The Girl Scout Shops look forward to serving _ assisting our Girl .doc by longze569


									     The Girl Scout Shops look forward to serving & assisting our Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior,
                     Cadette, Senior, Ambassador, Volunteer, & Family members!
                               New Arrivals! Girl Scout Collectible Dolls!
             Check out the council website & see all the new things coming for Fall Season!

                          Pre-order The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting today for 25% off!

       Vest- $38                      Vest- $39                 Vest- $39                         Vest- $44
           OR                             OR                       OR                                 OR
      Tunic- $36                      Sash- $28                 Sash- $28                         Sash- $29

      Flag Patch                    Flag Patch                  Flag Patch                      Flag Patch
 Troop Numerals (5)             Troop Numerals (5)          Troop Numerals (5)             Troop Numerals (5)

     GSUSA ID Set                 GSUSA ID Set                GSUSA ID Set                       GSUSA ID Set

    Insignia Tab                  Insignia Tab                 Insignia Tab                      Insignia Tab

Choose One Journey Book         Choose One Journey Book     Choose One Journey Book     Choose One Journey Book

   Drawstring Bag                Drawstring Bag              Drawstring Bag                Drawstring Bag
   While supplies last          While supplies last          While supplies last           While supplies last

                                                          You can also place your order online:

                                      Membership Numbers
                     As of 8/17/11, the percentages to our goal are as follows:

                               Girls                                   Adults
Service Area 1                 96.7%                                   104%
Service Area 2                 102.6%                                  100.5%
Service Area 3                 100.2%                                  103.5%
Service Area 4                 111%                                    117.8%
Service Area 5                 103.2%                                  99.7%
Overall Council                100.2%                                  103.1%

Please contact your Membership Specialist team to receive town-specific numbers and goals,
and for any ideas you may have for increasing them.

IMPORTANT Reminders about Online Registrations
Please forward to your registrars and troop volunteers!!
 All transfers of girl or adults to different troops including to Individual girl or adult status have
   to go through the SU Registrar. The Registrar then sends requests to CES Support.

   Lifetime membership for graduating Girl Scouts has to be in the North Andover office no
    later than September 1st to allow time for processing. The council needs to have it
    processed by Sept. 30th for the girl to get the reduced rate.

   Last day for troop volunteers to register girls online for the 2011-2012 membership year is
    9/29/11. On 9/30/11 all girls and adults not re-registered will be dropped from the troop
    roster. After 10/1/11 only parents can register their daughters online into same troop they
    were in.

Recruitment Dates and Flyers
Please continue to forward information about recruitment dates and number of flyers needed to
Shannon Butler at

The dates will be posted on our website for interested families to locate a recruitment event.

Troop and Service Unit Finance Reports
These were due on June 15 but can be submitted anytime before October 1. Please remind
troops to complete and send in their report. Any Finance Reports you have collected must be
forwarded to your Membership Specialist Team.

We are currently in the process of scheduling the 2012 Service Unit Rosters to be emailed to
Registrars and Coordinators on a regular basis. Remember that the Troop Volunteers who are
coded as the 01 volunteer in CES have the capability to print their troop roster and make
changes directly in CES.

Service Unit Year Calendar
As you may know, the “Year Plan” has been revised to only require a calendar of meetings and
events for the Service Unit. Please submit the calendar to your Membership Specialist Team.

Volunteer Agreement Forms
Please remind troop volunteers as well as Service Unit team members to review and sign the
Volunteer Agreement form prior to October 1, 2011. These forms are available on our website.

Appointment Letters
Volunteers who have been appointed by staff as Service Unit Coordinators for the 2011 – 2012
Girl Scout year will receive their official appointment letter by October 1, 2011.

Certificates of Liability – For troop meeting locations and field trips
All certificate requests should go to Joan Reilly ( in the format
below. She requests certificates once a day and they can generally be turned around in 24
hours. More lead time is appreciated.

If the site you are using is a regular meeting place for troops in their community, then the
certificate of liability on file with their site is good through 12/31. A new certificate will be
automatically sent for regular meeting places in December which will cover through the end of
next year. Joan has a list of all sites that we have issued certificates to if there are any

If this is a brand new meeting site or site for a special event, please include the following
information before e-mailing Joan (this will help in expediting the process):
      Name to be on certificate (“Town of” for a school; or realty holding company)
      Mailing address
      Contact person
      Contact fax or email
      Time period to be covered
      Reason for use (troop meeting, service unit event, etc)
      Do they require any special language on the certificate? (Do they need each building in
          a town named; do they need to be named as additional insured; etc)

NEW! Service Unit Coordinator Online Group
By the end of August, there will be a new online group for Service Unit Coordinators which will
replace the current Yahoo group. Keep an eye out for the email invitation for the new group on
Shutterfly! This platform allows for more sharing of information, photos and a calendar of

Training Resource Updates
The Service Unit Coordinator Binder and training modules are currently being updated by the
Membership Staff. We would like to use our resources wisely and kindly ask that if you have
received a binder from us in the past and are attending the Symposium, please bring it with you
so the existing documents can be replaced with updated documents.

If you are not able to attend the Symposium, there will be additional training sessions scheduled
and you will receive the updated material at that time. (Again we ask that if you have a binder to
bring it with you at that time)

A special thank you to Joan Reilly, Michelle Kramer and her family, the volunteer planning
committee, Girl Scouts Eastern Mass staff and volunteers who gave their time for the success of
“One If By Land Two if by Sea” destination. To the troops and volunteers who made our swaps
that we used as pillow presents and goodie bags we say thanks. To the volunteers who joined
us on day trips thank you. No one needs to be told of the success of the event. If you had been
present on any day you could see the excitement with smiling faces among the participants.
The closing video was the best way to sum up our wonderful week of making memories with our
Girl Scout friends. Make new friends, Keep the old .One is silver and you are gold. I hope that
our paths will cross once again on future destinations.

Betsy Williams
North Carolina staff volunteer

Leading Women Representatives Needed!
We are looking for well spoken, outgoing girls interested in attending the Leading Women event
and representing Girl Scouts of Eastern MA to talk about what Girl Scouting means to them.
The girls will be sitting at a table and talking with people they do not know and should be
comfortable doing so. We are looking for girls who are representative of all the girls in GSEM.
The Leading Women Event will be hold on October 20, 2011 from 7:30-9:30 am at the Seaport
Hotel in Boston.

Please send an email of interest to

Boston Harbor Public Lands Day, September 24.
The stewardship event will start at 9:00AM, though participants are asked to arrive at 8:30AM to
allow time to board the boat. We will meet at the Boston Best Cruises Dock at Long Wharf
North, Boston and head to Lovells Island.

Scouts will either work on removing invasive plants as part of a kick-off of a national "Weed
Warriors" program or by participating in COASTSWEEP, a state-wide effort to clean the
beaches, and collect data about what types of trash were found. This data is collected by Ocean
Conservancy on an international scale.

The boat will then depart Lovells and head to Georges Island for lunch. Scouts are welcome to
bring their own lunch, or purchase a boxed lunch for $12 in advance of the day. After lunch,
there is an option to return at 1:45 PM (arrive Boston at 2:30PM) or stay on Georges Island to
explore Fort Warren. Scouts will have the option to become Jr. Rangers (geared toward ages
8-12) with several stations to explore (build a fort, navigation, marching orders, hoops and
graces, planting fall bulbs) to earn the title of Jr. Ranger. This group will depart at 3:00 PM and
get back to Boston at 3:30 PM. There is no fee for this event, Take Pride in America is sponsoring the event.

Please contact me with questions, to hold seats, and to plan your trip. Seats on the boat are
limited, and the group limit is 25.

Mary Raczko, Partnership Liaison
Boston Harbor Islands national park area
(617) 223-8637

Scouts (age 8-12) are also encouraged to attend Jr. Ranger Day on Georges Island. Just
reserve space on the park ferry on Saturday, September 24 at either 12:00 PM or 1:00PM to
Georges Island. Youth activities are scheduled from 1-3PM. You can make reservations directly
with Boston Best Cruises
and-fares. There is a $2 discount on each ticket if you purchase online, and I believe there are
special rates available for groups over 25. Call Boston's Best Cruises for more information and
to reserve 617.770.0040.

2011 – 2012 Ultimate Guides

                        The Ultimate Guide was mailed on August 4, to our membership (about
                        48,000 households) and online registration for the programs in The
                        Ultimate Guide went live on August 1. There are many programs and
                        activities scheduled for September – so pass on the information to your
                        service unit!

                        It’s easy to search for programs on our website. You can search by zip
                        code, town or subject (in the keyword box) or even by month. Here’s a
                        full list of September activities.

Great news! We are getting some great visibility in recent days and wanted to share the links
with you! They include local (Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal) and national media
(Runners World, GSUSA blog).



The Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts were featured in
the September issue of Runner’s World Magazine for their
“Marathon Go the Distance Patch”, a patch created by a
Hopkinton troop that involves different running exercises and
projects. Hopkinton is where the starting line of the famous
Boston Marathon begins, one of the oldest marathons in the

Media Coordinator Position
Is there someone on your Service Unit team who is the Media Coordinator?

This position promotes and increases awareness of the benefits of Girl Scouting and the
activities of Girl Scouts in the service unit. The volunteer will collaborate with the GSEM Public
& Media Relations Manager to maximize visibility for Girl Scouts in the media. If you have
someone who is interested please contact a member of your membership team for more details.

The complete position description is available under Resource Library and Forms/Service Unit
Support on our website.

Encourage troop volunteers and families to “Like”” our Facebook Fan Page

So far over 2150 people have become our friends! Check it and pass along the link! We post
news, photos, and information about programs, trips and activities from all over the council.

Girl Scouts of Eastern MA CEO Ruth Bramson is thrilled to launch her 4th CEO Girl Advisory
Committee! This group, comprised of Girl Scouts of every age, meets regularly with Ruth to
make sure she and the council are aware of what our girls want from Girl Scouting. We
encourage all girls to apply for this great opportunity

Am I eligible to apply?
If you are a registered girl member of the Girl Scouts of Eastern MA, and haven’t already served
on the Committee for two years, you are eligible to apply! Please complete the FULL
application and submit by 5 pm on September 15, 2011. Twenty girls will be selected to serve
on the 2011-2012 Committee, and all applicants will be notified of selections by October 1,
2011. Please ensure you can commit to attending scheduled meetings before submitting
your application.

What does the Committee do?
The Committee discusses everything about Girl Scouting: What programs should be offered?
How do we attract more members? What are your ideas to increase awareness of Girl
Scouting? How can Girl Scouts increase our impact on the world around us? And so much
more! Members of the Committee make recommendations to Ruth Bramson, the Chief
Executive Officer for GSEM and share their ideas with her. Occasionally Committee members
will be asked their opinion from staff members working on specific projects. This Committee
exists to make sure that our girls’ voices are heard! Committee members make their voices
heard to the staff of GSEM, as well as learn to share their Girl Scout story with their greater

When does the Committee meet?
The tentative dates of the 2011-2012 Committee Meetings are below. We will try our best to
hold firm with these dates to allow for planning, but may need to reschedule, in which case we
will provide members with as much notice as possible. Meetings will usually run 10 am – 12 pm
and will be held at our different office, camp, and program locations throughout the council.
Please note that some locations may be convenient to where you live; others will require a
longer drive.

                   2011-2012 CEO Girl Advisory Committee Meeting Dates:

                                     October 22nd, 2011
                                     December 3rd, 2011
                                     February 11th, 2012
                                   TBD April 14 or 21st, 2012
                                       June 2nd, 2012

More questions? Email Erin Bradley, Chief of Staff at

Are you active in Your Faith Community? Now there are more options to earn Religious

My Promise, My Faith
Included in the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting it is our faith recognition from GSUSA. Individual
girls may now choose to earn this new award pin.

Earning this award helps you explore how Girl Scouting and your faith offer similar ideas about
how to act—and how Girl Scouting can tie into your faith. You can earn this pin once a year,
every year you are in Girl Scouts. Just choose a different line of the Law each year!

Faith organizations provided valuable guidance in its creation ensuring girls of all faiths can earn
the pin and view it as a significant award that complements the current religious recognitions
that PRAY offers.

You can still pre-order the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting at your local Girl Scout Shop in Waltham,
Middleboro or North Andover.

Religious Awards
All Girl Scouts promise “to serve God.” One way for girls to keep that promise is to earn the
religious award for their faith and to proudly wear that award on their uniform.

These religious awards are created by the individual national religious organizations, not by the
Girl Scouts. When a girl participates in a religious awards program, she uses the curriculum
created by her own faith community and receives instruction from her parents and religious
leaders, not from her Girl Scout leader. But since Girl Scouting encourages girls to become
stronger members of their faith community, the religious awards may be worn on the Girl Scout

Adults may also be recognized for their leadership in their faith communities. Adults who give
service to both Girl Scouting and their religious community may be nominated to receive an
Adult Religious Recognition.

For more information on the religious awards programs, please obtain a “To Serve God”
brochure at This brochure pictures the religious awards and provides the
name and address for each participating religious organization.

Are you active in promoting your Faith’s religious awards?
Please let Jacqui Kamlet know, she is compiling a list of contacts for each faith, so that when we
get requests for information on these programs, she can get them in touch with others who have
experience with their specific religious awards. Jacqui Kamlet can be reached at or 978-701-6357.

Catholic Church Religious Awards
Peg Juppe and Lois Abramo are representatives on the Catholic Committee at the Pastoral
Center in Braintree. They are always looking for women to join the committee, please join them
Sept. 20th at 7:00 PM for our next Regular meeting at the Pastoral Center in Braintree.

We are planning a mass at the Cathedral on the Girl Scout Sunday - March 11th in Boston.

If you are interested in the Religious Awards offered through the Catholic Church, Training for
all medals will be held Sept. 10th in Braintree from 9:00 AM - 1 PM and Oct 8th in North
Reading from 9:00 AM - 1 PM. Contact Lois Abramo at 508-528-3817 or for more information or to register.

Jewish Religious Awards
Lindsay Caron and Jacqui Kamlet are representatives of the National Jewish Committee on Girl
Scouting. Programs are in the planning process for this year. If you are interested in helping
organize a program in your community or are interested in participating, please contact Jacqui
Kamlet or 978-701-6357.

Help Celebrate Girl Scouting’s 100th Birthday with Girl Scout Sunday and Girl Scout
Girl Scout Week is celebrated each March, starting with Girl Scout Sunday and ending with
Girl Scout Sabbath on a Saturday, and it always includes the Girl Scout Birthday, March 12.
 Start planning for your community to celebrate Girl Scout Sunday (March 11, 2012) or Girl
Scout Sabbath (March 17, 2012). Girl Scout Sunday and Girl Scout Sabbath give girls an
opportunity to attend their place of worship and be recognized as a Girl Scout. If a place of
worship is the group sponsor, girls may perform a service, such as greeting, ushering, or doing
a flag ceremony. These days can also be a time when girls explore other faiths.

Please contact Jacqui Kamlet, for more information or if
you would like to get involved in any of the above activities.

Fall Sale Theme – “Success for Tomorrow”

Sale Dates – September 30 through October 28

All of our training this year will be at the troop level so please pass along these dates to the
troop volunteers in your Service Unit.

September 6 – North Andover            9:30 – 11:30 am OR 6:00 – 8:30 pm
September 7 – Waltham                  9:30 – 11:30 am OR 6:00 – 8:30 pm
September 8 – Middleboro               9:30 – 11:30 am OR 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Do you know of someone who would be interested in supporting the Service Unit as a Fall Sale
Manager? It could even be a person in the community who is looking for a short-term volunteer

The detailed position description is found on our website

We are still looking for Fall Sale Managers in these towns:

Allston/Brighton                       Barnstable                             Bay
Bedford                                Belmont                                Berkley/Dighton
Beverly                                Brewster/Chatham/Harwich               Boxford
Braintree                              Brookline                              Cambridge
Canton                                 Carlisle                               Cohasset
Concord                                Danvers                                Dedham
Dover                                  Duxbury                                East Boston
E & W Bridgewater                      Georgetown                             Hingham
Holliston                              Hopkinton                              Hull
Lincoln                              Lowell                                Malden
Marblehead                           Marshfield                            Maynard
Medfield                             Middleton                             Hamilton/Wenham
Marion/Mattapoisett/Rochester        Natick                                Needham
New Bedford                          Scituate                              Millis
South Boston                         Sharon                                Sherborn
Southboro                            Sudbury                               Topsfield
Walpole                              Wayland                               Westwood
Wellesley                            Weston

Adult Learning Conferences
   October 29, 8:30 – 4:00, Tewksbury
   November 5, 8:30 – 4:00, Stoughton
Join volunteers from across the council and participate in a day of skill development and
personal enrichment. Sessions offered on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, Journeys and
the NEW Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting; games, songs and fun activities to do with girls; and Girl
Scout traditions and ceremonies, and much more!

This year, there will also be a track for more seasoned volunteers who want to learn more about
girls’ understanding of leadership and to explore their own personal leadership styles. Service
Unit teams are encouraged to consider attending this leadership track as a group.

We are also pleased to offer a concurrent girl program: “Arts & Sports & Drums, Oh My!”

Core Learning Plan for Troop Pathway Volunteers—NEW for 2011-12
Volunteer Development and Training is pleased to introduce the updated Core Learning Plan for
Troop Pathway Volunteers. We have consolidated two sessions into one and cut out 2 hours of
volunteer training from our previous learning plan. Please feel free to copy and distribute this
document to all your new troop level volunteers, or forward this link:

“GS 101” Replaces the GSUSA Online Orientation
GS 101, a webinar published by GSUSA, begins the core learning plan for adult volunteers. It
will have two versions: one for Troop Pathway volunteers and another for volunteers working in
various Pathways. It introduces volunteers to Girl Scouts’ inspiring national leadership
experience, from Journey resources and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to cookie sales,
safety guidelines, and much more. GSEM requires that ALL new volunteers, regardless of their
Pathway, take this informative webinar. Links for access to this training can be found on the
volunteer page of the GSEM website:, click on the
“Search Training” button.

We take the Learning to YOU!
Service Units that are interested in hosting trainings for their members should inquire with the
Volunteer Development and Training department. We can come to your town if you can provide
for us:
1. A meeting space (adequate to the size and needs of the session), and
2. At least 20 registered members of your Service Unit.
Sessions will be opened to all members of the council, but your SU members get a first chance
at registration. This does not include Camping Training.

For more information or with questions about any of the above information, please contact

The S.H.A.R.E. Campaign is still going strong with over $45,000 raised to support
important council initiatives such as girl programming, volunteer training, and financial
assistance to girls who need it. This represents a 13% growth over last year’s
campaign - THANK YOU for helping to make this happen! Don’t forget there is still time
to collect and hand in your S.H.A.R.E. donations - many Service Units are doing a great
job sending follow-up emails to families as well as promoting the campaign during
registration. If you need any assistance with wrapping up your campaign please contact
Dara Dalmata at 857-453-5329 or We can
provide email templates and campaign information and materials to assist you with your

And don’t miss the S.H.A.R.E. workshop at the upcoming Volunteer Symposium on
August 20th! Staff will be available to answer your questions about the 2011-2012
campaign, offer tips and guidance on campaign basics such as recruiting a S.H.A.R.E.
Chair and creating a timeline for your Service Unit and provide best practices from
Service Units who have run successful campaigns. See you at the Symposium!

   Deadline for submission for the next Coordinator Connection is September 9th with publication
                                       being September 15th.

Feel free to copy and paste, add to or amend this newsletter as you need to for your Service
Unit. Just save the attachment to your computer as a Word document. Then open it from your
computer and add your own SU news and information. You can add your Service Unit team
contact info, town events, highlight a troop, girl or volunteer. Whatever works best for you! This
is YOUR newsletter! Send us your ideas, questions or stories.
Carey Damon or Rosa Maldonado

Service Unit and Troop Resources ___________________________________________________________________________
Everything you need! Forms, info, templates and more can be found on our website in the
Resource Library & Forms section:

Volunteer Essentials – The document that has it all

UPDATED Volunteer Emergency Procedures Information

If you would like to sign up to receive the E-newsleter, go here:

Receive updates and important news, find out what other Service Units across the Council are
doing. Share tips, get ideas, ask questions. Join the Service Unit Coordinator’s Yahoo Goup by
contacting Katri Mullaly at or 774-766-6916

Membership Services Directors
Chief Membership Services Officer       Violet Apple                         781 373 4302
Senior Director of Membership           Katherine Le Lacheur             781 373 4318
Senior Director of Program              Melanie Tavares                    774 766 6914
Associate Director of Program           Joan Reilly                         781 373 4232
Volunteer Dev & Training Director       Dianne Gauthier                   774 766 6923
Outdoor Services Director               Mary Strom                           857 453 5320
Research & Initiatives Director         Karyn Martin                        978 701 6333
Regional Director, Area 1 & 2           Brenda Fitzgerald               978 701 6339
Regional Director, Area 3 & 4           Katri Mullaly                      774 766 6916

GSEM Membership Services Staff

Adult Recruitment Specialist            Kim Lambert-Serna          978 701 6361
Outdoor Program Manager                 Joanna Lenahan            774 766 6920
Outdoor Program Manager                 Kristen Peterson         781 373 4223
Outdoor Program Specialist              Amy Svedberg             978 701 6365
Program Manager                         Lu-Ann Souza                774 766 6918
Program Coordinator                     Kim Pina                     774 766 6938
Comm Based Prog Mgr 1 & 2               Lorie Mendoza             978 701 6341
Comm Based Prog Mgr 3 & 4               Michelle Bartlett        774 766 6921
Research & Initiatives                  Cheryl Salvi                978 701 6337
Volunteer Coordinator                   Sheila Onges                774 766 6955
Volunteer Development Specialist        Karen Smith                 978 701 6342
Membership Admin. Assistants            Amy van Nederpelt    781 373 4234
                                        Shannon Butler             774 766 6927
                                        Roz Abrams                 978 701 6321
Region A, Service Area 1 Membership Services Team
Membership Specialists     Sue Asselin                          978 701 6364
                           Lora Goldenberg                   978 701 6334
                           Rosa Maldonado                    978 701 6340
                           Loyce Rowe                              978 701 6359
Program Specialists        Sacha Lu                                  978 701 6331

Towns: Amesbury, Andover, Beverly, Boxford, Bradford, Chelmsford, Danvers, Dracut, Essex, Georgetown,
Gloucester, Groveland, Hamilton, Haverhill, Ipswich, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, Lynnfield, Manchester, Marblehead,
Merrimac, Methuen, Middleton, Nahant, Newbury, Newburyport, North Andover, North Reading, Peabody, Rockport,
Rowley, Salem, Salisbury, South Hampton NH, Swampscott, Tewksbury, Topsfield, Tyngsboro, Wenham, West
Newbury, Wilmington
Region A, Service Area 2 Membership Services Team
Membership Specialists     Lou Ann Kelly                                    781 373 4236
                           Nancy Pollock                                   978 701 6332
                           Jacqui Kamlet                                    978 701 6357
Membership Aide            Heather Gaspar                                   978 701 6362
Program Specialists        Ayari Aguayo                                     781 373 4223
                           Sacha Lu                                             978 701 6331

Towns: Acton, Arlington, Ayer, Bedford, Belmont, Billerica, Boxborough, Burlington, Carlisle, Chelsea, Concord,
Devens, Dunstable, East Boston, Everett, Groton, Framingham, Hanscom AFB, Hudson, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton,
Malden, Marlborough, Maynard, Medford, Melrose, Reading, Revere, Saugus, Shirley, Southborough, Stoneham, Stow,
Sudbury, Wakefield, Watertown, Wayland, Westford, Weston, Winchester, Winthrop, Woburn

Region Z, Service Area 3 Membership Services Team
Membership Specialists     Chris Sears                          774 766 6933
                           Ashley Sturchio                  781 373 4237
Program Specialists        Jennifer Duczkowski                       jduczkowski@girlscoutseasternmass.org774 766 6943
                           Jamielee Croteau                   774 766 6944

Towns: Abington, Ashland, Avon, Braintree, Brant Rock, Brockton, Brookline, Bryantville, Canton, Chartley, Cohasset,
Dedham, Dover, Duxbury, Easton, Elmwood, Foxboro, Franklin, Green Harbor, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Hingham,
Holbrook, Holliston, Hopkinton, Hull, Humarock, Kingston, Manomet, Mansfield, Marshfield, Marshfield Hills, Medfield,
Medway, Millis, Milton, Monponsett, Natick , Needham, Newton, Norfolk, Norton, Norwell, Norwood, Ocean Bluff,
Pembroke, Plymouth, Plympton, Quincy, Randolph, Rockland, Scituate, Sharon, Sherborn, Stoughton, Walpole,
Waltham, Wellesley, Westwood, Weymouth, White Horse Beach, Whitman

Region Z, Service Area 4 Membership Services Team
Membership Specialists     Sheila Bestick                                  774 766 6925
                           Kerrie Constant                                774 766 6932
                           Carey Damon                                       774 766 6917
Program Specialist         Kelsey Torres                                    774 766 6940

Towns: Aquinnah, Acushnet, Barnstable, Bass River, Berkley, Bourne, Brewster, Bridgewater, Buzzards Bay, Carver,
Cataumet, Centerville, Chatham, Chilmark, Cotuit, Craigville, Cummaquid, Cuttyhunk, Dartmouth, Dennis, Dighton,
East Bridgewater, Eastham, Edgartown, Fairhaven, Falmouth, Forestdale, Freetown, Gay Head, Grey Gables, Harwich,
Hatchville, Hyannis, Hyannisport, Lakeville, Marion, Marstons Mills, Martha’s Vineyard, Mashpee, Mattapoisett,
Menemsha, Middleboro, Monument Beach, Nantucket, Nauset, New Bedford, New Seabury, Oak Bluffs, Onset,
Orleans, Osterville, Otis, Pocasset, Provincetown, Raynham, Rochester, Sagamore, Sandwich, Siasconset, Silver
Beach, Taunton, Teaticket, Tihonet, Tisbury, Truro, Vineyard Haven, Waquoit, Wareham, Wellfleet, West Barnstable,
West Bridgewater, West Chop, Woods Hole, Yarmouth
Region Z, Service Area 5 Membership Services Team
Community Specialists      Rachel Tepperman                 857 453 5344
                           Pam Goncalves                    857 453 5337
                           Kate Nicholson                   781 373 4244
                           Allison Knight                      857 453 5346
                           Liana Tierney                      781 373 4202

Towns: Allston, Bay, Brighton, Cambridge, Charlestown, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Roslindale,
Roxbury, Somerville, South Boston, West Roxbury
Girl Scout Award Contacts
Gold Award                                                 
Silver Award                                               
Bronze Award                                               


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