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Healing Back Pain the Mind Gemstar Body Connection by John E Sarno - Long Story Short


									    Healing Back Pain the Mind-
 (Gemstar) Body Connection by John
              E. Sarno

                               The Cure For Pain

I had over a year of severe mid-back spasming--couldn't sleep more than a
few hours at night before it would act up, couldn't exercise, play golf, run,
etc. without issues from this back spasming and back pain. I tried
complete rest, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy
before knowing about this book. Everything maybe helped a little bit, like it
would get 5% better, but I still couldn't sleep more than 3-4 hours before
severe spasms almost every single night! It was a nightmare, as you can

Ran across this book from a Google search, bought it, read it in a few
days, and from the time I read the book, the pain and spasming dropped
about 95%. No exaggeration, no kidding, it was as simple as reading this
book. I started jogging immediately thereafter and within a few weeks,
worked back up to my 12-miles a week or so that I usually jog, with no
back pain (or to be entirely accurate, about 5% of the back pain I was
having before--I still have very, very minor achiness in my midback, but I
wouldn't call it "pain", more like a sensation). Started golfing, lifting
weights, issue. Whereas I used to have back spasms
literally every night after 4 or so hours of sleep, I almost instantly improved
to where I could sleep the whole night through. About once every 3
months now I wake up with a mild back spasm that goes away after a few
minutes. Compared to the other expensive things I was trying and that
were only helping slightly, I wish I had tried reading this book first. It may
not help everyone as well as it helped me, who knows, but I would
HIGHLY recommend spending the $15 bucks and a weekend to read it.

P.S. I read the book almost 10 months before writing this review, so this
"healing" of my back pain has stood the test of time. The back pain issue I
described had been in full effect the 15 months prior. So I had 15 months
of back pain, nothing helped, read this book in 2 days, and from that point
on for the next 10 months up until today, I've been fine. I'm even running a
half-marathon this weekend. The odds of this book helping being a mere
coincidence are extremely low given the timing of the pain and spasming
going away. Good luck to you!

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