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									                  Absolution by Muse

       Seductive, Powerful, And Dark As The Light In The Back Of Your Mind

One cant listen to Muse without hearing Bends-era Radiohead, so its
necessary to start there. But for all the familiar grandeur and gloom, Muses
other catharsis-rock influences, like Queen, Slade, and even Black
Sabbath, provide the band with a dazzling, heart-on-their-sleeves
theatricality. Always threatening to layer on another falsetto from singer
Matt Bellamy, or conjure more guitar crunch from the ether, Absolution is
downright Baroque in parts, like a Rufus Wainwri ght-penned rock opera
fantasy. Yes, the record is completely unoriginal. But when these guys let it
rip, theres no doubt they have the fever. Stockholm Syndrome, for one,
could only be produced by True Believers with a lust for power chord
drama, full of angst, envy, and the bitter end of it all. If you wish a certain
Thom Yorke-led outfit from Oxford had made another record or two before
evolving into minor-key art rockers, Muse carry the torch for another few
miles, gloriously and tragically unaware that theyre running in circles. --
Matthew Cooke

This is music for a certain type of person, I mean lets be serious, a main
stream person just doesnt have that special place inside where Muse lives
all nestled and warm. With the Twilight soundtrack it is bittersweet for me, I
want Muse to get all the attention they deserve yet felt like ok people, like
duh, this isnt like a new release song or anything, if you just explore the
world of music a bit more you would have found that powerful track and
more sooner. But I dont want to be that bitter. So, on that note, this is one
of my all time top 10 bands. I found this band while living in Hawaii dating a
complex Marine Biologist in my early 20s. This album was the soundtrack
for our lives for a short while and really encompassed the beauty around
us and the intensity of our emotions and bodies. What a dramatic place
and time for me. Take Absolution and listen to it on your own at first in a
barely lite house and mabey a glass of wine or nice chilly beer. Listen to it
from beginning to end and dont be araid to dance around in your own
private tribal ceremony. Lay and stare at your ceiling and let the words
really come to you. Only after you have a little alone time with it can you
enjoy it with others. This is YOUR album, not a social album, not for a
room full of people. You, and a select few, or just that special one ready to
let this album bring you two to a new climax.

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