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ON GUARD my.hsj.org/slhs                                                                                                             SEPTEMBER 2011             3

Music company starts                                                               summer’s top headlines
off year on a high note                                                            Amy Winehouse, dead at 27
BY SUNSHINE SORTONIS                      practice performance at Spanaway
                                                                                        On July 23, police were called to the scene of Winehouse’s home in
                                          Lake on August 18, 2011. They
                                                                                   Camden, London. She was pronounced dead shortly after the arrival of the
  Music Company celebrated 25 years       performed “Hello, Goodbye” for their
                                                                                   Metropolitan Police. There are no known causes to the musician’s death, but
of production on September 3rd            opening number and an Earth, Wind,
                                                                                   toxicology tests reported that there were “no illegal drugs” in her system. A
by holding a reunion for its current      and Fire medley as their ending
                                                                                   funeral was held by Mitch and Janis Winehouse in north London three days
and past members. Director Barney         number. A notable performance
                                                                                   after their daughter’s death.
Crouse created the production 25          was sophomore David Glessman’s
years ago and it stands to be one of
the most well-known things about
Spanaway Lake.
                                          solo, “Man in the Mirror” which was
                                          performed A capella. On Friday,
                                          August 19, the group also performed
                                                                                   Gaddafi flees from Tripoli
                                                                                         Libyan rebels took control of Tripoli by surging the Bab al-Azizia
       Twenty people are currently        at Pacific Lutheran University for a     compound, which was controlled by dictator Muammar Gaddafi. On August
members of Music Company; 10 girls        new teacher’s breakfast.                 23, rebels seized power over Libya and forced Gaddafi to flee from his the
and 10 boys. Tryouts are held every           Music Company has an upcoming        capital that he had ruled with an iron first for 42 years. In a recent audio
year to be a part of the well-known       performance on September 11 at the       recording released after the rebels breached into the compound, Gaddafi
group that performs about 40 times        Puyallup Fair.                           states that he had discreetly returned to Tripoli for a couple days. Gaddafi’s
a year.                                          “Music Company has worked         whereabouts are currently unknown.
  During the summer, choir members        really hard this year because we only
traveled to Weed, California to
the College of the Siskiyous Jazz
                                          incorporated one song from camp
                                          into our set. We ended up having         Casey Anthony found not guilty
and Show Choir Camp. Spanaway             to learn nine new songs and new             In July 2008, the remains of Caylee Anthony were found near her home
Lake students met fellow students         choreography for our upcoming            in Orlando, Florida. Over the course of the next three years, Casey Anthony
from around the country that              performances. There are lots of new      would be tried for her daughter’s murder. On July 5, 2011, Anthony was
shared the same passion for music         people so hard work is necessary,”       found not guilty of murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated
as themselves. Students attended          senior Matt Cruz said.                   manslaughter of a child, but guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing
rehearsals to learn choreography,             The production is getting an early   false information to a law enforcement officer. Anthony is currently serving
and music for the culmination of a        start on practices and performances      probation in Florida.
final performance at the end of the       for the year. Their reputation to
week.                                     impress gives the audience something     Rupert Murdoch and his empire under fire
    Recently, Music Company held a        to look forward to.
                                                                                     Media mogul Rupert Murdoch faced allegations of hacking citizens’ phones

Taniguchi’s abrupt departure                                                       and gave a testimony before a British parliamentary committee regarding
                                                                                   the incident. On July 15, Murdoch met with the family of Milly Dowler in
BY: SUNSHINE SORTONIS                     teams for the last ten years.            London, where he personally apologized for the hacking of their murdered
ssortonisonguard@gmail.com                       Lia Berends will be the new       daughter’s voice mail by a company he owns. His media empire is still under
                                          Japanese teacher. The classes are        intense investigations regarding phone hacking.
    Students who are taking Japanese      scheduled for afternoons from 4th
will no longer see Taniguchi written      through 6th period.                      Hurricane Irene strikes East Coast
on their schedules, but Berends. The        Brendan Nadayag is the head coach
rumors surrounding Nina Taniguchi’s       for the boys’ varsity tennis team.           Throughout the summer of 2011, the East Coast was reported to be hit
departure has been flying through the     There is currently an op opening         by a Category 3 major hurricane named Irene. The hurricane left extensive
student body.                             coach position for the head girls’       damages along the Carribean, and the United States East Coast. According
    Taniguchi had immigration issues      tennis varsity team.                     to Associated Press, insured damages will range from 2 to 3 billion and total
surrounding her request to gain              Many students enjoyed Taniguchi’s     losses will likely be around 7 million. Irene has claimed 48 deaths so far, and
American citizenship, to no fault         classes, whether it was Art or           widespread damage throughout the Eastern border.
of her own. She made the difficult        Japanese. She was also a memorable
decision of returning home until the
immigration issues have been settled.
                                          coach to her players Teachers and
                                          students alike will miss her.
                                                                                                         ARE YOU AN ARTIST?
Taniguchi will travel to Germany and           “I know that a lot of people are                         DO YOU LIKE TO DRAW?
is planning to stay there for one year.   going to miss Ms. Taniguchi because
After a year, she will return to Japan.   she had a great influence on her
                                                                                                The Sentinel On Guard is currently looking for students
  Taniguchi split her time at Spanaway    students, especially me. She did a lot                interested in drawing editorial cartoons and other
Lake teaching between Japanese and        for her students whether it was being                 needed images. Please contact Mr. Keister if you are
Art. She was also the head coach for      a good teacher or being a good coach,”                interested, or report to room 215 to schedule a meeting.
the boys’ and girls’ varsity tennis       said senior Ashley White.

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