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Personal Statement

Eligibility to work in the UK (please provide details):
e.g. EU citizen or work permit/visa details if applicable

Education and Qualifications
University / Institution          Years of Study            Qualification and Subject   Result/Grade

Please can you confirm you meet the following criteria: y other information you feel relevant toap
One year left of University – Yes/No
Two years left if you are studying a 4 year Masters degree – Yes/Noachievements/awards, etc. (Word
limit – 150 words)
If No, but you still think you are eligible, please use the section below to explain why:

Work Experience
Company:                                                     Roles and Responsibilities:

Skills and Achievements
Adaptability (Word limit – 150 words)

Teamork (Word limit – 150 words)
Effective Communication (Word limit – 150 words)

Skills and Achievements contd:
Self Motivation and Drive to Succeed (Word limit – 150 words)

Initiative and Creative Problem Solving (Word limit – 150 words)

Client Focus (Word limit – 150 words)

Please provide reasons why you have applied to this particular role (Please tailor
your answer depending on whether you are applying to a business or technical role) (Word
limit – 150 words)
Additional Information – Please provide us with any other information you feel relevant to
your application e.g. technical skills, experience with or understanding of technology, business
acumen or achievements/awards, etc. (Word limit – 150 words)

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