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               Creating a rainbow
               by Colin Smith

Can you imagine the difficulty, waiting for a rainbow in exactly the right place at the right time? I
have a better idea. Lets just create one in photoshop.

I begain with this image from

Rotate the image Image>Rotate Canvas> 90 CW
Grab the gradient tool and choose the rainbow preset.
Make sure you use the linear setting and check the transparency button on the options bar.

Create a new layer
Draw a thin gradient using the gradient tool. (Click and drag horizontally)

Lets bend it like a bow!
Filter>distort>shear In the Shear dialog box: Click on the line to add points. Click and drag the points
to create a gentle curve
Click ok to apply.
Rotate the canvas back to the correct orientation
Image>Rotate Canvas> 90 CCW
If you need to adjust the rainbow choose Ctrl/Cmd+T for free transform and make your adjustments
to position and angle.

Change the blending mode to overlay from the layers palette. This will add some translucency to the

Finally to touch things up: Add a layer mask by clicking the add a mask button (rectangle with the
circle in it) on the layers palette. Choose a black brush. Paint over the ends of the rainbow to blend it
into the ground. Lower the opacity of the brush and touch up the rainbow to suit your tastes.

Im not too sure if there Is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but there is gold in learning to
use Photoshop! I’m heading out the door to Photoshop World now! I will at my booth,
( / Hope to see you there. See you at the café.

Until then, see you at the café
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