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					Walkthrough: Conan Chronicles 2 - The Zamorian Chronicles


These are the second chronicles set in RE Howard's world of Conan. The first chronicles
consisted of the adventures "Legions of the Dead", “The Scythian Pits” and "The Thing in the

The Zamorian Chronicles describe your adventures in civilised lands after escaping from the
frozen north and start with a baptism in fire in Arenjun - the City of Thieves. You should
preferably use a PC from the previous chronicles and be around 14th level at this point.

Although the module is complete and playtested by me, it has to be considered at this stage a
beta rather than a finished game, so be aware there may be unforeseen bugs still present. Also
there may be some balancing issues.

The city of Arenjun and the setting is taken from the Conan stories of RE Howard and others.
The adventures themselves are original.

The second chronicles are designed to be "modular". This work sets the scene for exploration
and provides an introductory city adventure for you, the wanderer from the north. Then I may
add new modules to the same campaign to expand upon it, while still allowing players to go back
to elements from the original campaign. As such, the adventure is much more open than previous
ones, with many subplots and other city-type activities to divert the PC. It is best to play the
module in a rather unhurried fashion. It would be hard indeed to expect to get through it all in a
single sitting!

Note for Players

Unlike the first chronicles, the game is designed to be multiplayer, but the story does not require
this. If you do not use your PC from the first chronicles, you can start with a new character using
the standard NWN2 character generator, with all the 11 new Hyborian Age human subraces, and
even an extra non-human subrace! These subraces and their bonuses and penalties are fully
implemented. At the start of the game, you will be given enough xp to move up to level 14. But
you will be severely lacking in equipment. Alternatively, you could play through my Hyborian
Hack adventure, which is also multiplayer, and level yourself up appropriately - complete with
Hyborian type gear.

There are a number of features specific to these games (more information in the walkthrough):

Time. Time travels as in real life i.e. 60 minutes in an hour, not 2 which is the NWN2 standard!
Resting takes time; 5-6 hours for a full rest. You can also rest to advance time to certain events in
the game for your convenience. Events are sometimes triggered by time rather than by your
behaviour or locality.
Cutscenes. There are a number of cutscenes. If there is a NPC speaker rather than a narrator-type
description, you can click through the cutscene to speed it up. However, as with all NWN2
conversations, if you do this at just the wrong moment e.g. after 5+ seconds, you can
inadvertently select your reply instead.

Resting. You may rest only in certain areas and parts of areas, consistent with common sense.
You can abort a rest by clicking out of the blue screen, and the time that you rested is reduced in
proportion (about one second of time per hour rest). Occasionally, wandering monsters may run
into you, appearing at a random location nearby. Depending on your survival skill, you may be
surprised and unable to act for several seconds. You may reduce the chance of an encounter by
aborting halfway through a rest, but only some hit-points and spells or abilities will be regained.
There may be special safe-rest areas in the game, perhaps after you have defeated certain
encounters. Sometimes resting in a corner or in a small room with the door closed may allow you
to avoid an encounter. You can always rest on your bed in an inn where you rented out a room
for your time in Arenjun, in the normal non-heroic way! Resting takes about 5 hours.

Conversations. Unlike the Barbarian Chronicles, this campaign is full of conversations. There
must be hundreds of thousands of words of dialogue. Conversation skills are used freely, and
what you say may affect your PC's alignment.

Treasure. There are custom treasure scripts used which give a wide variety of random treasures
or basic items. Please note that collecting treasure and mega-powerful items is not the main focus
of character development here. As normally happened to Conan, events in the stories usually
mean that powerful magical gear usually isn’t kept from one adventure to the other. But there is
nowhere in this campaign where you lose all your gear... permanently.

Custom Items. There are around a thousand Hyborian flavour custom items and consumables
which should be self-explanatory. Some may not work in other modules, but will work in future
Conan modules. There is a large number of custom clothing and gear. Some of this determines
the (so-called) mature rating of the game, but it gives a more realistic “Conan” look to the game.
There are also many interesting new weapons with their own rules and stats, most notably
oversized double-handed weapons.

Secret Doors. There are secret walls that move aside once you discover them, and then you can
actually interact with them to close them or open them as desired. Most secret doors are opened
according to the following system:

      The secret door is not highlighted (eg by pressing z) until you actually find it.
      Being in search mode greatly facilitates discovering a secret door. You must be within a
       certain distance, which is specific for that door. The difficulty to find varies and depends
       on search skill. There are also potions of secret door detection.
      When you or a companion find the door mechanism, you turn to face the door and make a
      Mouse over the wall again to see a door now highlighted, then click on the highlighted
       door to jump to the other side.
Other Custom Features

Rope Climbing. This is relatively easy. You may have previously tied the rope to a higher point
and you wish to get back up, or you may have made a makeshift grapnel to climb up to a new
area. The rope climb check is generally d10() + 10 + Str bonus + Dex bonus (d20 is just too

Rock Falls. Collapsing ceilings and rock falls may both damage and block your path if the way
is narrow. In the latter case, you may bash the fallen rocks, attacking them with weapons or
spells until destroyed, or use strength to shove them aside. Each failed strenght attempt makes
the task progressively easier.

Unbreakable doors. Some doors are for practical purposes unbreakable. You may pick the lock
once the conversation informs you this is possible, or force the lock using strength as for pushing
aside rock falls above.

Climbing. This may be much harder depending upon the rock face or the wall you must scale
and many other factors. The formula is:

DC versus 10+ d10 + Str bonus + Dex Bonus + Survival Skill / 2 – encumbrance penalty

Cimmerian +2 bonus
Ranger, Rogue or Barbarian +2 bonus
Mountaineering Gear Descending + 10 bonus
Mountaineering Gear Ascending + 5 bonus

The encumbrance penalty is:

Weight carried in gp / 500 + arcane spell failure % / 10

This penalty is multiplied by 2 if encumbered and by 3 if overloaded.

Jumping. This is used for jumping over obstacles such as pits, and is similar to the climb check.
The formula is:

DC versus 10+ d10 + Str bonus + Dex Bonus + Tumble Skill / 3 – encumbrance penalty

Cimmerian +2 bonus
Dwarf, Gnome or Halfling –4 penalty
Barbarian +2 bonus
Hasted +4 bonus

The encumbrance penalty is the same as for climbing.

There may be many other ways to navigate obstacles, for example finding lengths of rope or
using magic spells, polymorph type spells being the most obvious. Being ethereal also helps!

Darkness. It’s a sad fact of life that it is dark underground. Please don’t complain to me if you
have restricted visibility in a crypt with no light source. Instead, if you cannot make magical
light, you have plenty of opportunities to find torches, make torches or light oil lamps that you
will come across in your travels. Also, as is usual in D&D, there is always phosphorescent mould
and lichens growing on cavern walls to give a little light in some natural areas.

Drinking and Card Playing. These are mini-games to give a rough city-type atmosphere.

Criminal activity. In Zamora, citizens don’t stand idly by while you rob them with impunity. If
they are commoners they may run for help, or otherwise they may attack. Similarly if you attack
neutral commoners, even those who attacked you because you were caught thieving, this will
send out the alarm of “murderer” and others may come to accost you. After a few such incidents,
the whole city will be against you (although the guards are a separate faction). This will trigger a
special event next time you go out in public (see below).

If you rob from containers belonging to those of neutral faction, even if not caught, you will
suffer/enjoy a chaotic alignment shift.

Note for Builders

Feel free to take this module apart for techniques and ideas to use in your own adventures.
Hopefully then you will not have to replicate all the long work it took to get this module
functioning with its custom features. Crom knows, we all need as much help as we can get! And
feel free to design your own better solutions!


The Zamorian Tavern

After an uneventful journey across the Kezankian Mountains into Zamora, your first point of
contact with civilisation is a rough tavern in a small village.

Here you may buy and sell basic supplies and talk to the barman. You may join up with
multiplayer friends.

On leaving the tavern you are ambushed by Kezankian hillmen. This is an easy fight to get you
used to being a Hyborian hero again! The hetman has a heavy maul for exceptionally strong

After talking again to the barman, you prepare to make your way to Arenjun.
Arenjun Events

There are so many things to do in the city, and such a non-linear design, that instead of a detailed
walkthrough I have just done a brief overview of the story, and then described the individual
areas in more detail.

Part 1 - Lockdown

On arriving in the North Bazaar district, you may explore this area as you wish, but the story is
advanced when you talk to the innkeeper in the Lucky Coin Inn just south of the entrance gate.
(The gatekeeper advises you to head here.) Ask the innkeeper what is going on in the city.

On heading outside, you join midway through a conversation where the Guard Captain is relating
to Arenjun’s citizens that there has been a failed assassination attempt upon the Viceroy, the
city’s administrative ruler, and as a result lock-down is in effect. No-one may enter or leave the
city, or even cross from one district to another!

Part 2 – The Geas

Further south, near the gate to the Temple district, a slave girl will find you and invite you to
meet with her master, a philosopher named Praxis.

If you accept, you are led to his library where he asks you to complete an assignment for him. He
wants you to retrieve an item named the Scroll of the Zhemri from an individual named Aquinus,
who just happens to be the guildmaster of a thieves guild in the Maul, a neighbouring city
district. Whether you refuse or accept, Praxis lays a special curse upon you – a geas – to ensure
you complete his task!

At least the debacle with Praxis has provided you with the means to travel between districts;
under his mansion is an entrance to the city sewers.

Once in the sewers, head east towards the Maul. You will meet a band of rogues hiding here who
attack you on sight. Their leader will collapse severely wounded so you may interrogate him. Do
so, and you may learn the dangers of the sewers, the location of an exit up to the Maul and some
background on how his guild were falsely accused of the assassination attempt upon the Viceroy.
He gives you a red dirk symbol, token of his guild, to signify his capitulation.

When in the Maul, you should explore and talk to the locals to discover that Aquinus is the
guildmaster of the Black Wolves. To get close to Aquinus, you will need either to join his guild,
or find some way of gaining the support of other guilds to defeat his guild.
You need to make a name for yourself in the Maul to attract the notice of the guilds and this is
most easily done by wandering the Maul at night. You may come upon some ruffians attacking a
young girl, and if you defeat or intimidate them your reputation will be enhanced. Sometimes it
is a trick and the girl backstabs you, but you still get the reputation.

In addition to random encounters with girls being attacked, there is the possibility of an attack
from muggers hiding in a nearby alley. The first time you have this encounter, a rogue comes to
your assistance. He is Rodriguez and wishes to join your party. Subsequent encounters will just
end in a fight or successful intimidation, but gain you reputation towards the meeting with the
Black Wolves.

Other ways to gain reputation include:
Defeating the Reavers’ Guild.
Exorcising the ghosts in the haunted tower.
Beating Bibulus in a drinking competition (in the Dancing Dagger).

Once you have gained sufficient reputation (more than three of the above actions, some of which
occur multiple times), the next time you call in at the Wanderer’s Inn, you will be met by an
agent of the Black Wolves guild, who invites you to go with him to their large compound in the
south west corner of the Maul. If you have already met Rodriguez as a result of a brush with
some muggers, the latter will warn you against this meeting if he is travelling with you.

Whether you meet the Black Wolves or travel with Rodriguez determines the path the story will

Part 3a – Working with the Wolves

Once invited to the Black Wolves compound, speak with Secundus who acts as a kind of steward
managing the guild. He gives you a number of assignments, each with its own rewards, but with
the ultimate goal of gaining sufficient trust to have a personal audience with Aquinus the

The assignments are:
1. Collection of protection money from a jeweller in the North Bazaar.
2. Retrieval of the Skulls Guild token from a merchant selling it to the highest bidder.
3. Ambushing the Panthers Guild in the middle of their robbery of an artefact from the Temple
   of Set.
4. Eliminating the Subtle Knives Guild in their hidden lair under the North Bazaar district.
5. Finding some Black Wolf renegades and inviting them back into the fold or slaying them.
6. Solving the mystery of the disappearance of courtesans from the Maul’s alleys at night.

After successful completion of an assignment, and reporting back to Secundus, Rodriguez will
no longer associate with you, so you are committed to this path.

After successful completion of some assignments, Secondus offers you a special personal
assignment to find out about the disappearance of his son who was kidnapped by the Yoggites
On completing a the requisite number of Back Wolf assignments, Secundus informs you that far
from being invited to see the Guildmaster, the latter plans to have you killed! Secundus thinks
you would make a better guildmaster and gives you the location of a secret route to Aquinus’
private chambers. Alternatively, after completing the Yoggite assignment, Secundus in gratitude
gives you this secret route, assuming you wish to do away with Aquinus.

Part 3b – Against the Wolves

If you allow Rodriguez to join your party after the initial fight with the muggers, or subsequently
on meeting him in the Dancing Dagger, after a little while (when you return either to the
Wanderer’s Inn or to the Dancing Dagger) he requests to speak with you, asking what you know
of the Red Dirks guild. This may be because he has seen your red dirk token or discovered you
slew the last of them in the sewer.

If you are honest with Rodriguez about your geas to retrieve the scroll from Aquinus, he
responds in kind admitting that he was leader of the now defunct Red Dirks and he seeks
vengeance against the Black Wolves for orchestrating their demise.

You have the opportunity to join forces with Rodriguez to launch an assault against their
compound and so get to Aquinus. To do this Rodriguez will help you to gain the support of a
number of rival guilds. This is done by:

1. Offering protection to the Subtle Knives guild, whose contact is Porthos in the Lucky Coin.
2. Retrieving the Skulls Guild amulet for their guildmaster, based under the Maul Ironmongers
3. Helping the Panthers Guild during their robbery of the Temple of Set, contacted via Slaterna,
   a courtesan in the Dancing Dagger
4. Finding some renegades calling themselves the Crimson Knives, who split from the Black
   Wolves and are likely to seek vengeance against them, contacted by talking to a street urchin
   in the Maul.

In addition, there is a faction unknown to Rodriguez called the Asurites. They are a clandestine
religion who secretly work against forces of disorder and evil in the world. You meet them by
travelling along the alleyway just north of the abandoned theatre at night. A shadowy figure
greets you and invites you through a secret entrance in the back of the theatre. Once inside you
may converse with the High Priest of Asura, who may provide you with aid and requests, if you
feel able, to investigate the Yoggite Cult. If you succeed, some Asurites will later join your
assault upon the Black Wolves compound.

Once you have recruited enough aid, Rodriguez arranges a meeting with the guilds. You have to
persuade them to join you in the assault.

If you have worked successfully with some guilds according to the advice of Rodriguez,
Secundus becomes suspicious of you, and so you will no longer be able to pursue the Black
Wolves path.

Part 3c – Going Solo

There is the possibility to try the assault yourself. It is conceivable that you may upset both
Rodriguez and the Black Wolves and so not complete either path. There is a point of no return
for both paths. If you complete a Black Wolves assignment, Rodriguez will have nothing to do
with you, and if you spend too much time with Rodriguez, or for exapmly change your mind and
help the Panthers half way through a Black Wolves assignment, Secundus will no longer trust
you. The only way to break through the Black Wolves compound gate yourself is to obtain some
barrels of explosive oil from the old sage in the tower to the south-east of the Maul district. The
reagents to make these explosives are very expensive, so it is likely that you will need to explore
much of the Maul and North Bazaar to gain enough gold.

Part 4 – Completing the Geas

The private quarters of Aquinus lie on the top floor of the Guildmaster’s Tower in the Black
Wolves Guild compound. You may reach this point either after assaulting the compound with
Rodriguez and the other guilds, or if Secundus told you the secret entrance to the Guildmaster’s

During your conversation with Aquinus, you may fight him or together work out a way
temporarily to twist the meaning of the geas. Aquinus will give you the scroll in such
circumstances, and leave the city. Alternatively, if you do not reach an agreement, Aquinus will
use the fact that your resistance of the geas by delaying slaying him has weakened you to make
his own attack, with the aid of his elite guards from a hidden room opposite his chamber.

With the scroll in your possession, you will need to return to Praxis. If you had raided the Black
Wolves compound with Rodriguez he is waiting downstairs to talk to you. If you had discussed
the geas with the old sage, he may give you some useful advice before your show-down with

When you approach his library on the first floor, Praxis senses you have the scroll and rushes
into the hall to grab it. But your geas was to slay the bearer of the scroll and return to the
library. The geas is broken and you are free to vent your frustration on the feeble wizard.

Once he is destroyed, you may use his dropped key to head up to the top floor of his home. In his
private quarters you may find proof that Praxis was behind the attempted assassination of the
Viceroy, and furthermore that Praxis works for the Black Ring, a secret cabal of powerful
wizards that owe allegance to Set.

You may take the evidence to the Constable, perhaps via the old sage. A meeting with the
Viceroy himself will follow. Unfortunately, the Constable twists your account of events and the
haughty Viceroy leaves you with little more than your life in gratitude.
Outside, Rodriguez shows up, even if you thought you had killed him. It turns out that the rogue
in your absence has managed to install himself as the new Black Wolves Guildmaster, and
promised to work more closely with the Viceroy to share the Guilds profits in return for
complete freedom from official interference. No doubt the distorted version of events he related
to the Viceroy did much to contribute to your lack of favour…

And here the adventure ends. While you are hardly the hero of the city, at least you are free of
the geas, much the heavier with loot and gold, and even more the wiser to the nefarious ways of
the city of Arenjun. More daring exploits beckon.

Subplots, Sideplots and Sites of Interest

North Bazaar

You are free to wander the streets of the North Bazaar day or night, taking in the ambience of the
city, people-watching or making conversation with the citizens. You will not be attacked here,
but you may not rest in the street like a beggar. The main nuisances are the street urchins who
pickpocket you with irritating regularity. They will steal random small items loose in your
inventory. You will notice them approach and retreat. If you spot the deed, you may run after
them and accost them. If they fail the pickpocketing, they will cry “woops” and run away. On
accosting them, you may bully them to get the item back (only the most recent item they stole –
the rest were already fenced) but you risk making a scene in front of the citizens. You may
march the urchin to a nearby guard or to the constabulary to get your item back if the theft took
place in the North Bazaar.

Journey through the Sewers

You enter the sewers from the basement of Praxis’ dwelling. A bookcase to the right of an alcove
conceals a secret door to a staircase down. In the basement is some cat’s urine, which you may
reason or discover from the rogue leader in the sewer can be used over your body to repel the
sewer rats.

The other main sewer exit is to the south-east of the area, where a ladder leads up through a
broken grate into the Maul.

There is a secret exit from the sewer to the north-west near a beetle lair. This leads to the Subtle
Knives Hideout (see below).

There is a small chamber to the south-west with a ladder leading up to the Temple district. Even
if the geas did not prevent you from travelling to this area, the valve at the top of the ladder
releases a drowning deluge of water on top of you. You must grab hold of the ladder, and try and
climb up, or open the entrance door to the chamber while underwater.
The escape staircase from the Yoggite crypts leads up to a secret door at the east end of the
sewer. This door may only be discovered and used from the other side.

At the south-east corner is a secret tunnel beyond a sewer grate that leads to an eastern section of
sewer, but this may only initially be discovered from the eastern side.

In the sewer are hordes of rats that periodically attack in certain areas. They attack in multiple
waves in huge numbers. Some are giant rats. You will need to deal area of effect damage or have
great cleave or some other way to deal with large numbers of weak creatures at once. The
encounters reset after a few hours. Cat’s urine will repel the rats, negating these encounters.

Other sewer denizens include vegetative sewer beasts of varying size. These are resistant to
normal weapons.

There are patches of green slime, one off the main sewer-way just east of the encounter with the
rogues on your way to the Maul exit. A patch may drop upon you, slaying you after four rounds
if you don’t scrape it off (attack the “Attached Green Slime” that lies just next to you and moves
around with you). After the first round, you may only scrape it off if you also damage yourself.
You may also attack loose patches of slime on the ground, and such patches may attack you if
you are right next to them. Any scraping or melee attack risks your weapon corroding away.

The slime is very sensitive to fire damage. Non-attached slime can only be affected by fire

You cannot target the main patch of slime on the ceiling, but the patch is nevertheless affected by
area damage. So the alchemists fire, and especially the fire bomb, thrown upon the ground will
damage the overall patch. When the patch is destroyed, this is visible as a loss of green tint to the

The main patch also dissipates if four patches have already dropped down onto creatures below.

If you die you turn into a patch of slime, so if respawning watch for the slime patch next to you!

Finally, there are drowned undead near the waterfalls to the south west of the sewer. These are
tough to dispatch.

Bottomless Glass

At the north-west corner of the North Bazaar district is a rundown tavern that looks like it
belongs in the Maul. Talking to the barman yields some information about the Slavers
Compound next door. You may then talk to Old Groucho who gives you a quest to raid the
Slavers Compound

You may talk to an important looking slaver merchant to find out a little more about the slavers’
operation. Once you have accepted the quest from Old Groucho in the Bottomless Glass, you
have the option to trigger an attack upon the slavers from this conversation.

Kill all the guards you see. Some drop keys to doors leading to other parts of the compound.

If you talk to a slave, and the door barring them in is unlocked, the slave will thank you for
rescuing them and leave.

On the main floor, in a bed chamber, is a slave girl who has already just escaped. She will give
you information about the compound. You will need to head to the basement first to obtain the
key to the slaver master’s private suite upstairs.

In the compound dungeon, more guards attack. One flees south past two open portcullises to a
lever which drops the portcullises. Then the guards from this south area may fire their crossbows
at you as you attempt to get past the portcullises. There is a chance to shoot the lever from afar to
move it and open the portcullises again.

Beyond is the jailer and more guards, and beyond another portcullis are more slaves to rescue.
The jailer has a key to the slaver master’s private suite upstairs.

Upstairs, head along the corridor, slaying any guards you meet, until you come to a small
chamber with some elite guards. The door at the far end is opened by the key on the jailer and
inside is the slaver master’s suite. The master attacks in his madness and you may slay him

You may head back to the Bottomless Glass to tell Old Groucho how you slew the slavers. You
have the option to encourage Old Groucho to brag of the deed, as if he were responsible himself.

Then you may go to the Constable and say you have discovered who was responsible for the
raid, blame Old Groucho and get the reward yourself! Evil is good! Otherwise if you discuss the
slavers’ raid with the constable you will be blamed yourself since you fit a description given to


In the centre of the North Bazaar is a jeweller’s shop. You may discuss his difficulties with a
protection racket, and right on cue some thugs turn up at his door. You may slay the thugs to
earn the jeweller’s thanks. Alternatively, if you have accepted the Black Wolves mission to
collect protection money yourself, you may do so but the thugs similarly turn up. You may fight
the thugs to teach them not to mess with the Black Wolves. You can also complete the Black
Wolves mission in a kind way by paying the collection money yourself and asking the jeweller to
pretend that he paid it.
The jeweller may offer to cut some of your gems to improve their value. You leave them in the
display cabinet near his shop counter to do this. On average, the value of gems cut in this way is


To the north-east of the North Bazaar, just near a well, is the alchemist’s shop. The alchemist
specialises in magical healing decoctions, but also has other potions for sale.

Silks Merchant

Mila’s silks seems to have shops all over the multiverse – here in the North Bazaar in the
south-west market square near the constabulary, in Scythia, and even in the far-away
banespirit-haunted world where Heliopolis and Aqualis lie.

This Mila sells the usual costumes both decorative and magical. In addition, there is a particular
dress that a certain courtesan wishes you to buy for her. If you draw attention to the dress, Mila
may determine that it is for this courtesan and refuse to sell it to such a common individual.
However, once you identify it in her inventory, she will forget about this and sell it to you like
any other dress.

Criminal Behaviour

Getting caught stealing from containers or breaking past locked doors too many times will make
the whole city your enemy, though guards remain neutral. If you head out in public in this area,
you will be accosted by a group of guards sent to bring you to justice. If you surrender, they take
you to the Constabulary where you have a chance to avoid imprisonment by buying yourself an
official pardon. If you fight, the guards attack and the adventure is over as you cannot more
around the city freely any more.


This lies in the south-west market square of the North Bazaar. Inside, to the right, is a notice
board with a number of reward notices. These notices are updated as the story progresses – some
relating to crimes you committed!

Up the stairs and through the door is the constable’s private office. Here you may report
completion of the reward missions.

If the city rises up against you, due to commiting too many crimes, you may turn yourself in
here. The Constable calculates a hefty fine depending on the value of the goods you already
possess. If you pay, he grudgingly gives you a full pardon and you will be treated again as
before. If you refuse or cannot pay, you are dropped into the constabular prison. You may also
end up here after messing up certain reward missions.

In the constabulary prison, you may sell the jailer your equipment to buy your way out of jail.


If you shun magical healing, and have ailments that rest alone will not cure, you may head to the
hospital of Mitra in the North Bazaar near the Temple District gate.

Talking to the priests tells you how to obtain this healing by lying upon a hospital bed. Such a
process takes some time however. You may also buy healing kits, etc, from the priests.


On the street heading south from the north-east market square to the Temple District gate is a
large shop run by an armour merchant from far Aquilonia. He has a rich selection of expensive

Talking to him may yield a mission to take back a powerful magical helmet that was stolen from
him. The culprit is a pawnbroker in the Maul. Head there at night when no-one is in the shop and
find a way to the basement.

The pawnbroker has a similar mission to steal a powerful magical shield from the armourer. To
complete this mission, find a secret trap door in the roof of the armourer’s shop in the North
Bazaar outside. From here, the shield lies to the east along a corridor on the upper floor of the
shop. When you get past the locked door of his treasure chamber, this activates a guardian metal
golem hidden behind a secret wall to the west of the upper floor. The golem stomps slowly round
to accost you, breathing poisonous gas. Note that the golem has the expected weapon immunities
which are bypassed if you have adamantine weapons. Alternatively, you could seek out the
golem first in his secret chamber, and then take the shield at your leisure.

It is possible to rob from both the Armourer and the Pawnbroker and be rewarded by both!

Lucky Coin Inn

This inn for the more well-to-do citizens of Arenjun is situated in the North Bazaar near the min
gate outside the city.

Asking the innkeeper here about goings on in Arenjun will trigger the lockdown event, where
everyone is informed that there has been an attempt on the Viceroy’s life. You may talk to the
innkeeper futher to gain some general backgound on the city.
You may purchase a key to a bedrooom upstairs. Here you may rest in safety (in the actual
bedroom not the public hallway) and store excess equipment.

Later, once you have teamed up with Rodriguez, you may meet Porthos here, a spy for the Subtle
Knives who leads you to their hidden base under a dwelling in the North Bazaar.

Finally, once you have beaten most of the card players in the Maul, you may be directed here to
find out about the “big game”. The innkeeper tells you the game is in a back room of the Lucky
Coin, and may provide you with useful information about the tactics and strengths and
weaknesses of your opponents in the big game.

Merchant selling the Skull Amulet

Once you accept either of the quests involving retrieving the Skulls Guildmaster’s amulet, a
merchant who possesses this amulet to sell to the highest bidder will be found wandering the
North Bazaar.

You may simply buy the (expensive) amulet, or trick the merchant into heading to a dark alley to
rob him of the amulet or murder him.

Dwelling of Praxis

After the lockdown event, if you walk the street to the south of the North Bazaar district towards
the Temple District gate, a slave girl will invite you to join her master Praxis. His dwelling is
east along the street to the Maul gate and then cutting back into a small blind alley.

You are initially led straight to the library where you talk with Praxis and the geas main plot is

In the basement is a slave, perhaps how you will end up if you are not rid of the geas, and cat’s
urine useful for the sewer. In the north wall of an alcove is a bookcase that conceals a secret door
to a staircase leading down to the sewers. After traversing the sewers more than once, you will
receive a message giving you the option to bypass the sewers and head straight to the sewer grate
in the Maul.

The ground floor of Praxis’s dwelling has guards that are not particularly conscientious. There is
another floor above the library level that can only be accessed using the key dropped by Praxis
after you finally slay him. Praxis’ private chamber contains magical items and two items
revealing that he was behind the assassination attempt on the Viceroy. One is disguised by
magical invisible ink. The old sage in the tower in the Maul can reveal the ink for you if you are
unable to do so yourself.
The Subtle Knives Hideout

You may find this hideout by coincidental nosey exploration, by following the advice of
Rodriguez as part of the recruiting guilds main quest, or by pursuing the Black Wolves quest.

The entrance to the hideout is via a normal looking North Bazaar dwelling to the south on a blind
alley heading north from the street between the Temple District gate and Maul gate. The door is
the second to the left heading north up the alley. Another entrance is no the main street facing
north-south from the north-east market square to the Temple District gate. Both doors are always
locked, while only some random dwelling doors are locked. If Porthos led you here after
Rodriguez directed you to him in the Lucky Coin, he gives you a key to the door and advice
about avoiding traps before disappearing off. The key also fits the lock to the door to the
basement. Once down here, possession of the key allows you to bypass various floor trap

There are one or two guildmembers wandering the basement hideout, and doors that cannot
(should not) be opened leading to other areas of the hideout. Head round the main corridor which
turns south into an underground area with a brazier in the centre; the Subtle Knives are having a
meeting here. Speak to the Guildmaster.

If you found the area on random exploration you will be allowed to leave. Otherwise the
Guildmaster will offer you the aid of his guild in return for defending them against an imminent
attack by the Black Wolves. The attack is more imminent than anyone expects, for you are
interrupted by a raiding party of Wolves bursting into the chamber from a secret door in the east
wall beyond the dividing railings.

Aid the Subtle Knives in fighting off and slaying all the Black Wolves. If you pause to survey
the situation you may kick over the brazier into the path of the Black Wolves in true Conan style.
Once victorious, the Guildmaster will thank you and promise you aid when the time is ripe.

You may also talk to the Guildmaster to gain a little background on Rodriguez, who was once a
member of the Subtle Knives before he left to form his own guild, the ill-fated Red Dirks.

If you followed the Black Wolves quest here, you will be entering from the Arenjun Sewers
under the North Bazaar.

You may first wish to follow the advice of Secundus and recruit some Black Wolf troops to help
you. These rogues are in the north-west round tower of the compound. They can be hired for 200

Head through the sewer to the north-west corner, as marked on your map by Secundus. Once you
slay the giant beetle infestation stepping next to a grate in the west wall (just south of one with a
skeleton), you discover that the grate conceals a secret door. It is at this point that you summon
your Black Wolf soldiers.

Head through the grate to surprise the Subtle Knives in their meeting chamber. If you pause to
survey the situation you may kick over the brazier lying in the centre of the chamber into the
path of the Subtle Knives in true Conan style. Kill all the Subtle Knives in the area; you will
receive a message when you have done so. Return to tell Secundus of your success. Any Black
Wolf rogues remaining alive when you leave the hideout head off by themselves once you return
to the sewer. They may be found again in their compound. Any slain will (obviously) not be
available for rehire.

Exploring elsewhere in the Subtle Knives hideout may take you to the Guildmaster’s quarters in
the south-west corner. Behind the fireplace is the secret door to a treasure room. Along the west
corridor of the hideout are doors leading to storerooms. In a room filled with less valuable stolen
loot is a painting. There is a reward for return of this painting at the Constabulary. However, this
is a trap laid by the Constable. The reward is far more than the worth of the painting, and was to
encourage a rogue or fence who would know the Subtle Knives whereabouts to try and claim the
reward. The Constable believes none of your explanations and you end up in prison, having to
pay a massive fee for release.

North Bazaar dwellings

Only a few doors in Arenjun cannot be entered. This is most likely because they are guard
houses or guarded wealthy dwellings. If there is something interesting within these buildings
there will be a conversation opportunity to get inside. The remainder may be open or locked,
perhaps trapped. The remainder of doors you can get through lead to normal city dwellings with
upstairs floors. There may be citizens here who will be upset by the disturbance. You may be
able to talk to them to gain the same information as you would from citizens on the street. You
may be able to rob goods from these dwellings (but see criminal activity section above).

Normal dwelling doors may or may not be locked or trapped. Being caught picking locks
(possible) or bashing doors (vey likely) may attract the attention of passers by, who might flee or
attack on sight.

Game mechanics note. Obviously I did not create about 500 separate downstairs and upstairs
dwelling areas. I created four sets which randomly generate furniture, containers and residents. If
you return to a dwelling you see the same things inside. But if you go into five diffferent
dwellings and return to the first the house will have been re-randomised and there will be new
containers to rob etc.

You could probably get limitless loot, but soon you will be 100% chaotic and it is quite likely
you would be identified as a criminal unless you are very sneaky. Also, robbing 500 homes
would be rather boring…

Anrejun Fortress

Normally you will not be able to enter the fortress area. However at the end of the adventure
when you go to the Constable with information on who was behind the assassination attempt
upon the Viceroy, he leads you straight to the throne room. Here you have a conversation with
the Viceroy himself.

When you leave the throne room, Rodriguez joins you outside. It transpires that while you were
busy with Praxis, the latter was busy becoming the new Guildmaster of the Black Wolves and
making a deal with the Viceroy! This occurs even if you completed the Black Wolves path, and
even after you think you killed him. (He had obtained a magical device from a priest that allowed
his body to be revived.)

Rodriguez encouarages you to accept the turn of events in good grace. He might prove an ally in
later adventures in Arenjun, and perhaps hiding in the Guildmaster’s tower ruling over a band of
rogues is not your idea of adventure anyway.

Artist’s Home

A wealthy home to the north-west of the North Bazaar, south of the warehouses, can be entered
once you have taken up the quest for the Horn of Plenty. This quest is given to you by the
courtesan in the Blind Beggar. She wants you to buy her a dress from Mila’s Silks in the North
Bazar in return for information on the whereabouts of the Horn lately stolen from the Lady
Sonara. There is a reward for this posted in the Constabulary. The courtesan indicates it is in the
possession of a young artist in the dwelling here described.

Enter via the guards at the door or via a trapdoor leading upstairs. To the north-west of the upper
floor the artist may be found in his studio. You may have to slay a few guards to get to him.

Many things may happen during the conversation with the artist. You may demand the Horn,
which lies upon a workbench. This is a counterfeit horn. You may deduce it is a fake and
demand the real one, which is in a hidden compartment in the floor of the studio. You may kill
the artist, or let him escape with the real horn, the fake horn or empty-handed.

If you return to the Constable with the fake horn, either deliberately or in innocence, he will spot
this and throw you into the dungeon. If you return the real horn and let the artist go, he will
disapprove and you will receive no reward. It seems the Constable and the nobles just want
summary justice and the killing off of any loose ends in this affair.

The Maul

The Maul at Night

After dark the Maul becomes a dangerous place. On stepping out, there is a likelihood that the
screaming woman event will be triggered. After about half a minute, you hear screams coming
from a random direction indicated to you – if you do not click anywhere your PC will also turn
to face this direction. You have a few minutes to track down the source of the screams before the
event expires. If you are successful, a young woman asks you to rescue her from some thugs who
mean her harm. You can intimidate to avoid a fight and the thugs will retreat, you can fight them,
or let them carry on. The first two actions will impress the Black Wolves. There is a 50% chance
that it is a trick if you fight, and the young woman will backstab you with a poisoned dagger.
The encounter may occur a second time after a few hours if you reenter the Maul. If you failed to
find the source of the screams, the encounter will trigger again much sooner if you leave the
Maul streets and reenter.

If the screaming woman event does not trigger, or has triggered successfully twice already, there
is an alternative event with a gang of muggers. When you step out into the Maul, quite nearby
the gang will gather and hide in stealth mode. If you happen by, their leader accosts you. If you
do not happen by for a few minutes, the muggers disappear off, but may be reset on reentering
the Maul.

The first time the Mugger encounter occurs, Rodriguez pops up to help you. This is how
Rodriguez joins you as your companion. Thereafter, if you are not with him you can meet him
again at the Dancing Dagger. Subsequent mugger encounters are a straight fight with a chance to
threaten your way out of it.

Maul Dwellings

These, and the doors leading to them, function exactly as those in the North Bazaar.

Sewer Grate

You will first enter the Maul during the daytime through this sewer grate leading up from the
main sewers. After traversing the sewer more than once, you have the option to bypass the
sewers and head straight to Praxis’ basement.

Wanderer’s Inn Boarding House

This lies a little north of the centre of the Maul, just east of a small square with a well. Here, you
may purchase lodgings for 10 gold and get some information about the thieves guilds from the
innkeeper once you have done so.

The Wanderer’s Inn is a place where travellers and mercenaries stay, and so a good place to meet
those seeking mercenaries for various assignments.

If you have impressed the Black Wolves guild with your actions in the Maul alleyways at night,
or clearing the haunted tower of ghosts, or clearing out the Reavers Guild, their messenger visits
here. If you accept his invitation, you are jumped to the Black Wolves gate where the messenger
gets you in. If you refuse, he will wait in the inn in case you change your mind. If you are with
Rodriguez, going off with the messenger will be more difficult.

In the Inn, a worried mother may try and secure your aid in looking for her son. You may find
out about this boy from one of the street urchins of the Maul – the only one who doesn’t
pickpocket you. By day he wanders the Maul, by night he is in the storeroom of the Dancing
Dagger. This quest links with the Crimson Hands quest. If you are pursuing these renegades
either to recruit them with Rodriguez or on behalf of the Black Wolves, speaking to this urchin
may allow you to deduce that the woman’s son was mixed up in the Crimson Hands guild, and
the urchin will give you the location of their hideout. This is along the northernmost alley of the
Maul, about halfway along the south side of the street. The lintel is marked with a small symbol
of a bloody hand – if you know what to look for.

Finally, you may meet here a High Priest of Erlik who wishes to recruit you to track down his
wayward apprentice who is dragging people off the streets at night to recruit into his growing
undead army under the city. This quest links with the “ladies of the night” quest given you by the
Black Wolves or by talking to some courtesans, including the one in the Blind Beggar who wants
the dress, or Slaterna, or talking to the old beggar near the sewer grate.

The high priest gives you a Necromancer’s wand that has some arcane protective powers, and
most usefully may allow you to determine the direction of any necromantic residue.
Triangulation in the Maul should point you to a door in the north side of the blind alley leading
to the Dancing Dagger. There is a small spot of blood under the door. Inside is a creepy
abandoned dwelling. The wand then points you to a hidden trap door at the far end of the house
near the window. This leads down to a different section of sewers, Arenjun Sewers East, and
thence to the apprentice’s lair (see below).

Arenjun Sewers East & Apprentice’s Lair

You may be given the side-quest to track down the high priest of Erlik’s apprentice by the high
priest himself in the Wanderer’s Inn, but you also find out in more general terms about the
problem from the old beggar near the sewer grate and from various courtesans in the Maul.
Finally the quest is the same as the “Ladies of the Night” quest given you by Secundus if you are
following the Black Wolves path. It is likely in all cases though that you will need the encounter
with the high priest to get you started with resolving the quest.

This small section of the sewer lies under the Maul. To the west, beyond a cave in, it leads to a
grate that connects with the main sewers. The grate opening can only be discovered from this
side, but once used you may traverse freely back and forth between the North Bazaar and Maul
sewers. However, it might be easier just to use the grate leading straight up to the Maul.

To the south is a secret door leading to the apprentice’s lair. The wand will point to this. As you
approach, a bloated drowned corpse animates and issues a warning. Of course, you will ignore
this. Head south past an encounter with undead vermin in a central pool, and take the east
passage at the T-junction. West leads to a trapped room. Head round south and west and fight
various undead soldiers. Eventually you turn north again past embalming chambers to a chamber
divided by a pit with shallow water. The apprentice is at his altar on the far side. More undead
attack from the pit, while others shoot from raised alcoves to left and right. Once you slay the
apprentice, the high priest drops in. Now you must slay the master as well as the apprentice.

You may inform Secundus that you have completed this assignment, or reassure the courtesans
and beggers that the Maul streets are now (slightly) safer at night.

Crimson Hands Guild Hideout

This lies in the basement of a dwelling identified by speaking to the Maul street urchin after
receiving the quest from the worried mother and from Secundus or Rodriguez.

The short damp and slimy corridor leading from the stairs to the hideout is trapped, as is the
door. Beyond, you are greeted by the Crimson Hands leader. All conversation paths lead either to
fighting all the Guild or fighting their bestial champion who slew the worried mother’s son. In
the latter case, if you defeat their champion they agree to aid you against the Black Wolves, or
await the Black Wolves judgement upon them if you were given the assignment by the latter.
Alternatively, if you fight the whole guild you may discover from the leader before he dies that
the Crimson Hands were actually hired to assassinate the Viceroy! The plot involves the
followers of Set (the cult based in Stygia, not just the local temple you can raid in this
adventure). Otherwise his perrsonal effects contain similar information.

If you had the mission from Secundus and returned without slaying the Guild, Secondus
indicates that he is sending men to do so anyway now he has their location.

You may return to the worried mother and give her the bad news, give her false news to spare
her feelings along with a gift, or give her false news and trick her into parting with her remaining

The Panthers Tunnel

If you are working with Rodriguez, he relates that the Panthers Guild may be recruited in your
planned assault against the Black Wolves if you first help them in their own robbery of the
Temple of Set. A courtesan in the Dancing Dagger by the name of Slaterna may have
information. Ask Slaterna specifically about business involving the temples and she will answer
on this topic instead of providing random rumours, but she will come to the topic anyway on
repeated questionning and repeated payments. You may get the information from her on the
location of the Panthers’ tunnelling operation to steal a relic from the Temple of Set either by
threat or bribery.

Head for the Maul dwelling indicated, which is just north of the Black Wolves compound next to
the city wall adjoining the temple district. When someone answers from the other side of the
barred door, bluff your way in or eventually rely upon the truth. Once inside, talk to the Panthers
Guildmistress and she will allow you to join them.
If you are working with the Black Wolves, it is Secundus who puts you in touch with Slaterna,
and when you get inside the home where the Panthers have their tunnel entrance, you instead
attack the Guild. Alternatively, you can change your mind and side with the Panthers. If the
lieutenant is with you, he escapes to warn the Black Wolves guild. Now you are no longer
welcome in the Black Wolves compound. If Rodriguez is still alive (you have not already killed
him) you may later still be able to complete his quests if you have not already done the opposite
quests for the Black Wolves, but you must be careful that you have not prevented yourself from
completing either path.

Head down the tunnel either with the Panthers or with your Black Wolves – either the
Guildmistress or the Black Wolves scout will blow up the final tunnel opening into the temple.

Temple of Set

If you are with the Panthers, you head north from the dungeon area with your three assigned
rogues, while the rest head west to guard the main stair to the rest of the temple. There is a secret
rooms leading off the first corridor heading north where you may rest safely. Otherwise resting
may attract wandering snakes or priests. Work you way north and west until your way back is
blocked by a door you passed through that seals off a poison gas trap area. Continue west, then
north through an open area where a number of temple guards shoot at you from raised platforms
to either side, and then east past a trapped door to the area containing the Chalice of Pteor. You
will first have to fight the statue of the giant snake that comes alive. The reliquary is trapped.

When you take the chalice from the reliquary, a messenger arrives from the panthers helpfully
telling you of another way back to the tunnel entrance. She leads you to a secret door now
already discovered in the south wall of a corridor leading south from the open area. She passes
through the door, and you may follow. Head east until you come to a balcony overloooking the
main stair to the level where the rest of the Panthers have been fighting the gurads trying to break
in. You must help the Panthers fight off the final wave of temple guards coming down the main
stair. The Guidmistress will take the chalice, and you receive an experience reward and different
comments depending on how many Panthers (both from your original group and the main group)
remain alive. At this point any panthers under your command revert to command by their

Head back to the tunnel. Once there, you are ambushed by a party of Black Wolves. Defeat them
and at last you reach the safety of the tunnel dwelling, where an exhausted Guildmistress pledges
her support. If the Guildmistress is slain in this final combat, the mission is a failure – you will
not be able to recruit their aid later and must rely upon other guilds for your planned assault upon
the Black Wolves.

If you are with the Wolves, you head north with the scout, but in this case must face waves of
temple guards from the main staircase who track you down. On obtaining the chalice, if the
Black Wolves lieutenant is with you as a companion, he has an argument with the scout about a
secret way back. The scout is correct and there is a secret door far away back down the open
area, up a staircase and in the south wall opposite you. Head through a small room and south and
then east to come upon a final wave of temple guards clattering down the main staircase entrance
to the vault. In this instance, there will obviously be no ambush in the tunnel. Return to Secundus
with the chalice.

Sage’s Tower

In the south-east corner of the Maul is a lone tower in the shadows of the tall cliffs that mark the
perimeter of the city to the south. Within is an old sage. He is happy to provide useful
information about how to play Zamorian Poker, and advice about Praxis and the geas if you
confide in him. He also tells of the haunted guard tower nearby.

If you are unable to complete either the Black Wolves and Rodriguez quest paths, perhaps
because you upset both factions, it is possible to complete the adventure by talking to the sage
and offering an enormous sum for him to manufacture enough explosive material to blow apart
the Black Wolves compound gate. Then you must fight the Black Wolves alone… If successful,
the adventure proceeds as with the Rodriguez path, with you collaring Aquinus in his quarters at
the top of the compound tower.

Finally, if you are successful in defeating Praxis, the sage may help you interpret the evidence
you found that incriminates him and the Black Ring of Set in the assassination attempt upon the

Haunted Guard Tower

The curtain wall guard tower in the south-east corner of the Maul, near the sage’s tower, is
abandoned, its door boarded with a warning notice. You may be given a quest by the sage to
explore the tower.

Break down the lock to gain entry inside. A cutscene introduces you to the fiery ghost- maidens
on the ground floor. Some kind of fire protection is almost essential here. You may buy scrolls of
Mitra’s protection from the high priest of Asura under the theatre. There are also other items of
permanent heat protection available.

Head upstairs to be greeted by another cut-scene. The room opposite the stair is somewhat less
damaged by fire. The wall at the far end of this room conceals a secret compartment. Within are
a silver sword and silver dagger. These are effective against the ghosts, bypassing their quite
significant damage resistance.

If you head towards the other room, another cutscene is triggered. A ghostly maiden sleeps on a
bed and rises to greet you and converse. If you act trustingly and politely, initially innocent of
the fact she is an undead spirit, you may be able to convince her to leave, her revenge complete.
Break open the door leading onto the battlement to free her. Otherwise she turns fiery and you
must destroy her.
Return to the sage to complete the quest.

Abandoned Theatre

To the east of the Maul district is a wide open area with a large round building. This is a theatre
long-abandoned for reasons unclear. Entering through the main door, you are greeted by an eerie
scene. Approaching the stage, you see a hanging corpse. Closer inspection reveals this to be a
dummy covered by an illusion.

Resting in the theatre before discovering the Asura enclave may trigger random encounters with
undead shadows.

Backstage is an encounter with a shadow fiend in a room with scary eyes that greet you as you
open the door. To the north is a room with a number of shadows. As with all incorporeal
creatures in NWN2, they have immunity to non-enhanced weapons, but by this time even in a
Hyborian campaign you should have some +1 or greater weapons. Beyond the shadows is a
private bedchamber with a key in a chest. The key opens the lock to the backstage area to the
east. You come to a chamber where a demon appears to attack you. The “demon” is in fact a clay
golem. Behind the place where the demon appeared is a secret door in the wall. This leads to a
small chamber where you encounter three cowled figures. If you avoid combat, you may
discover that they have a secret enclave under the theatre, and the “hauntings” are simply to deter
unwanted intruders.

If you wander outside the rear of the theatre at night, and have not yet become too close in
association with the Black Wolves, a similar cowled figure approaches you from the shadows,
making the same invitation. If you accept you are directed to a secret door that now appears in
the rear wall of the theatre in a stable area. Head through to be directed to the Asura enclave
under the theatre.

Under the Theatre – Asura Enclave

Under the temple you come to a storeroom guarded by two more golem “demons”. Head beyond
to see the followers of Asura go about their daily business in their living quarters. To the south is
the Asura temple where you will meet their high priest. He can make helpful comments about
your geas, offer you somewhere to rest safely, heal you of ailments without charge and offer
various goods for sale.

He also gives you a quest, perhaps the hardest and certainly the most involved quest in the
adventure. There is a cult of kidnapping cannabalistic Yoggites hidden somewhere in the Maul,
and dark rumours of their ghoulish leader known as the Master. The high priest wants you to
penetrate the cult and do away with their leader. The only way he sees to do this is to become a
kidnapping victim yourself by heading to the Blind Beggar inn, from where many suspected
Yoggite victims disappear.
The Blind Beggar

This inn lies just north of the Black Wolves compound, clearly signposted.

The Blind Beggar is where you start the Yoggite quest. Talk to the innkeeper, saying loudly so
that you can be easily overheard about how you are a traveller with gold and how you are going
to get drunk and stay overnight at the inn. At this point, if you have a companion with you, they
will think your plan too dangerous and leave. You may find them again at their usual haunt (the
Dancing Dagger or the Black Wolves compound). Pretend to collapse drunk and you will be
dragged to a room upstairs. If you explore the room you will see that the window latch has been
tampered with. There is a chest where you may put your belongings for safe-keeping.
(Amazingly, neither the kidnappers nor the innkeeper will steal them. The Yoggites are after
your flesh not your gold.)

Go back to bed, or remain in bed, and the Yoggites will come for you. If you allow yourself to be
taken, you will suffer little lasting damage. You wake up in a cell in the Yoggites mansion.
Instead, if you fight them off, head outside afterwards below the window, where you may see a
lookout run away, and subsequently find tracks in the gound around the rope the would-be
kidnappers used to get up to your window. Alternatively, if you have mystical or (un)holy talents
you may use these to retrace the kidnapper’s trail from their base to your window. Follow the
trail along an alley heading east until you come to a short dead-end alley heading north. At the
end is the Yoggite entrance overgrown with grasses. The door deals negative damage when
pushed against and you realise there is a magical barrier that must be dispelled. Use any dispel
spell, or dismissal, or knock. Cast it upon the door or the area as close to the door as possible.
The door barrier makes a save against the DC of the spell. If successful the barrier is still
weakened by one point every failed attempt. Non casters may use scrolls available from the High
Priest of Asura, or wands with these spells cast upon them. In the latter case, the DC of the wand
is quite low, so you are likely to need multiple attempts to wear the door down.

Also in the Blind Begger is a “mature” courtesan who starts talking to you about the “horn”. This
is the horn of pleny for which here is a reward at the Constabulary. She saw - or thinks she saw -
you head by the constabulary in the North Bazaar and feels you will pay for the information she
has on the stolen item. Payment is in advance and consists of a dress purchased by you from
Mila’s Silks next to the constabulary (see above). When you return with the dress, she tells you
that a young artist has the horn. He is the former lover of the Lady Sonara from whom the horn
was stolen. She marks the location of the yourg artist’s wealthy residence in the North Bazaar.
The courtesan also has information on the disappearances of courtesans and beggars from the
Maul at night (the “Ladies of the Night” quest).

Yoggite Mansion – Ground Floor

You may start here having been kidnapped, or having negotiated the magical barrier on the front
door. In the latter case, when you enter, motes of dust in the atmosphere of the vestibule start to
choke you and act as sleeping gas (no avoidance). You wake up without any of your equipment
in a small cell. If kidnapped, you similarly wake in the cell. Outside through a narrow barred
window the full moon shines balefully down at you. The door to your cell is open. Now the hunt
begins, and you are the hunted…

You realise the mansion is one giant haunted house trap set to break you - body and soul. The
first priority is to find some kind of weapon and protection. In the servants refectory just east of
your cell, you come across a harmless ghostly beating drum that heads upstairs. In the room is a
pan in a cupboard that you may use as a club, and a broken off door that can serve as a large
shield – useful to protect you against the poltergeist in the kitchen. There are also torches in the
cupboard, which may help you light your way later on in the darker sections of the cellars and
crypt, or in the secret areas. If you head west from your cell a portcullis drops down to bar your

It may be best first to follow the ghost and take the back staircase up to the first floor and find
the Set spy before continuing south to the front of the mansion.

From the servants’ refectory is a door to the east leading to the kitchen. Here you are attacked by
a poltergeist that throws shards of broken bottles. You cannot target the poltergeist as it is
completely invisible. However, it can be attacked (though somewhat resistant to non-magical
weapons). If you do not have area of effect spells to cast at its location, simply standing still with
weapon (pot or pan!) ready may allow you to strike it as it flits around you throwing glass
shards. (You can also target it using the next/nearest enemy keys and performing default actions
on it.) The poltergeist cannot leave the room, always returning to the centre of the room when
you leave.

A spy dropped a dagger under the sink in the kitchen but you will not be able to find it until you
speak to him upstairs. Rummage around for other bottles that could serve as makeshift missile
weapons or melee weapons. “Use” the bottles to smash them into shards for throwing as darts. A
storeroom north of the kitchen has a stair leading down to the basement. There is a rake in a
cupboard here that can be used as a weapon.

South of the kitchen is a dining room with an illusion of a sumptious meal that is actually
poisonous rot.

There is a corridor leading from the servants’ refectory towards the main hall to the front of the
house. A door to the west at the north end of the corridor is blocked off as it leads to a chapel
free of the malignant influence of the Yoggites. You can access the chapel from a secret door in
the north wall of the main hall. Inside is the corpse of a priest, and an altar that may provide you
with a boon if you follow the same deity or a similarly aligned deity. The priest has a holy
symbol helpful for facing the Master Yoggite and his minions. The holy symbol provides a
sizeable will save bonus, useful especially to resist the paralysing effect of the attacks of the Lost
Brothers down in the cellar and crypt.

The main hall is reached by an open doorway at the south end of the corridor from the servants’
refectory. In the centre of the hall, the ceiling opens out to a balcony on the first floor. (You
reach the balcony by exploring the first floor level.) Statues may drop down from the balcony
edge to the main hall level to crush you. There are secret arrow slits in the south walls of the
main hall from which skeleton archers in hidden rooms shoot fiery arrows. If you have a Yoggite
Cult symbol, found in the office to the west of the main hall, the skeletons do not shoot. Their
hidden rooms can be accessed via secret doors in the guardrooms south of the main hall either
side of the vestibule. The skeletons also shoot at you as you traverse this vestibule. The skeletons
wear rusted chainmail that you can use, and of course you make take their bows and spare
arrows. The east guardroom is the lair of a ghostly giant spider. There are some old weapons on
the racks in the guardrooms; a rusty longsword hangs on the one in the spider guardroom, still a
worthy reward if all you have at the moment is an old frying pan!

If you entered the Yoggite mansion from the main entrance, you would have first come into this
vestibule before being put to sleep. The main door cannot be exited, and deals negative energy
damage if you attempt to do so.

If you try and head up the main stair, a falling block will descend upon you as you traverse the
landing, blocking the way onward. Heading down the main stair leads to the basement.

Head across the main hall to the office where you find the Yoggite symbol on the floor. A gust of
wind periodically stirs up all the papers here so the symbol is hard to find. Then go north past
suits of armour. Those at the end of the hallway animate and attack. Head west past a collapsing
chandelier to the main library. There is a clock here that is trapped to release a swarm of bats
upon striking twelve. Among other books in the library is a scroll of Ishtar’s protection. This can
be read by any PC, and provides protection from evil, very useful against the mental (will save)
attacks of the Lost Brothers and others.

To the south, a door leads to a short portrait gallery. You may have had warnings suggesting you
are being watched by unseen eyes prior to this point. Here, the portraits’ eyes seem to be
watching you (from the secret passages), and then the gallery is plunged into darkness as you are
attacked by “demons” from in front and behind. On killing them you realise that they are
Yoggites dressed in scary masks.

At the south end of the gallery is a trophy room with animating weapons on the walls. There is a
secret door in the east wall leading to the secret areas. In chests are rag-wrapped light clubs that
make poor weapons until you light the rags to make firebrands. Doing this gives you a fire
damage bonus, useful against those resistant to non-magic weapons. The firebrands last an hour
before burning out. A short passage to the north of the weapons room leads up a spiral staircase
to the first floor.

There are a number of secret corridors on this and the first floor. It is from these that the
Yoggites dressed as demons to scare you plan their attack in the gallery. Secret doors in the
library, the office, the trophy room and the hallway with the animating suits gain you access to
these secret areas through which you may find a more convenient means of travelling upstairs
and to the basement, using a ladder in the south corner of the secret area.
Yoggite Mansion – First Floor

If you went up the spiral staircase, you see that it continues up to the second floor as well as
leading to Lord Jethron’s bedchamber. However, a secret wall on the landing gets you into the
other private family rooms of the mansion. There are various ghostly encounters here, including
Lady Jethron and some musical spirits. Lady Jethron can provide you useful information about
navigating your way around the house if you are polite t oher. Otherwise she will teleport you to
a random location in the house, or perhaps back in he cell where you started. From here you may
access the main first floor landing and balcony overlooking the main hall below. Various guest
bedrooms contain tricks, traps and secret doors to the first floor secret area. On the landing is a
repeating illusion of an encounter with a band of barbarian berserkers. On disbelieving the
illusions, they disappear. This becomes easier the more often you encounter them. A secret door
to the east of the landing behind a suit of armour leads to the servants’ quarters. The main stair
continues up to the second floor but the door at the end of the top landing can only be opened by
a special disc found with the Yoggite priest in the basement.

The servants’ section of the first floor may be accessed by the back stair from the ground floor,
or via the secret door to the main landing. From the backstair, you first sncounter some harmless
musical ghosts. A large pot that could be used as a weapon lies on a shelf. In a room reached
from a corridor to the south, hiding in a cupboard, is a spy of Set who was caught and fearfully
awaits his fate. He asks you to help him kill himself to avoid this fate, and will tell you where he
dropped his dagger downstairs in the kitchen under the sink. After giving the spy the dagger you
can pick up up again after he has done the deed. This may be the best weapon you can find for
some time! Or you can ignore the spy once you find the dagger…

In a windowless small storeroom in the centre of the servants area, a pouch of gold is hidden
under a broken crate. More rag-wrapped clubs that serve as firebrands are in another crate. To
the north-east of the servants area is a dormitory where there are weakened floorboards that
might collapse to drop you into a damp pit area in the basement. A skeleton here wears some
rusted mail – still perhaps better than nothing – and a rusty greatsword.

A staircase in the servants section leads up to the second floor.

Yoggite Mansion – Second Floor

The east section consists of servants’ sleeping quarters and is accessed by a staircase from the
servants’ section of the first floor. Here is a nasty encounter with the Master of the Yoggites, a
poweful vampire. He toys with you for a while before disappearing off. If you were charmed by
him, it will be much harder to resist his charm subsequently when you encounter him in earnest
in the crypts.

The west section of the second floor is Lord Jethron’s war room. Here you see his ghost and may
pick up a weapon invaluable in helping you defeat the Master, and you may also learn more
about the events leading to the taking over of the mansion by the Yoggites.
The central section of the second floor is accessed from the staircase on the main landing that
continues up anti-clockwise. It ends in a stone door that requires a disc from the priest in the
basement to open. The disc should be inserted moon side outwards – “the bat flies under the
moon”. Beyond is a square chamber with a central platform and pillar. Activating this causes the
room to be plunged into darkness, shake violently and then return to normal again. What has
happened is that the whole room has descended through the centre of the mansion’s main
stairwell into the secret Yoggite crypts!

Yoggite Mansion – Basement

By now, there will have been so many connecting secret ways, traps and staircases that
(hopefully) you will be totally disorientated. You may access the basement down the main
staircase from the main hall, the back stair in the kitchen, via the pit trap from the 1st floor
collapsing floorboards, or via the ladder in the secret areas on the first and second floors.

The main stair leads to a large cellar. The area is quite dark and torches that you picked up earlier
may be useful. There are some more in a crate here. A secret door behind drapes in the north
west corner leads to a ghoulish area of Lost Brothers – Yoggites who lost their minds from too
much ritual cannabilism! The ghouls burst out at you from this secret door as you cross to the
east side of the cellar. Watch out for their stunning paralysis attacks that require will saves. The
holy symbol and protection from evil scrolls will be invaluable here, and the headband of the
Yoggite captain will also provide a save bonus. There are other storerooms to the east. To the
north-east is the staircase up to the kitchen and a well with a secret door behind it leading to the
bottom of a pit. An oche jelly lairs in the well. The basement storeroom west along this short
corridor has a secret compartment in the wall. Entering the storeroom to the east triggers an
attack by Yoggite “demons” rushing in from a secret door at the south end of the short corridor
outside. This door leads leads to the Yoggites’ quarters.

The Yoggites’ section of the basement can also be accessed directly by the ladder from the
ground floor secret area. There are torches in the rubbish by the foot of the ladder. You first
come to a bricked up door. Beyond this is the prison of the architect of the mansion who was
blackmailed into constructing all the secret areas and then murdered by the Yoggite Master. Now
he is an angry spectre independent of the Yoggites and as keen to slay them as any other living
being. You cannot bypass the bricked up door. Instead, there is a secret door just to the east of
the bricked up door and this door leads to the Yoggites section. From here, a door to the south
leads to the Yoggite Captain’s room. He has a notebook telling of the spectre, and wears a useful
magical headband. He also has a gate key that opens the large gate in the crypts that blocks entry
over the chasm bridge. The corridor heading north from the captain’s room has a secret door in
the west wall through which you can get to the architect’s area. Choose the option to flee but
leave the door jammed open to release the spectre. Then run along the corridor to the east to
trigger all the Yoggites to rush out from their quarters. The spectre will indiscriminately attack
everyone. You may go back in to the architect’d dungeon to explore. There is a weapon on a
skeleton in the cage, and on a desk is a message from the Architect before he descended into
undead madness. Also there is a cryptic message, “the bat flies under the moon” – perhaps
random ravings, or perhaps a clue to using the Yoggite disc on the second floor!
At the end of the north corridor is a secret door leading to the Lost Brothers’ foul lair – from
which they attacked you in the large cellar if you were already there.

At the end of the east corridor is a door with some more animating suit guards. South is a temple
with a Yoggite priest. Two more Lost Brothers attack from the priest’s private room beyond. In
here, in an ornate chest is a disc which is a key that allows you to enter the descending room and
thence the crypts.

Yoggite Mansion – Crypts

Unlike the other floors of the mansion there is only one way of reaching this level and that is via
the descending chamber on the second floor.

After the shock of finding yourself deep underground, head round west. If you enter the door on
your right, Lost Brothers burst out, and others attack you via the corridor you just traversed by
means of a secret door. Next, you come to a large chasm. Take the bridge across the chasm and
bash down the gate, or use the key from the Yoggite captain in the basement. Slay the Yoggites
who shoot at you from the other side. There is a main entrance to the Yoggite temple, but also a
secret door to the south that leads to the temple via some prison cells. You happen to kick a stone
against the wall and it sounds hollow.

If you take the secret door, a short rough passage leads to another secret door and a small cell
with a nasty trap. A chest contains all your long-lost equipment!! You may enter the sacrificial
temple via the other door.

In the temple, you discover that you are just in time for the ritual under the full moon. The
Master gloats how you are going to strengthen his cult once you are consumed and leaves his
minions to finish the job that all the mansion’s traps hopefully started.

When you defeat these Yoggites and their priests you may explore the cells north and south. You
may have already explored the south cell if you used the secret door in the chasm. In the north
prison cell is a note that clearly belonged to the son of Secundus. This allows you to complete
the Black Wolves side of the Yoggites quest. Make sure to pick up all your gear and this note
before continuing. The sacrifices you rescued will thank you but refuse to travel with you to face
the Master.

Beyond the west door in the sacrificial temple is the false crypt of the Master. Opening the
sarcophagus activates a fireball trap. There is an altar to Yog at the far end. The true crypt is
through a (final!) secret door in the north wall of the false crypt. A final battle with the Master
ensues. If you had met him earlier on his rocking chair on the second floor, the chance of your
resisting his charm here is affected by whether or not you successfully resisted him earlier. Some
valuable items may be in his sarcophagus. A spiral stair in the centre of the Master’s vault leads
up to a secret escape route that eventually comes out in the Arenjun sewers north of the grate
leading up to the Maul. The secret door is one way only. You cannot travel back down to the
Yoggite crypt.

Once successful (finally), head to the Asurites high priest under the theatre or to Secundus in the
Black Wolves compound to complete the quest.

Reavers Guild

In the centre of the Maul, in a largish building with two guards on either side of the door, is the
current location of the Reavers guild. You may discover from the Wanderer’s innkeeper or from
others the location of this guild and that they are more thugs and murderers than thieves.

The guard will accost you at the door. You may enter if you explain your peaceful intentions or
fight them at the door. The larger guard who spoke to you will have a key on his corpse.

If you were invited inside, a cutscene ensues where you talk to a guild lieutenant seated on a
throne-like chir as if receiving audience. Whatever you say, you must fight them to the death.
You may explore the rest of the floor, killing all you meet.

A spiral stair to the southeast leads to the basement where another group of Reavers attack you.
This lieutenant has a key to the cells. Once you open the doors the prisoners within will thank
you and flee. There is a secret door in the north wall of the storeroom to the east leading to a
small treasure room. Tracks provide a clue to the door’s location.

Another spiral stair on the ground floor to the southwest leads to the upper floor, where there are
more Reavers to fight. To the east is the entrance to the Guildmaster’s quarters. He may burst
through the door on hearing a disturbance. He is a giant of a man in spiked plate armour that
does damage to you simply from engaging him in melee. Once you slay him, you may take his
head before looting his quarters.

Slaying the Reavers Guildmaster is something that may impress the Black Wolves enough for
them to extend an invitation for you to work with them. There is also a reward from the
Constabulary in the North Bazaar.

Ironmongers – Skulls Guild Hideout

The location of the Skulls Guild hideout is no great secret. Rodriguez knows it, as does the
barman at the Dancing Dagger. It is in the basement of an ironmonger’s shop in the Maul just
west of the abandoned theatre and next to the blacksmith.

The door to the ironmongers bears a small skull symbol below the sign. Speak to the shopkeeper
to gain permission to see the Skulls Guild. You may pay, use diplomacy, or rely on Rodriguez. A
hatch in the door to the basement will open if you try it, and you will be let into their den. If you
are on Rodriguez quest, you should be friendly to the Guildmaster and he will give you an
assignment to retrieve the Skull Amulet he lost. This amulet, as well as having status value so
that its loss is a great embarassment, contains the key to the cipher that the Skulls use. In the
hands of another guild, deciphering intercepted coded messages could ruin all their ciminal
activities in Zamora.

The amulet is being sold to the highest bidder by a merchant. When you accept the mission, you
may find him wandering the North Bazaar (see above). Return the amulet to the rather ungrateful
guildmaster, in exchange hopefully for his guild’s support against the Black Wolves. Once you
have completed this mission, you may talk to the guildmembers who will invite you to play
Hyborian poker on a relatively low stakes table. You can gain practice by these means. If you
beat an oponent three times, he or she has no more money, but tells you of the gambling den
elsewhere in the Maul where you can play for higher stakes. This lies on the east side of an alley
heading south from the abandoned theatre. The location will be marked for you.

If you were given the Skulls Guild quest by Secundus, that quest does not involve confronting
the Skulls, but instead retrieving the amulet directly from the merchant and returning it to
Secundus. Nevertheless you may stumble upon the Skulls Guild here and might let slip that you
are working for the Black Wolves. Do not slay them! That was not the mission and Secundus
will not be pleased.


The Maul blacksmith just north of the ironmongers and east of the abandoned theatre sells a
range of basic arms and armour. If you talk to the blacksmith, he may tell you that there is a
weapons merchant selling quality weapons hidden away in the south-west corner of the Maul.

Weapons Merchant

This out of the way shop can be accessed only by the alley running along the southern edge of
the Maul westward from the sage’s tower. If you show your displeasure with the Guilds, the
weapons merchant warms to you and offers you some of his select items not available to the

In the back of the store area of his shop is a secret compartment from where you can steal a nice

Dancing Dagger

At the end of a blind alley in the centre of the Maul is the Dancing Dagger, a seedy low-class
drinking den. Here may be found Rodriguez at the bar. He initially ignores you, and wil first
make your acquaintance when you have an encounter one night with some muggers, but if you
subsequently part ways temporarily he may be found here ready to rejoin you.

Speaking to the barman can yield information about the guilds. If you press him about the Black
Wolves guild, he reveals their leader to be Aquinus – the individual whom you must kill to get
the scroll for Praxis. He directs you to Bibulus, the tavern drunk standing near the bar.

To get anywhere with Bibulus, you need to win a drinking competition. You must buy the beer.
Fail one constitution save of increasing difficulty and you start to get drunk. Fail a second save
and you collapse defeated. You may sneakily spill your drink instead of comsuming it by using
sleight of hand. Bibulus had a run in years ago with Aquinus, the Black Wolves Guildmaster,
and reveals him to be a paranoid recluse. The only ways to get to him would be to raid the
compound with an army and make your way to the tower where he always resides, or to join the
Black Wolves and inviegle your way up the ranks unil you can make direct contact with him.

Also in the Dancing Dagger is Slaterna, a courtesan. She has information on the Panthers Guild
operation for a price or to save her own skin. She may also reveal information about oher guild
acivities and about the disappearances of courtesans and beggars from the Maul streets at night
(the renegade priest of Erlik side quest).

Finally, the street urchin who knows about the Crimson Hands and the boy who disappeared
sleeps in the storeroom of the Dancing Dagger.

Gambling Den

Win a few rounds of Hyborian poker in the Dancing Dagger or Blind Beggar or Skulls Guild
hideout, and one of the losers might tell you of the “serious” games held in a secret location in
the Maul. The gambling den is about half way down the east side of an alley curving south from
the abandoned theatre to the sage’s tower. A doorman greets you and invites you inside.

Wihin the den, you select opponents to play against. Some will only play with you if you have
already won a few games. The players vary in behaviour and skill. There are various parameters
that determine how many risks they take, how often they like to bluff, or how often and how well
they cheat by looking at other players’ cards. Alonso is the most aloof player and wins by
cheating. Of all the players he is the only one whom you may accuse without incurring the
disapproval of everyone else. To save himself, he will tell of the location of a “really serious”
game with huge stakes. This is back in the North Bazaar in the back room of the Lucky Coin Inn.
Talk to the innkeeper there to join the game.

Black Wolves Compound – Ground Floor

You might enter this compound at the invitation of the Guild, or at the spearhead of an assaulting
army of rogues! Even if you take the assault option, you may have entered the compound
beforehand just to spy it out or before you decided that working with the Black Wolves was not
for you.

 In the former case, there are many areas of interest. Secondus is the individual to speak to about
the guild. He sits in his office north off the main hall. He is the main quest-giver for the Black
Wolves path, and ultimately sides with you against his guild before escaping.

Note that only completing quests puts you at odds with Rodriguez. You can agree with Secundus
to work with him and enjoy the Black Wolves facilities without any intention of completing any
quests, and indeed familiarise yourself with the compound’s layout in preparation for your
planned assault.

South off the main hall is the quartermaster. If you have agreed to work with the Black Wolves,
all his inventory is available for you to purchase, and he buys goods at reasonable rates in
addition. In a small rooom north of Secundus’ office (he gives you dirctions if you ask) is a
Black Wolves lieutenant who will join you in your assignments should you want help with
locks and traps or just a hand in combat. Next to the lueitenant’s room is the room of the Black
Wolves surgeon, who will cure your wounds and ailments for a standard fee.

In the north-west corner of the ground floor is a group of Black Wolves who can be hired for the
assignment against the Subtle Knives guild. You can come back and hire sme more if you are
unsuccessful first time and retreated.

When you have completed a number of assigments for the Black Wolves, instead of granting you
an audience, Aquinus wants to have you killed. Secundus informs you of this, and tells you the
location of a secret way into the Guildmaster’s tower part of the compound. There is a secret
door in the north wall of the storeroom just north of the round south-west corner pactice area.
The main door from the main hall to the tower is guarded and barred so you cannot enter the
tower this way. Alternatively, if you completed the Yoggite quest for Secundus he tells you of
the means to reach Aquinus even if you have not completed the requisite number of quests.

If you are assaulting the Black Wolves tower, you mut first break down the entrance gate
outside. When you convince the guilds to join you in the assault, you head directly for a short
alley near the gate where some explosive barrels have been left for you. Carry some barrels (two
should be enough) and drop them near the gate to light them, braving the storm of arrows fired
by the Black Wolves manning the arrow slits inside the compound.

Once the gate is down, rush in with the guildmembers you chose to accompany you and slay all
inside. The Black Wolves drop the portcullises leading to the main hall to impede your progress.
You must then break down the barred door in the west wall of the main hall that leads to the
Guildmaster’s tower.

Black Wolves Compound – Guildmaster’s Tower

This tower is the west wing of the Black Wolves compound. It is accessed either by bashing
down the dor in the main hall of the compound if you are conducting the assault, of via a secret
door to the south if you were told its locatino by Secundus. Kill the elite guards posted here and
head upstairs, doing the same there.

On the top floor is a stair leading up to the battlement where there is nothing of interest.
Corridors head east and west and thenn turn south. Traps fire at the centre points of the two
suthern corridors. The corridors join again at their south end and in the north wall of this
southern section is the door to the Guildmaster. Opposite this door is a secret door where a final
troop of elite guards are stationed. If you discover and pass through the door, they attack.
Otherwise they wait upon a signal from Aquinus to do so (if you decide to fight him.)

Aquinus is in his chamber, clearly expecting you. If you explain that you are under a geas from
Praxis to kill him and recover the scroll in his possession, he is willing to help you bypass the
geas. With his aid you can deduce how to do this. Aquinus throws the necklace containing the
scroll around a small snake he keeps in a cage. Slay the snake (the bearer of the scroll) and take
it. Aquinus decides to leave in any case; the Guildmaster’s position is free for you to take it,
should you choose! If you dither in your conversation with Aquinus, and try and resist the geas,
the damage it causes you may instead provide Aquinus with an oppoprtunity to attack you in
your weakened state, calling his guards from the secret room if you have not already discovered

Once downstairs again with the scroll, if you conducted the assault Rodriguez now rejoins you.
If you let Aquinus go he is somewhat annoyed. If you did not conduct the assault, you may make
your way out of the compound. No further Black Wolves will attack you. Even when they
discover the Guildmaster is gone or slain, perhaps they are unsure if you might take his place.

Pawnbroker’s Shop

Near the gate to the North Bazaar (which remains barred throughout this adventure) is the
pawnbroker’s shop. He is only at his counter during the daytime, spending nights elsewhere at
home. He offers good rates to purchase goods, including stolen goods, but has a limited amount
of gold to buy expensive items. However, he has buyers for special items stolen to order.
Specifically, he wants a magical Zhemri shield that belongs to the armourer in the North Bazaar
district. He suggests you steal the shield by entering his shop through the trap-door in the roof
outside. Recovery of the shield is detailed in the armourer shop entry above. Return the shield to
complete the quest, or keep it.

You may also receive a quest from the armourer to steal something (back) from the pawnbroker.
This is the helm of Aquilonia. You can do both quests, thieving from both parties at once! Enter
the pawnbrokers at night when the pawnbroker is away and break through the door to the
basement. Kill the guards in the basement and take the helm, watching out for traps. If you do
this during the daytime, the pawbroker will attack you if you apss through the door to the
basement, and you will have to kill him. You can no longer use him as a merchant or have quests
off him.


In a largish square to the west of the Maul, on its west side, is a grocer. During the day he
manages his wares and at night he steps inside his shop. If you are with Rodriguez, you discover
that the grocer is fence for many useful adventuring items as well as fruit and vegetables, and
you may trade with him for such items by going inside his shop together.

Assassination Atttempt

Out in the Maul streets, if you have reached a certain level of progress along either the Rodriguez
or Black Wolves paths, a one-off event will trigger.

One night, as you walk the alley runnning north south next to the Wanderer’s Inn, a
crossbowman with poisoned bolts shoots at you from a balcony of the Inn. You can run into the
inn, head upstairs and pass through the door to the south of the landing to reach the balcony. You
have a chance to capture the assassin alive and question him about who sent him. Even if you are
unsuccessful in getting the information out of him, if you worry him before letting him go, you
may be able to follow him to whoever hired him. If you are well on your way through the Black
Wolves path, the assassin heads for the Dancing Dagger where Rodriguez hired him. You may
confront Rodriguez and possibly kill him. If you are following the Rodriguez path, the assassin
will disappear into the Black Wolves compound.

Designer’s note

As mentioned above, the adventure is designed to be modular – to have added adventures fitted
on to the same campaign at a later date. So some buildings currently inaccessible may hold
interesting subplots later. This is done by having area transitions scripted instead of fixed
transition points, and having enter scripts in the campaign folder so they can be updated
separately from the modules. This system may allow bug corrections without players having to
start the whole adventure again through reloading a new module. There are three other complete
districts in Arenjun – the South Bazaar, the Temple District and the Merchant District, as well as
the Fortress area. You can see much of these already if you peer over the walls of the Maul and
North Bazaar or climb up on certain ramparts. You can even see the Tower of the Elephant in the
Temple District.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to making these adventures, starting with the Tower of the
Elephant. It will depend I suppose on how this campaign is received and if I feel that people are
still actively playing an old game which is no longer supported by its designers. If I do you will
be exploring the same Maul and North Bazaar areas as in this adventure, with extra bits added
and with the Temple District added in full.

Hope you enjoyed it!

John McA

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