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of Austral favou
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television  programs,  but
Anthony   Breslin now
                  has                                                                                                                                I
decided painta newPicture
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of hislife- literally

             rom singing telegrams and
             subversive fringe theatre to
             Blue Heelers and Neighbours,
Y            Melbourne artist Anthony
Breslin's past acting experiencesare all
grist for the mill for his artwork.
    The Man O Man star is used to being
the centre of attention, but these days he is
inclined to avoid the limelight, preferring
solitude and quietly obsening the world
around him.
      Now a popular artist, Breslin'sjoyrney-
hasbeenconvolutedinvolving a number of
abrupt turns and twists, excesses_a_nd    lo-ng
oeriddsof introspection.     One to follow his                                                                      Actor Anthony
convictions, he r-esigned   from a secure  job
in a warehouse to Pursue an acting
career, with no formal training, falling                                                                            work is on display
back on singing telegrams and later                                                                                 at the Art Gallery
strip-o-gramsto make a living.                                                                                      Collections
      "I would usecomedywherever could,
sending myself up and the audience for
being t-here.It helped me to deal with the
absurdity of it all."
      He recalls in Melbourne playing the
senie from Aladdin for a three-week     season                                                                                                   I Arn
in a children's show,while in the Botanical                                                                                                      rsS
Gardens at night playrng King Alonso in                                                                                                          i
Shakespeare' The Tempest.


      "On the weekend,I would go from the
senieto Alonso then run to the car with my
inake up still on and drive to the old
Marque Club where I would quicklY
chanle into a schoolboy outfit and race
out to close a big weeHy male review in
front of over 200 screaming women,"
                                                      With over 20 plays and lead parts be-
                                                  hind him, he returnedto study arJatRMIT
                                                                                                because they want to be provoked by it in
                                                                                                whatever context I love connecting with              t-
Breslin laughs.                                   in Melbourne, for which he was acceptdd       these people who are out there with their
      "I loved the diversity and sensory          into the course on the 'strength of the       own dleams, dramas, losses and loves.
 stimulation of creatingthese kinds of jux-       drawingsI'd done out of my backpack'.              "My work seems to help them embrace
tapositions in my life.
    -                                                 Breslin's love of theatre remains         the beduty of their own mortality instead of
      "It can be very disempoweringwaiting        strong and his subsequentroles as art         shunning it."
 for your agentto call you for an audifion so

                                                  directbr on numerous film sets has been            Breslin's mixed media works resonate
 I w-astryrng to find-ways of creating my         widely acclaimed.                             with energy and tictility.       Using found
 own opportunities and experiences.                    He also was rgsponsible for the set      obiects an-d remnants as diverse as wall-
      "My decisionto competein the Man O
                            -really an act of     desigrrs and visual conceptsfor thc feafure   paier, beads, deminss, zippers., driftwood-
 Man iompetition was                               film-OnePerfea Day - nominated ln2004        iutlery, carpet, alrows, tea strainers as well
 frustration at the time.                         for an AFI award - as well as numerous        as galions of paint, he works instinctivell'.
      "I had played a few guest roles on          video clips for Kiiling Hei4i,'Tex Perkins,   traisforming- ordinary functional items
 Neighbours Grundy put me_onknowing
               so                                 Something for Kate, and The Anroids,          into tools of expression.
 I was experiencedin front of the camera          including their clip Madonna wlich won             His images are rapidly and inteqser-"'
 and live audiences. was on and over so
                        It                        the Aria-in 2003 f6r best video clip.         produced, maximising on elements of risk
 quickly and yes, I won. It was a very                                                          ind chance in the process, and capturing
                                                       In January this year, he combined
 surreai experi-ence for me so much of
                       but                        theatre and art, installing himself in the    eloquently a range of emotions from
 life is like that."                              Bourke Street Melbourne Myer store            unbearable sadness and vulnerabilit-v' to
       Breslin's pize, a l0-day, five-star        window for a week during opening hours        lyncal playfulness.
 holiday in Aftica (a place he'd always           with the goal to paint 100 signaturebug            "I seek out experiences," Breslin says.
 wanted to go).became catalystfor two
                           the                    paintines- (a simple motif symbolising             "I am a junkie for it. I want to know
 yearsof soul-searching.                          ^energy,-fifd, movement and decay) for         how this feels or that feels; always anything
       "I was looking for answersto all the        the childrens' charity TLC.                   that seems to have something I have not
 bigger questionsala trying to build myself                                                      tasted and encompassed in some way.
 up lom the inside out. I became much                  The event raised $24,000 for charity
                                                   from the saleof 87 bug paintings and two          "Art keeps me sane. Life is never literal
 niore introspective as I drew all the time                                                      or conceptual for me; it's all sublime and
 and read philosophy."                             maior works in another window, whilst
       But one still needsto make a living and     saftftaining thousandsof people with his      illogical."
                                                   personality and showmanshiP.                      His advice to young artists: "Be braYe,
 Anthony used his performance talents
                                                       As the most successful artist at          because ilyou don't attack the canvas you
 to survive.
                                                   Melbourne'sAfrordable Art Fair this year,     won't have any great victories. Use the
       "I started doing a one-man strip show                                                     frictions in your life to drive you."
  in Zimbabwe at both a black club and a           Breslin sold more than 40 paintings in
  white one while I did stone sculpture            three hours.                                       Anthony Breslin's frrst exclusive
  during the day in a big pit with some of             "My work is not really for tlose who      Queensland exhibition is showing- at Art
  Zimbabwe's     beststonesculptors."              want to match the couch: people buy it        Gallerv Collections. Surfers Paradise.

                                                                                                                               Weekend Br.leth        I

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