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					                                                                                  Hayden Holcomb
                                                                                      Bradford 2nd

                                     Sarah Palin: Going Rouge

         Sarah Palin’s Going Rouge takes place during Sarah Palin’s life and up to modern day in
her life in America. Sarah Palin is most known for her Vice-Presidential cadency during the 2008
election with John McCain against the Obama and Biden ticket. Before her run at vice-president
she held many political positions in Alaska, breaking through many barriers placed in front of
women. At no time in her life has she had to play a fool to get what she needs, she has been
independent and genuine through most points in her life. Sarah Palin has broken down the
feminist limitation that although hardly exists still troubles some women like no other woman in
history has. Palin is proof that in modern America a woman can do anything she wants to.

        In her autobiography Palin talks about growing up in very rural Alaska and the rough
times they went through. Even in the small city she was raised in, women were treated pretty
fairly. Wives often times even went away with their husbands to go out on the large fishing boats
to make a living. Sarah Palin helped her husband Todd later in the book on his own fishing boat.
Palin grew up doing exactly what any other modern young girl would do, she concentrated on
schooling, played basketball, she even had an after school part time job. Playing a fool was not
an option for the young Palin as she grew up enjoying her youth and participating in a youth
equal to the boys of her town.

        Determination and hard work is the only way that Palin moved her way up from a city
council member of the city of Wasilla, Alaska, to governor of Alaska, finally to the vice-
presidential candidate in 2008. She did not act like a fool, use any tricks, or cheat her way to the
top. She realized that she had the same chance as any man, decided not to complain like many
other woman about the “glass ceiling” and actually do something about it. What she has done
shows that even a simple mother can make her way to do what ever she wants to do. At first,
men did not always take her seriously but she asserted herself in the correct ways and demanded
the respect she now has. Palin proved to not be a weak woman and believe she had to be a
foolish girl, she make something out of herself by working like any other man would.

        Sarah Palin’s husband Todd worked on a fishing boat since he was a small boy, and his
dream was always to own his own fishing boat. As he grew older he worked hard at his job to
become a successful fisherman and later purchased his own boat. Once he bought his boat, he
worked hard again until he was able to open an entire fishing business. He did not grow up
wealthy or very fortunate, but his parents instilled good hard working values upon him and he
was able to achieve what he wanted to do, his “American dream”. Palin’s son Track wanted to
join the military because he was raised on patriotic values and wanted to serve the country that
gave him the freedoms he enjoyed, so on September 11, 2007 he enlisted in the US army and
later was shipped to Iraq to serve. He did what he wanted and worked hard to do what he felt he

        Up until Palin’s election to governor of Alaska, no other woman had help that spot so in a
way she was acting in the masculine role in that situation working with a lot of male politicians
in the Alaskan government. In her book she tells about how she had to show the men she was
working with who was not in charge and that she was not going to be manipulated and ridiculed.
She had to work tirelessly to achieve the amount of respect she had when she left office over her
time in the governor’s mansion.

         Sarah Palin advanced very quickly on the political ladder and destroyed many of the
barriers that women thought existed before her. She demanded attention and worked very hard to
get what she did, Palin has never been seen a weak leader and has always held her head high
during all the criticizing she received in the 2008 elections. Perhaps she is not done, politics may
still be in her future, or maybe she prefers being one of the biggest conservative voiced in the
nation. Either way, she has truly done what no woman has done before.

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