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					Mrs. Bertola                                                                   NAME___________________________
AP Government
                                 Ch. 9: Elections, Campaigns, and Voting
Reading Assignment                    Purpose of Reading: You need to be        Terms to Know: Put definitions in
                                      able to TEACH this after reading          your own words with examples.
                                      How do elections link people to           -Nomination
Civic Engagement and Political        government?                               -General Election
Participation                                                                   -Primary Elections
                                      Differentiate between the various            -Open Primary
Elections in the United States        elections we have in the U.S.---             -Closed Primary
Pages. 316-322                        --General vs. Primary                     -Frontloading
                                      (Rd. pg. 321 and answer ?’s)              -Super Tuesday and Super-Duper Tue.
                                                                                (really look at map pg. 320)
                                      --Public Policy Questions                 -Winner take all—“plurality”
                                                                                -Ballot Initiative/-Proposition
The Act of Voting                     Who can vote?                             - CAR
                                      What do we vote on?                       - Australian ballot
Page 322-325                          Where do you vote?                        - Optical Scan
                                      When do you vote?                         - Party column/office-block
*Internet assignment: Lake County     Why vote?                                 - Coattail effect
Clerk                                 How do you vote?                          - Precinct
                                                                                - Polling Place
                                      What is the controversy of the 2000       - Absentee voting/Early Voting
                                      election?                                 - Register—Motor Voter
                                                                                - chad
                                                                                - butterfly ballot (pg.325)
Modern Elections:                     How have campaigns changed from
                                      the 1980’s and even 1990’s?               -   campaign manager
The Nature of Political Campaigns                                               -   campaign strategy
Today                                 How have the increasing costs of          -   fund-raising consultant
Pages 328-330                         campaigns changed the nature of           -   media consultant
                                      American politics? Why have costs
2008 Presidential Election            escalated?

                                      Examples from 2008 election
Electoral College                     What is the electoral college and how     - Electors
Pages 335-336                         does it work?                             - 270/538

                                      Timeline of Presidential Election (see    - Convention bump
                                      chart on page 336)
Money and Politics                    - Why is regulating financing so          - PACS and Fat Cats
Pages 330-335                         difficult? Argue both sides.               - FECA and FEC
                                                                                - Buckley v. Valeo (1976)
                                      - Explain some of the various efforts     - Independent expenditures
                                      to limit the impact of money on           - Soft money
                                      campaigns                                 - Bipartisan Campaign Finance
                                                                                  Reform Act of 2002
                                                                                - 527 groups
                                                                                - Citizens United v. FEC (2010)

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