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					Domestic Violence Awareness Events

Region I
    Region 1 Office of Community Corrections is holding a month long fundraiser for the
        Domestic Violence Shelter “Peaceful Paths”in Alachua County. Peaceful Paths covers
        Alachua, Union and Bradford counties. They will be providing a speaker at the Service
        Center on October 13, 2010 and we have invited the other agencies in our building to
        participate which includes Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Health
        Department of Revenue and the Inspector General’s Office.

For Circuit 1 event:
     Circuit Office (01-0): During staff meeting on 10/20/10, staff will review a presentation
        on DVD in reference to domestic violence.
     Milton (01-1): Staff will collect and donate supplies to Favor House as well as distribute
        flyers to offenders.
     Crestview (01-2): On 10/13/10, a cookout is planned along with the watching of a video
        reference Domestic Violence.
     Shalimar (01-3): On 10/13/10, a luncheon planned and proceeds from the event will be
        donated to a local shelter.
     Defuniak Springs (01-4): On 10/22/10, Jon Kinsey of Defuniak Springs Counseling &
        Wellness Center will do a presentation.
     Pensacola West (01-5): On 9/30/10, Raul Garcia of Hope Counseling will be doing a
        presentation and staff will donate old cellular phones to local shelter for use by clients
     Pensacola North (01-6) & Pensacola Central (01-8): Raul Garcia of Hope Counseling will
        be doing a presentation.
     Pensacola Bayside (01-7): Marsha Travis of Favor House will speak at a luncheon on

       C2 (Tallahassee)--For C2 we have the Refuge House which is our local domestic violence
        shelter. They serve Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden and Liberty counties. We have a speaker,
        Hilda Little, from Refuge House who will be at 020 on 10/13 at 9:30am to speak to the
        Circuit about what they do and how they serve our area. Also, each office in C2 is
        collecting needed supplies for them and we will present them to Ms. Little on 10/13. In
        addition, CO is having a program at 11:30am on the 13th also, and they have invited us
        to attend to hear Judge Reynolds speak.

    Circuit 3 event:
     Lake City-collection of needed items donated to Another Way.
     Live Oak-office luncheon, donating needed items to Vivid Visions.
     Madison-collection of needed items to the Refuge House.
     Perry-presentation to office staff by the Taylor County victims/witness coordinator of
        the SAO.
     Old Town-presentation to office staff by Julie Herring of the DCSO and Leslie Hall of
        Another Way.
Jasper-luncheon and exchange of domestic violence information/flyers to staff and offenders.
Circuit 4 events:
040/047         04-0 & 04-7 will be preparing Halloween/Fall baskets for the women and children
                at the Quigley House women’s shelter in Clay County
041             From now until 10-13-2010, the staff at 041 will be gathering clothing for the
                women and children who are residents of Hubbard House. On 10-13-10, all staff
                will be provided with fact sheets regarding Domestic Violence and at luncheon
                which will be provided; staff will stuff plastic pumpkins with candy, small toys and
                trinkets for the children who reside at Hubbard House. According to April at
                Hubbard House there are usually 35 children at any given time. As you are
                aware, they can not allow the children residing there to go trick or treating for fear
                they could be attacked or snatched by their mothers’ attacker. April says due to
                the economy, no one has offered them assistance for Halloween so we will be
                filling a void needed.
042             That being said Wednesday, 10/13/10 is the Department’s Domestic Violence
                Awareness Day. The 042 office will be collecting toiletry items and baby care
                items to present to Hubbard House. Hubbard House is in need of these items.
                Travel size items are perfect for this (example: soap, shampoo, baby wipes,
                deodorant, etc). Please bring in all donations on or before 10/13/10. I have put a
                box in the conference room for items to be donated. Thank you for your
                participation and for your generosity in providing assistance to those in our
                community that are in need.

044              Our plan is to provide baskets of goodies for the children and personal items for
                 the women of Micah’s Place, the shelter for battered women in Nassau County.
                 Also, information will be provided to the officers regarding referrals to the shelter.
045              We at 045 are having a speaker from NAS JAX, LaTresa Henderson who is a
                 victim advocate for the Fleet and Family Support Center. She is also a volunteer
                 at Hubbard House. She will be speaking about domestic violence between
                 military personnel and civilian family referrals for counseling and any additional
                 services they may require. Our staff at 045 will be offering our help/assistance to
                 her if there if a need. She is scheduled to be here around 1030 and after her
                 presentation we will have a luncheon in her honor and present her with a
                 certificate of appreciation.
046              04-6 Jacksonville SW will be hosting a luncheon at 12 N on Wednesday 10-13-10
                 in recognition of this day. The Supervisor of the Salvation Army Batterer’s
                 Intervention Program, Dee Dee Riggs, will be guest speaker. 04-6 staff is asked
                 to bring in non-perishable items in order to donate a Thanksgiving Food Basket to
                 Ms. Riggs and the Salvation Army. Thanks to Debra Lewis for arranging the guest
                 speaker. Please plan on attending and thank you for your cooperation.

      Circuit 8 Events:
       C8 (Gainesville)-- 08-0 Gainesville Main - Peaceful Paths will speak and the office will
          present them with a care package of toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels, Walmart gift
          cards and personal items for teenage boys. Staff will also wear shades of purple and
          enjoy breakfast together.
       08-1 Chiefland – Tina Weatherington of Another Way Shelter for Battered Women will
          speak at the staff meeting on 10/26/10 and they will present her with items needed
          most: toilet tissue, paper towels, hair brushes, tooth brushes, shampoo, conditioner,
          books for adults and children. They will also have breakfast.
       08-2 Starke - Ann Haynes, victim advocate for Bradford, Baker and Union Counties State
          Attorney’s Office will speak on 10/18/10 after which breakfast will be served. They are
          also collecting old cell phones, children and adult clothes and sheets to donate to
          Peaceful Paths.
       08-3 Gainesville West – Peaceful Paths will speak and staff will donate items to the
        shelter followed by breakfast on 10/28/10.
       C14 (Panama) 14-0 Hamburger and Hotdog Luncheon-money provided to battered
        Women’s Shelter 10/5/10. A speaker on Domestic Violence will also attend the October
        staff meeting (Date TBD)
       14-1 – Speaker City Bard, A Victim Advocate for SAO will speak at office staff meeting,
       14-2 – Collecting money and non perishable food items that will be donated to the
        Battered Women’s Shelter 10/13/10.
       14-3 – Collecting non perishable food items that will be donated to the Washington Co.
        DV center 10/13/10.
       14-4 - Collecting money and non perishable food items that will be donated to the
        Battered Women’s Shelter 10/13/10.


Brown Bag Luncheon on October 13, 2010:
The speakers will be Tammy Slay, Victim’s Advocate of Washington County and Cindy Bard, who
holds the same title out of Jackson County. Both work out of the prosecutor’s office in their
respective counties. So effective was the program last year that we’ve asked them to repeat the
content which will address the special needs of domestic violence victims both before and after
the incident occurs. They will help us to identify certain behavior traits that may be useful in
assisting the aggressor before an incident develops. The format will be an informal “brown bag”
luncheon at 12 – 1 pm in the training building. We had well over 100 in attendance last year
and no one who comes will be disappointed.

Food Drive for Local Domestic Violence Center:

We will be having a drop box fund raiser for Refuge House in Quincy. The items donated will be
used partly to support the Domestic Violence Awareness Event that is taking place on October
21, 2010 at the Gadsden County Courthouse and Refuge House. There will be a variety of
speakers from different agencies to provide information and education. Domestic victims will
also speak to share their stories. Boxes will be placed at all three units on Monday October 11,
2010. Suggested items to be donated will be: Drinks, Bottle water, chips, and cookies. This will
be for the Domestic Violence Awareness Event. Other items which will be donated to the Refuge
House will be: Diapers, wipes and hygiene items.


Calhoun Correctional Institution is holding a Domestic Violence Awareness Luncheon on
Wednesday, October 13, 2010, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. Ms. Pam Martin, Domestic
Violence Representative from the Salvation Army will be speaking to staff in reference to the
effects of domestic violence on friends, families, and co-workers. We will be collecting
donations of personal care items which will be distributed to the local domestic violence shelter.

Mr. Stacey Sharpe, Assistant State Attorney, Circuit 14, Panama City, Florida provided a
presentation regarding domestic violence in the criminal justice setting during the institution’s
recent Sergeant/OIC Meeting. Approximately eighty (80) staff members were in attendance.
The information provided by Mr. Sharpe was well received by those in attendance.

       CENTURY CI
        We are collecting monetary donations to be given to the Domestic Violence Project –
        Pensacola. Their project assists domestic violence victims, children and elders needing
        injunctions for protection against domestic violence. We will also have a guest speaker
        on October 13th from Lakeview (Baptist Health Care Systems) Kathy Dortch-West,
        Special Populations Network Court Services.

        Franklin Correctional Institution will have guest speakers on October 13, 2010 in the
        Visitation Park to talk to staff. Refreshments will also be served. All staff are
        encouraged to attend. Bay City Work Camp will also be observing Domestic Violence
        Awareness Day the same day at the Work Camp. All staff are encouraged to attend.
        Staff will also collect and donate supplies to the local Refuge House.

       GULF CI
        Gulf C.I. is having training for staff on October 13, 2010 for Domestic Violence
        Awareness Month that will be conducted by Jennifer Bates of the Salvation Army
        Domestic Violence Program. We are also collecting donation of items for the Battered
        Women’s Shelter.

       HOLMES CI
        Holmes C.I. is holding a month long shelter drive collecting donations for a Domestic
        Violence Shelter that covers our local counties. This is a shelter that we continue to
        support throughout the year. We are distributing the purple ribbons and the 1-800
        hotline number cards. Posters and information remain on display at the Training
        Building as well as throughout the Institution. Our TV Monitor is displaying domestic
        violence information as well as the following poem throughout the month:

                                     I GOT FLOWERS TODAY
We had our first argument last night, and he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me. I know
 he is sorry and didn’t mean the things he said, because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers
  today. It wasn’t our anniversary or any other special day. Last night he threw me into a wall
and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare, I couldn’t believe it was real. I woke up this
morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry because he sent me flowers today. I
 got flowers today, and it wasn’t mother’s day or any other special day. Last night, he beat me
  up again, it was much worse than all the other times. If I leave him, what will I do? How will I
take care of my kids? What about money? I’m afraid of him and scared to leave. But I know he
 must be sorry because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. Today was a very special
day. It was the day of my funeral! Last night, he finally killed me. He beat me to death. If only I
        had gathered enough courage to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today.
                               “Please, no flowers for me today!”

       JACKSON CI
        In Observance of Domestic Violence Month, we have scheduled a Hamburger/Hotdog
        Luncheon on October 13, 2010. During this luncheon, we will have a featured guest
    speaker from the Salvation Army/Domestic Violence, Ms. Jennifer May. Ms. May’s
    presentation will educate staff and raise the awareness on the programs established
    locally to provide assistance to victims of domestic violence. Ms. May will be accepting
    donations from staff in the form of check or money order to support our local Domestic
    Violence Shelter.


    In recognition for Domestic violence awareness, on October 13, 2010 Jefferson CI has
    planned a staff luncheon with Special Guest Speaker, Ghia Kelly from Refuse House in
    Tallahassee. We will also be collecting health and beauty items to be donated to the

    At Liberty CI we have the Refuge House which is our local domestic violence shelter.
    They serve Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden and Liberty counties. We have a speaker, Hilda
    Little, from Refuge House who will be at Liberty CI Training Building on 10/13 at noon to
    speak to our institution about what they do and how they serve our area. Also, we are
    collecting needed supplies or checks for them and we will present them to Ms. Little on
    10/13. In addition, Ms. Tiffany Parsons, from Gadsden County Sheriff’s Department will
    be participating in the program speaking on effects of Domestic Violence on Children.
    We have planned to serve a chicken lunch to those in attendance.

    Victim’s Advocate, Tammy Slay, will be speaking about Domestic Violence on Tuesday,
    October 12, 2010, at the Training Building. A luncheon has also been planned for staff
    on this day. Staff has been requested to donate items that the domestic violence victims
    could utilize (clothes, luggage, non-perishable food items, hygiene items, toys, etc.)
    while at the shelters or to assist with their new start in life. We also have a table in each
    Visiting Park with brochures, contact information for help source, and other information
    on dealing with domestic violence. We placed them in the visiting park so they would be
    available for staff and visitors. They have been in place for several months now. We also
    make domestic violence a standard item on all staff meeting agendas.

    Okaloosa CI’s proposed activities for this month include:
    The Electronic Bulletin Board will carry notices about Domestic Violence Awareness
    Month. We will have a brown bag luncheon on October 13 in the training building with a
    speaker from Shelter House. During October, we will collect used cell phones to donate
    to be used for domestic violence victims.

    We have posted on our Broadcast System an announcement that October is Domestic
    Violence Awareness Month and upcoming events. Emails were sent out to all Santa Rosa
    Staff about Domestic Violence and attached information about Santa Rosa Kids House.
    Placed Collection Boxes at the Main Unit and Annex for donations for the Santa Rosa
    Kids House. Items requested to be donated are Food, Personal Items and Children Toys.
    Santa Rosa Kids House is a child advocacy Center serving abused and neglected children
        of Santa Rosa County. We will be having a Pot Luck Luncheon at the Training Building.
        Our guest speaker will be Tammy Burton, Executive Director of Santa Rosa Kids House.
        We will present Ms. Burton with a picture, poem, certificate and a Dough Basket filled
        with Blueberry Muffins. There will be a Resource Table with information about Domestic
        Violence. We will be handing out at the beginning of every shift Tootsie Pops with a
        purple ribbon attached. This will be for all Santa Rosa Staff.

       WAKULLA CI
        Wakulla CI will be hanging purple ribbons on our fence post. Requesting donations that
        will be distributed to the local domestic violence shelter.

       WALTON CI
        Walton CI is having a canned food drive for the month of October for our local domestic
        violence organization, Shelter House. We are holding our luncheon on 10/13/2010 and
        will have one of our staff that is a domestic violence survivor as the guest speaker.

Region II

       Circuit Office will hold a Domestic Violence Luncheon on 10/13/2010 and Supervisors
        will bring donations to be provided to The Haven in Lake County. The Coordinator is CA
        Linda Brooks.
       Marion County Ocala East office is collecting old cell phones to be donated to the Rape
        Crisis Center in Marion County and other care packages for the residents. The
        Coordinator is CPS Mark Alfieri.
       Marion County Ocala West office is collecting items for a donation to the Spouse Abuse
        Center in Marion County. The Coordinator is CPSS Shirley Fountain.
       Marion County Belleview offices is collecting items to be donated to the Marion Co.
        Domestic Violence Shelter. The Coordinator is CPS Kathy Borden.
       Lake County offices will be collecting and donating items to The Haven in Leesburg, and
        arranged for Domestic Violence training to be provided by Kelly Smallridge, MA
        Executive Director Haven of Lake and Sumter Counties, INC., at the Domestic Violence
        Awareness Luncheon on 10/13/2010. The Coordinator is CPSS Israel Branton.
       Sumter County is collecting donations to be given to Haven of Lake and Sumter
        Counties, Inc. The Coordinator is CPS Sharon Ferguson.
       Citrus County is collecting non perishable items such as canned and packaged foods,
        paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and cell phones for the Citrus Abuse Shelter
        Association in Citrus Co. The Coordinator is CPSS Tracie Pratt-Maynard.
       Hernando County is planning to have a speaker from the Dawn Center Women’s Shelter
        and a spaghetti luncheon fundraiser. The Coordinator is CPSS Black-Hamilton.

       181 Melbourne: Staff are collecting donations of nonperishable food items, cleaning
        supplies, and other household items for the local Serene Harbor Domestic Violence
        Shelter. This is the only shelter in south Brevard County and is in desperate need of all
        types of assistance. During the morning of the event snacks will be provided through
        EBTF funds.
   182 Cocoa: Domestic Violence training will be presented. And staff will have luncheon
    provided in part through EBTF funds.

   183 Palm Bay: Speaker on Domestic Violence has been invited. And staff will have
    luncheon provided in part through EBTF funds.

   Evelyn Ardley, CPSS, 09A has spearheaded a donation drive for Coburn Plaza to benefit
    the Harbor House of Central Florida. The Harbor House organization seeks to eliminate
    domestic violence in Central Florida by providing safety, shelter, empowerment,
    education and justice. Each of the three Offices at Coburn Plaza, (09A; 091 & 096) will
    seek donations of cell phones and items from the Harbor House “wish list.” On
    10/13/10, we have tentatively scheduled a reception and asked their staff to provide a
    short training session for the staff of Coburn Plaza.

   Two Offices in Circuit 10 will be participating in their own creative event to assist in
    increasing awareness of Domestic Violence issues locally.

   P&P offices 10-6 Lakeland South and 10-1 Lakeland North will be taking up contributions
    of clothing for adults and children, along with other much needed supplies and
    donating them to the local women’s shelter that house victims of Domestic Violence.
    These items will be delivered to the shelter on the 13th day of October.

   Baker CI - Baker CI will host a Domestic Awareness Campaign on October 13th to raise
    staff awareness of domestic violence issues by educating staff on the signs of domestic
    violence and the agencies that are available to victims. The campaign will consist of an
    exhibit in keeping with the “Empty Place at the Table” exhibit. The exhibit works to
    recognize the individuality of each victim and raise awareness about domestic violence
    and its impact on our daily lives, and honor the victims of domestic violence.
    Leadership staff will distribute pamphlets and brochures that educate staff. Also, in
    keeping with Secretary McNeil’s initiative on domestic violence staff will be asked to
    wear the purple ribbon pin on this day. Throughout the month of October staff will be
    asked to donate hygiene items that can be used by victims living in the domestic
    violence shelters and the donations will be donated to our located domestic violence
   Columbia CI - We are selling hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch on October 13th . We
    are going to have Donna Fagan the Executive Director from Another Way, the domestic
    violence shelter in Lake City to speak on the shelter and domestic violence. All proceeds
    will be donated to Another Way.
   Cross City CI - Cross City CI has set up a donation box to collect toiletries for our local
    domestic violence shelter (Another Way, Inc.). I have contacted the local shelter
    Director, Leslie and have invited her to Cross City CI on October 13, 2010 to be part of
    our program wherein we have partnered with several local vendors who have donated
    items for a fish dinner that will be on October 13th. All donations will be given to
    Another Way, Inc.
   FSP – Florida State Prison will have a Domestic Violence Awareness Program on October
    13, 2010 at 9:00 am in our Main Unit Chapel. We have been in contact with Peaceful
    Paths Domestic Abuse Network which is the agency who covers both Bradford and
    Union County. We will have speakers from our local area associated with Peaceful Paths.
    Refreshments will be served for staff. We are also currently collecting items for
    donations to Peaceful Paths. I attached a copy of our flyer. We will be accepting
    donations until October 12th and them providing them to the agency.
   Gainesville CI - On Wednesday the 13th of October, Gainesville CI will be hosting a
    domestic violence awareness program during the lunch hour with Christy Finnegan as
    our guest speaker. She is the director of the Arbor House, a domestic violence shelter
    which is located in Gainesville. We are now accepting donations from staff at all three
    units so that we may present these to Ms. Finnegan on the day of the luncheon.
   Hamilton CI - Hamilton Correctional Institution will be hosting a Domestic Violence
    Luncheon and Program for the employees on October 13, 2010 at 11:00am – 1:00pm.
    The program will be coordinated by Sergeant K. Curry and Mrs. K. Smith. This program
    is to educate the employees on different aspects of Domestic Violence by utilizing guest
    speakers, visual aids and participation.
   Lancaster CI – We plan to do a bbq and have a guest speaker from a local shelter.
    Proceeds from bbq will go to the shelter.
    Lawtey CI – Lawtey has scheduled a teaching session titled “The Preciousness of a
    Woman’s Worth”. This event will be hosted by one of our volunteers. Training will
    include a DVD.
   Madison CI – This year Madison C. I. will be collecting gifts and raising funds for the local
    Refuge House. Mrs. Shelia Combs the local representative for Refuge House Inc. will be
    speaking and presented with the gifts and funds during a luncheon on October 13, 2010.
   Mayo CI – Mayo CI is collection donations for Another Way Domestic Violence Center in
    Lake City, FL. Donation boxes have been placed in the administration building and at
    the metal detector in the main unit and work camp settings. Donations of toiletries,
    baby care products, first aid, feminine products, non-perishable food items, and
    household necessities are being accepted through October 12th.
   New River CI – During the entire month of October we will be collecting needed
    supplies for the Peaceful Paths Outreach Office in Gainesville. On October 13 we will
    have a guest speaker from Peaceful Paths and a chicken and rice dinner in which we will
    ask for $3.00 donation and/or a donation of supplies all of which will go to Peaceful
   RMC – We are going to have a spaghetti w/meat sauce and garlic bread luncheon on the
    13th. This will be held at the training building. Our speaker will be Psych Specialist M.
    Eberhard, who has done this in the past and has a nice PP presentation to go along with
    it. I also am going to contact Peaceful Pathways and find out what some of their most
    needed items are. I will then include in the email that we will be accepting donations
    for the Pathways program. The meal naturally is free of charge.
   Suwannee CI – Suwannee C.I. will host a presentation by Vivid Visions, local shelter in
    Live Oak. Their director or representative will bring referral information as well as give a
    power point presentation. We had them at the facility last year and they put on an
    extremely interesting program. We tentatively plan to make an EBTF request to have a
    brunch for attendees. We also plan to coordinate a fund raiser and gather donated
    items for the shelter to present them with on October 13th.
   Taylor CI – Our plans are to put big boxes at each of our three units for staff to donate
    to our local shelters. We also plan to have a program and invite a counselor from a local
    shelter to speak to our staff.
                UCI - We are cooking sausage dogs and hamburgers on the 13th. Donations will be
                 accepted and the proceeds will be presented to a domestic violence shelter.

       Region III
               Community Corrections Circuit Administrators are coordinating the following:
           Circuit 06 is gathering up pre-owned cell phones, clothing, hygiene items and children’s
               toys for donations to local shelters. They are also collecting donations and placing flyers
               in office lobbies.
           Circuit 12 is likewise collecting items for donation to local shelters.
           Circuit 13 is having guest speakers at various offices to raise awareness, is collecting
               items for donation and is having a bake sale to raise funds.

                Circuit 20 is collecting items for donation and is holding breakfast and ice cream social
                 fund raisers. In addition the 20-2 office has partnered with the Hendry County Sheriff’s
                 Office and is collecting teddy bears for presentation to victims’ children.

                                                A staff luncheon and program is planned for October 13th, with a guest
Avon Park C.I.                                  speaker from the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office participating.

                                                Brevard CI will be having a Domestic Violence Program titled “Awareness
Brevard C.I.                                    Day” October 13, 2010 and luncheon. Speaker for the program will be Ms.
                                                Nancy Peltonen, Operations Director for Serene Harbor Inc.
                                                We are hosting a luncheon that will consist of two speakers, Tami Douglas,
CFRC                                            Executive Director – Kissimmee Health Now Center, as well as a fellow
                                                employee on October 13th.

                                                We are also taking donations for a local women’s shelter for various items
                                                requested, which will be picked up on the 13th as well.

                                                Demilly will be having Domestic Violence Awareness Program on October
Demilly C.I.                                    13 with guest speaker, Joy Kruppa of Peace River. Each one is to donate $1
                                                toward a leaf to place on tree of awareness of domestic violence. Donation
                                                will be given to Peace River Domestic Violence Shelter.
                                                Hernando Correctional will be having a Luncheon on 10/13/10 for their
Hernando C.I.                                   staff. The lunch will consist of sub’s from Publix, chips, drinks, and cookies.
                                                Along with the lunch, there will be a guest speaker. Marilyn Melvin, Victim
                                                Advocate from the New Port Richey Police Department will be the guest
                                                speaker. Hernando Correctional is having a fundraiser for the DAWN
                                                Center, domestic violence shelter in Hernando County. Hernando
                                                Correctional has decided to bring the trick or treating to them. We are
                                                collecting bagged candy, costumes, coloring books, puzzles, pumpkins (for
                                                carving), and anything else that the children can use for Halloween. I plan
                                                to submit an article and pictures after the luncheon is held for the Compass.
                                                At Hillsborough we are have requested a speaker from the Spring Women’s
Hillsborough C.I.                               Shelter to come in and speak with both staff and inmates (TBA) as well as a
                                                clothing/food drive for the center.
                                                Staff luncheon on 10/13/10.
              Lake CI is collecting items for the Haven of Lake and Sumter which assists
Lake C.I.     domestic violence victims. The collected items will be delivered on October
              14th. The below flyer was sent out yesterday.
              A luncheon will be doing on the 13th. During the luncheon we will have
Lowell C.I.   guest speakers from the local Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center and
              the Children and Families Alliance to educate staff on Domestic Violence. In
              addition, we are collecting items for the Marion County Domestic
              Violence/Sexual Abuse Center. These items are being collected during the
              month of October.

              In addition this week, staff from the mental health department have been
              sending out information to staff via email and by handing out information
              on stress management, substance abuse, anxiety, etc. to educate them on
              ways to deal with personal and work related stress. They have also held
              stress reduction sessions for staff during lunch.

              Mental Health is doing a “clothesline project” during the month of October
              where inmate victims of domestic violence cope with their experiences.
              The clothesline will be displayed on October 13th.

              On October 20th, the Administration will be handing out the Department’s
              brochures on Domestic Violence at the entrances to the facility during shift

              Marion C.I.’s EBTF was asked to provide ½ of the amount of funds ($250.00)
Marion C.I.   to participate in a luncheon which is to be held along with FCCD and Lowell
              C.I. in their Training Building on 10-13-10. “The Domestic Violence
              Awareness Luncheon” has two guest speakers who are scheduled to give a

              Diana Ayers, Victim Advocate Marion County Domestic Violence/Sexual
              Assault Center and
              Monica Bryant, Marion County Children and Family Alliance.

              The spaghetti luncheon will be from 11:30AM to 1:00PM in the Lowell C.I.
              Training Building
              The luncheon is free of charge; however a list of needed items has been
              provided to staff members and you are encouraged to bring an item to be
              donated to the Marion County Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center.
              For those folks that cannot attend the luncheon, but would still like to
              donate items to the crisis shelters, collection boxes are located at the
              Administration Building at Marion C.I. and Lowell C.I.

              Putnam CI and FCCD Chapter 26 have had an ongoing relationship of
Putnam C.I.   support for the local domestic violence center. We provide items for the
              major holidays as well as special need items that occur throughout the
              year. The Institutions has pledged additional support by way of collecting
              baby items such as diapers, bottles, clothing, blankets and toys. Putnam CI
                                        has also submitted one of our staff’s names to be included on the
                                        Department’s “Quilt of Remembrance”.

                                        Sumter CI is hosting a Domestic Violence Program presented by the Haven
Sumter C.I.                             during a luncheon on October 13.

                                        To support October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Tomoka CI will
Tomoka C.I.                             demonstrate our efforts to end domestic violence by having a special casual
                                        day on October 13, 2010. For a minimum of a $5 donation, non-security
                                        staff will be allowed to wear casual dress by wearing purple on this day.
                                        Security staff is also encouraged to participate by donation and showing
                                        support by wearing a purple ribbon on their uniform on this date. All
                                        donated funds should be collected within their departments and turned
                                        into Ms. Gordon or Mr. Hodgson by the beginning of the work day October
                                        13, 2010. 100% of donated funds will be delivered to Domestic Abuse
                                        Council here in Daytona Beach
                                        Representatives from Domestic Abuse Council will be present at the facility
                                        at 7:30 a.m. on this same date to meet and greet staff as they arrive to

                                        Domestic Violence Awareness Program held in the Chapel next Wednesday
Zephyrhills C.I.                        October 13, 2010 at 9:30am. Representatives from the SUNRISE OF PASCO
                                        DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT CENTER will be coming to
                                        speak. All staff that can attend has been invited to support this very
                                        important program. We are attempting to gather a box together of donated
                                        items for the women in the center to be presented on the 13th.

                                        Note: The following items have been requested by the SUNRISE Center:

                                        Paper Towels
                                        Garbage bags
                                        Cleaning supplies
                                        Personal items such as shampoo, etc.

                                              It was also suggested that if anyone wanted to make out a check to
                                               purchase Bus Passes. The check would need to be made out
                                               SUNRISE of PASCO INC. (with designation at bottom of check for
                                               purpose to purchase Bus Passes. I believe bus passes are around $
                                               1.50 per day)

Region III Staff Development Training
FCA Orlando                             To observe October 13th as Domestic Violence Awareness Day within the
                                        Florida Department of Corrections a special Domestic Violence Awareness
                                        Training to be held at FCA @ Orlando.
Region IV

      Region Office:
       Toiletries are being collected for donation to A.V.D.A. and a presentation will be
       conducted by a Palm Beach County Victim’s Services Advocate.

      Circuit 11:
       The Advocate Program and Safe Space are scheduled to deliver training/discussions on
       Domestic Violence, and personal hygiene items are being collected for donation to both
       Bridging Families and Communities (Advocates Domestic Violence Shelter) and Safe
       Space (Domestic Violence Shelter).

      Circuit 15:
       Staff attended “Kick-Off” Domestic Violence Awareness Month Opening Ceremony
       Breakfast, have set up various awareness displays and are collecting items for donation
       to Domestic Violence Shelters. Several training sessions are being conducted
       throughout Circuit and staff are wearing the purple “Domestic Violence” pins to show
       support of this cause. Some staff also participated in the AVDA Race on 10/9/10.

      Circuit 16:
       All offices have scheduled training/discussions on Domestic Violence, and toiletries, bed
       sheets and or gift cards are being collected for donation to local entities as well.
        16-1 Marathon Office and 16-2 Tavernier Office: These two smaller offices will partner
       with the collection of items the local shelter said they needed. The 16-1 office on
       October 13th is having the CEO from the local shelter educate the staff as to domestic
       violence and the programs they offer. The 16-2 office on October 13th is having Christine
       Cunningham, contracted vendor, talk to the staff about domestic violence issues

      16-0 Key West Office
       Linda Brackin of the Key West office will be putting on a presentation/training on
       Domestic Violence. CPSS Audette is supplying pizza and lunch during this presentation.
       Staff will be bringing in toiletries, twin bed sheets and/or gift cards (Which is what the
       local shelter said was needed.) These items will be delivered at the end of the day.

      Circuit 17:
       Officers collected canned and dry goods for Women in Distress.

       Charlotte CI will be holding their Domestic Awareness Luncheon on Thursday October
       14th. Ms. Kay Tvaroch, Executive Director of C.A.R.E., (Center for Abuse & Rape
       Emergencies) will conduct a 30 minute presentation for all staff at Charlotte CI. The
       presentation will address how to prevent domestic violence, how to recognize both
       victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, and how to get help for victims as well as
       perpetrators. Envelopes will be handed out to staff who wish to donate to C.A.R.E that
       can be mailed in at anytime if they wish to donate. There will be no transactions the day
       of this event to avoid distractions during this presentation.
    In Observance of Domestic Violence Month, Desoto C. I. has scheduled a program on
    October 13 (luncheon) featuring a speaker from the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center of
    Sarasota, Fl. Guest presenter will be Ms. Michelle Gaines, Senior Educator at the center.
    Plans are to purchase appropriate merchandise and goods for the crisis center. Ms.
    Ivines, Education Supervisor, is the coordinator for our effort.

    On October 13, 2010 Hardee C.I. will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast / Bake Sale to raise
    funds for Lydia’s House and Gillespie Ministries/Hannah House shelters. Ms. Eva Perkins
    is coordinating this event.

    Homestead CI will have a speaker, Dr. Carleen Vincent, Florida International University,
    at 9:00 a.m. and luncheon on 10/13/10 for staff. We will be collecting toiletries,
    shampoo, soap, conditioner, used cell phones and clothing for Safe Space in the Florida
    City area. Coordinator for the day is Richard Rosado, Classification Supervisor.

    Dade CI is conducting a clothing drive. We will take the items to Safe Space which is a
    thrift store that caters to battered woman. When the woman go to a shelter they are
    given vouchers to use at Safe Space. We are also holding a bake sale and all funds raised
    will be donated to Safe Space as well.

    Guest speaker Colleen Henderson from ACT (Abuse, Counseling and Treatment)and the
    Domestic Violence Organization for Lee and Hendry Counties are scheduled for
    Wednesday at the FCA building during the noon hour to speak with staff. Staff are
    donating stuffed toys for children of domestic violence and money received from a car
    wash fund raiser.

   Glades CI
    Glades CI has placed a donation box in the front of the institution for staff to donate
    money to assist with the purchase of food, clothing, and toys for the Harmony House, a
    domestic violence shelter, which services the Belle Glade and Pahokee area. Additional
    to the donation box, Glades CI will be hosting a Domestic Violence Awareness Luncheon
    on October 13, 2010. Staff will be serviced sub sandwiches, chips, and drink for a cost of
    $6.00. All proceeds will be donated to the Harmony House.

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