have access to an old classic film or the hottest premium channel show whenever you want or
need it? On Demand, exclusive to digital cable, lets viewers watch and rate television on their terms – what they want,
when they want. At the touch of a remote control button, viewers can access movies, cable series, original programs,
premium channels, news, sports and more, any time of the day.*

As an excellent complement to On Demand, the revolutionary digital video recorder (DVR) allows viewers to create
their own TV schedules by recording their favorite shows and enabling them to pause, rewind and fast forward.

 BENEFITS:             On Demand gives TV viewers access to a growing library of entertainment and information.
                       Others have tried to imitate On Demand by offering a few programs for a limited time. Cable
                       On Demand programs are available year-round, and in most cases, thousands of programs are
                       available at any time. In addition, customers can control their On Demand programs with VCR-
                       like features such as play, fast forward, rewind, stop, resume and save.

                       Viewers also can use their DVR to record their favorite shows and movies – even in high
                       definition. The programs are stored on one main menu, which has a capacity of 30 - 90 hours.

                       The best part is, consumers don’t need to buy extra equipment. With a cable DVR built into
                       the digital set-top box and On Demand available anytime, day or night, convenience is a few
                       remote control clicks away.

 CONTENT:              Movies, including indie and cult classics, recent hits, dramas, comedies and action films, are a
                       small sample of the options you have with Cable On Demand. An extensive library of
                       entertainment and informative programming is available 24/7 with only the push of a button,

                           Sports: Sports programming brings the pros into your living room, with the World Cup
                            2006 and NFL Network On Demand, to name a few. Viewers can even learn from the best
                            with tailored instruction from stars such as Mia Hamm and Anna Kournikova.
                           Education: Whether an aficionado or beginner, there is unique and often exclusive
                            content designed for almost any special interest, such as guitar lessons, video game
                            instruction, dance lessons, cooking shows and fitness instruction.
                           Multicultural: Catch programming from around the world, from Hindi to Latino to
                            Mandarin and Russian.
                           Children: Children can enjoy a variety of cartoons and movies, and parents enjoy the
                            freedom to choose age-appropriate, educational programming.
                           Music: See concerts – as well as backstage – and documentary-style programming from
                            your favorite artists including Blues Traveler, Nickleback, Puddle of Mudd and The Doors.
                            Die-hard music fans can even program their own music video channel.
                           How-To: On Demand offers programming perfect for the “do-it-yourselfer” including
                            decorating and building shows.

 AVAILABILITY/         On Demand and DVRs are available to digital cable customers as part of their digital package.
 PRICE:                (DVRs can be rented from your local cable provider.)

                       Many On Demand programs are available at no additional charge to the digital customer, while
                       others are available for a reasonable viewing fee, typically ranging from $2.95 to $4.95 per

 FOR MORE              Diana Cronan: 703.837.6575
 INFORMATION:          Erin Conn: 312.616.2584

* On Demand offerings vary by provider. Contact your local cable company to see a listing of the On Demand
programs it offers.

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