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									As an enthusiast, I'm sure you've tried some other commercially available flight simulators.
We've tried them all and all of them left us feeling frustrated. Here's the problem:

              Poor selection of world terrain and out-of-date aircraft. Most software
              have an incomplete database with infrequently updates and limited selection
              of "working" aircraft.
              Unrealistic flight dynamics and cockpit mockups. The physics is almost
              laughable and the cockpits are completely inaccurate on most aircraft. (most
              controls are not even functional!)
              Slow, clunky and never really works. Just like you, we're frustrated with
              incompatibility and the complicated setup of other flight sims.

              Poor graphics and scenery models. If you don't have a "super-computer",
              most flight sims look downright ugly with poor graphics.
              No instrument flying and out-of-date approach database for
              airports. Even the popular FSX lacks in many ways...

Just like you, we knew that it has got to be a better way to make flight simulators the way it
was meant to be played.

The good news is there's a sea change is sweeping across the flight simulation industry,
and it a powerful new flight simulator that will revolutionize everything and
change the way you experience flying games!” virtualpilot3d”

After 5 years of intensive development and research with FAA and NASA, we present to
VirtualPilot3D™ is designed to be 100% real with real scenery, real cockpits and real
aircraft! Fact is, no other flight simulator in the market beats this for sheer realism.

Every single element of the game is designed to give you the real experience of flying a
plane. From thefantastic full-sized cockpit mockups and crazy realistic flight
dynamics on a deep scientific level!
                Since its inception, it has been used as an alternative to the large flight simulators used to
                train professional pilots.

                It is certified for commercial use and provides hardware and frame-rate checks required for
                FAA certification. VirtualPilot3D™ is also currently in beta testing stage all over participating
                flight schools worldwide.

                Take a look at the list of amazing features that VirtualPilot3D™ offers:

                                                                        Based on the state-of-the-art realistic flight modelling
 0s, VirtualPilot3D™ gives you the opportunity to experience a          has actual controls of the cockpit, high fidelity sound a
 and.                                                                   total immersion experience!

nt aircraft to fly. No other flight sim in the market comes close to    Every single cockpit and the instruments contained in
  pilot in real life... you have a massive choice, which means that     accurate... They are 100% based on the real cockpits
 re models then your real life counterpart could ever hope to           models...

s by flying all different types of planes – feel how “heavy” a          When you get into the cockpit, you will see that the pa
to a Cessna!                                                            you will find in a real aircraft. The simulator is built to
                                                                        you the real experience of how it would feel to fly a re

                                                                        What's more, every single aircraft has aninteractive b
                                                                        guide you through the flight control panels - so you'll b
                                                                        unfamiliar aircraft quickly.
 behaviour, all inputs accurately mimick how controls
                                                                 You get to take off from and land worldwide at over 25,000

                                                                 You could choose to take off from San Jose airport.. runway 15
FFECTS of the wind and weather. Instrument and
                                                                 or just about ANY airport you choose to fly from... even the run
 into the core of VirtualPilot3D™... If you're flying
er.. the controls will lag correctly.. just like in real life.
                                                                 Just choose your favorite airport, runway and weather conditio
 pilot control, even during a full systems failure... The
                                                                 wizard... and you're free to roam the world... right from your de
ergency situations in the exact same way as their real
 uding instrument and failures.
                                                                 With the sheer size of the airport database, this gives you mor
                                                                 Microsoft Flight Simulator...
cally models real world instrument behaviour... in all
                                                                VirtualPilot3D™ allows you to fly anywhere in the world so
 compared to any other available flight sim that includes
                                                                own home!
 roach and Centre ATC.
                                                                Complete worldwide terrain based on NASA means where
ument appoach plates for various airports, ILS, VOR, NDB
                                                                limited by your imagination.
                                                                Explore the Himalayas, visit the Eiffel Tower or even fly ov
ute. VirtualPilot3D™ will construct you a route using current
                                                                In Egypt! Thepossibilities are endless with VirtualPilot3D™
arture and approach procedures - just like in real life!
types of hardwareincluding yoke, foot pedals, flight
                                                              With our multiplayer network feature, you don't have to fly al
even TrackIR to give you an even more realistic
                                                              virtual pilots in the game and explore the world together!

                                                              Using the built-in Google Maps finder, you can find the location of
s and Mac OSX with support for multiple monitors
                                                              and connect with them easily.
ve experience.
                                                              Game for something even more exciting? You can even choose m
ou can install this on multiple computers. There is NO
                                                              dogfights with other users!
 ar games in the market.

                                          " The Most Beautiful Game I Have Ever Played...
                            By Trey Godwin (Private Pilot Association)
                            Broomfield, CO

                            "This is the most beautiful game I have ever played. From the water effects to shadows
                            from the plane.. every effect and particle is breathtaking.

                            You can also fly in any seat you like, control literally any view of the airplane, most of the
                            cockpit controls work and function the way they are supposed to. The weather system is
                            amazing. Simply spectacular. I recommend this for both educational and entertainment

                 "The Realism Is Second To None..."
                      Take a look at these screenshots and judge for youself!
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