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					Friday, February 20, 2004                                                                           Page 1 of 2

                   Students who have been recognized for outstanding “citizenslip award”
                                       The week of February 9, 2004
     Grade 1: DaYanzi McDonough
     Grade 2: Madeline Armington, Hans Kiebach, Mariah Meredith, Cecilia Mendonca, Annika Michie,
              Jacqueline Doucette, Tyler Hagmier, Rachel Barry, Bryant Norris, Kayleigh Chrisman
     Grade 3: Christine Zielinski, Jennifer Lima, Lexie Whitmire, Rakkan Alkowni, Luis Dager,
              Brandon Werner, Matthew Roberts, Kylie Jansing, Tucker McDonough, Liam Christian

Would you like to volunteer in our Campus Grille and raise money for our school at the same time?
This is a great fundraiser idea for our school. It’s easy and it doesn’t require any student involvement.
The Win-Win Deal! Program is designed as a fund raising activity for schools, teachers, clubs, and to
assist Campus Grille with staffing vacancies. How it Works: When a Food Service Manager needs a
substitute to fill a vacancy, they notify an individual who has signed up for the Win-Win Deal! Program. The
volunteer(s) signs in at the manager’s office and receives their work assignment for the day. The school or
club’s designated internal account is paid $7.49 per hour once a month for total volunteer hours. Volunteers
must be registered as an OASIS volunteer before starting in this program. Past Examples: One school had
parents who volunteered and the money earned went to their children’s teachers’ internal account for
supplies. If you have any questions regarding this program please call the Campus Grille at 407-870-4678

Emergency Notification System: An emergency notification and communication service is now available to
parents/guardians! For the remainder of the school year, Celebration School has been selected as a
primary organization to use and test the Honeywell Instant Alert system for schools. This system allows
our school to quickly and efficiently provide parents/guardians with vital and emergency information
through a variety of mediums, including telephones, cellular phones, pages, personal digital assistants
and email. You make the decision how you want to be contacted in the case of an emergency or to receive
urgent information. This system ensures parents and guardians can be immediately apprised of any
situation and given appropriate actions to take. There is NO fee for the remainder of this school year. If
you are interested in learning more about this immediate communication system, please come to the PTSA
Meeting in the Celebration School (K-8) cafeteria at 6:30pm on Tuesday evening March 9th.
Representatives from Honeywell, the company that is providing this service, will be present to discuss the
system and answer any of your questions.

                                        Visitors and Oasis Volunteers
We need your help in maintaining school security. It is essential that everyone who comes to our campus
sign in at the front desk. Oasis volunteers can wear their badges while on campus and parents who are
visiting will receive a name badge to wear while they are on campus. Once school is in session, all non-staff
must check in at the front desk to sign in. We have asked the teachers to stop anyone they see on campus
that is not wearing a badge and ask them to return to the office to sign in.

Attention Parents!!! Is your child missing some shoes, a coat, a lunchbag? The school has accumulated
various items since the school year began in August. We will be displaying the items on several tables around
the corner from the Administration Office during the week of February 23-27. Please stop by and check the
table. All items not picked-up will be donated the following week.

It’s time to nominate students for Dreamers and Doers. Parents of Celebration School K-8 students can
nominate students who have demonstrated strength of character, being a role model for others, and being
involved in activities and programs that allow students opportunities to make decisions and understand the
consequences of choices. All applications received will be reviewed by a committee and one winner will be
chosen to represent Celebration School K-5 and one 6-8. Only the top one hundred students selected by
Disney will attend the Awards ceremony. Last year both our elementary and middle school nominees were
part of the top 100. The deadline for all forms to be completed and returned to Claire Slater is no later
than Monday, February 23, 2004.
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                                             Celebration School K-8
                                         National Junior Honor Society
     Celebration School K-8 is an active member of the National Junior Honor Society with the official
affiliation number 00043497. Starting in the second semester of the 2003-2004 school year, and then
continuing in each semester of succeeding years, students from Celebration School in the eighth grade
and the second semester of the seventh grade will be notified of their eligibility to become members of this
prestigious organization. Eligibility is based on students having been at Celebration School at least one
fill semester, and maintaining at least a 3.0 of a 4.0 scale (minimum 85% average). Candidates will then
be evaluated on the bases of service, leadership, citizenship, and character.
     Upon review of the required data for selection, the Celebration School NJHS Faculty Council will invite
students to apply for membership via a questionnaire and letter of request. The Faculty Council will
evaluate the information and requests received from the students and will select students to be admitted to the
NJHS at an Induction Ceremony to be held during the 4th quarter of the current school year. The
selection of each student member to the Celebration Chapter of NJHS shall be by a majority vote of the
Faculty Council. The National Council and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (which
oversees the NJHS) shall not review the judgment of the Faculty Council regarding selection of individual
members to local chapters.
     The Celebration School NJHS Faculty Council is chaired by Mr. Don Salvo, and the voting members are
Mrs. Brenda Allen, Mr. Jim Cochran, Mrs. Nona Noel, Mrs. Dolores Salvo, and Mrs. Connie Thorson-Skrmetta.
     This is an extremely exciting and important time for he Celebration School students to be recognized for
their hard work academically and for their individual acts of quality. Being a student member of NJHS is a
hallmark of the student’s academic and social path at Celebration School. For the current school year,
students will be notified of their candidacy by mid-March, 2004.

Tardy Policy - The 8:45am bell each morning is the warning bell for all students to report to class. Any
student who is not in their assigned classroom ready to work when the 8:50am bell rings is officially tardy to
school (TAS). In order that the teachers may begin instruction promptly at 8:50am, parents are requested to
be out of the neighborhoods when the 8:50am bell rings. Middle school students are given 5 minutes
passing time between classes. A bell announces the end of each class and the second bell indicates when
all middle school students should be in their assigned class. Any student not in their assigned class when
the second bell rings is marked tardy to class (TAC).

February, 2004 (calendar subject to change)                 25 - Jump Rope for Heart@Gym 9am-2:15
                                                            26 - Cub Scout Den Mtg@P13 3:45-4:45
01-29 - United Parish of Celebration Church                 26 - Arts & Crafts@Art Room (Parks & Rec) 7-9pm
@Great hall 9am-12pm                                        27 - Quizdom Interactive@Great Hall Yellow Conference 1pm
19 - 4th Grade Field Trip@St. Augustine 7:30-8:30           27 - Cub Scouts Blue/Gold Banquet@cafe 5pm-9pm
19 - 1st Gd Field Trip@Osceola County Fair (9:15-1:00)      28 - ACT Tests@cafe (8-Noon)
19 - Cub Scout Den Mtg@P13 3:45-4:45                        28 - Computer Repair Group@Imagineering 9-12:30
19 - Celebration Community Watch General Assembly@Cafe      28 - Children’s Theater@Cafe 1-5pm
7-9pm                                                       29 - Royal Ballet @ Blackbox 4-7pm
20 - Rodeo Day Student/Teacher Holiday                      29 - Children’s Theater@Cafe 1-5pm
21 - Computer Repair Group@Imagineering 9-12:30             March, 2004 - subject to change:
21 - Girl Scout -Gojlewicz@P2 4pm                           01-12 - FCAT Grades 3rd-10th
22 - Children’s Theater@Blackbox 1-3:30pm                             Reading and Math (SSS and NRT)
23-27 ESE Alternate Assessment Testing                      01-12 - FCAT Grades 5, 8, and 10
23 - Elem. Chorus@ Chorus Room 3:30-4:30pm                            Science (SSS)
23 - Children’s Theater@Chorus Room 4:30-6pm                01 - SAC Meeting@Great Hall 6pm
23 - Cub Scout Den W olf Mtg@Pride 16 7-8pm                 01 - Cub Scout Den W olf Mtg@Pride 16 7-8pm
23 - Cub Scout Den Tiger Mtg@Pride 13 7-8pm                 01 - Cub Scout Den Tiger Mtg@Pride 13 7-8pm
24 - Girl Scout Mtg Troop 72@Pride 4                        01 - Elem. Chorus@ Chorus Room 3:30-4:30pm
3:20-5pm                                                    01-05 - Field Trip Gr. 2@Seito Japanses Restaurant 1-3pm
24 - Girl Scout -Gojlewicz@P2 4pm                           02 - Girl Scout Mtg Troop 72@Pride 4 3:20-5pm
24 - Boy Scout Mtg Troop 125@Media 7-8:30pm                 02 - Boy Scout Mtg Troop 125@Media 7-8:30pm
24 - Boy Scout Den Webelosi Mtg@Pride 13 7-8pm              02 - Boy Scout Den Webelosi Mtg@Pride 13 7-8pm
25 - MS Basketball (boys & girls) @ Horizon Middle School   03 - MS Basketball (girls & boys) @ Narcoossee @ gym
(2:45-6:15)                                                 3:15
25 - Girl Scout Mtg@P5 5:30-6:30pm                          03 - Girl Scout Mtg@P5 5:30-6:30pm

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