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Being John Malkovich starring John Cusack Cameron Diaz Ned Bellamy Eric Weinstein Madison Lanc - Hilarious And Quirky


									Being John Malkovich starring John
Cusack, Cameron Diaz, Ned Bellamy,
   Eric Weinstein, Madison Lanc

                           Who Is Pulling My Strings?

While I have seen and enjoyed this film many times I figured with Where
the Wild Things Are about to come out I'd give this film a re-look-see and
write a proper review for it. BJM is on it's surface satirical take on modern
famous types, unknown creative types, and what it is that makes those at
both ends of the spectrum tick. Now while the true creative type from any
discipline is compelled by unknown forces there are also those amongst
them that are, shall we say, compelled by less pure forces. Those being
fame and money. Still, even the pure artist needs recognition of some sort.
After all, art is just another form of communication. Without anyone to
communicate with an artist can go ever inwards and mad, I suspect, if one
is not understood by others on some level. Craig Schwartz, is a pure artist
who is at the start of the film misunderstood and not communicating, no
matter how hard he tries, to those around him. As events unfold his wife
leaves him and he is eventually thrust into the head of real life actor Joh n
Malkovich. This is where the film departs from what is typical in
mainstream movies. Ambiguity, symbolism, and exploration of existential
concepts is not what most people go to the films to enjoy decoding,
thinking about, or passively watching. Soon sexuality and the male and
female body types we are born into are questioned and subsequently
broken down. Also challenged is talent, fame and the notion that
recognition comes from good art or just any established face in the public
eye with some money to spend to explore any whim. Finally the film brings
into question our very lives and if in fact we are in control of anything, or if
some unseen force controls us. Craig Schwartz is a puppeteer who in fact
winds up controlling John Malkovich and using his fame and money to
further his personal self indulgent need to be a puppeteer is a never
ending tunnel of mirrors like the very universe itself, where particles and
matter are seemingly infinite outwards and inwards. This same topic is
explored in other films written by Kaufman, Synecdoche, New York being
the first that comes to mind with the never ending warehouses and smaller
and smaller paintings.

In ending we see a new life born, unaware that it is controlled by hidden
forces. Is this each and every one of our experiences? This is food for
thought in BJM. The film never fully explains itself and that is why the film
is so great. For if everything were explained and summed up then there
would be no reason to re-watch the film again and agin, seeing it fresh
each time it's explored down the road.

The inclusion of animals and higher primates in the film is symbolic. I
suspect it alludes to our evolution, base animal nature and how we so
often deny that we are in fact just another animal on this planet, albeit a
creative one, apart but the same from all other creatures.

The 1/2 floor represents our subconscious, and also animal side. Much is
explored and hashed out in the 1/2 floor of that building. things go in and
things go out. Personalities and desires, thoughts, hopes, dreams. The
characters want to go back to the portal that is in there. The portal to ones
true self.

Comedy, a trait that most likely developed as a result of our higher brain
functions, is explored as well. Comedy in this film is approached as
absurdity. Existence is a bit absurd and this film takes it head on. Comedy
probably developed as a buffer from the complex human brain running
itself mad with endless thoughts about the nature of existence. These
thoughts are explored and bubble up and out of the subconscious to the

This film is a masterwork by the writer and director. It will be remembered
long after the drivel of the day is long forgotten. This is one of the great
films of our times.

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