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									                        The Varela FFA
                                                                                            Varela FFA
                                                                                     President: Oscar Bolanos
                                                                                     Vice President: Stephanie Pretto
                                                                                     Treasurer: Cecilia Plaza
                                                                                     Secretary: Remington Rogers
                                                                                     Reporter: Samantha Valdes
                                                                                     Sentinel: Cynthia Cline
                                                                                     Chapter Advisor: Yleana

          About the Veterinary Science Program

        As the only school in the      demonstrate all the veterinary
state that houses and cares for        assisting skills they possess. They
abandoned, surrendered, and            are able to diagnose, medicate,
rescued dogs, Felix Varela proudly     and perform basic testing for                 “I have learned not only about
hosts one of the most unique           diseases, all of which a                      the animals but also about
veterinary science magnet              veterinary assistant needs to do              responsibility and organization. I
academies. The students enrolled       on the job.                                   know my experience in the vet
in this program have an interest in                                                  academy is preparing me for my
                                              Varela students work with
pursuing a career in the fields of                                                   future and I’m so grateful for
                                     the animals daily while they
agriculture, veterinary medicine, or                                                 the opportunity.”
                                     patiently wait for a loving home.
animal science.                                                                                -Cassidy Williams,
                                     Each dog has a distinctive
                                                                                               Vet Student
        Eager students are given the beauty and unique personality
                                                                                     “Working with the animals in
opportunity to learn with hands-on that the students showcase in
                                                                                     the shelter is something that
labs in the comfort of their own     order to help them find their
                                                                                     cannot be compared to anything
classroom. The academy works in forever home.
                                                                                     else. It brings everyone together
conjunction with the Friends
                                                                                     for one goal and the feeling is
Forever Humane Society (FFHS),                   The Advisor                         indescribable.”
allowing the students to experience
                                                                                               -Denise Alayon,
real-life scenarios that could be
                                       The Veterinary Science Magnet                           Vet Student
encountered at a veterinary clinic.
                                       Program at Varela would not
While mastering the practical skills
                                       be possible without Yleana
needed to excel in the afore
                                       Escobar, the teacher. She is a
mentioned fields, they also
                                       dedicated, passionate, and
develop premier leadership
                                       brilliant woman who makes a
                                       difference in the life of each
        Students in this academy       and every student.
leave observers in awe when they

     "Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve”

                                                   Fall 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● The Varela FFA Chapter ● (305) 283-7118
                                                          The FFA
                                             What is the National FFA Organization?
                               FFA is an example of education at its best. The National FFA
                               Organization is a dynamic youth organization that changes lives
                               and prepares students for the future through premier leadership,
                               personal growth, career opportunities, and agricultural
                               education. FFA is structured on three levels: local, state, and
                               national. At each level students partake in leadership activities
                               and competitions with students from other schools.
                               “The FFA helps many students discover
                               their potential. For me, it was an honor to    What do the letters "FFA" stand
                               uphold as well as a chance to travel, meet                  for?
       The Blue Jacket         new people, and explore the world of
                                                                             The acronym "FFA" originally
   For more than half a        agriculture.”
                                                                             stood for “Future Farmers of
   million FFA members,                -Kevin Rodriguez
                                                                             America”. However, in 1988
   the blue corduroy                   Former Vet Student
                               “FFA pushes its members to reach for          the official name of the
   jacket is more than a                                                     organization was changed
                               the stars and equips them with the
   piece of clothing. It is                                                  from "Future Farmers of
                               tools they need to get there.”
   a symbol of pride,                                                        America" to "The National FFA
                                        -Cecilia Plaza,
   bringing honor and                   Varela FFA Treasurer                 Organization" to reflect the
   confidence whenever                                                       growth of diversity in the
                                 "FFA helped me break out of my
   worn. The blue jacket                                                     agricultural field. Since 1928,
                                 shell and learn to interact with
   represents leadership,                                                    millions of agriculture students
                                 others. Without FFA, I wouldn't be
   trust, integrity, and the     where I am today and I know I               have donned the official FFA
   golden standards              gained lifelong friends along the           jacket and recited the FFA
   found in every FFA            way."                                       creed. FFA has opened its
   member.                               -Jillian Murphy,                    doors and given a warm
                                         2010-2011 State Officer
                                                                             welcome to minority groups
                                                                             and women, ensuring that all
                                                                             students could reap the
                                                                             benefits of an agricultural

                                                                                        Learning to Do,
                                                                                        Doing to Learn,
                                                                                        Earning to Live,
                                                                                        Living to Serve”

Page 2                                             Fall 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● The Varela FFA Chapter ● (305) 283-7118
                     Friends Forever
   About the Friends Forever Humane                they can learn to treat and rehabilitate
                 Society                           dogs in need. This partnership is also
                                                   beneficial to the FFHS because their
 The Friends Forever Humane Society (FFHS)         dogs receive around-the-clock
 is a non-profit organization dedicated to         attention from the passionate and
 rescuing and rehabilitating surrendered,          caring students who dedicate their
 abandoned, and stray dogs and giving              time and effort to the program under
 them a second chance at a good life. It is        the patient supervision of the
 a no-kill shelter because there is no time        Veterinary Science Magnet Program
 limit for love. Weekends are adoption days        teacher.
                                                                  FFHS Founder
 when people can come and fill out
 applications for their forever friend. The      Dee Chess founded the FFHS when she
 students at Varela work with the FFHS           rescued Frankie, the logo dog, a Labrador that
 during adoption days and in the kennels at      had been hit in the head with a machete. Dee
 Varela, where some of the Friends Forever       is a kind-hearted, strong-minded woman who
 dogs are housed. This experience is             has dedicated her time and effort to make this
 valuable to the students because                world a better place, one dog at a time.

                                                                    Student Involvement
                                                        The Varela students that volunteer at
                                                        Petsmart and Petco on Saturdays and
                                                        Sundays help the FFHS by showing
                                                        potential adopters the admirable
                                                        qualities about the dogs. They
                                                        educate the public about the FFHS
                                                        and the adoption process or other
                                                        ways they can help. They answer any
                                                        and all questions the public might

                                                               “The only true friends are the
               How You Can Help                                friends from Friends Forever.”
                                                                      -Matthew Perez
 The FFHS is always in need of dedicated                                 Sophomore
 volunteers. They accept donations of food or
 supplies at the shelter or at Varela.
               Contact Information                      Saturdays:                   Sundays:
                                                        Petsmart                     Petco
    Dee Chess (founder): (786) 229-9002                 13621 S. Dixie Hwy           12014 SW 88th St                            10 AM – 5 PM                 11 AM – 5 PM
Page 3                                    Fall 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● The Varela FFA Chapter ● (305) 283-7118
                  Upcoming Events
        Plato’s Closet                       A Quality Life for Sharkey
        In the past weeks
our president, Oscar        Friends Forever Humane                     Carol is astounded at how
Bolanos, has been           Society would like to provide              fast he learns. He is almost
collecting brand name       a life-saving operation for                completely potty trained
clothing for men and        Sharkey a mixed breed                      and is a delightful pet to
women, accessories          Rottweiler pup who suffers                 have. In order to pay for
and shoes and selling       from a congenital condition                his surgery, we need your
them to Plato’s Closet.     known as Persistent Right                  charitable donations. Dr.
Plato's Closet buys and     Aortic Arch. This rare                     Marc Wosar and his surgical
sells the latest looks in   affliction prevents proper                 team from Miami Veterinary
brand name gently           growth of the esophagus                    Specialist will be performing
used clothing and           and thus limits food passage               the surgery. Donations can
accessories for teen and    to the stomach. As he grows,               be sent through PayPal at
twenty something guys       this can become a serious                  www.friendsforeverrescue.c
and girls.                  problem as the narrowing of                om or mailed to Friends
         All proceeds       the esophagus can close                    Forever Humane Society at
went towards the Felix      completely. This costly                    P.O. Box 163455 Miami, FL
Varela Veterinary           surgery is Sharkey's only                  33116-3455.
Science Magnet              chance of living a normal
Academy Program.            life. This boy is unbelievably
Fundraisers much like       well-mannered and
this one support the        intelligent and has stolen all
animals housed at           of our hearts. He quickly
school, allowing the        caught on to the fact that he
students to use them to     needed to eat in an upright
their benefit.              position and now eats at the
                            table like a proper
                            gentleman. His foster
                            mother/adoptive parent
                                               FFA Events & Competitions
                            October 6               COLT (Chapter Officer Leadership
                            November 8              Environmental CDE
                            November 16             Citrus CDE
                            December 3              Food Science and Technology CDE
                            December 6              Sub-District CDEs
                                                           Creed Speaking CDE
                                                           Dairy CDE Exam
                                                           Extemporaneous Public Speaking
                                                           Parliamentary Procedures CDE
                                                           Prepared Public Speaking CDE
                                                           Tractor Operations CDE

Page 4                                Fall 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● The Varela FFA Chapter ● (305) 283-7118
                                  Varela FFA Chapter ● (305) 283-7118
             Dog of the Month

         August: Leyla            September: Café con Leche                        October: King Kong

One fateful day in Broward        This little trooper was found            This sweet, house-broken dog
County, an animal evacuation      nursing a litter of puppies              and his brother, Sweetie Ruxpin,
was taking place at a             between the outside walls of             watched their ten other siblings
hoarder’s house. Leyla was        two buildings. All of her                find homes while they waited
scared and hid under the          puppies found loving homes,              patiently. They were only six
floorboards. Upon returning the   but she is still waiting on              weeks old when they arrived at
next day, a police officer        someone to fall in love with             the shelter and it is the only
found Leyla and saw that she      her. After living on the streets         home they’ve ever known. Such
was calm, gentle, and sweet.      and becoming a mother, she               an amazing dog needs an
The officer decided that after    deserves an affectionate                 owner who is just as warm and
the ordeal she suffered, she      family.                                  friendly as he is.
deserved the opportunity to           The Doggy Need List
find a loving home.                       Dog Food
                 Cleaning Supplies (Clorox, PineSol, Brooms, Mops, Paper Towels)
                                           Baby Wipes
                                        Gardening Tools
                                    Caging (crates, carriers)

                         Can you lend us a hand?
 “Our program is self-supporting. Funding for our rescue efforts is made possible through
the generous donations of the general public and the fundraising efforts of our students.
We are always in need of monetary contributions and the supplies listed. We appreciate
 all of your support and assistance. Thank you for supporting the education of our future
                  leaders.” –Yleana Escobar, Varela FFA Chapter Advisor

Here's how to help: Cut out and send the following. Please make all checks payable to
Felix Varela Senior High.
Name: ________________________________ Address: ___________________________________
Phone Number: ________________________

This letter is to certify that I, ___________________, am donating __________ to the Felix Varela
FFA Chapter located at 15255 SW 96ST, Miami, Florida, 33196. I am aware that the donation
above is to be used solely by the Varela FFA members at the discretion of the FFA Advisor,
Yleana Escobar, for the activities of the veterinary science class.
Page 5                                           Fall 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● The Varela FFA Chapter ● (305) 283-7118

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