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                                        FOOD MENU
                            soup of the day prepared fresh daily         8

                               porcini popcorn butter, sea salt      4

                             truffle fries lemon, parmesan, truffle      8
                                      add a flute of bubbles 9

                      jumbo shrimp yellow squash, red pepper coulis          18

                   crispy Calamari cornmeal, herbs, spicy tartar sauce            13

                   romaine hearts caesar dressing, parmesan, croutons             10
                            add herb grilled chicken 7 add grilled steak 9

                  chicken lollipops wings buffalo sauce, blue cheese              13

                margherita pizza fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, basil             14

               mushroom pizza wild mushrooms, parmesan, truffle essence                 16

              three cheese quesadilla monterrey jack, white cheddar, cherve                  14

          spring pea & shrimp risotto organic risotto, peas, shrimp, mint 22

          vegetable tagliatelle vegetables, basil pesto, extra virgin olive oil          18

                   steak frites flat iron steak, blue cheese, red wine sauce      24

                  grilled arctic char grilled artichoke, tomatoes, peppers         24

               black angus burger sesame brioche, smoked provolone, fries                16

                       fish and chips cajun tartar sauce, french fries       18

                    cheese plate selection of four cheese, fruit, crackers        15

                                    warm chocolate cake 8

                                  vanilla bean cheesecake 8

                                       ice cream/sorbet 7

                                             coffee 3

                                selection of Mighty Leaf tea 4

                                            espresso 4

                                          Soft Drinks 4
                       coke, diet coke, sierra mist, ginger ale, lemonade

                                          shirley temple 3

                                       NATURA still water 5

                                    NATURA sparkling water 5

              **Please inform your server of any food related allergies you may
                                  have prior to ordering** 

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