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									                     TOWN OF ANGIER BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS
                                 Special Meeting
                                 November 6, 2008

The Town of Angier Board of Commissioners met in special session on Thursday, November 6,
2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Municipal Building, 28 North Raleigh Street. The
meeting was rescheduled due to the General Election held on November 4, 2008, the Board’s
regular meeting night. Mayor R.H. Ellington presided, calling the meeting to order at 7 p.m. A
quorum was established as the mayor and four board members were present as the meeting

Commissioners Present: Commissioners Joe Pleasant, Billy Surles, Craig Honeycutt, and
Mayor Pro-Tem Stanley Carney

Commissioners Absent: None

Staff Members Present: Coley Price, Town Manager; Joyce Valley, Town Clerk, Jimmy Cook,
Public Utilities Director, Bobby Hallman, Police Chief, Amanda Davis, Librarian, Planning
Technician Betty Pearson and Ray Pleasant, Town Attorney.

2 and 3. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and the meeting opened with an invocation by
Mayor Pro-Tem Stanley Carney.

4.    Consideration of Agenda: The October 7, 2008 meeting agenda was adopted with
changes, if any, as listed below:

       Items Added to the Agenda: None
       Items Removed from the Agenda: None

       Motion By: Carney
       Second By: Surles
       Vote: Unanimous

5.      Public Forum- At this time, an opportunity was provided for members of the audience
who wished to address the Board of Commissioners on any variety of topics not listed on the
night’s agenda.

Mr. Tom Woerner, a resident of 234 Cambridge requested that the Town Board consider
changing the voter district method to an at large system.

Mayor Ellington expressed appreciation to Mr. Woerner for advising the Board of his concerns
and informed him that the Board would look into the matter.

With no one else coming forward to address the Town Board, Mayor Ellington closed the Public

6.      Consent Agenda-The Town Board unanimously approved the following consent items
following a motion by Commissioner Honeycutt and a second by Mayor Pro-Tem Carney and a
unanimous vote:

          a.      Minutes-September 2, 2008
          b.      Minutes-September 15, 2008 Special Call Meeting
          c.      Identity Theft Prevention Program (Attachment #1)
           d.      Wake County Tax Rebate (Attachment #2)


Mayor Ellington recognized Town Manager Coley Price who announced the appointment
of Lieutenant Bobby Hallman as the Town of Angier Police Chief. Town Manager Price
stated that Lieutenant Hallman has been with the Angier Police Department five years,
beginning his law enforcement career with Harnett County in 1992. He stated that Chief
Hallman’s expertise in the community and leadership abilities led him to promote
Lieutenant Hallman to Chief of the Angier Police Department. He added that Chief
Hallman would continue that small town character feel and charm of the Town of Angier.
Mayor Ellington recessed the regular meeting in order to administer the oath of office to
Bobby Hallman at 7:15 p.m. and announced that a brief reception would be held in Chief
Hallman’s honor after the swearing-in ceremony .

(Clerk’s Note: Chief Hallman’s oath of office is hereby incorporated into these minutes
as Attachment #3)

Mayor Ellington reconvened the regular meeting at 7:35 p.m.

7a.     Animal Control Ordinance Update-Mayor Ellington recognized Assistant County
Manager Tony Wilder who provided an update to the Town Board regarding the recently
adopted Animal Control Ordinance. Mr. Wilder informed the Board that the Municipal Animal
Control Officer, John Helton, began his duties in late September, 2008. He stated that the delay
of his hiring was due to the length of time it took for the truck purchased to be delivered to the

Mr. Wilder stated that after months of preparation of an ordinance that would be sufficient for the
Towns of Angier, Lillington, Coats and Erwin, the ordinance was adopted; however, he felt that
two Municipal Animal Control Officers would be needed at some point in the future. He added
that the officer would not only be patrolling the towns, but would also have duties all over the
county if necessary in an emergency situation.

Mayor Ellington asked Mr. Wilder if he could provide the Town with the Municipal Animal Control
Officer’s schedule once the schedule is developed and Mr. Wilder responded yes.

Town Manager Price expressed appreciation to Assistant County Manager Wilder for his efforts
in preparing the Municipal Animal Control Agreement and hiring the Municipal Animal Control
Officer. He added that the Town and County enjoy a good working relationship.

7b.     Update-Wastewater Project Phase I and Phase II-Mayor Ellington yielded to Town
Manager Coley Price who stated that Town Engineer Bill Dreitzler was scheduled to present an
update to the Town Board, but due to illness, he could not attend the meeting. Town Manager
Price stated that Mr. Dreitzler would be available at each of the board meetings in the future.
provided the Town Board with a brief update. He informed the Board that with Phase I of USDA
funding which will upgrade the wastewater plant to a pump station, all of the permits have been
obtained for the conversion project except for the DWQ wastewater collection permit which
should be issued soon. He added that USDA has approved the plans and specifications for the
bidding and the Town has been in contact with Mike Harris concerning this project and once the
permits are obtained for DWQ, advertisements for bids can be done. He stated that he hoped
to submit a schedule to the Board at the November meeting which would provide construction
data for the conversion project.
Town Manager Price updated the Board regarding the sewer interceptor project. He stated that
the Town is in the process of getting in touch with the person who handles the easements and
the wetlands have been delineated along the sewer corridor north of Chalybeate Springs Road
to Highway 55 and soil borings will be done next to determine if rock is present. He added that
no additional surveys would be done south of Chalybeate Springs Road until the sewer route is
determined in that area.

Mayor Ellington asked Public Utilities Director Jimmy Cook if we were getting close to right of
way acquisitions yet.

Mr. Cook responded that he had sent an e-mail to Steve Ward concerning the acquisitions and
has not heard from Mr. Ward yet.

Town Manager Price stated that Staff has been trying to meet with property owners on an
individual basis regarding the right of way acquisitions so the Town Engineer can explain to
them what has happened and how the process works in order to provide them with a better
understanding of the process.

9.      Manager’s Report-Town Manager Coley Price provided the following update:

    Small Town Main Street-The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 9, 2008 at
     3:00 p.m. in the Conference Room at Town Hall.

    Planning Board Meeting-There will be no Planning Board meeting held in October. The
     next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 10, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

    Halloween-The library will be hosting the 3rd annual Downtown Trick or Treat on October
     31, 2008 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Depot Square. We hope everyone comes out
     to enjoy the fun.

    The next Town Board meeting will be held on Thursday, November 6, 2008 due to the
     General Election. Town Manager Price stated that the election traffic would be
     monitored heavily and if the Board desires to move the polling place back to the
     Angier Depot, a request will be made to Harnett County Board of Elections.

    Town Offices will be closed on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 in observance of
     Veteran’s Day.

    There will be a Safety and Wellness Fair for all town employees along with their
     spouses and children on Thursday, October 24, 2008 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the
     Depot. Most of the town’s vendors will be on hand to provide information for our
     employees. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital, Pro-Benefits,
     AFLAC, Clubworx and many others have agreed to participate. Harnett County Health
     Department will provide free flu vaccines, and there will be various screenings and
     door prizes. All Town Board members and their families are invited to participate. A
     lunch and learn seminar will be provided by the Local Government Credit Union
     called “Weathering Financial Storms During Tough Economic Times”.

    The Angier Senior Citizens Club will hold their Angier Seniors Health Expo on
     Thursday, October 23, 2007 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Angier Fire Station.
   9.   Mayor and /Town Board Reports-None

   10. Staff and Informational Items-Provided in agenda packets.

   11. Closed Session-A closed session was not called.

   12. Adjournment-There being no further business for the evening, the August 5, 2008
      meeting of the Angier Board of Commissioners was adjourned following a motion by
      Commissioner Honeycutt and a second by Commissioner Surles was adjourned
      following a motion by Commissioner Carney at 8:10 p.m.

                                                         R.H. Ellington


Joyce H. Valley, MMC
Town Clerk

Addendum pages as referenced in these minutes follow and are a part of the official

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