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To the 5 Boroughs by Beastie Boys - Loved It Before I Bought It


									  To the 5 Boroughs by Beastie Boys

                             The Beasties Never Fail

The hiatus is back off, again, for the Beastie Boys, and music lovers will
bob their heads with insuppressible glee. With its Nice & Smooth
impersonations and shout outs to Brooklyns Albee Square Mall, To the 5
Boroughs, their first album in six years, harkens the return of the trio to the
city that made them who they are today. Its an up-tempo yet surprisingly
homogenous assemblage of vintage electro-style party beats, and its a
strictly Beastie affair: the Boys co-wrote and produced each track
themselves, which means that it sports none of the sonic fripperies and
quirky collaborations that distinguished previous classics such as Pauls
Boutique. Finally jelling after two years of on-again, off-again recording, To
the 5 Boroughs will appeal to those fans old enough to remember the
Licensed to Ill tour. Those old-schoolers are sure to appreciate the albums
mostly off-the-cuff lyrics and minimal-to-the-extreme musical landscape--
even if its stripped-down sound may leave others longing for the days
when the Boys were California dreamin. --Rebecca Levine

The Beastie Boys came totally correct with this album. As one of the few
artists who can create a whole new sound for themselves and still sound
good, the Beastie Boys created another hip-hop masterpiece.

The production on this album is very stripped down and unique. Its clearly
inspired by old school 808 beats (which we all know the Beastie Boys
love). There is no heavy sampling, no heavy bass and no punk elements
as you might expect. Instead we get some really catchy , up beat
productions, with a truly unique sound.

The rapping is surprisingly good considering its done by almost 40 year old
white guys. The three exchange verses with ease and complement the
beats perfectly. MCA sounds very raspy on the album, but it actually
sounds great. Mike D is as on top of his rap game as he ever was while
AdRock provides his goofy banter as usual.
If youre one of those people whos really more into the experimental
funk/rock that was seen on Check Your Head and Ill Communication, this
may not be the right Beastie Boys album for you. But if youre an all-around
BBoys fan, youre bound to love this.

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