Fly - Fly By The Dixie Chicks by wendyh661



                            Fly By The Dixie Chicks

This is a great sophmore effort. This album is a bit harder and edgier than
the first one, and the Chicks pull it off well. Country with a broader appeal.
Good tunes are many:

Ready to Run

If I Fall - great faster number with cool scraping fiddles

Earl - a great rhythm and lyrics. Is about a woman and her friend
disposing of a violent brute of a husband. Of course the song does not
advocate premeditated murder. Get a grip. Its just a revenge fantasy

Hello Mr. Heartache - a good traditional-flavored number

Sin Wagon - fast, bluegrassy tune. Funny lyrics like praise the Lord and
pass the ammunition and mattress dancing

Some Days You Gotta Dance - dancy number, like its lyrics and title

Hole in My Head - heavy, grinding instrumentation. Cool effect.

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