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               Crayon Drawing
               by Matt Kloskowski

Hi and welcome back. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a happy new
year. A couple of months ago, I created a tutorial that showed how to use the brush tool
to create realistic chalkboard writing. This time, we're going to use a similar technique to
create a crayon brush.

Step 1: Start out with a blank canvas. 500 x 500 pixels should work fine.

Step 2: Now, select the brush tool and open your brush palette (Window->Brushes). The
brush I'm going to use ships with Photoshop. Its called "Spatter 14 pixels". See my
screenshot below for a preview.

Step 3: Now make sure you have brush tip shape selected on the left side of the brush
palette and make your settings similar to mine here.
Step 4: Now select "Shape Dynamics" and change your settings to match mine.

Step 5: Next, click Color Dynamics and make your settings similar to this:

Step 6: Finally, click Other Dynamics and use the following reference image for your
Step 7: OK, you now have your brush (or crayon). Its time to revert back to your
childhood days (that may be many years for some of you or just last week for others)
There are a few ways you could begin drawing. The first is the easy way. Just change
your foreground color and start coloring. This should give a very childlike drawing
appearance. NOTE: Using a pressure sensitive pen tablet for this helps tremendously as
it is very difficult to draw with a mouse.

Step 8: The other method is slightly more difficult. It entails using the pen or shape tool
to create a path. I chose this shape from the Custom Shape presets.
Step 9: Create a new layer and go to your Paths palette. Click the Stroke Path with
Brush button at the bottom of the palette to stroke the custom shape with your Crayon

Step 10: Or you could combine the two methods by drawing inside of the stroked shape.

Both methods are useful and produce varying effects. Applications for this usually tend
to be graphics for books or advertisements relating to children.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks column. I will have my final PSD file up on my web site
( Also, feel free to send me any questions at See you next time.

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