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									  The Lions Game by Nelson DeMille

                    Funny, Believable, And Hard To Put Down

John Corey and Asad Khalil have both lived hard-knock lives. As revealed
in Nelson DeMilles monster bestseller Plum Island, the gruff, wisecracking
NYPD homicide cop Corey stopped a hail of bullets--but he couldnt stop
his wife from walking out on him. Asad, raised under Muammar Qaddafis
eye after his dads murder, lost his surviving family in the 1986 bombing of
Libya. Hes heard the nasty rumors about his mom and the colonel, but he
aims his rage at the infidels. The boys got such a gift for terrorism hes
earned the nickname the Lion, and Boris, his vodka-sozzled, sex-addicted
émigré mentor, knows precisely how to conduct a murder tour of America
one step ahead of the police, the FBI, the CIA, and the ATTF (Anti -
Terrorist Task Force), which combines members of all three. A pity Bori s
must die, but hey, hes an infidel too. Asad pretends to defect, handcuffed
to agents aboard a 747 bound for JFK, and he proves to be a worse
seatmate than a siding salesman. Corey and his ATTF colleagues (most
conspicuously the FBIs sexy Kate Mayfield, Coreys match in badinage
and bad-guy busting) strive to halt Asads methodical yet unpredictable
bloodbath. Skillfully, DeMille alternates chapters told from Asads and
Coreys points of view. DeMille did his authenticity homework: when were
not savoring his gift for wiseacre dialogue in the Corey-Kate chapters,
were sweating alongside Asad on his ghastly, ingenious jihad.         The New
York Times put DeMilles social satire on a par with Edith Whartons, and
hes great on the colliding folkways of the feuding, mutually doublecrossing
crimebuster institutions. Naturally, hes on the side of the regular -guy
flatfoots. Cops sit on their asses and flip through their folders, he writes.
Feds sit on their derrieres and peruse their dossiers. And the CIA ge ts it in
the shorts, satirically speaking. One deplores the mass murderers, but the
books real bad guys wear the priciest suits. DeMille reportedly has a $25
million book contract. With fast, funny, absorbing thrillers like The Lions
Game, hes earned it. --Tim Appelo

I absolutely loved every word on all 673 pages of this book. Every word
had a purpose and was worth every minute cover to cover. I love the
character of John Corey and DeMille has a great way of telling a story and
jokes within the story that are so real and so clever. Simply a great read.

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