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									                      Dinner Menu
                    £30.00 for Three Courses
                     £25.00 for Two Courses


                  Homemade Soup of the Day

 Tian of Cornish Lobster, Foie Gras, Baby Leeks, Dill Mayonnaise

Platter of Smoked Cornish Fish, Boiled Quail Egg, Capers & Caviar

 Confit Chicken, Celeriac & Watercress Terrine, Rosemary Toast

Roast Breast of Cotswold Pigeon, Shallot, Radish & Pancetta Salad

                         Main Course

  Braised Blade of Cotswold Beef, Wild Mushroom, Parmesan &
                   Chive Risotto, Red Wine Jus

Fillet of Cornish Hake, Crushed New Potatoes, Saffron, Mussel &
                          Cockle Cream

Breast of Burford Pheasant, Confit Leg, Roasted Root Vegetables,
                  Fondant Potato, Thyme Jus

  Line Caught Wild Cornish Seabass, Buttered Oddington Leeks,
                 Oyster & Coriander Dressing

  Roast Chump of Lighthorne Lamb, Parma Ham, Pesto Mash,
                  Tomato & Basil Dressing

          Banana Tarte Tatin, Clotted Cream, Ice Cream
                   (Please Allow 15 minutes)

   Cinnamon Crème Brûlée, Baked Apple Compote, Vanilla Milk

    Iced Lemon & Poppy Seed Parfait, Lemon & Ginger Sponge,
                     Blackcurrant Coulis

 White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Mousse, Blood Orange Sorbet

                            Dessert Wines
                             125ml glass

Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, CYT                          £6.00
Luscious, Rich Dessert Wine With Good Varietal Fruit On The Nose &
Palate. Excellent Sweet Wine From Chile.

Châteaux Septy, Monbazillac                              £6.00
A Pudding Wine From The South Of France. Golden In Color With
Aromas Of Apricots & Dries Fruits

                Coffee & Petit Fours from £3.00 per person
  Filter Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latté, Americano, Hot Chocolate

                              All at £4.00

 Cointreau, Drambuie. Tia Maria, Calvados, Amaretto, Gran Marnier,

                         Liqueur Coffees
                           All at £7.00
     Parisien (Cognac)          Monks (Benedictine)
     Gaelic (Jameson’s)         Mexican (Tequila)
     Jamaican (Dark Rum)         Normandy (Calvados)
     Calypso (Tia Maria)         Russian (Vodka)
     Baileys Coffee              Prince (Drambuie)
                            Cheese Board

                Please Choose From The Selection Below
                With Apple, Celery, Chutney & Biscuits

                         Greens of Glastonbary
This Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar is Made from Unpasteurized Milk
at The Green Family’s Beautiful Farm Situated At The Foot Of The
Glastonbury Tor. It Is A Firm, Close Textured, Smooth Bodied Cheese
With A Creamy, Pale Yellow Color. It Has A Clean Full Flavor And Is
Excellent With A Good Red Wine.

                         Colston Stilton Basset
  Made By Colston Basset Dairy In Nottinghamshire, It’s Rich, Mineral
 Tang & Buttery Texture. Its Flavor Is Strong And Full Bodied Without
                    Being Sharp Or Overpowering

                               Exmoor Blue
 This Delicious Blue Cheese is Made From Jersey Milk Which Has A 35%
 Fat Content. The Milk is Unpasteurized And The Cheese is Made with
Vegetarian Rennet. Not As Strong As Gorgonzola, But With A Rich And
                             Satisfying Taste.

                            Brie de Meaux
This Traditional French Brie is Made With Raw Cow’s Milk. Has A Soft
  Dough Crust Which Is Fluffy & White. The Cheese Is Straw Yellow,
       Creamy & Soft. Which Is Made In Seine-Et-Marne Village

                             Cornish Yarg
  This Cheese Has Been Made At Netherton Farm Since The 1960’s. The
Milk Comes From Pedigree Friesian-Holsteins And Has Been Pasteurized
In Order To Maintain Consistency And Flavor. A Reliable And Desirable

                              Bath Soft
 A Simple Rectangle Of Cheese Which Is Similar To Brie In Taste But Is
                 Milder And Cleaner On the Palate.

                           (50 ml serving)
                        Fine Ruby Port - £3.50
                      Graham’s LBV 2003 - £3.80
Graham’s “Six Grapes” - £3.80

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