Capresso 56001 Infinity Burr Grinder Black - First Home Burr Grinder Ive Liked by wendyh661


									        Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr
              Grinder, Black

                               Excellent Grinder

For grinding larger quantities of coffee beans for a coffee-drinking crowd,
Capressos commercial-grade Infinity grinder handles 8-1/2 ounces of
beans at a time. Sixteen different settings--four each in the four categories
of extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse--let you adjust the grind to the
specific blend of coffee and method of brewing. The finest setting is ideal
for preparing Turkish coffee, which is a rare feature to find in a grinder. A
built-in timer sets the grind for anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds so
you can walk away without having to constantly press a button to continue
the grinding process. The Infinity has an advanced conical burr design
made of steel that is usually only found on commercial grinders. This burr
design slows down the gears and reduces the amount of friction and heat
to preserve coffees flavor and aroma. The coffee container holds up to 4
ounces of grounds and remains sealed during grinding. For safety, the
bean container also needs to be locked into place for the Infinity to
operate. For easy cleaning, the bean container and upper burr lift off so
you can clean the grinding chamber with the included brush and wipe
down the heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing. The 100-watt burr grinder
measures 7-2/3 by 5-2/5 by 10-4/5 inches and carries a one-year limited
warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

* 100-watt conical burr grinder with 16 grind settings
* Commercial-grade conical burrs ensure maximum coffee flavor
* Bean container holds 8-1/2 ounces; grounds container holds 4 ounces
* Heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing; built-in timer; easy to clean
* Measures 7-2/3 by 5-2/5 by 10-4/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

I recently had to put down my eight-year-old DeLonghi burr grinder, which
had provided over three thousand batches of grinds for us over the years.

DeLonghi DCG4T Deluxe Coffee Grinder
What we had not realized over the past year was that a leak was
developing in the grind chamber, and ground coffee was slowly being
packed into the body of the machine--we unearthed over a pound of coffee
from the beast!

The Capresso has been a revelation, reminding us why we go to all the
trouble of seeking out whole beans and preparing them fresh every day.
Strong, fresh, flavorful--its as though we changed beans, not just grinders!


--Unpack the machine carefully. There is one item that has to be pushed
through the polystyrene block. It has a big sticker reading PUSH. Follow
that instruction, and others in the package.

--Setting up the Capresso was very easy. Once you have bea ns in the top
chamber, you shouldnt remove that chamber unless youve first emptied it
again, from the top.

--The numbers on the timer dial correspond roughly to the number of
medium-grind, standard coffee measures that the grinder will produce. (A
standard coffee measure produces approx. 2 cups of coffee as gradated
on most drip coffee makers.) We are experimenting, as the even grind we
are now getting is producing much stronger coffee than our late lamented

--The noise is what youd expect. After all, youre using a strong motor to
grind a hard bean between two steel wheels. But, the slow speed of the
motor and the overall solid construction of this machine lessen the noise
output compared to the old one.

The Capresso fits nicely in our limited counter space, and were pleased
with both the build quality and the output.

I will observe that its not a product for people who use appliances without
thought or understanding. If you are all thumbs or unconscious in the
morning, you probably want a less vulnerable machine.

Were happy with it!

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