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									Lawrence of Arabia [Blu-ray] starring
          Peter OToole

             I Dont Know How To Begin Reviewing My Favorite Film

Theres no getting around a simple, basic truth: watching Lawrence of
Arabia in any home-video format represents a compromise. Theres no
better way to appreciate this epic biographical adventure than to see it
projected in 70 millimeter onto a huge theater screen. That caveat aside,
David Leans masterful desert classic is still enjoyable on the small screen,
especially if viewed in widescreen format. (If your only option is to view a
pan & scan version, its best not to bother; this is a film for which the
widescreen format is utterly mandatory.) Peter OToole gives a star -making
performance as T.E. Lawrence, the eccentric British officer who united the
desert tribes of Arabia against the Turks during World War I. Lean
orchestrates sweeping battle sequences and breathtaking action, but the
film is really about the adventures and trials that transform Lawrence into a
legendary man of the desert. Lean traces this transformation on a vast
canvas of awesome physicality; no other movie has captured the expanse
of the desert with such scope and grandeur. Equally important is the
psychology of Lawrence, who remains an enigma even as we grasp his
identification with the desert. Perhaps the greatest triu mph of this landmark
film is that Lean has conveyed the romance, danger, and allure of the
desert with such physical and emotional power. Its a film about a man who
leads one life but is irresistibly drawn to another, where his greatness and
mystery are allowed to flourish in equal measure. --Jeff Shannon

I saw this classic many years ago when it first came out in 70 mm on a
gigantic screen in San Francisco and was blown away. Since then and
periodically I have revisited this classic and have come to the conclusion
that had David Lean never made another movie after this--he would still be
considered one of the genius of cinema. Keep in mind that this film
influenced a young Steven Spielberg to enter the field of filmmaking (in fact
he and Martin Scorsese had contributed to its restoration). And Peter
OTooles debut performance is still one of the greatest ever captured on
film!! But that doesnt detract from the other fine actors in the cast such as
the 74 yr old Claude Rains still vibrant, a brilliant Anthony Quinn, the
cynical Arthur Kennedy as a disguised Lowell Thomas reporter and in his
debut, Omar Sharif who becomes Lawrences best friend and ally. Aurally
and visually arresting with much food for thought,Lawrence Of Arabia
deserves to be in the top ten of great films that the AFI have designated
along with Godfather and Citizen Kane.

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