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Calphalon Commercial Nonstick 10Inch International GriddleCrepe Pan - Wow


									  Calphalon Commercial Nonstick 10-
 Inch International Griddle/Crepe Pan

                Great Heat Distribution, Terrific Non-Stick Surface

The sides of this 10-inch nonstick griddle are low and slope gently, so your
crêpes slide out without falling apart and your pancakes flip easily. No
matter what youre cooking, youre guaranteed quick and even heat
distribution, easy food release, and simple cleaning, thanks to the pans
three layers: an aluminum core, a hard-anodized exterior, and a reinforced
nonstick surface. The aluminum core provides rapid heat conduction, while
the hard-anodized exterior increases the griddles durability. The nonstick
surface allows you to cook low-fat meals without using any oil or butter.
The griddle includes a collectors edition recipe card. As with all nonstick
surfaces, you should not use metal utensils or abrasive cleaners with the
griddle; doing so could void the lifetime warranty. --Laura Cuthbert

* 10-inch nonstick griddle cooks crepes, omelets, tortillas, and more
* Three-layer construction: hard-anodized exterior, aluminum core,
nonstick surface
* Three-ply nonstick finish for low-fat cooking
* Oven-safe to 450 degrees F
* Lifetime warranty; made in China

First let me say I just replaced my Anolon Classic 10-Inch Crepe Pan of 3
years with this pan. In that time I found the Anolon pan to be excellent, the
only reason I decided to switch was because after 3 years the non stick
finish inside the pan was starting to blister and peel off. I felt the finish
should have lasted much longer than that.

My first impression of the CALPHALON Pan was, it looks and feels quite a
bit heavier than my old Anolon pan.
It's more attractive looking, with its shiny metal handle. The Anolon pan
had a black plastic handle.
It's larger than the Anolon pan. CALPHALON 10in total across, 8 1/4in
inside, Anolon 9 5/8in across, 7 3/4in inside.
The slightly larger size of this pan is a nice plus, since I always thought the
Anolon pan was a bit small.
To my surprise this heavier pan heated up quickly on my ceramic glass top
stove, but the Anolon pan did so in less time.
The heat distribution was good, as it was on the Anolon pan.
The non stick coating on this pan was great, either with cooking or
cleaning it. Seemed to be slightly better than the Anolon pan.

In Conclusion:::: This CALPHALON Pan is better for all around cooking
since the pan is deeper, larger and the outer edges are not as sloped as
the Anolon pan. This pan will hold some liquid without spilling if you lift it on
a slight angle.

The ANOLON pans edges are sloped more and not as deep as this pan, it
heats up faster and is definitely better for crepes and pancakes if you want
to just slide them out.

The only negative I have so far is the handle does not feel right. It's to
narrow for the weight of this pan, particularly if there is food in it. I get the
feeling it is going to tip left or right since it is hard to get a secure grip on
this narrow handle. I left the 5 stars for now since it was not that important
to me since I rarely lift the pan when cooking. I did not have this problem
with my old Anolon pan, it had an extremely comfortable handle.

All and all this seems to be an excellent pan so far, I'll add to this post if
anything changes.

After you hopefully give me a thumbs up on this review, check out my
photo on customer images on the product page. Thanx.

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