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									Short and Medium – Term Priority
Environmental Action Programme
           SMAP III TA
      An Introduction to SMAP III TA
     Regional Cooperation Framework
               Euro-Med Partnership                                                  Association Agreement
                                                                                    Environmental Priorities & SD
                                                                                                                            (Short & Medium Term
             (Barcelona Declarion 1995, SMAP Helsinki                                 references, Not binding,              Priority Environmental
                           Conf. 1997)                                              European Neighbourhood                     Action Program)
       Encourage all Med. Countries to adopt SD
                                                                                    (Econ SD & social dev. in border            I, II, III
        & Improve Environmental Status (e.g.                                            area, legal approxim. )
       Sust. IA EU-Med Free-Trade (SIA-EMFTA)
                                                                                      Horizon 2020 Initiative
               Regional                Country                                                                                 ICZM
             Strategy RS)           Strategy (RS)                                                                             Projects
  RIP                                                               NIP               Environ.          NAP
 Regional  Cooperation: EU &           Implementation National
                                                                                        Sub-           National          RMSU           Technical Assistance
Indicative  Med. Partners +             Guideline for Indicative
Programs Inbetween Med Partn.            Cooperation  Programs                        Committ.
                                                                                                     Action Plans
                                                                                                                                  SMAP III
                                                                                                                        Management &
                                                                                                                         Support Unit
                                                           Int.Organisations                                                    UNEP/
             METAP                Coll. activities with MAP                                           FEMIP                      Map
    Medit. Environm. T. A.         TA in Water Qual., Waste W., CZM,                            Facility for Euro-Med
 Progame, 1990, Med. Reg. +              WM policy , Legislation
                                                                                             Investment & Partnership,
      M.l.+ bi l donors
                                                                                                  Managed by EIB
                                                                                           Amplifies EIB by Infratr.
              UNEP                                MCSD                                      & Private Investment
                                                                                                                           Other Multi/Bi-
                                      Medit. Com. on SD, 1996, Def. SD Strategy,                                           Lateral Projects
                                      Priority Areas, eg: SD of coastal regions                                            e.g. EMWIS, UNCCD, UNFCC,
               MAP                    Indicators for SD                                                                     MEDWET, WWF, LIFE Third
         Med. Action Plan +
          Techn. Reports
                                                  MSSD                                        Private Sector                 Countries, SEAM,( GEAP,

                                       Blue Plan                   RAC/PAP                        & NGO
                                                                                              Impact on econ.,social,
                                    Support Centre for             Medit. Env.&                  envir. situation
                                     MCSD, Pres. fut.              Development
                                        env. dev.                Observatory since
                                     studies/Interac.                 1994
                                 The Team
                         Project Director – Sabine Hoefnagel
                         Project Manager – Esther Wolff

                                       Core Team
                         Team Leader /SD– Hartwig Behnfeld
                         Deputy TL/ICZM – Etienne Baijot
                         Regional Coordinator – Charbel Rizk

Environm. Integration &                 Office Staff:
                                        Nelly Guindy                   Integated Coastal Zone
Sustainable Development                                                     Management
                                       Brigitte George
     Bernard Yon                        Dina Ahmed                        – Peter Burbridge

                               Governance, Stakeholder
                              Engagement & Communicat.
                                    – Sylvie Goyet

                          Additional Pool of Local Non-Key Experts
   Sustainable Development, ICZM, Institutional Legal Reform, Stakeholder Engagement, Trainig &
  Communiations, GIS, Marine Resources Fisheries, Environmental Economics, Ecosystem Protection,
                      Infrastructure, Tourism Development & Polution Control
            General Approach SMAP III
 The demand for SMAP III: Facilitating the articulation of needs
  TA of the project focuses on cooperation with partner organisations responsible for the
proposals selected by the EC by:
    Provide technical & administr. support to ensure implementation of ICZM action plans
    Focus on a sustainable approach
    Facilitating funding for SD activities

   Setting a uniform management framework                             SMAP III     RMSU
   Project deliveries fit within the larger policy            TA Project                 METAP/
frameworks (e.g. Med strategy for SD, EU rec. ICZM                                      PAP-RAC
   WS format is common in all countries                       SD     ICZM

   Ensuring a flexible and demand driven respond
   Core management by task Force in the countries, sensitivity to inst. & cultural context,
information network (website), experience from previous TA projects (Demonstration Projects)
  Identification and effective engagement with stakeholders in all Med partner
  Facilitate stakeholder involvement in a meaningful dialog by different processes & methods
  Ensuring buy-in and active engagement from all project countries
  Ensuring a cross-cutting and regional dialogue
  The importance of participation
  Involvement of civil society in decision making processes, by the use of participatory planning
          Program Components
                Cross-cutting Component C
                     Regional Coordination

Component A                                        Component B
Environmental                                         Integrated
Integration &          Implementation Management     Coastal Zone
 Sustainable                                       Management (TA)

                Cross-cutting Component D
Stakeholder Engagement, Communication & Monitoring and Evaluation
    Component A                         Sustainable Development &
                                        Environmental Integration
The Task
• Assistance in implementing sustainable development & strategy supporting
    models, taking into account social, economic and environmental aspects
•   Introducing environmental concerns into sectors, concerning areas as :
     – Institutional                        •Env. Objectives indentified ? (importance)
     – Economy                              •Synergies maximized?
     – Management                           •Trade offs minimized and transparent?
     – Monitoring                           •Horizontal integration?

•   Introduction / application              •Env. Costs/benefits quantified ?
    of strategic tools (e.g. SEA)           •Marked based instruments?
                                                 •Revenues redirected to max. behaviour change?
                                                 •Env. damaging subsidies/tax exemp. refocused?
                                                 •Incentives introduced?
Potential Outputs                                •Env. Management systems adopted ?
    SD process reviewed                          •Strategic Env. Assessment of plans/programs?
                                                 •EIA before project implementatuion?
    Potential SD activities identified           •Product & service prog.for eco-efficiency
    Strategy & Policy Papers adopted
                                          •Reporting mechanisms with indicators ?
    SD Management tools developed         •Effectiveness of Policies evaluated & reported?
    Legislative change adopted
    Coordination bodies facilitated
    Awareness on benefits of integrated approach raised
Component B                   Integrated Coastal Zone Management

The Tasks (mainly related to TA to the ICZM Projects)
• Identification of major coastal management            • Priorization of problems
                                                        • Identification of key agencies
     issues & problems in selected countries            • Identification of obstacles to the
•   Support to the design and                           dev. of an integrated approach

    implementation of ICZM action plans          E.G. Assist the ICZM projects in
•   Participate to strengthen the ICZM awarenessthe:
                                                 • Formulation
    & process at the national and regional level • Organization
                                                         • Monitoring
                                                         • Linkage with national policy
Potential Outputs                                        • Search for funding of ICZM
                                                         Action Plans
    TA needs assessment fullfiled
    ICZM management tools available                     • Strengthening human resources
    ICZM actions plans available and adopted            to apply ICZM
                                                        • Strengthening institutional
    Documented lessons learned                          arrangements
    Participatory mechanisms for ICZM consol.           • Support policy formulation
                                                        • Support regional approach
    Awareness raised on ICZM at                         • Financial investment in key
    local / national / regional level                   infrastructure /capital investment

    Regional Networking facilitated
                                Stakeholder Engagement, Communication
    Component C                          & Regional Dissemination

The Task
• Stakeholder Engagement with Programme
                                                    • Ident. Primary & secondary
    Counterparts in Countries                       stakeholders
•   Stakeholder Engagement & Info. Exchange         • Network of focal points in all countries
    with Regional & International Bodies            • Ident. reporting procedures
                                                    • Regular commun. with SMAP Corresp.
•   Awareness Raising: Workshops, Training
    and Regional Events                             • Regular commun. with RMSU &
•   Information Management and                      UNEP/MAP
                                                    •Regular commun. with BP/PAP/RAC,
    Dissemination                                   MCSD, METAP,FEMIP etc.

                                                    • WS & Training on national /Sub
Potential Outputs                              regional / regional level
• Primary & Secondary stakeholders identified• Keep track of events from other Organ.
                                               • Organize 5 large Regional Events
• National Focal Points Identified
• Working procedures on SD & ICZM set up • E-newsletter on regular basis
                                                               the RSMU webside
• Communic. mechanisms RSMU/UNEP-MAP • Link up withguidline conform material
                                               • EU visibility
• Communic. mechanisms reg./intern. bodies • E-Info bank on best practice
• 5 large Regional Events organized            •Awareness Info via media
• Training material developed
• Awareness raised & success stories published Outputs in cooperation with:
• E-Info. Bank & project help line established • Working relations to Partner
                                                    Organisations in each country
                                                    • Focal Points for SD and ICZM
                                                    • Working Groups (WG)
                                                    • Stakeholders & Organisation
 Component D                    Monitoring & Evaluation

The Task
• Establish M&E priciples                       M&E principles build on:
                                               • regional trans-boundary dimension
• Define M&E Indicators                        • respond to national needs
                                               • impact on human health
• Develope M&E mechanisms                      • linked to serious deteriation of natural
                                               • tangible contribution to SD

                                                Qualitative Indicators streamlined to:
                                               • integrated approach
                                               • practices appropriate for the region
• Quantitative & qualitative                   • present a positive cost-effective ratio
                                               • provide impact & visible results
    Indicators developed                       • meets transparent procedures
•   Project Logframe (overall                  • encourage close cooperation at all
     project) & Activities            M&E mechanisms will entail:
     for Component A & B established • logframe with qual./quant. indicators
•   Progress Reports submitted
                                     • Information mechanisms (Reports)
                                     • participatory process
•   M&E carried out with             • arranging monitoring visits by EU

    paricipatory approach
•   M&E process formalized and updated
                                                         Project Identification Process
                                                                                SD                           SD-
                                                 Stakeholder                                               Support                                      Regional Event
                                                                         Priorization of SD      SD
Primary & Secondary Stakeholder Identification

                                                 i.e. Key Ministries
                                                                           activity ideas        Workstream Ideas
                                                                                                                                                           SD Workstream
                                                 Stakeholder                                                                                            • Agree on shared vision
                                                 i.e. Private Sector                                                                                    /TA needs
                                                                           Country                                                                      • Identify final activities
                                                                                                                                                        & guidelines
                                                 Stakeholder                Visits            TA Needs                                                  • Liaise with other

                                                                                                              Identify mutual Activities
                                                     i.e. NGOs                                 Policy &                                                 countries/org. to ident.
                                                                       •Explain Project
                                                                       Objective & Approach Regulation
                                                                                                                                                        Proj. cross fertilisation

                                                 Stakeholder           •Review of on-going    TA Needs
                                                       i.e. EC         activities            Stakeholder                                   Elaborate:         Present:
                                                                       •Brainstorm ideas for Engagement                                    Workplan &        Workplan &
                                                 Stakeholder           potential projects                                                    Logical           Logical
                                                                       activities               TA Needs                                   Framework         Framework
                                                 i.e. Sub-N.Authori.
                                                                       •Draft project criteria   Prelim.
                                                                       / indicator             Action Plan                                                ICZM Workstream
                                                                                                                                                        • Agree on shared vision
                                                 i.e. N. Authorities                                           ICZM-                                    /TA needs
                                                                                                              Support                                   • Identify cooperation
                                                 Stakeholder                   ICZM              ICZM                                                   structures
                                                                                                               Ideas                                    •Define future activities
                                                                       Priorization of Project   Workstream
                                                  i.e. Intern. Org.
                                                                         support activities
                                                                                                                                                        Regional Event
                                  SMAP III TA
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