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					     [Whats The Story] Morning Glory

                            Best Album Of The 1990S

The debut album by Oasis was a worldwide success - 2.1 million in sales
in the UK, 6 million in the rest of the world, but only a million or so of that in
the US. The follow up was a whole different story altogether - 23+ million
worldwide with over 4 million in each of the US and the UK (3rd best
selling LP of all time there). For most fans the next five releases havent
come close to reaching the great heights of these first two. Accordingly, I
thought that Id give them each a re-listen in order to see how theyve stood
up to the passage of a decade and a half.

First off, the obvious, the 23 million who bought this cd werent wrong - this
is a spectacularly good album. One brilliantly infectious song follows
another for about forty exciting minutes. Wonderwall, Dont look Back in
Anger, Hey Now!, Some Might Say, Morning Glory and Champagne
Supernova - each song possesses the kind of quality that by itself would
form the cornerstone of any other cd. Indeed, as I listen I have to remind
myself that Im not listening to a greatest hits collection.

In the music biz it is unusual for an artist to begin a career with a really first
class record and then surpass that effort with the follow-up. It was fourteen
years ago that Oasis hit the ground running with their debut, Definitely
Maybe. A year later the band delivered its sophomore effort, (Whats the
Story) Morning Glory. They are both five star offerings. The relative
mediocrity of the other cds in their catalogue should not in any way
diminish the greatness of their earlier music. If, like me, you have allowed
these cds to sit on the shelf, unplayed, for the last decade, Id suggest that
you clean of the dust and give them a spin. You will be rewarded with
some of the best music of the past twenty years.

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