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									    Being John Malkovich [HD DVD]
   starring Orson Bean, Ned Bellamy,
   John Cusack, K.K. Dodds, Richard

                          Strangely Enjoyable Comedy.

While too many movies suffer the fate of creative bankruptcy, Being John
Malkovich is a refreshing study in contrast, so bracingly original that youll
want to send director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman a
thank-you note for restoring your faith in the enchantment of film. Even if it
ultimately serves little purpose beyond the thrill of comedic invention, this
demented romance is gloriously entertaining, spilling over with ideas that
tickle the brain and even touch the heart. Thats to be expected in a movie
that dares to ponder the existential dilemma of a forlorn puppeteer (John
Cusack) who discovers a metaphysical portal into the brain of actor John
Malkovich. The puppeteers working as a file clerk on the seventh-and-a-
half floor of a Manhattan office building; this idea alone might serve as the
comedic basis for an entire film, but Jonze and Kaufman are just getting
started. Add a devious coworker (Catherine Keener), Cusacks dowdy wife
(a barely recognizable Cameron Diaz), and a business scheme to
capitalize on the thrill of being John Malkovich, and youve got a movie that
just gets crazier as it plays by its own outrageous rules. Malkovich himself
is the films pièce de résistance, riffing on his own persona with obvious
delight and--when he enters his own brain via the portal--appearing with
multiple versions of himself in a tour-de-force use of digital trickery. Does it
add up to much? Not really. But for 112 liberating minutes, Being John
Malkovich is a wild place to visit. --Jeff Shannon

This movie is just funny. The characters and how the interact is just
hilarious. It kept me entertained, as I hope was the point of the movie,
because if there really was a deeper side to this movie I missed it.

It made me lulz.
Its kind of like one of the movie adapts of Alice in Wonderland. Not the
book, mind you, but like the movie adapts...

The movie follows the story of a very strange, lonely, unhappy guy
(Cusack) who, do to his wifes insistence, gets a job in a filing company.
The office itself is crazy and his co-workers/boss are just as strange.
He soon wants to cheat on his wife with a very snobby, hot woman that
works on the same floor.
Shortly after his attempts with her, he finds a portal to the mind of John
Malkovich behind a filing cabinet in his office. Then just random, hilarity

I did not fully understand the ending, and it was a bit disturbing, but still, a
hilarious film.

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