Gods Son Explicit - Nas Carrying On His Legacy by wendyh661


									                   Gods Son [Explicit]


Man, Nas killed the game with this album. This is still one of my favorite
rap albums of all time, right behind Illmatic. This album is so g ood, but the
coolest thing about this album is that it shows that even the toughest guys
have an softer side. Im not saying in any way shape or form that Nas is
soft, or fake, im simply stating that this album is alot more emotional and
spiritual than any of his other work. And its a good thing because he really
opens up, and the result is some of the best storys ever told in the form of
Nas's killer lyrics. NaS has always been know as a rapper that does not
hold back his feeling for anyone. What he feels he says, plain and simple.
And he shows alot of that on this album. Some of the many highlights on
this stellar album include the very chill and laid back "Get Down", the dark
and dimented Eminem produced "The Cross" where NaS pretty much says
that he is keeping Hip Hop alive, which most would agree with. And then
the big hit single which is definetly a NaS greatest hit, "Made You Look" is
another great song. But if i had to choose just one song to be my favorite
on this album, i would have to choose "Book Of Rhymes", because not
only is NaS in tip top shape with his flows on this record, but the production
is amazing on that song as well with its lasery sharp production and mid
tempo boom boom clap beat. Nas really just went out and made a really
personal record instead of trying to make a street banger, he just made an
album thats true to him. This is definetly, at least in my opinion, NaS's
second best album behind the obvious Illmatic. Which i dont think that
anyone will ever come close to the level of that album. But the thing that
really kinda dissapoints me about this album is that it got really overlooked.
It still went Gold, but this album should honestly be a couple times
platinum. Overall, Nas really brought rap back with this album. And its
good that this album was as good as it was because after I Am, and
Nastradamus, people started to think that NaS was falling off. Now
Stillmatic, was good to, but not nearly as good as God's Son, thats why i
say God's Son really brought him back.

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