SHAVING MUG
                                       SM - 21

TYPE        Scuttle          GENERAL           Willow             MARKS          As shown
CIRCA       1970             CONDITION         No defects         MATERIAL       Ceramic
HEIGHT      94 mm            LENGTH            150 mm             DIAMETER       75 mm

DESCRIPTION This is a Scuttle shaving mug comprising of one barrel, with the scuttle
extending out from the bottom to form a pear shaped bottom. There are 4 drainage holes. There
is a curved notch at each side of the soap compartment in line with the mug, for the brush. The
mug carries the familiar “Willow” pattern on each side. Each side is the same. There is a
complimentary border pattern about 25 mm wide circling the mug at the top, from the lips down.
There is a similarly coloured blue pattern on the back of the handle. A gilt edging has been
applied to the lip of the barrel. The inscription on the bottom reads: BURLEIGH WARE made
in BURSLEM, ENGLAND, WILLOW. Universal usage, by virtue of the patterns. ..
PATENT DETAILS             This mug was not issued under patent protection. The extension of the
base was noted in the patent application number 185,791, dated December 26, 1876, for John
Smith. This mug, SM-21, was produced in 1970, almost a century later.
 COMMENTS This shaving mug exemplifies the type of ceramic material that has been
produced in recent years, primarily for the “Art” marked. It is just too new and perfect. A nice
shaving mug, but of recent issue.

VALUE ESTIMATE DATED 2009                $ 50.00

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