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									 The Truth (with jokes) by Al Franken


Nearly a year after the presidential election of 2004, Al Franken is still
checking facts, exposing lies, and trying to clear the record as he sees it.
Sneering at President Bushs declaration of a mandate after a two-and-a-
half percent victory, he deconstructs Bushs 2004 platform of fear, smear,
and queers, and explains how the president has done some flip-flopping of
his own. He offers comment on well-known stories, including the Terri
Schiavo case, and some more obscure, such as reports of forced
prostitution, indentured servitude, and squalid conditions at clothing
factories in Saipan (which is part of the American Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands). Franken focuses on Tom DeLays connection to
the territory and his efforts to prevent bills from being passed that would
have required Saipan to follow U.S. labor laws. Iraq, too, is discussed,
from its planning stages to the huge sum of money currently unaccounted
for, including $8.8 billion missing from the Coalition Provisional Authoritys
coffers. On the home front, Franken covers President Bushs atte mpt at
Social Security reform, explaining how they came up with the projected
shortfall figure of $11 trillion. For one thing, they adjusted life expectancy to
150 years, while leaving the retirement age at 67: Thats an eighty -three-
year retirement. Theyre never gonna get to that without stem cell research.
He also takes some wickedly funny swipes at Karl Rove, lobbyist Jack
Abramoff, pundits and hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Tim Russert, and
Sean Hannity, and, of course, President Bush. The Truth succeeds i n
providing ammunition to liberals and others dissatisfied with the current
power base in Washington, D.C.--only this time (with jokes). --Shawn
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Al Frankens books are generally wonderful. Theyre funny, informative and

This one also happens to be devastating.

Its a chronicle of George W. Bushs 2004 re-election campaign, and some
of the lower lights of the Republican party during the early part of that term,
including players in the campaign in Iraq.

I consider myself a conservative (though Im really more of a libertarian),
but that doesnt mean that I excuse incompetence, dishonesty or corruptio n
from fellow conservatives. Those things are bad regardless of what side of
the aisle they come from, and Franken does a masterful job of showing
just what jerks some on the right have been.

Recently I read (and enjoyed) my first Ann Coulter book. I thin k its
important for people to consider all kinds of views, perhaps especially
those that they are disinclined to agree with; we ought to challenge
ourselves, and our beliefs. Both Coulter and Franken present their sides
well, and with biting humor, and there is no reason that a thoughtful person
cannot enjoy both. That said, Franken is the better of the two -- hes
smarter, funnier, better equipped with research, and (I am convinced) more
honest. His writings have the unmistakeable ring of truth to them.

I was so impressed, in fact, with Frankens writing (and Ive been impressed
before, with his early works), that it inspired me to make my first-ever
political contribution, to his Senate campaign in Minnesota.

If I must come up with something negative to say about this book, to
balance out my review, it might be that the humor in this book can only
carry a reader so far. At times, the events that Franken relates are so
disgusting that they seriously made me feel sick. Although, maybe that is
actually this books greatest strength. This isnt just humor writing you can
smile at, put down and then forget. Frankens book shows how broken our
system is: very, very broken. And while I dont think there are any easy
answers, its clear that we Americans need a fundamenta l regime change.
Democrats may prove no better than the Republicans they replace, but
they cannot be any worse.

Maybe someday, assuming my small donation is enough to carry the day
for Franken in Minnesota, some conservative pundit will be able to write a
blistering expose on Frankens misdeeds in office. I hope not, but am fully
sure that, whatever may come to light, it cannot be worse than the
disgusting saga aired out by Franken in The Truth (with jokes). This is a
wonderful book, because it makes us laugh, makes us ill with disgust, and
calls us to necessary action.
That is the truth, no joke.

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