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					                                Summary of Minutes

                                September 8, 2009

The Board of Education for the Public Schools of Robeson County convened in

session on September 8, 2009 at 6:00 P.M. at the Administrative Office Building

in Lumberton, North Carolina.

The following members were present:

      Mike Smith, Chairman
      Loistine DeFreece, Vice-Chairman
      Dr. Jo Ann C. Lowery
      Steve Martin
      Tony Jenkins
      Brenda Fairley-Ferebee
      Severeo Kerns
      Jerry Long
      John Campbell
      Robert Deese

      Absent:         Randall Jones

Also in attendance were Dr. Johnny Hunt, Superintendent; Dr. Linda Emanuel,

Walter Jackson, Tommy Lowry, Dr. Danny Stedman, Assistant Superintendents;

Erica Setzer, Chief Finance Officer, and Attorney Grady Hunt.


1.    Call to Order: Chairman Mike Smith.

2.    Invocation: Mr. Jerry Long.

3.    Adoption of the Agenda: Chairman Mike Smith. The Board approved

the revised agenda.

 4.   Approval of Minutes – Open Session: The Board unanimously

approved the taped open session minutes of August 11, 2009.

A.    Public Comments

No Comments.

B.    RAE

Ms. Monica Graham, introduced the 2009-2010 RAE Executive Council

Members. She also introduced the new Uni-Serve Representative, Mr. Michael

Chaudhuri. Mr. Chaudhuri comes to Robeson County from the State of Nevada.

C.    Recognition – Ms. Eva Patterson

Dr. Linda Emanuel, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction,

recognized Ms. Eva Patterson, a former high school coach at Red Springs High

School. Ms. Patterson now serves as the Head Coach of the Girl’s Basketball

Team at Fayetteville State University. Ms. Patterson was presented a plaque of

recognition for her service to the Public Schools of Robeson County.

D.    ABC/AYP Recognition

Dr. Linda Emanuel, Assistant Superintendent, and Mr. Tommy Lowry, Assistant

Superintendent of Instructional Support, presented plaques of recognition for

making ABC/AYP. The following schools were recognized:

East Robeson Primary, Principal, Ms. Barbara McQueen – High Growth, School

of Progress and AYP; Fairmont Middle School, Interim Principal, Mr. Avery

Brooks, - High Growth; Green Grove Elementary School, Principal, Ms. Cazzie

McClamb – High Growth, School of Progress and AYP; Janie C. Hargrave,

Principal, Ms. Shelia Gasque – AYP; Littlefield Middle School, Principal, Mr.

Wesley Floyd – Expected Growth; Long Branch Elementary School. Principal, Dr.
Penny Britt – High Growth and School of Progress; Lumberton High School,

Principal, Mr. Steve Gaskins – Expected Growth and School of Progress;

Magnolia Elementary School, Principal, Mr. Robert Locklear – Expected Growth;

Oxendine Elementary School, Principal, Ms. Katie Brewer – AYP; Parkton

School, Principal, Ms. Melinda Sellers; High Growth, School of Progress and

AYP; Pembroke Elementary, Principal, Ms. Tona Jacobs – Expected Growth,

School of Progress and AYP; Peterson Elementary School, Principal, Ms. Kristen

Stone, Expected Growth and AYP; Piney Grove Elementary School, Ms. Jill

Hathaway, Expected Growth, School of Progress and AYP; Prospect Elementary

School, Principal, Mr. Jonathan Blue, Expected Growth and School of Progress;

Early College, Principal, Ms. Melissa Flowers, AYP; Purnell Swett High School,

Principal, Mr. Antonio Wilkins, High Growth and School of Progress; R. B. Dean

Elementary School, Principal, Ms. Justine Wade, AYP; Red Springs High School,

Principal, Mr. Daniel Ryberg, High Growth and School of Progress; Rex Rennert

Elementary School, Principal, Mr. Bobby Oxendine, High Growth and AYP;

Rosenwald elementary, Principal, Dr. Effie McGill, Expected Growth and AYP;

Rowland Middle School, Principal, Mr.Larry Brooks, Expected Growth and AYP;

Rowland Norment, Principal, Ms. Laura Owens-Dif, High Growth, School of

Progress and AYP; St. Pauls High School, Principal, Mr. Hoyt McCormick,

Expected Growth and School of Progress; St. Pauls Middle School, Principal,

Ms. Barbara Thompson, Expected Growth and AYP; South Robeson High

School, Principal, Mr. DeRay Cole, High Growth and School of Progess;

Southside/Ashpole. Principal, Ms. Dacia Bullard, Expected Growth and AYP;
Tanglewood Elementary, Principal, Ms. Jones Culbreth, High Growth, School of

Distinction and AYP; Union Chapel Elementary, Principal, Ms. Virginia Emanuel,

Expected Growth, School of Progress and AYP; Union Elementary School,

Principal, Ms. Darlene Cummings, Expected Growth and AYP; and West

Lumberton Elementary School, Principal, Dr. Juanita Clark, Expected Growth,

School of Distinction and AYP.

Superintendent Dr. Johnny Hunt, commented on the improvements made on the

test scores this past year and congratulated the administrative staff, principals,

teachers and support staff.

E.    Image Supply

Dr. Danny Stedman, Assistant Superintendent for Plant Operations, introduced

Mr. David Edge, CCAP Specialist/Custodial Consultant with Image Supply


Mr. David Edge made a presentation on a project conducted at three schools

within the school system concerning the custodial program. Mr. Edge said the

purpose of the visit to the schools was to look for any and all means of

improvements to get a better idea of what benefits they could provide to the

school system and wanted to help the school system lead the state in the green

movement. Mr. Edge presented a summary of findings.

Chairman Smith stated this would need to be reviewed by the Finance

Committee and administration.
F.    PSRC SES Providers

Mr. Tommy Lowry, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Programs, spoke to

the Board about the school system being their own provider with tutoring

services.   Mr. Lowry stated currently student tutoring services are approved by

the State of North Carolina. Mr. Lowry asked for the school board’s permission

to apply to be an SES provider. He stated that the school system was selected

this week by the State Board to provide their own services. The other providers

will still have the same opportunity to provide services. The school system will

compete with the other providers for those services. Mr. Lowry says that Dr.

Sally Jones will oversee the provider part of the program. He commented that

the State Board of Education and consultants with the Department of Public

Instruction says that providers cannot put information out until a meeting is held

on the 18th when directions will be given at that time. Some providers have

already put information out there and that will have to be reported to the State

Board of Education.

Mr. Lowry stated that a report from DPI will be issued regarding services

provided by those agencies that have helped students.

Superintendent Dr. Johnny Hunt stated that hopefully this will save the school

system about one half million dollars.

G.    Transportation Plan

Dr. Danny Stedman, Assistant Superintendent of Plant Operations, says the

Board received a copy of information regarding the transportation plan.        Dr.

Stedman stated at the August 11th Board meeting he presented what the state
was proposing all LEAs to look for with their current transportation system and to

look at cutting mileage. The Public Schools of Robeson County would need to

cut 1600 bus miles a day and look at any other ways to cut costs. Mr. Raymond

Cummings, Transportation Director, presented options for the Board to review

and after discussion the Board tabled the discussion until further study could be

done. Mr. Cummings presented another proposal at this Board meeting of data

collected as to ways to cut cost with transportation.

The Board asked that a report be presented including state mandates, with

23,000 students the system, how many of these students would this plan affect, if

the proposal is adopted, and why this proposal would be recommended.

H.       Finance Committee Report

Mr. Severeo Kerns, Chairman of the Finance Committee, said the committee met

and our school system has been cut about $22 million dollars so far.           The

following items were discussed at the meeting.

        Budget Update – Ms. Erica Setzer, Chief Finance Officer, gave a report as

         to cuts already made as well as cuts in the technology program. She

         stated some of the larger allotment cuts were in clerical, custodians, and

         substitute teachers, from $6.7 million dollars down to $183 thousand

         dollars. Ms. Setzer stated stabilization funds would have to be used to

         replace those cuts.   Other cuts were in student accountability funds,

         textbooks, transportation, position cuts, summer school cuts, (excluding

         ESY summer school services), as well as several other budget cuts. All
         funding cuts for this current school year had to be adjusted from other

         fund sources.

         Ms. Setzer said that on Friday the lottery distribution for 2008-09 was fully

         funded roughly at $1.2 million dollars.

        Tennis Court Lights – South Robeson High School – Dr. Danny Stedman

         said that the Board received information earlier relevant to the Tennis

         Court Lights at South Robeson High School. Dr. Stedman stated that

         Phase I of the Athletic Complex is being completed now. He stated the

         only part not included in Phase I was the lightning of the tennis courts. Dr.

         Stedman said it needed to be processed for bidding.

6.       The Board set aside policy and approved the bidding process for the

tennis court lights at South Robeson High School.

        Certified/Classified Supplement Distribution – Ms. Erica Setzer stated that

         currently applicants who are employed with the Public Schools of

         Robeson County and works a pay period, supplements are paid at a

         prorated portion, but the Finance Committee looked at changing the policy

         to include wording that, if an employee is eligible for any part of the

         supplement, they must be employed and working on the date the

         supplements are paid, with an exception that if an employee is on paid

         leave or worker’s compensation injury, they would continue to receive the

7.       The Board set aside policy and approved to eliminate the prorated

supplement policy, if an employee is not on the payroll on the date the

supplements are paid.

Mr. Kerns wanted to say that teacher’s assistants are better known as a teaching


        Microsoft Monies – Mr. Walter Jackson, Assistant Superintendent of

         Administration and Technology, said that there is great news to report.

         The Microsoft Class Action Lawsuit Settlement has resulted in recouping

         more than $2.1 million dollars. He hopes these monies can be used to

         help purchase the aging servers in the system.

        Server Costs - Mr. Walter Jackson stated the Board received information

         relative to a quote from Core Advantage on the blade servers. He also

         informed the Board they have done some research and Core Advantage

         has offered an outstanding proposal for top of the line technology blade

         servers. These servers would replace the aging servers in the school

         system which would allow the school system to save money on energy as

         well as manpower. The servers would be centralized at the Technology

         Services Department. There would be 44 blade server units at a quote of

         $188,000. There was a previous quote of $340,000.

8.       The Board set aside policy and approved the bid submitted by CORE

Advantage Technologies for the blade servers.

A.    Financial Report

Ms. Erica Setzer, Chief Finance Officer, presented and gave a brief overview on

the Financial Report for the month of August. The Board approved the financial

report presented.

B.    2009 – 2010 Fundraisers

Ms. Erica Setzer, Chief Finance Officer, presented school fundraisers for 2009-

2010 school year. The schools are:

                    L Gilbert Carroll Middle School
                    East Robeson Elementary School
                    Long Branch Elementary School
                    Magnolia Elementary School
                    Oxendine Elementary School
                    Parkton Elementary School
                    Pembroke Middle School
                    Peterson Elementary School
                    Purnell Swett High School
                    Red Springs Middle School
                    Rex Rennert Elementary School
                    Rowland Norment Elementary School
                    Southside/Ashpole Elementary School
                    St. Pauls Elementary School
                    St. Pauls High School
                    Townsend Middle School
                    W. H. Knuckles Elementary School
                    West Lumberton Elementary School

Ms. Setzer says there is a correction to be made with East Robeson School’s

fundraisers and would be re-submitted.

The Board approved the school fundraising projects for the schools listed with a

re-submission for East Robeson Elementary School.

10.   Motion that the Board of Education for the Public Schools of Robeson

County go into closed session for the purposes of discussing certified and
classified personnel (G.S. 143-318.11(a) (1) (6), and student transfers (G.S.

115C- 402 and G.S. 143-318.11(a) (1)), and to instruct the staff of negotiating

agents of the Public Schools of Robeson County concerning the Board’s position

on an exchange of property with the County of Robeson North Carolina G. S.

143-318.11(a)(5). The Board approved the motion.

11.   Motion to come out of closed session. The Board approved the motion.

12.   Motion to approve personnel as amended. The Board approved the


13.   Motion to approve student transfers as presented. The Board approved

the motion.

14.   Motion to approve closed session audio minutes of August 11, 2009. The

Board approved the motion.

Superintendent Dr. Johnny Hunt recommended the following individuals for

assistant principal positions: Ms. Melissa Rogers, Mr. Clyde Leviner, and Ms.

Hawhana Rising.       He also recommended Mr. DeRay Cole as Assistant


15.   Motion to approve the three assistant principal positions and the assistant

superintendent position recommended by Superintendent Dr. Johnny Hunt.

Superintendent Dr. Hunt stated the Annual Advisory Council Fish Fry is

scheduled for October 15, 2009 at 6:00 PM at the Transportation Department.

16.   Motion to adjourn.
Respectfully submitted,

Mike Smith, Chairman

Dr. Johnny Hunt, Secretary

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