Sri Lanka Inventors Commission Proposed Strategic Plan by hnmWNs6D


									Sri Lanka Inventors Commission
        Proposed Strategic Plan

National Vision
                “ the people of our country are now
                 awaiting the victory in the ‘economic
                 war’ in a manner similar to our victory
                 in the war against terrorism”
                “over the next six years, I will dedicate
                 myself to increase our per capita
                 income to well above US $ 4,000,
                 thereby placing our country in the ranks
                 of middle income nations”
                       Mahinda Chintana- Vision for the Future

2                      SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
 “Innovative entrepreneurs, with their
    new products, new processes, new
    markets, and novel approaches to
    putting inventions to effective use, are
    key to an economy's long-term growth”.

   Senior Advisor, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation; Harold Price Professor
    of Entrepreneurship and Academic Director, Berkley Center for
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation, New York University; Senior Economist
    and Professor Emeritus, Princeton University

3                               SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014

   To be the hub of harnessing and promoting innovative
    skills of Sri Lankans in providing impetus for socio
    economic development and nation building through
    inventions and innovations.
Vision simplified
   Prosperity through Inventions and Innovations
   Nava nipeum thanana deyak,yasa isurin prunu hetak
   kj ksmehQï ;kk oehla hi biqßka msreKQ fyglA

   Be the leading catalyst in bringing out innovative
    capability of the nation
   Be a forerunner of the facilitation process in
    converting ideas in to practical applications

6                      SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Our values
   Inventors will perceive us to be proactive ,supportive
   Government- as the resource provider will see us as
    result oriented well managed institution.
   Public- will see us as a useful people friendly
    government institution
   Staff- we will be a team committed to the cause of
    promoting inventiveness in the society

7                        SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014   7/27/2012
   Superior inventions and innovations supported by stronger
    branding can demand a premium in the market place. Nations
    with such products/brands enjoy higher economic benefits.
   In order to increase the probability of developing winning
    products and solutions the total number of experimentation
    must be increased.
   Therefore the efforts of SLIC should stimulate increasing the
    number of experiments thus increasing the chance of coming up
    with successful products.
   Inventions are done by individuals who have the capability to
    observe a problem or an opportunity and come up with a
    technical solution for that. This is a process with many steps as
    given in the following diagramme.
The Process of Innovation to Commercialization

            alization   Conceptu
Observati                           Technical    Experime               Perfectio               Commerc
                Of         alize                            Prototype               Patenting
   on                               Definition    ntation                   n                   ialization
            problem      solution
             or need


The Key Three Steps of Innovation to

   The activities of SLIC therefore has to increase the
    incidence at all these stages.
    10                      SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Opportunities                                                                                 Threats
Post War Sri Lanka is poised to take great                  Increasing globalisation and regional trade
Strides in the economic fronts. This will                agreements will challenge the viability of non
Provide opportunities for inventors to find markets           competitive products and services made
For their inventions and possible investors                                                      locally

Strengths                                                                              Weaknesses
SLIC has a established frame work for operation                   Absence of a full time CEO for the
There is a team of experienced and committed                                              organisation
Staff who are familiar with the processes,                         Key positioned not being filled yet
challenges, and opportunities                                  Inadequate private sector partnership
                                                          The organisation functions as a commission

    11                                      SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Organizational Structure/Human Resources
     Board of the Commission


 Assistant Commissioner         Treasury Representative
          (02)                           (01)

12                                                        SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
   Executive Summary                                                          Key strategies:-
Incorporated by Sri Lanka Inventors Incentives Act, No 75 of 1979 Sri        1. Re position presidential awards aligning
                                                                              them to national development goals
Lanka Inventors Commission is expected to encourage the making or
                                                                              2. “Sahasak Nimevum” national exhibition
creation of inventions by citizens of Sri Lanka and to give technical         and inventions month to widespread
financial and legal assistance to inventors among its main objectives.        innovative culture
The net outcome of these is to increase the number of                         3. Revitalize school level programmes
inventions that are commercialized thus contributing to the                   leveraging the power of electronic media
national economy. Having studied the process leading to these                 4. Facilitate greater access to funds and to
                                                                              private sector for inventors.
outcomes this strategic plan is developed basing the three areas of
                                                                              5. Empower inventors through provision of
Observation,Technology intervention and Promotion as its                      knowledge and access to expertise
cornerstones. Every strategy will be linked to one or more of these           6. Web strategy as a key enabler
strategic thrust areas*.The functions of the commission according to          7. International recognition for our inventors
the Act can be linked to these thrust areas. The commission expects as        8. Update the act to reflect the needs of the
a result of these integrated activities the number of patent applications     day
                                                                              9. Capability development of the staff
to increase by 25% and the number of commercialized patents to
                                                                              10.Strong governance framework
increase by 5%over the plan period. There are seven key strategies
directly linked to the key outcomes while three are linked to the
organisational effectiveness.
                                                    * Relevant thrust area is given along each strategy by using O,T.P
year        Recurrent    Capital     Total              year            No of patent      Issued patents   Commercializa
            Rs in Mn.    Rs Mn       Rs Mn                              applications      (Resident)       tion
2011        20           40          60
                                                        2011-up to      133               43
2012        33           199         232                August
                                                        2012            250               150              10
2013        50           219         269
                                                        2013            325               250              15 - 20
2014        70           243         313                2014            450               400              30 - 50

                                                    SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Executive Summary                                           Observation

                                             Technology                   Promotion

     Strategy                                                                         O T P       Ref to
                                                                                                  of the act
     Reposition presidential awards aligning them to national                         √   √   √   11f
         development goals
     “Sahasak Nimevum” national exhibition and innovations                            √   √   √   11h
     month to widespread innovative culture
     Revitalize school programmes leveraging the power of                             √   √       11l
     electronic media
     Facilitate greater access to funds and to private sector                                 √   11b,11d,11e
     to inventors
     Empower inventors through provision of knowledge and                                     √   11a,
     access to expertise                                                                          11c,11g,11j
     Web strategy as a key enabler                                                    √   √   √   11i

     International recognition for our inventors                                      √   √   √   11k
     “Innovation itself is not enough…It is
                              wasted money
      unless it solves consumer problems”

                                                   sanjay jha

15                 SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
        Strategies and Broad Action
         The reference number given against key areas are the
     corresponding numbers given in the act as objects of the

16                    SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
      Key Performance Indicators
Ref     Description                                     Measure                      2012          2013     2014
                                                                                     Rs. in Mn
11 a    Give tech assistance and help prepare patent    Number of patent             5             6        7
        applications                                    applications supported
        Render legal assistance in filing patent
11b     Granting financial assistance                   Number of grants and
                                                        amounts                      20+100        25+100   30 +
                                                                                     (*Inventors            100
11d     Recommend to lending institutions               Number of such               Fund)
                                                        recommendations and
11e     Help market inventions                          Number and volumes           12            15       20

11f     Presidential Awards                             Number of winners
                                                                                     33.5          37       42
11h     Promote inventiveness and creativity            Number of events organized
                                                        and the number of products
11g     Establishment of inventions laboratory          Availability of a facility   1             2        3

                                                   SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Key Performance Indicators- ctd
Ref       Description                             Measure                    2012 2013     2014
11-i      Publish and disseminate                 Number of such             3     4       5
          information about inventions and        publications / events
          researches and science
11j       Hold regular monthly sessions           Number of such events      5     6       7
                                                  and number participated
11K       Join international competitions         Number participated        8     10      12
                                                  Awards won
11l       Organize creative societies in          Number of such societies   10    12      14
          schools                                 Outcomes from those
          Staff development activities            Number of training         1.5   2       3
          Total                                                              199   219     243

* A separate budget proposal will be submitted to convert Inventors Fund in to a Venture Capital
Fund.The money will be requested only up to the year 2014 from the Treasury to raise the fund
 18                                         SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Strategy 1.(O T P)
    Reposition Presidential Awards aligning them to the
     national development goals and important strategic

    19                   SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
11 F Presidential Awards
   Introduce a two tier selection process and seek change act to broadbase the
    number of judges
   Change the definitions given in the act which are discipline oriented to
    impact or target consumer benefit focused. Reflecting the emerging trends in
    technology integration.
   Public and Private sector organizations that can demonstrate more than 25%
    of growth in profitability or turnover as a result of any innovation
    undertaken or by commercialization of an invention such organizations to be
    recognized at the presidential awards.
   Recognize electronic and print media who have significantly promoted the
    cause of innovation and inventions.
   Announce information about focus areas at the preceding years awards

    20                             SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Focus Areas for Presidential Awards

    Solutions to make Disabled Persons Independent- Persons who are
     limited to function as expected due to various difficulties resulting from
     Aging, War, Accidents, Diseases and Congenital situations need to be
     provided with solutions to be independent to improve their quality of life.
    Inventions to enhance teaching of science maths and technology-
     There may be many teachers who use inventions to help improve learning
     experience of students. This is important to encourage more cost effective
     ways to teach these subjects and enhance the application capability of
     students. ( This may be a category to consider without patents ? )
    Inventions that provide solutions to health problems. There is great
     potential in developing herbal solutions for various health issues

    21                             SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014   7/27/2012
Focus Areas for presidential awards

    Import substitutions- any invention that has proven or has potential to
     substitute imports must be recognized. Here the importance should be
     given to solutions of comparable quality and effectiveness.
    Solutions to improve productivity at home- family unit is the primary
     economic entity. Any solution to reduce expenses, improve productivity,
     offer ways to enhance income of households or quality of life
    Move Up the value Chain- solutions to move any produce up the value
     chain, more than pure value adding should be recognized
    Agriculture- solutions to improve productivity of agriculture and farming
     thus improving the profitability, productivity of those activities

    22                            SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014   7/27/2012
Strategy 2 (O T P)
    “Sahasak Nimevum” national exhibition and
     inventions month to widespread innovative

    23                  SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
11h Promote inventiveness and
   Sahasak Nimevum – Thousand Creations national
        Conduct an annual exhibition of inventions and innovations
         under the following categories
            Patented inventions and innovations
            Inventions with utility value
            Creative inventions
                School level Junior- Senior
                University level
                Technical Colleges
                Organisational level
                Independent inventors
                Ideas – where simulations of futuristic products and services can be

    24                                     SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
11h -11L to promote inventiveness +
school level activities
    Declare a month as the “ National Inventors Month” and
     consolidate activities such as the National Exhibition, Presidential
     Awards, Forum for Inventors and inventor investor meetings during
     this month so that the impact from the money spent can be
    The National Exhibition to be named “ sahasak nimevum” ( iyilA
     ksuejqï ) Thousand inventions
    Seek institutional sponsorships for various segments of the event
     thus reducing the burden on SLIC
    The best 100 selected by a panel and the visitors to be recognized
    Explore the possibility of taking those to regions to conduct
     regional exhibitions- or conduct regional exhibitions to select best
     for the national

    25                           SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014   7/27/2012
Strategy 3 ( O T )
    Revitalize school level programmes leveraging the
     power of electronic media, and leverage the reach
     of school level inventors clubs to identify grass
     root inventions and innovations.

    26                   SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
11h -11L to promote inventiveness +
school level activities
    Revitalize the school level programme by establishing “ Prathibha” the
     inventors club using TV medium. This way the limited resources of
     the commission can be leveraged better. One school club can be
     shown in this TV programme every week .
    Provide a manual for schools to be down loaded from the SLIC web
     site on how to organize an inventors club.
    Encourage schools to have inter house competitions for inventions.
     Propose the UGC to give recognition to the winners of national
     level awards for inventions when they seek university admissions.
    Promote the concepts at the private schools as well.
    Leverage the web and social media to feature school level creations.

    27                           SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014   7/27/2012
11h -11L to promote inventiveness +
school level activities
    Recognize Gras root Inventions:
    Through the school level clubs, vidatha centres, media
     correspondents identify rural level inventions, document
     them and where appropriate help them commercialize
     otherwise popularise them
    Teach Creativity- propose education authorities to
     introduce creativity as a skill, explore the possibility of
     making Edward De Borno’s work translated in to Sinhala
     and Tamil.

    28                       SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014   7/27/2012
Strategy 4 ( P)
    Facilitate greater access to funds and to private
     sector for inventors.

    29                     SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
11b Granting Financial Assistance.
11d Recommend Lending Institutions
    Set up a robust internal process to select potential candidates to
     receive such financial grants and have in place a suitable legal
     agreement framework that protects the interests of the commission
    Establish incubators with selected universities that demonstrate a
     strong track record for developing innovations and provide financial
     assistance through the incubator system.
    Partner with Post Graduate Institutes where MBA students can be
     linked with inventors who need business management skills in
     developing project reports etc to go for funding options either from
     lending institutions or from potential investors.
    Explore the possibility of private sector partnership model to make
     the Sri Lanka Inventors Fund a true venture capital fund.

    30                          SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014   7/27/2012
11b Granting financial Assistance.
    Seek LKR 100 Million seed capital to set up the Inventors
    The fund should be able to take an Equity Stake in the
     eventual business and then sell out at the right time with
     a capital gain.
    Explore the possibility of private sector organisations to
     sponsor inventors as a part of their CSR initiatives.

    31                      SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014   7/27/2012
Strategy 5 (P)
    Empower inventors through provision of
     knowledge and access to expertise

    32                  SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
11,a- 11 c- Support in patents.
   The commission should while developing internal capability
    take leadership in broad basing patent writing consultancy
    capability across the country in partnership with the Sri
    Lanka Patent Office
       Develop a guide book as an e book in E/S/T that can be easily
        downloadable from the SLIC web site
       Conduct programmes to impart knowledge on how to write
        patents and encourage professionals with technical background
        to learn this.
       During the annual inventor forums educate them on the subject.
11e help market inventions
    Educate inventors on how to recognize opportunities with market potentials
     when embarking on projects with a commercial objective by providing such
     information in the web site and during annual investor symposium. ( sometimes
     inventions happen and subsequently become marketable products such as Post it
     Pads. But this is the exception than the norm)
    Establish regular communication links with the Chambers of Commerce to
     introduce inventors
    Provide a base through the SLIC web site whereby the organisations with problems
     can contact inventors who can give solutions thus help them market their core
    MBA partnering programme
    Provide a model legal agreement and guide lines as to how the inventors can
     protect their IP when negotiating with potential investors

    34                                SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
11 G Inventors laboratory
   Instead of setting up a separate laboratory it is proposed
    that SLIC signs MOUs with the different research labs
    available within the government agencies to provide such
    facilities to the inventors recommended by the
    commission on pre agreed cost reimbursement basis.
   Develop a suitable agreement that binds the research lab
    to protect the IP of the inventor and for the inventor to
    reimburse such costs once the project commercialized
11-j Monthly sessions (                            since this is not viable
annual sessions and web based blogging and such social media
will be used)
        Annual National Inventors' Convention
         Target Audience – Potential and existing inventors
         Topics to be covered:-
             The road from an idea to commercially viable proposition
             The pitfalls to avoid
             How to protect IP
             Commercialization options- do it self or sell the idea
             How to look after the commercial interest
             How to negotiate
             Success stories and learnings from entrepreneurs

    36                                                        7/27/2012
Strategy 6 (O T P)
   . Web strategy as a key enabler while leveraging other
    media as well to promote inventions and innovations
11-i dissemination – WEB STRATEGY
    The web site to include the following in addition to the
     regular information
        Video clips of inventions
        A forum for inventors to blog
        Buyer Seller mart where companies host their problems
         seeking solutions from inventors and inventors to showcase
         their capabilities
        Information about thrust areas
        Down loadable instructions on IP applications, school clubs
        Information and links to international inventors organisations
        Links to tech web sites that give latest news in the areas
        Reverse auction for transparent tender procedure
    38                           SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
11-i dissemination
   Request every TV station to feature local inventors on a
    regular basis and to consider showing new inventions from
    around the world
   Request the print media organisations to feature
    prominently the local inventors and their stories and to
    show case international case studies
   Hold an annual national inventors convention
11-i dissemination – web strategy
   The SLIC web site to be developed using open source
    technology the preferred tech platform by ICT
   Develop internal capability to manage the web site
   Web site to be bench marked against international web
   In addition to the standard features to include forums for
    discussions, ability to upload through You Tube
   Social media linkage so that the ideas can be spread fast
   Provide links to selected sites such as TED.COM
   Have an e mail data base of local inventors
   ( The commission has already secured a domain address )
Strategy 7 ( O T P)
   . International recognition for our inventors
    Research to find out what the available international competitions are and
     the requirements for participations
    Give publicity to such opportunities through the web site, e mails and
     through mass media where appropriate
    Develop a transparent and robust selection process if SLIC to support
    Introduce a structured experience sharing system by the participants on
     their return from overseas competitions, by way of publishing their stories
     through media and web site as well
    Link up with international organisations for best practice transfer

    42                              SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
2014 international inventors event
    Plan to organize an international inventors event in Sri
     Lanka .

    43                       SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Strategy 8 ( O P )
    Update the act to reflect the needs of the day

    44                    SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
    Review the legal form of the commission to evaluate
     whether this needs to be converted to an authority for
     greater effectiveness
    Propose the needed amendments to the act to reflect the
     needs of the times such as the award categories,
     functions, selection of judges for the presidential awards.
     Structure of the commission by facilitating greater
     interaction with leading trade chambers.

    45                       SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Strategy 9
    Capability development of the staff

    46                   SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
   There are a number of key vacancies that need to be filled
    immediately for the commission to function.
   Since most of the activities of the commission are of
    project nature, a matrix organisation is ideally suited. An
    attempt will be made to leverage the commitment and
    capability of the existing staff to deliver the objectives
    using this approach where one person to lead the project
    and a number of others to support.
   ( The first workshop for the staff was already conducted.
    This was sponsored by AVIVANDB Insurance PLC )
   The staff will be educated on the topic of invention by
    encouraging them to seek latest news via internet
Staff- capability development
   Encourage them to develop language Skills in English and
   Improve presentation skills
   Personal development plans
Strategy 10
   Establish a strong and robust governance frame work
    The Secretary of the commission to be clearly identified
     as the CEO of the organisation.
    The Strategic plan approved by the Hon Minister to be
     implemented through the organsation by the CEO and
     the Staff.
    The commission to monitor progress and provide
    Monthly meetings of the commission to review progress
     of the implementation of the strategic plan and the
     compliance with applicable regulations.

    50                      SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Internal Processes

   Prepare written procedures for internal work processes
    using flow charts and specifying standards where
   Introduce 5S system to make the office efficient and be in
    a more organized manner prior moving in to the new
   Ensure effective utilization of physical assets of the

    51                      SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014
Expected outcome.
Year                         2010         2011         2012         2013    2014

Number of applications for   -            150          500          750     1000
Number of participants at    -            150          500          750     1000
Number participants at       -                         2000         3000    4000
Number of participants at    -                         10           15      20
International competitions                             10           15      20
and number of awards
No of commercializations                               10           15-20   30-50
Number of School Inventors 1000(acti 1000(act          1500         2000    3000
Clubs                      ve)       ive)
Number of assignments to                               20           50      100
inventors by companies
 52                                 SLIC Corporate Plan 2012-2014

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