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					                          MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 1, 2010

The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of Colebrookdale Township was held on the
above date at the Township Building. The meeting was called to order by President Todd Gamler at
7:30 PM with all present joining in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

The following Commissioners were present: Todd Gamler (President), William Spade (Vice
President), Thomas Herb and Linwood Bartman. Tom Reidnauer was absent. Also present were
Township Manager Cindy Conrad, Township CEO/Zoning Officer Allen Stauffer, Township Solicitor
Jeffrey Karver, Township Engineer John Sartor, and Police Chief Christopher Schott.

President Gamler announced that an Executive Session was held prior to tonight’s meeting to
discuss two personnel issues. Attending the session were Manager Conrad, Chief Schott and
Attorney Karver.


Dave Babb submitted the third quarter report for the Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance
Service noting that they will be giving local businesses membership discounts based on number of
employees. They will have a website up by the end of the year. Roger Lehman asked if they could
submit an article for the next Township newsletter sent to the residents. Manager Conrad told him
the next newsletter will be prepared in early spring 2011 and they are welcome to submit something
to be included.


Motion by William Spade seconded by Thomas Herb to approve the October 18, 2010 Board
of Commissioners’ meeting minutes. Motion carried.


The Board received the monthly Customer Balance Summary dated 10/18/10, which totaled
$33,605.03. The Deposit Detail Report dated 10/18 - 10/31/10 was presented to the Board of
Commissioners for their review.

President Gamler read a list of the payment of bills from the following Township funds for approval:

                General Fund Expenses 10/18 - 11/1/10             $ 9,379.53
                Payroll Fund Expenses 10/29/10                    $ 37,407.57
                Street Light Fund Expenses 11/1/10                $ 1,357.64
                Recycling Fund Expenses 11/1/10                   $ 8,170.50
                Recreation Fund Expenses 11/1/10                  $    360.00
                Police Project Fund Expenses 11/1/10              $     36.00

Motion by Linwood Bartman, seconded by Thomas Herb, to pay the listed bills from the funds
mentioned above. Motion carried.

President Gamler noted the submission of the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual Statement for the
General Fund. The Statement is available to the public for review.


Chief Schott read the October 2010 report as follows:

Colebrookdale Township            872                    Vehicle Arrests                  44
Borough of Bechtelsville          214                    Criminal Arrests                 25
Assists to Others                  45                    Traffic Violation Warnings       54
TOTAL Incidents                  1,131
Board of Commissioners
November 1, 2010 Minutes
Page 2

Eight motor vehicle accidents were investigated and 7,408 miles were patrolled during October
2010. There were no questions on the report from the Commissioners.

Chief Schott informed the Board that the decals have been removed from police vehicle #95-3 and is
ready to be sold. The Board asked Manager Conrad to put information together to list the vehicle on
Municibid and prepare the advertisement. Manager Conrad said a reserve bid is needed. President
Gamler asked that she check the Blue Book value and Chief Schott noted the air conditioning does
not work and the catalytic converter is failing.


There was no report submitted at this time


Code Enforcement Officer Stauffer submitted one building permit application for approval from Jack
Quigley of 1234 N. Reading Avenue to remodel a 14’ x 26’ garage for a showroom and storage.

CEO Stauffer informed the Board that he was approached by a member of a cancer relay team
asking permission to launch two balloon rides from the Boyertown High School field next spring.
These rides will be raffled off as part of their fund raising efforts. The Board had no objection.

Concerning the deserted packinghouse at 421 W. Philadelphia Ave, CEO Stauffer posted it as
condemned and the Township will need to get bids to have it demolished. Attorney Karver will need
to place a lien on the property. The Commissioners asked CEO Stauffer to get a certification from
an engineer.

Concerning the Hansley Property on Montgomery Avenue, CEO Stauffer will meet with Solicitor
Karver to discuss arranging a time to inspect the property.


There was no report submitted at this time.


There was no report submitted at this time.


Solicitor Karver submitted the cemetery Ordinance #4-2010 for consideration for adoption. It has
been advertised. Motion by William Spade and seconded by Linwood Bartman to adopt

Concerning the James Dodson zoning issue, although Solicitor Karver has not heard from the family,
CEO Stauffer at Attorney Paddick’s request, faxed another copy of the zoning application for special
exemption to be submitted for consideration. The Commissioners agreed to wait for a response until
November 15 and asked that the issue be kept on the agenda.

Solicitor Karver submitted the Liquor License Transfer Resolution #10-02-10 for consideration for
approval, specifying the conditions of the approval. The Board asked to include similar wording in
condition #3 as is written in condition #1 concerning closing times for the restaurant. Manager
Conrad revised the document to include the similar wording and the owners, Donald K. and Donald
J. Boalton agreed to the revision. Motion by Linwood Bartman and seconded by Thomas Herb
to approve Resolution #10-02-10 the Inter-Municipal Liquor License No. R-15998 Transfer for
Gramia’s Restaurant. Motion carried.
Board of Commissioners
November 1, 2010 Minutes
Page 3

As an update on the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for the Kelsch property, Solicitor Karver
has not heard back from Attorney Parish. CEO Stauffer noted Mr. Kelsch told him he has some
issues with the document however, he is working with Attorney Parish to get it finished.


Engineer Lowrie submitted the Engineer Report for October 2010 and there were no questions from
the Commissioners.


Commissioner Bartman asked if the paper usage for the Township meetings could be reduced by
eliminating the Treasurer’s Report as much of the detailed information could be consolidated. Other
Commissioners said they do review the details and wanted to continue receiving the report. CEO
Stauffer noted that the Communications section also uses a great deal of paper to copy for

Manager Conrad requested approval to open the Health Reimbursement Arrangement fund
checking account at National Penn Bank. She had all the necessary paperwork ready to be signed.
Motion by William Spade and seconded by Thomas Herb to approve opening the Health
Reimbursement Arrangement account authorizing President Gamler, Manager Conrad and
Treasurer Herb as signers on the account as with all other Township accounts. Motion

Manager Conrad asked the Board to ratify the approval for fire police assistance to Keystone Fire
Company. Motion by Linwood Bartman and seconded by William Spade to ratify the approval
for fire police assistance to Keystone Fire Company for their Bechtelsville Halloween Town
Watch on October 29 and 30, 2010. Motion carried.

Manager Conrad submitted for consideration the Unemployment Compensation 2011 Solvency Fee
of $1,089.59. As in the past, the Board concurred to not pay the fee.

Manager Conrad submitted a memo informing the Commissioners that Barry Baus again
volunteered his time and equipment to the Fall Festival providing hayrides for the children. Mrs.
Baus told Manager Conrad they incurred no expenses this year as the Borough of Boyertown
provided the hay bales. Motion by Thomas Herb and seconded by Linwood Bartman to send
Barry and Cheryl Baus a thank you and a donation of $100.00 from the recreation fund for
their services on October 16, 2010. Motion carried.

Manager Conrad submitted for approval Resolution #11-01-10 the Emergency Operation Plan that is
reviewed every two year. Motion by William Spade and seconded by Thomas Herb to approve
Resolution #11-01-10 Emergency Operations Plan. Motion carried.

Manager Conrad submitted a list of the 2011 Board of Commissioners meeting dates noting the first
meeting in July is not included because of conflicting vacation schedules. The Board requested that
the day be included in the advertisement as it is less expensive to advertise one meeting with the
entire year’s schedule than later in the year, if a meeting is necessary on that date. Manager
Conrad will revise the list of dates.

The Township received the 2010 audit proposal from Reinhart & Company. Motion by William
Spade and seconded by Thomas Herb to accept the audit proposal from Reinhart &
Company. Motion carried.

The Township received the signed contract from Bechtelsville Borough for police services for 2011.
Motion by William Spade and seconded by Linwood Bartman to approve and authorize the
signing of the Bechtelsville Police Contract for 2011. Motion carried.
Board of Commissioners
November 1, 2010 Minutes
Page 4

Motion by Thomas Herb and seconded by William Spade to approve and sign the
Colebrookdale Township Police Contract for the next two (2) years with a 2.5% salary
increase each year; all else staying the same as written. Motion carried.


President Gamler noted the submission of the October 2010 recycling report from Allied Waste
Services. There were no comments from the Board.

President Gamler acknowledged the submission of the minutes from the Steering Committee of the
PA Stormwater Coalition noting their invoice for the Township’s portion of the fees has not yet been

Manager Conrad submitted two emails concerning the Earned Income Tax Collection for 2011. The
plan for the Boyertown EIT Office is to keep the office open until the 2011 tax returns are processed
in mid to late 2012. Starting in January 2012, the Berks EIT Bureau will take over operations for
2012. This will allow the Berks EIT Bureau an additional year to prepare for the “Boyertown
Business”. A resolution needs to be drafted to specify who the 2011 EIT Collector will be and DCED
needs a notice and the resolution by December 1 , 2010. Solicitor Karver was given all the
information to draft the resolution.


President Gamler acknowledged a certified letter received from Longview Management for Longview
Colebrookdale LLC (formerly Hunter’s Ridge) with the submission of the Annual Well Pump Test

Solicitor Karver requested authorization for President Gamler to sign the Inter-Municipal Agreement
for the Joint Zoning Ordinance. Motion by Thomas Herb and seconded by William Spade to
authorize President Gamler to sign the Inter-Municipal Agreement for the Joint Zoning
Ordinance. Motion carried.


Hercker/Franklin Minor Subdivision - Final - Franklin Road. August 11, 2010 received final plan &
application from All County Associates. August 19 the Planning Commission accepted the plan and
recommended the Commissioners approve the planning modules as listed under SEO Report.
August 26 received G&A review letter. September 1 received Berks County Planning Commission
review letter. The Township Planning Commission reviewed the plan September 16 and
recommended waivers were approved by the Board of Commissioners at their September 20
meeting. The Township received Gilmore and Associates second review letter October 13. All
County submitted revised plans and a stormwater waiver request October 18. Gilmore and
Associates submitted their third review letter October 21 and October 25 the Berks County
Conservation District submitted their review letter on the E&SC plan. All County & Associated
submitted a waiver of time for review until December 21, 2010. The review period for the plan
expires on November 17, 2010.

The Planning Commission reviewed the plan and stormwater waiver request at their October 21
meeting. They submitted their recommendation letter to the Commissioners on October 22, 2010
recommending approval of the stormwater waiver request and conditional final plan approval.
Motion by Linwood Bartman and seconded by William Spade to approve a waiver of the
Swamp Creek Watershed Stormwater Management Ordinance Section 410.B as stated in the
letter from All County and Associates dated October 18, 2010. Motion carried.
Board of Commissioners
November 1, 2010 Minutes
Page 5

Concerning the Planning Commission’s recommendation for an improvements escrow, Engineer
Sartor felt due to the extent of the improvements an escrow would not be necessary. He did suggest
an escrow for inspections of the stormwater facilities during construction and each year for three
years and a agreement between the applicant and the Township.

Motion by William Spade and seconded by Thomas Herb to grant conditional final plan
approval subject to the Planning Commission’s letter of October 22, 2010, the Engineer’s
review letter dated October 21, 2010, an improvements agreement and inspection fees for
stormwater facilities paid at the issuance of building permits. Motion carried. Solicitor
Karver will draft an agreement and conditional final plan approval resolution.

Spring Creek Commons Subdivision – Preliminary – Spring Garden Drive. July 1, 2009 All-County
submitted plans for 11-lot commercial/industrial subdivision along with a waiver request letter to the
Township. The review period for the plan expires on April 15, 2011. No action was taken.

Colebrookdale Woods Development – State Route 73. September 10, 2009 Township sent letter to
Specht Construction and Nick & Les Inc. concerning outstanding invoices and notice of a hold on
future Township reviews. October 1 received letter from BMMA concerning Surety Bonds. July 23,
2010 Township received a registered letter from Bank of America as notice they will not extend the
Letter of Credit when it expires on September 10, 2010. August 16, 2010, the Board executed an
agreement to permit temporary lapse of posted financial security. No action was taken.

Westwood’s Subdivision – Preliminary Plan – Route 562. September 10 Township requested
confirmation of active plan from Douglass Township. November 11 Township Manager received
confirmation from developer to keep the plan on active status. The review period for the plan
expires on December 29, 2010. No action was taken.

Mildred Frey Minor Annex. – Final – 436 & 516 N. Reading Avenue.
No communication received; No action was taken.

All communications received since October 18, 2010 is included in the Commissioner’s books. All
correspondence was available for review by the public.

The Township received a thank you letter from Boyertown Community Library for the 2010 donation.

Mr. Brian Mohr, 858 N. Reading Avenue brought to the attention of the Board that a manhole cover
in front of his property is lower than the road repair work done by PennDOT and the noise from
vehicles hitting that area is extremely loud and continuous. He asked if the Township could address
the issue. CEO Stauffer said he would contact Berks Mont Municipal Authority to add a riser.

Mr. Mohr wanted to thank the Colebrookdale Police Department for giving out candy to the children
during Halloween. The children enjoyed the attention from the police and other residents expressed
gratitude. President Gamler told Mr. Mohr that the officers did that on their own.

There being no other business to come before the Board, there was a motion by Linwood Bartman,
seconded by Thomas Herb that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried. All votes on the motions
were unanimous unless stated otherwise. The Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeannie DiSante
Township Secretary

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