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City Of Evil Explicit - Insane by wendyh661


									                 City Of Evil [Explicit]


Considering this is Avenged Sevenfold's breakthrough album, there must
be a good reason for it. In a decade where so-called metal bands compose
four-minute songs of formulaic, downtuned and overly-melodic riffs, harsh
yelling and repetitive breakdowns, Avenged Sevenfold brings something
new to the table with "City of Evil".

This album shows them progressing with their sound. "Sounding The
Seventh Trumpet" was their fastest and rawest, but their least-professional
sounding and you could tell they were younger when they wrote it. "Waking
The Fallen" showed much better songwriti ng and a bigger, more epic
sound, bringing guitar solos into the mix (including great ones such as in
"Eternal Rest" or "Second Heartbeat").

Now comes "City of Evil". What sound is presented here, you may ask?
Well, "City of Evil" sounds pretty similar to "Waking The Fallen", however,
on this album that is far less screaming, the tempos are slowed down a
little, there are more intricate riffs, an even more epic sound and many
more guitar solos. So the speed and screaming of some of the stuff on
"Waking The Fallen" HAS vanished, but with "City of Evil", Avenged
Sevenfold added some amazing, new elements to their sound. Here are
the highlights of the album:

"Beast and the Harlot": A modern classic that starts off slow, featuring a
piano and a complex 9/8 time signature. The song picks up with a great
guitar riff, then explodes with the same riff played one octave lower, so it
gets much heavier. A melodic, sing-a-long chorus and an amazing guitar
solo, one of the greatest around, are also featured, along with an intense
bridge towards the end that goes back into the chorus. What a classic!
"Burn It Down": A faster, even more intense song with heavier, rawer riffs
and a blistering, dual-guitar melody in the beginning. Another melodic,
sing-a-long chorus is featured here.
"Bat Country": Fast, punk-ish riffs, a blazing guitar solo, amazing guitar
duals and a catchy chorus are featured here. The verses are also intense,
and a soft section kicks in every now and again, making for some great
tension and release. That makes the song even more interesting, AND
even more professional. By the way, this song was also written about the
Johnny Depp cult film "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". I highly
recommend you watch that movie!
"Trashed and Scattered": One of my favorite guitar intros on the album
kicks this song off, before going into blazing speeds, blistering shred solos
and a catchy, shout-a-long chorus. Just an overall incredible song!
"Seize The Day": A beautiful, piano-driven ballad with some jaw-dropping
guitar work, not to mention some heart-melting verses and choruses. One
of the best, metal ballads of recent years.
"Strength of the World": The longest song on the album, this is a Middle-
Eastern tinged headbanger with heavy riffs and an awesome, shout-a-long

So while much of the screaming and metronome-pushing tempos of
"Waking The Fallen" have vanished, the scales are evenly balanced with
all that was gained with this album. It's a modern classic that can be
listened to over and over again, I know I've done that. But for those that
still haven't heard this, check it out NOW!!! Thanks for the time, and peace.

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