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   December 2009
  Volume 16 Issue 6

                     Happy Holidays!
                    Jim K elle r, Sup er int end ent
                          Kelle r,    erint den t
                  Rob ert Gra ssin o, Ass ist. Sup t.
                Circ le USD 375 Boa rd of Edu cat ion

         Summary of Board of Education Meeting December 14, 2009
Call to Order                President Marvin Dodson called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm at the Administration
                             Office. Those present were board members Anita Mills, Cal Ammons, Mark Burden,
                             Herb Pello and Ben Whiteside. Stewart Stephens was absent. Others present were
                             Superintendent Jim Keller, Assistant Superintendent Robert Grassino, Director of
                             Public Relations Kendra Wilkinson and Board Clerk Angie Clevenger.

Public                       The CHS B.E.S.T. Team placed 2nd at Regionals held in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This
Communications               qualifies them to attend Nationals to be held in Dallas, Texas on April 23-24. The
                             awards received were: BEST Award, 2nd Place; Robot Competition, 2nd Place;
                             Founders Award, 2nd Place; and Most Photogenic, 3rd Place. Matt Hogoboom, B.E.S.T.
                             Sponsor and Ben Harstine, B.E.S.T. Chief Operating Officer, demonstrated the robot
                             and answered questions from the Board.

                             State Representative John Grange was present and discussed with the Board the
                             current and future financial problems of the State and school funding issues.

                             PJ Reilly, Career Technology Education Administrator, gave the board an overview of
                             the new expectations that will govern vocational education in the future. This funding
                             replaces the VE-2 funding of the past.

                   The Vision and Purpose of Circle USD 375, in partnership with our
                communities, is to educate each student to be an engaged, knowledgeable
                    citizen and responsible, productive worker in the 21st Century.
                        Mrs. Wilkinson thanked Towanda Primary School for the artwork displayed in the
                        Board Room.

                        Mrs. Wilkinson recognized the following students for being named All League. Soccer:
                        Brett Tunnel, Second Team Forward; Eric Carlson, Second Team Defender; Mitch
                        Horner and Sam Blaha, Honorable Mention Defender; and Nick Warren, Honorable
                        Mention Forward. Volleyball: Kyrstie Ehm and Hanna Flaming, First Team, Ally Burden,
                        Second Team; and Taci Richard and Courtney Kifer, Honorable Mention. Football: Alex
                        Gardinier, First Team Defensive Back and Second Team Quarterback; Ryan Tracy, First
                        Team Linebacker; Jordan Phillips, First Team Interior Defensive Linemen and Honor-
                        able Mention Punter; Richard Mould, Second Team Defensive Back and Honorable
                        Mention Wide Receiver; Brandon Wagner, Second Team Offensive Linemen; and
                        Michael Dubus, Honorable Mention Interior Defensive Linemen. Coach Shelly
                        Nibarger and the 2008 Volleyball Team were recognized by the Kansas Volleyball
                        Association as an All Academic Volleyball Team for 2008-09.

Update on Bond          The bond projects are moving along well. A final decision on the completion date of
Projects                the new elementary school will probably be made in January. The roofers are to begin
                        work as soon as the weather clears and the window placement will happen at the
                        same time.

Budget Cuts and         Mr. Keller reviewed budget cuts at the state level. As soon as the legislature indicates
Adjustments             its intentions for the 2010-2011 budget we will need to prepare accordingly. Since the
                        state has drawn down to the 2006 funding levels, additional cuts will affect federal
                        dollars. Based on this year’s projected enrollment the district would stand to be down
                        $739,704 as compared to the budget level for the same enrollment figures in 2009,
                        moving from $4400 per FTE to $4012. Mr. Keller is working on possible scenarios based
                        on the state’s final actions.

AVCTL and SCKESC        The AVCTL superintendents are working on a financial platform to present to the
Platforms               KSHSAA and the legislature as it pertains to state funding and activities. The members
                        of SCKESC have also prepared a financial platform.

Board Policy Review     The Board had its first reading on policy JBC - Enrollment - the changes clarify resi-
                        dence, procedures and student identification; JDDB - Reporting to Law Enforcement -
                        streamlines the requirements based on recent adjustment to the 1999 law; JGC -
                        Health and Physicals - reflects the right-of-privacy actions recently taken in courts.
                        These policies will replace all materials listed under the policy code JBC. Policy JDA
                        states that the district will not use corporal punishment but JDA-R then goes on to
                        explain when it can be used and how. JDA-R should have been removed with the
                        revision to JDA.

Audit Report 2008-09    Wendy McAdoo of Bird and Co, presented their audit findings. The Board moved to
                        approve the 2008-09 Audit Report as presented.

                        Bird and Co, is giving up larger school audits mainly due to the time commitments
                        required for the federal monies. Mr. Keller has contacted another firm for a bid.

HVAC Bid                The Board accepted the HVAC bid from Walz, Harman, Huffman, Inc for the HVAC
                        installation at Oil Hill Elementary, Benton Elementary and Towanda Intermediate.
                                                    James Keller - Superintendent
Long Range Facilities                      Dr. Robert Grassino - for proposals for long range
                        The Board approved submitting a request Assistant Superintendent facilities
Planning                planning. This will give the Board needed information to make the best choices for
                                                  Kendra Wilkinson - Public Relations
                        the future.

                                           Circle USD 375
New Facility Planning     The Board approved Don Coffman as Principal for the new elementary building and
                          Terri Turner as Principal of Towanda Primary/Intermediate Schools when the new
                          elementary school opens.

                          The Board approved that elementary students who reside west of 143rd Street will
                          attend the new elementary school on Greenwich Road.

Reauthorization of        Currently the mill levy for Capital Outlay is set at 5.5 mills. The District has the author-
Capital Outlay Fund       ity to go to 7 mills. The Capital Outlay fund is used specifically for technology, building
                          improvements and repairs, vehicles, equipment and furniture. Every five years a new
                          resolution needs to be published. The Board approved the reauthorization of the
                          Capital Outlay Resolution.

Program Course            The Board approved the articulation of the cluster pathways for these three areas to
Offerings                 maintain vocational funding: Manufacturing, Architecture and Construction.

Memorandum of             Kansas will apply for a portion of the $4.35 billion Race To The Top (RTTT) grant. This
Agreement - Race To       grant is the largest federal competitive investment in school reform to date. It will
The Top                   reward states for creating conditions for educational change and provide incentives
                          for large-scale, system-changing reforms. Kansas is poised to reap the benefits of its
                          past accomplishments and move forward significantly with future improvements with
                          funding from a RTTT grant. If the application is approved, Kansas could receive up to
                          $175 million. Fifty percent of the funds would be distributed to local school districts
                          based on their work in meeting the core reform areas. These funds would be available
                          for four years, or through the 2012-14 school year. School districts wanting to partici-
                          pate in the core reform areas and receive funding for such will be required to sign a
                          Memorandum of Understanding. The Board approved signing the Memorandum of

Personnel                 The Board approved the following resignations and appointments: approve Robert
                          Reed, CHS Head Golf Coach; approve the resignation of Katey Hobbs, CMS Cheerlead-
                          ing Sponsor; approve Rebecca Moore, CMS Cheerleading Sponsor; and approve Crystal
                          Ratcliff, Oil Hill Title I Aide.

Gifts, Donation, Grants   The Board voted to accept the gifts and donations as presented. The Board also voted
                          to accept a $2,500 grant to Circle Middle School from the Van Pelt Foundation.

Adjournment               There being no further business before the Board, President Marvin Dodson declared
                          the meeting adjourned at 10:10 pm.

                                                    James Keller - Superintendent
                                            Dr. Robert Grassino - Assistant Superintendent
                                                  Kendra Wilkinson - Public Relations

                                              Circle USD 375

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