cloudy frosted text by torra.borra


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									                              MEMBER: LORI ST-GERMAIN

                         CLOUDY FROSTED TEXT
                         Easy method of creating colorful, texture filled text.
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                         Step one:
resource center
                         Open a new file, any size. Type some text (works best with thicker sans serif fonts, such as Arial or
gallery                  Helvetica).
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napp wear                Step two:
newsletter               Use the Color Picker to choose contrasting foreground and background colors that differ from your
tell adobe               text color. For this exercise, I selected "Yellow" foreground and "Red" background.
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training videos          Step three:
photoshopworld           Select FILTER, RENDER, DIFFERENCE CLOUDS. You will be warned "This type layer needs to be
photoshop seminars       rendered before proceeding. Its text will no longer be editable. Render the layer?" Click on OK. Note:
stock photography        Your result may not look exactly like the picture at left. It varies based on the colors you select.
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                         Step four:
                         Select FILTER, DISTORT, GLASS. Adjust sliders to desired effect. Preferences for picture at left were:
                         Distortion "10", Smoothness "5", Texture "Frosted", Scaling "100%".
                     Step five:
                     You can then add additional layer effects, such as Drop Shadow or Bevel and Emboss to finish the
                     look. I used both of those layer effects, with default settings, on the picture at left.

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