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									         IT Learning Resources
           Eric Therrien, March 16, 2006
“A wisely chosen illustration is almost essential to fasten the
truth upon the ordinary mind, and no teacher can afford to
neglect this part of his preparation.”
Howard Crosby
1. What makes 101010 = 950 by placing a line in the first
2. What sticky substance may come from a mixture of
      Arsenic, Tellurium and Phosphorus?
        IT Learning Resources
Participants will start by exploring the content of the presenter’s
web pages, which include notes, study guides, PowerPoint
presentations and various Web Sites linked to general
educational sites and to specific math and science curricula.
Teachers will learn the beneficial use of technology in a math
class, such as Harts Marks, Exam-view Test Generator and
other resources on the web. The goal of this workshop is
enhance technology into teacher’s classes by providing time for
participant to find specific Web Sites, tutorial, simulation (java
applets) and animation (video) sites on the web. This workshop
is suitable for any teacher who wishes to increase IT into there
What is coming up?
Blogs or Weblogs
Word and Powerpoint Features
Harts Marks, Exam View Test Generator or Test Gen
Web links
Time to work on your own curriculum…
What do you think he has in front of
What do you think he has in front of

        look closely n' guess what they could be . . .
            Look again…
Any wild guesses
No clue?
You've just now
looked into the
That's right! you've
seen something that
would replace your
PC in the future . . .
NOW SEE them like THIS . . .
In the revolution of miniature computers, the
     scientists are ahead with bluetooth
technology... See the forthcoming computers
             within your pockets.
This pen instrument produces both the monitor as
well as the keyboard on flat surfaces from where
 you can just carry out the normal operations you
               do on your desktop.
       Blogs or Weblogs
Blogs are

Increase communication with students.
Word and Powerpoint Features
Alt+Print Screen, Equation Editor,
(Math Type)
Powerpoint Pack and Go
   Omnipage Pro 15 & Power
      Translator Pro 8.0
Omnipage Pro is a scanner software.
One of the best OCR (optical
character recognition). It also as a
feature that allow you to convert a pdf
in doc.
Power Translator Pro 8.0
Harts Marks
 Exam View Test Generator or
         Test Gen
An excellent tools that teachers must
Assignments, quiz, test, exam review
Answers are at the end of each exercises.
             Web links
Check out my website
Check out my best websites
You can look for website that suits your
own curriculum.
Simulation (java applets)
Animation, (flash), (movies), (wmv)
1. What makes 101010 = 950 by placing a
  line in the first number ?
10 to 10 = 950

2. What sticky substance may come form
  a mixture of
  Arsenic          As
  Tellurium        Te    = Paste
   Phosphorus      P

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