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									   The Granite Falls Journal
   Visit us online at                      Free        Tuesday, March 22, 2011

  2011 Caldwell County Schools Hall Of Honor
            Inductees Announced
  Caldwell County Schools will present the ninth annual
Hall of Honor induction ceremony on Friday, April 1,
6:00 pm at the First Baptist Church of Granite Falls Fam-
ily Life Center in celebration of Caldwell County or Le-
noir City Schools graduates who have made significant
contributions to their professions or communities.
  The 2011 Hall of Honor inductees are Dr. Joann Hor-
ton, Dr. Michael H. Palmer, and Dr. Annie Katherine
Prestwood. A posthumous award will be presented to the
family of Walter Lee Roberts.                                         Lisa Fletcher Prestwood 25 Years
                    Walter Lee Roberts                         Lisa Prestwood has worked at RBC Bank for 25 years.
  Walter Lee Roberts was born April 1, 1933 to Ralph         She began her career on March 17th, 1986 with Granite
Lee and Dana Hart Roberts. He graduated from Granite         Savings and Loan. Lisa began her career as a Teller but
Falls High School in 1950 and served in the U.S. Army in     in her tenure she has worked in different roles including
Korea. He graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne College in 1956        Teller Supervisor, and Branch Manager. Currently she is
after completing BS degrees in chemistry, physics and        the Senior Relationship Banker for the Granite Falls Mar-
mathematics. Mr. Roberts accepted a position with Shu-       ket.
ford Mills, Inc. in Hickory, and later joined Superior Ca-     Lisa reflects RBC Banks core values of honesty and
ble Company, a predecessor of the current CommScope.         integrity in all of her customer interactions. Over her 25
He served as Director of Engineering and at the time of      years, Lisa has built personal relationships with all of her
his untimely death was serving as Vice President of Engi-    customers which is reflected in the tremendous loyalty
neering. He was only 39 year old when he died in a sin-      they have shown her over the years. RBC Bank is fortu-
gle engine airplane crash in the Sherrill’s Ford area of     nate and grateful to have Lisa as a dedicated employee.
Catawba County in a plane that he was piloting. At the         Lisa is married to Bifford Prestwood. Their children
time of his death, Mr. Roberts held the patent for the       include Bradley and Alycia Hughes and Jared and
coaxial cable, along with four other patents which are       Chrissy Prestwood. Three of her greatest joys are her
important parts of the telecommunications industry. His      grandchildren Anna, Preston and Maddox.
research has been reported in various industry publica-
                                                             Story courtesy of RBC Bank in Granite Falls, North Carolina.
tions including Electrical Engineering; Telephony; and
TV Communications: The Professional Journal of Cable                               And Inside…
                                                                                Weather...Page Three
 Tickets are now available and on sale for $20 each at the
Education Center until March 30. The Education Center         Granite Falls Elementary School Student Donates Hair to
is located at 1914 Hickory Blvd., SW, Lenoir.                      Locks of Love in Honor of Teacher...Page five
  Each year a 15-member selection committee represent-       The Cars Are Back (New Music Page This Week)...Page Five
ing communities in each high school district accept and        Congratulations to the SCHS Model UN Team...Page six
review nominations for the Hall of Honor. Nomination
forms are available year-round at the Education Center.                        Obituaries...Page Eight
The program began in 2003, and since that time, 43 in-             Fewer Students Dropping Education...Page Nine
ductees have been celebrated in the Caldwell County            Who Couldn't Love Madison Bumgarner?...Page Eleven
Schools Hall of Honor. Sponsors are listed on page four...
                                                                                     And More...
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                                                               Antique Corner Mall
                    Advertising Rates
                Small Ad - $40.00 a month
              Half Page Ad - $65.00 a month
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                       828.493.4798                                     Owned & Operated by Floyd Kiziah

                  Quote of the Week                            Corner of 321 North & Lower Valley Cedar Road
 Success consists of going from failure to failure without     4535 Lower Cedar Valley Road Hudson, NC 28638
        loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

The Granite Falls Journal Recipe Of The Week                      FLASH
       Recipes Are From A 1902 Cookbook                               Tax Services
                   Buttermilk Biscuits                                     Refund Loans 828-396-1150
                                                                      28 Park Square Granite Falls, NC 28630
Take 1-3 cup of sugar, dissolve 1 teaspoon of soda in 2
cups of buttermilk. Sift 2 heaping teaspoons of tarter in 2
quarts of flour; stir in ½ cup of soft lard (not melted)
after sifting into the flour and cream of tartar 1 rounding          Present This Coupon
teaspoon of soda, making two siftings for the flour. Stir
in the liquid buttermilk with soda; then dissolve ¼ tea-
                                                                 For $5.00 Off Tax Preparation
spoon of soda in one cup of sour cream and add quickly.
Roll ½ inch thick. Cut in small biscuit and bake in a
quick oven. They are unusually light and healthful. By
Miss Kit B.
                     Cinnamon Buns
2 eggs, well beaten; one pint scalding hot milk poured
over the eggs; 2 tablespoons butter; dissolve ½ yeast
cake in ½ cup of water and add mixture when lukewarm;
1 teaspoon salt. Stir in flour enough to make a soft
sponge. Beat thoroughly and let stand over night. In the
morning, add a little flour and mix in the bowl ten min-
utes and let it double in its bulk. Roll the dough very thin
and spread with butter, sugar and cinnamon. Roll up and
cut. Place end wise in a pan, crowding close together.
Let them rise again and bake 30 minutes, the first 20          Patsy Rutledge Bolick, CPA
covered. By Miss Tracy                                          Full Service Tax & Accounting Office
                                                                  Business & Personal Tax Returns
Old recipes are interesting as well as challenging due to      Business Accounting/Financial Statements
 the fact that they are often vague and do not have de- Payroll & Sales Tax/Audit Representation/Tax & Estate Planning
   tailed ingredients and instructions. Have fun!!!         All Entities: Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s, Non Profit
                                                          11 Years “Big 4” Experience/9 Years SEC Experience
 We are always on the lookout for interesting recipes to
share with our readers so if you have one, please send it                      828.320.2293
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                       The Granite Falls Journal
                            Weather Page

Tuesday Night(22nd): Partly cloudy, with a low around
52. West wind between 3 and 7 mph.
Wednesday(23rd): A slight chance of showers after 3pm.
Partly sunny, with a high near 81. Calm wind becoming
west between 13 and 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is
Wednesday Night: A chance of showers and thunder-
                                                                                      Coffee Shop
storms. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 53. West wind
between 11 and 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%.                                    Bakery
New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an
inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.                                      Local Arts
Thursday(24th): Mostly sunny and breezy, with a high                                       Live Music
near 68.
Thursday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 35.          18 South Main Street Granite Falls, NC 28630
Friday(25th): Mostly sunny, with a high near 65.                            828.313.2276
Friday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 44.
Saturday(26th): A chance of showers. Partly sunny, with       MACKIE FURNITURE COMPANY
a high near 65. Chance of precipitation is 40%.                Complete Home Furnishings and Appliances
Saturday Night: A chance of showers and thunder-                   “We Service What We Sell”
storms. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 48. Chance of
precipitation is 50%.                                                DOWNTOWN GRANITE FALLS
Sunday(27th): A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with                  13 North Main Street
a high near 63. Chance of precipitation is 50%.                            828-396-3313
Sunday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 42.           
Monday(29th): Partly sunny, with a high near 62.         
          Courtesy of the National Weather Service

                       Genus Cirrus                                                Mackie-High
                    (Abbreviation: Ci)
Cirrus clouds form in the highest and coldest region of                            Funeral Home
the troposphere. At this altitude water almost always                            “Serving Families Since 1920”
freezes so clouds are composed of ice crystals. The                                Family Owned & Operated
clouds tend to be wispy, and are often transparent. Iso-                                 35 Duke Street
lated cirrus clouds often do not bring rain, however, large                             Granite Falls, NC
amounts of cirrus clouds can indicate an approaching
storm system eventually followed by fair weather.                                        828-396-3385
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                                                                  SCHS Alumnus Is Teacher In Japan
                                                           We hope to have a story for you soon about a SHCS
                                                           Alumnus that is a English Teacher in Japan. I guess
                                                           you could call this a teaser...
                                                                        Owens Express Stores Sold
                                                           The Market Basket recently bought all five Owens Ex-
                                                           press Stores. Details of the sale are unknown at this time
     The Granite Falls Journal Radio Show                  as we are awaiting press release from The Market Basket.
                On The Rockit                              It appears that a complete re-set of all stores is underway
On Thursday, March 10th we began recording our new         and some stores will possibly be down-sized as well. The
radio news show on The Rockit radio station at South       Granite Falls Journal would like to thank The Market
Caldwell High School. Jim Diederich is the radio advisor   Basket for allowing us to continue distributing our paper
for SCHS and he does an excellent job. This news show      to their stores and also would like to thank the prior own-
will be informative and fun. If you have any announce-     ers as well for supporting us as well.
ments, event info, news, comments to share, etc. please          Grace Chapel Fire Department's BBQ
feel free to contact us at
Our news show will be broadcast on Monday and It’s that time again! Mark your calendars! Don’t miss
Wednesday at Noon, 3pm and 6pm so give it a listen.        the Grace Chapel Fire Department’s BBQ on Friday,
                                                           March 25th from 5pm till 8pm and Saturday March 26th
      Metal Awning On Main Street Removed                  from 11am till 3pm.
Businesses, property owners and the Town of Granite                        4470 Grace Chapel Road
Falls worked together to have the dilapidated and old                      Granite Falls, NC 28630
aluminum awning removing from Main Street on March                          Phone #: 828-396-1702
17, 2011. Patty from Suzanne’s Flowers and Patty’s
Cakes made most of the arrangements concerning the Arts, Culture & Humanities Academy Festival
removal of the awning. There will be some patch work The Arts, Culture & Humanities Academy will hold its
required after the removal of the awning but this was a annual Festival at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center on April
big step towards improving the appearance of downtown 14th. Since the school wide them is "Fit for Life," advi-
Granite Falls.                                             sory groups will be researching a country that has hosted
    “Festival On Main” Preparation Underway                the Olympic Games and prepare a 2 minute representa-
                                                           tion on that country. Some will be skits, others maybe
The Granite Falls Merchants Association has begun plan- songs, collages or human sculptures (think SIOP). Then
ning for this years “Festival On Main” which will be held the audience will score each "performance" and the win-
on September 17th. Vendor applications will be up-dated ning advisories will win gold, silver or bronze medals.
soon and will be available on their website. The GFMA We will also have our traditional sharing of talent with a
is also in the process of lining up entertainment and is silent auction, poetry on display, the Jazz Band, Ensem-
looking for bands to perform. The GFMA is accepting ble, Improv Troupe and Model UN. This year, dessert
band press kits at this time. For contact info go to: and coffee will be served. Tickets are only $5.
                                                                  Kid’s Open Mic Night At Jiving Java
           CCS Hall of Honor Sponsors
                                                           Calling All Kids - It's finally your turn - Kids Open Mic
Sponsors for this year’s Hall of Honor include Ron and     for ages 12 and under on Saturday, April 2 hosted by
Christine Beane, Broyhill Family Foundation, Cajah         Emily Cornett & Garett Greene. You can sing, dance,
Mountain Discount Pharmacy, CBSA Architects, Inc.,         play an instrument, recite a story or poem - it's up to you
Education Foundation Inc. of Caldwell County, Huffman      (10 mins). Signups @ 7:00 we will begin at 7:30. It's
Hosiery Mills, Inc. and Brent and Kathryn Kincaid.         gonna be a fun night.
        Story is courtesy of Caldwell County Schools.
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 Granite Falls Elementary School Student Do-                   The Cars Are Back…
nates Hair to Locks of Love in Honor of Teacher The Cars will be releasing, Move Like This, their first
  Adele Huffman, a third grade student at Granite Falls      studio album in 24 years on May 10th. The Cars are an
Elementary School, wanted to honor her teacher and           American rock band that emerged from the early New
breast cancer survivor, Mary Beth Turner, by donating        Wave music scene in the late 1970s. The band consisted
her long hair to Locks of Love. She’s shown getting her      of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Ric Ocasek, lead
hair cut by David Icard, co-founder of The Wig Bank of       singer and bassist Benjamin Orr, guitarist Elliot Easton,
Caldwell County and owner of the Bold and Beautiful          keyboardist Greg Hawkes and drummer David Robinson.
hair salon in Lenoir.                                        On October 21, 2010, the Cars confirmed that they have
  Watching are big brother Alec Huffman and mother,          reunited. Greg Hawkes will fill in on bass for Benjamin
Amanda Pierce. Adele is also the daughter of Alan Huff-      Orr, who died in 2000.
man of Granite Falls.                                        Their most successful album was Heartbreak City which
  The photo was taken at The Wig Bank, which provides        was recorded in 1984. The first single, "You Might
support resources to cancer patients including providing     Think", helped The Cars win Video of the Year at the
wigs to those undergoing cancer treatment.                   first MTV Video Music Awards. Other hit singles from
 For more information about The Wig Bank of Caldwell         the album included "Magic", "Hello Again", and "Why
             County, visit              Can’t I Have You". Their most successful single,
                                                             "Drive", gained particular notability when it was used in a
         New...Music/Entertainment Page                      video of the Ethiopian famine prepared by the Canadian
  Music has been a passion of mine for as long as I can      Broadcasting Corporation and introduced by David
remember so I am excited to bring something new and          Bowie at the 1985 Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium
different to The Granite Falls Journal. This will be a       in London.
work in progress so feel free to send me your suggestions.   Singer-Guitarist-Songwriter Ric Ocasek was quoted as
I will bring you information and news about bands/           saying in a Rolling Stone Magazine article by David
musicians from all over. I will try to cater to young and    Fricke, “'This is not a reunion - it's more like a conjunc-
old as well as in many different genres of music. You        tion." Ric went on to say, “I never thought I'd make an-
will see that I personally have a wide taste in music. My    other Cars record," he claims, citing "the past, personali-
intention is for this to be fun and informative for every-   ties and Ben's passing away."
one. I also want to help get the word out that Granite       This new album has the classic Cars sound so diehard
Falls is becoming a Music Hotspot due to the fact that       fans should not be disappointed. And, if you have never
we have so many talented local musicians and also that       heard The Cars, give them a listen. They have two new
businesses like Jiving Java support this musical tal-        videos on their facebook page showcasing the songs
ent...Mark Jackson                                           called “Blue Tip” and “Sad Song.”
Please be sure to take a look at Jiving Java’s Artist Pro-
 file of the week in their advertisement on page seven.
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                                                                           SCHS Band Fundraiser
                                                           South Caldwell Band Boosters invite you to a Spaghetti
                                                           Supper Fundraiser on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, from 4:00
                                                           pm until 7:00 pm at South Caldwell High School in the
                                                           cafeteria. Five dollar donations per plate are requested.
                                                           Plates include spaghetti with meatballs and sauce, salad,
                                                           garlic bread, dessert, and drink. Take out plates available.
                                                           For more information, call 396-2188.

                                                                Congratulations to the 2010-2011 SCHS:
                                                                    Teacher of the Year - Brent Tomberlin
                                                                   Associate of the Year - Estelita Anderson

 Congratulations to the SCHS Model UN Team                           Volunteer of the Year - Gloria Pierce

  Congratulations to the SCHS Model UN Team for their       Thank you for all the you do to make South Caldwell
performance on March 9th and 10th at the Lenoir-Rhyne       High School a great place to work and a great place to
Pangea Model UN Conference. The team swept most of                     receive an education! SCHS
the awards at the event.
  The following students and their delegations were rec-           Willy Wonka Raffle and Production
ognized for their efforts:
                                                             In order to raise money for the huge production of Willy
                    General Assembly                       Wonka, we are raffling off a cast and crew signed limited edition
Best Delegation - Phillip Bryant and Kyle Huffman          replica of the golden ticket used in the movie. The replica is on
(Russia)                                                   display at TCBY in Lenoir if you want to see it!! And TCBY is
Excellent Delegation - Andrew Fann and Jon Molnar          having special Willy Wonka sundaes on Wednesdays!! So go
(Iran)                                                     check out the replica and have some yogurt!!
           General Assembly 1st Committee                    Raffle tickets are $5 and the drawing will be held at the final
Best Delegation - Patrick Livingston and Chris Hendel      performance of Willy Wonka on Sunday, May 22 during inter-
                                                           mission. You do not have to be present to win!
                                                             Consolation prizes include: a basket full of Wonka candy, a
Excellent Delegation - Leah Bouchard and Carlos Tovar      basket full of pampered chef items!!
(Russia)                                                     Let me know if you wish to purchase one, two or more!! Make
                     Security Council                      checks payable to Caldwell County Theatre Productions.
Superior Delegation - Zach Bowen and Daniel Wallace          Tickets are now on sale for Willy Wonka!! They are $8 for
(Russia)                                                   students and $12 for adults! Visit our website at
                         ECOSOC                            www.willywonkacc.comwill not want to miss this magical pro-
Best Delegation- Savannah Wade and Adele Paoli (Saudi      duction!!!! Perfect for children of all ages!!!
                                                             Show dates: May 19, 20 @ 7:30 pm and May 21, 22 @ 2 pm
Superior Delegation- Richard Hathcock and Ariel Byrd
                                                               Advertise With The Granite Falls Journal
                 Human Rights Council                                         Advertising Rates
Best Delegation - Sarah Haas and Lagen Felts (Russia)                     Small Ad - $40.00 a month
                                                                        Half Page Ad - $65.00 a month
We also won the Best Overall Small Country Award:                       Whole Page Ad - $90.00 a month
Iranian Delegation and the Best Overall Large Country
                                                                   If you are interested in advertising with us,
Award: Russian Delegation
                                                                              you can contact us at:
                     Submitted by:                         
                 Thomas D. Perry II                                                828.493.4798
      Social Studies Teacher/ Model UN Advisor                
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                                      Coffee Shop & Bakery
                               18 South Main Street, Granite Falls, NC
                            Coffees, Espressos, Frappuccinos, Smoothies, Teas & More
                              Gourmet Cupcakes, Cookies, Candies, Bagels, Muffins
                                 Ashe County Cheese & Mayberry Sipping Cider
   Jiving Java Whole Bean Coffee - Highlander Grog, Snickerdoodle, Tiramisu, Columbian just to name a few
              In our Gift Shop - Paintings, Pottery, Jewelry, Mugs, Greeting Cards, T-shirts & More

                                 What’s happening around the coffee shop?
                                     Open Mic every Friday @ 7:30 pm
                           Saturday, March 26 - The Jacob Johnson Band @ 7:30
  **Saturday, April 2 our first ever Kids Open Mic Night ages 12 & under Signups @ 7:00 music begins @ 7:30

                                          Artist Profile Of The Week
  Jill Howard began singing when she was in the 4th grade, she would sing at talent shows and small events. Dur-
 ing her 8th grade year, she decided to take guitar lessons from Zeb Smith. The first song that she learned to play
 and sing was “I Saw the Light”. Jill credits Zeb and her family for encouraging her to step out and perform more
  in public. Zeb was instrumental in Jill joining the band UTH where she is now the lead singer. Jill says they play
  many places in hopes of reaching a generation for Christ that others are afraid to reach. Now a Junior at SCHS,
she is currently working on writing her own music and stepping out of her comfort zone. Jill says, being able to
  play in front of people every week at Jiving Java has made such a difference. “I have become much more confi-
  dent in music and truly learned to connect with people by being able to practice“. “Singing is my passion. It is a
   gift that God has given me, and so I will use it for Him“. “The one thing that inspires me to keep going is my
  favorite verse Hebrews 12:28-29. It says," therefore since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let
us be thankful and so worship with reference and awe. For our God is a consuming fire." Jill hosts “Open Mic” at
                    Jiving Java every other week, be sure to stop by to see her performance soon.

              Please support your locally owned and locally grown businesses!
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                      Obituaries                                             Obituaries Continued
                Lionelee Wiles Gross                        step-son David Wayne Triplett and wife Ruth Alice of
   Lenoir - Mrs. Lionelee Wiles                             Granite Falls. Ten grandchildren, Four sisters; Willie
Gross, 78, of Lenoir, went home to                          Hall of Granite Falls, Lillie Faye Sigmon of Hickory and
be with her Lord and Savior, March                          Margaret Gibson of Hickory and Amy Reid of Morgan-
14, 2011 at Caldwell Hospice and                            ton, two brothers: Tommy Bumgarner and Tim Bumgar-
Palliative Care.                                            ner both of Lenoir.
  She was born May 26, 1932 in                                The family will receive friends at Mackie-High Funeral
Wilkes County, North Carolina to                            Home, Saturday, March 19, 2011 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.
the late Thurman R. Wiles and Vir-                          with a graveside service to follow at Mt Carmel Baptist
ginia Campbell Wiles                                        Church Cemetery with Rev Jerry Lingerfelt and Rev.
  In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by   James Hicks officiating.
her husband Henry L. Gross, a son Henry Gross Jr., a                Mackie-High Funeral Home serving the family.
sister Ima Wiles and a grandson Brian Mitchum
                                                              The obituary may be viewed online at
  She is survived by her son, Daniel Gross and wife
Chastity of Granite Falls, NC, her daughters, Katherine
Elaine Mitchum and David McDaniel of China Grove,
                                                                        GFHS Class of 1976 Reunion
NC and Sharon Robinette of Statesville, NC, two broth-        The Granite Falls High School Class of 1976 will be
ers, Franklin Wiles of Miami, FL and Bobby Wiles of         having a 35th year class reunion on June 18, 2011. We
Myrtle Beach, SC, six grandchildren, Wally Mitchum,         are looking for the following classmates. Please send
Josh Robinette, Stephanie Robinette, Kayla Gross, Amber     contact information to:
Gross, Jordan Duncan, four great grandchildren and sev-     Phone: 828-396-3003.
eral nieces and nephews
                                                                             We need help contacting:
  The funeral service was held Thursday, March 17, 2011       Ricky Braswell, Mary Lynn Brinkley, Tamera Bumgarner,
at 7:00 pm at Mackie-High Funeral Home Chapel, with         Amy Calloway, Dale Clark, Doug Cline, Norma Jean Cline,
the Rev. Stephen M. Austin officiating. The family re-      John Coffey, Terry Coffey, Jerry Cox, Donna Craig, Tim Duf-
ceived friends one hour prior to the service. Burial will   fey, Herbie Dula, Jerry Dula, Joe Dula, Teresa Dyson, Chris
be private.                                                 Estes, Donnie Fox, Carolyn Freeman, Martha Freeman, Richard
  Memorials may be made to Caldwell Hospice and Pal-        Harkness, Judy Hayes, James Herring, Regina Hensley, Mike
liative Care, 902 Kirkwood Street N.W., Lenoir, NC          Hentschel, Frances Huffman, Gary Huffman, Marla Johnson,
                                                            Suzy Jones, Joe Keller, Sabrina Kiziah, Alan Lail, Janet Lail,
                                                            Shirley Ledford, Johnny Mays, Steve Mitchum, Thomas Mur-
        Mackie-High Funeral Home serving the family.
                                                            phy, Mark O’brien, Mike Owens, Steve Parsons, Tim Pope, Jim
  The obituary may be viewed online at    Rhea, Donna Richards, Curtis Rominger, Pete Sharman, Doris
                                                            Shelton, Jill Sides, Mike Sims, Karl Schmertzler, David Starnes,
             David Hardin Bumgarner                         Sheila Starnes, Tiki Tamura, Lex Teague, Greg Thomas, Jeff
  Hudson - Mr. David Hardin                                 Townsend, Peggy Ward, Mike White, Jamie Williams, Martha
Bumgarner age 64, of Deal Lane,                             Williams, Frank Woods, Kim Wright, Danny Yount, William
Hudson, went home to be with his                            Yount
Lord and Saviour, Tuesday, March
                                                               Fellowship Baptist Church To Hold Annual
15, 2011.
  He was born June 9, 1946 in Cald-
                                                                    Church Wide Consignment Sale
well County, NC to the late Wilburn                         Fellowship Baptist Church will be holding the annual
Hardin Bumgarner and Faye Hope                              church wide consignment sale March 17-19 and 24-26.
Helton Bumgarner. He was of the Baptist faith.              Thursdays are from 4 to 8 p.m., Fridays from 8 a.m. to 8
  In addition to his parents Mr. Bumgarner was preceded     p.m., and Saturdays 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Items include
in death by three sisters and one brother.                  clothes for the whole family, shoes, household goods,
  He is survived by three daughters; Virginia Dawn Sut-     seasonal items, toys, jewelry, electronics, tools, baby
ton and husband James and Anita Jones and husband           items. The church is located on Fairwood Drive behind
Jimmy all of Lenoir, Shelia Renee Quine of Newton, One      the Bush dealership on Hwy. 321.
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       Fewer Students Dropping Education                             Fewer Students Dropping Education
  More Caldwell County School students are graduating
from high school as recently indicated in the 2009-10           Parent permission is always required before students
North Carolina Public Schools Annual Dropout Report           are officially released from the pubic school system. Stu-
for grades 9-12 showing that the number of students in        dents and their parents are required to complete a com-
Caldwell County dropping out of school decreased nearly       prehensive questionnaire during an exit interview.
19 percent, a combined 33.4 percent improvement over a          To help struggling students overcome some of the ob-
two-year period that has contributed to one of the lowest     stacles they face, designated schools have a Family Sup-
number of dropouts recorded in the last 20 years.             port Team (CFST) comprised of a full-time nurse and a
  The annual dropout rate decreased from 4.83 percent to      social worker who work closely with counselors, other
3.93 percent reflecting a declining number of students        school personnel, community agencies and families in
dropping out of school that totaled 163 in the 2009-10        providing education, prevention, acquisition of resources
school year, a notable improvement from 201 the previ-        and case management services. “Family focused preven-
ous year.                                                     tion, early intervention and positive transitions between
  “One student dropping out of school is one too many,”       school levels contribute to students being healthy, in
said Superintendent Dr. Steve Stone. “We want every           school and ready to learn,” said Student Support Director
student to walk across the graduation threshold and find      Jill Duffy. “Positioning school nurses, social workers and
success in college and careers. However, we are ex-           counselors in the school environment has benefitted the
tremely pleased with the progress that is being made          entire school system as these teams work together to
across the school district as educators have focused on       evaluate students’ academic, emotional, behavioral and
keeping students in school and on track for graduation.”      health care needs, while providing direct intervention or
  Caldwell County’s dropout rate represents the fewest        referral services when appropriate.”
number of high school dropouts reported since 2002-2003         Each high school offers Nova Net, which is an on-line
and the fewest ever since exemptions for students leaving     credit recovery program that benefits many students with
for community college were disallowed beginning in            completing repeat coursework. The school system also
1998. Of the total number of students dropping out, white     utilizes a voice messaging system that contacts parents on
males historically drop out of school most frequently.        a daily basis to report daily absences of students. In addi-
Males account for 61 percent of the dropouts, up from 56      tion, the Caldwell County School System received grant
percent in 2008-09 and white students account for 88          funds last year from the North Carolina General Assem-
percent of the dropout population, down from 93.5 per-        bly Committee on Dropout Prevention totaling $175,000.
cent in 2008-09. Other ethnic groups reported in the drop-    The dropout prevention program entitled “A Suspension
out rate include 8 percent black, up from 2.5 percent and     Alternatives Program” was fully implemented this school
American Indian, Hispanic, Asian and other report less        year.
than five percent.                                              Historically, choice of work over school has been in-
  Attendance issues are again the primary reasons attrib-     cluded in the top three reasons why students drop out of
uted statewide for students dropping out and for the sixth    school, but with continued strains on the local economy
consecutive year, the state reports an increase in the        and high sustained employment rates, this is another fac-
“Enrollment in a Community College” which accounts            tor that has influenced students to stay in school.
for second highest reason students drop out of school.          At the state level, North Carolina reported that 3.75
Since 1998, dropout rates have included students who          percent of students in grades 9-12 dropped out of school
leave the public schools to attend the community college.     during the 2009-10 academic year, a record low for North
  Unlike the statewide trend, the number of students en-      Carolina.
rolling in a community college and coded as a dropout                 Story is courtesy of Caldwell County Schools.
decreased in Caldwell County. In 2008-09, 97 students               Tony Bentley Benefit Basketball Game
left the school system to participate in a local, community
college program compared to 56 reportedly in 2009-10.         A benefit game between the SCHS staff and Sherriff's
Other reasons students drop out of school besides poor        Dept. will be played on Thursday March 24th @ 7:00.
attendance and community college enrollment include           This is a great cause so please come out to show your
long-term suspension and discipline problems.                 support! Please note the up-dated date…
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              SCHS Sports Schedule
      3/22/2011 > Men's Tennis - Draughn - Away
    3/22/2011 > JV Baseball - Fred T. Foard - Home
       3/22/2011 > Soccer - Fred T. Foard - Home
 3/22/2011 > Softball - Fred T. Foard - Varsity - Away
      3/22/2011 > Baseball - Fred T. Foard - Home         91 North Main Street Granite Falls, North Carolina 28630
           3/23/2011 > Spring Sports Pictures                                 828-396-3342
      3/23/2011 > Track - Foard, Hibriten - Home          
      3/24/2011 > Men's Tennis - Hibriten - Away
        3/24/2011 > Softball - Patton - JV - Home
     3/25/2011 > Men's Tennis - East Burke - Home
 3/25/2011 > JV Baseball - Alexander Central - Away
    3/25/2011 > Soccer - Alexander Central - Away
   3/25/2011 > Baseball - Alexander Central - Away
  3/26/2011 > Track - East Burke Invitational - Away
  3/29/2011 > Men's Golf - Catawba Springs - Away
   3/29/2011 > Men's Tennis - Fred T. Foard - Home                        Lenoir News Topic
       3/29/2011 > JV Baseball - Hickory - Home             "2010 Best of Caldwell Accountant" Runner-Up
                                                                12 Falls Avenue Granite Falls, NC 28630
               SCHS Men’s Tennis
         South Caldwell 9 St. Stephens 0
                       Singles:                             Al’s Towing & Recovery
    Adam Smith (SC) d. Matthew Reitzel 6-2, 6-3                            With Auto Repair
     Patrick Mangan (SC) d. Jake Wright 6-0, 6-0               565 North Main Street Granite Falls, NC 28630
   Evan Gibson (SC) d. John Luney 6-0, 1-6, (12-10)                            828.313.0469
     Jay Johnson (SC) d. Aaron Thomas 6-3, 6-4                We offer both major and minor automotive repair
    Hayden Frank (SC) d. Nicholas Linden 6-0, 6-0                We do a 16 point inspection of each vehicle
    Cameron Coffey (SC) d. Zach Eddins 6-0, 6-3
                                                         Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Front and Rear Brakes, Belts and
                     Doubles:                             Hoses, Major and Minor Gaskets, Coolant System Flush,
       Smith/Gibson (SC) d. Reitzel/Luney 8-3            Radiator Flush, Engine Overhaul, Engine Replacement, CV
      Mangan/Frank (SC) d. Wright/Thomas 8-0                Axles, Clutch, Transmission Flush, Complete Tune Up
                                                             *No extra work will be done without owners approval*
     Johnson/Matt McGreal d. Linden/Eddins 8-1
       Travis Watts (SC) d. Brock Towery 8-0
      Trevor Gragg (SC) d. Matthew Person 8-5
Hays Shumaker/Yodai Kadono (SC) d. Michael Azzarita/
                   Tanner Lail 8-1
 Watts/Coffey (SC) d. Connor Reardon/Jeff Ramsey 8-1
               South Caldwell: 4-1, 5-2
                St. Stephens: 0-1, 0-1
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         Sports Cont...                                        Granite Travel
                                                             Are you thinking about a tropical island
                SCHS Men’s Tennis
                                                            vacation, cruise, romantic getaway, desti-
             Watauga 8 South Caldwell 1
                                                             nation wedding, honeymoon or a tour?
                       Singles:                              Let Granite Travel help you plan your next vacation.
        Steve Lake (W) d. Adam Smith 6-0, 6-0
     Michael Smith (W) d. Patrick Mangan 6-0, 6-0                            828-396-1150
      Chris Ludwig (W) d. Evan Gibson 6-1, 6-1
                                                               28 Park Square Granite Falls, NC 28630
      Patrick O'Neal (W) d. Jay Johnson 6-0, 6-0
      Aaron Evans (W) d. Matt McGreal 6-3, 6-1
    Josh Lampkins (W) d. Cameron Coffey 6-4, 6-1            Fox Upholstery Services
                       Doubles:                                     Custom Upholstery
         Lake/Smith (W) d. Smith/Gibson 8-0                           Re-Upholstery
  Mangan/Johnson (SC) d. O'Neal/Lampkins 9-8 (7-4)                    Free Estimates
   Evans/Patrick Carlson (W) d. McGreal/Coffey 8-6             Pick Up & Delivery Available
                   Watauga: 5-0, 6-2                        “CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY AT IT’S FINEST”
                South Caldwell: 4-2, 5-3                            We Are Located Next To Al’s Diner
                                                                    828.320.4196 Bruce Fox 828.396.1640
   Who Couldn't Love Madison Bumgarner?                     P.O. Box 1013 47 Falls Avenue Granite Falls, NC 28630

On March 17, 2011
Peter Gammons
( Colum-
nist) wrote a story
about the San Fran-
cisco Giants.       It
was         en t i -
tled…“Giants a big
hit in the desert -
Champions enjoy-
ing attention as
they prepare to                                             South Caldwell High School’s Radio Station
defend title.” Tim
Lincecum is this
generation's Mark
Fidrych, only bet-
ter. Buster Posey
was a cult figure even before he came up to the Majors --
a person who brings new meaning to likable. Brian Wil-
son is a late-show fave, and face. Who couldn't love
Madison Bumgarner? No. 1, he gave his fiancée a steer
for her engagement present; No. 2, he likened his World
Series shutout to pitching in the North Carolina high
school tournament; and No. 3, he can be one of the best     30 Falls Avenue Granite Falls, NC 828.313.1013
left-handers in the game.
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