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									Ohio Climate and Energy Workshop
October 4, 2007
Maintenance and Operations Afternoon Breakout Session Notes

Participants- Roles, Projects, and Contact Information

Heather Stephens, Facilitator
Ohio University- Voinovich School for Leadership and Public Affairs
Consortium for Energy, Economics, and the Environment

Emily Bacha, note taker
Ohio University student

Steve Mack, Director of Buildings and Grounds Services
Ohio University
    - Responsible for custodial oversight, grounds oversight, and waste/refuse oversight
    - “Green” Projects on campus: transition to green cleaning products, green cultural
       practices on grounds (i.e. no pesticides)
    - Worked/working on the composting initiative: practices within the new Baker
       University Center, building of the composting facility on campus
    - Worked/working on installation of compact fluorescent bulbs, night light sensors,
       and HVAC systems around campus

Ken Bloomer, Director of Maintenance and Operations
University of Cincinnati
   - Developing and initiating energy savings projects around campus
   - Specific retrofitting of oxygen and night sensors in buildings

Ron Lambers, Assistant Director of Electrical Systems and Field Management Operations
University of Cincinnati
    - Responsible for oversight of electrical, carpentry and other related projects

Mike Cassidy, Building Services Manager
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
   - Worked on the installation of light, oxygen, heat sensors in buildings
   - Worked on issues involving variable speed drive motors
   - Working on development of capital and energy projects, plant engineering project

Jim Lord
                                               Ohio Climate and Energy Breakout Session Notes 2

Central Ohio Technical College (OSU North- non residental)
email unavailable
   - Worked on the development of a new 80,000 sq. ft. library and student center-
       adapting recycling needs within building
   - Worked on installation of digital controls for boilers and chillers

Brian Boehmer, Project Manager
Central Ohio Technical College (OSU North- non residential)
   - Working on an Energy Master Plan in concordance with new standards
   - Continued construction/ renovation projects, lighting and HVAC retrofitting
       projects, equipment upgrades
   - Working on a small recycling program

Ed Newman, Recycling and Refuse Manager
Ohio University
   - Works with solid waste management issues, specifically the 300-500 tons of
      recyclables each year.
   - Developed green purchasing policies, especially cleaning products- products now
      have fewer chemicals and come in less packaging
   - Founded RecycleMania
      *Any questions about recycling and refuse efforts, feel free to contact Ed

Dan Kuzma, Grad Student/ Recycling Management Coordinator
Youngstown State University
   - Conducted food waste audits to improve and expand YSU’s in-vessel composting
      unit, the first unit at a university in the state of Ohio
   - *Suggested use of the EPA’s waste-wise calculator to determine greenhouse gas
      conversions (in tons)
   - Working on the expansion of YSU’s in-vessel composting unit
   - Looking to improve communication and stimulate dialogue about recycling
      within the institution and administration

Steve Saunier
Department of Natural Resources
    - Providing formalized partnerships with the ODNR involving institutional
       investments in ecological friendly equipment, procedures, etc.
    - *GRANT MONEY for colleges and universities
    - Last year, distributed $311,000 through 9 grants
    - This year’s application will open on November 16th and close on February 1st,
    - Grant money has been used for the installment of composting vessels, solar
       energy power systems, recycling bins, etc.
                                                  Ohio Climate and Energy Breakout Session Notes 3

   -   Visit: www.odnr.gov

Joe Gregor
University of Akron
    - Implemented a cardboard recycling program that resulted in money savings (2
       less loads from the trash compactor)
    - Served on President’s Blue, Gold, and Green committee to address energy
       changes at U. of Akron
    - Developing a program to audit campus waste
    - Worked on installation of occupancy sensors; dealt well with the repercussions
    - Concerned about heating as steam heat supplier, Akron Thermal, is now bankrupt;
       looking into cogeneration possibilities
    - Looking into the possibility of wind generators for electricity needs

Mick Harris, Director of Maintenance and Operations
Ohio University
    - Worked on the installation of low flow flushometers, low flow showerheads,
       occupancy sensors around campus
    - Responsible for maintaining escalator operations in new student center
    - Worked/working on the retrofitting of the current campus coal-burning heat
       generators to a clean burning facility with flue gas capture; continues to look into
       alternative energy options

John Ott, Facilities Manager
Ohio State University, Wooster- Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
    - Discussed the small, voluntary recycling program at regional site
    - Discussed the 1 acre compost pad for organic materials at regional site
    - Worked on installation of lighting, heating, cooling retrofits and upgrades
    - Worked on window replacements on campus
    - Worked on the transition from diesel to biodiesel for the entire truck and tractor
       fleet at regional site
    - Working on developing alternative fuels for fleet of cars- specifically the
       transforming of manure in a biodigester to fuel for fuel cells

Cris Wadham, Manager of Plant Operations
Wright State University
    - Discussed the LEED certification of the new Student Union
    - Expressed major concerns about the work culture involving the union and upper
       management- once solves, work may begin on environmental issue tackling
                                                  Ohio Climate and Energy Breakout Session Notes 4

Blaine Wyckoff, Director of Campus Operations
   - Worked on the retrofitting of heating plant, partnership with Kent State University
       for natural gas rates
   - Worked on the installation of waterless urinals in campus buildings
   - Worked on the acquisition of compressed air active vacuum pumps instead of
       running water in labs all day and night
   - Discussed the recycling of the many NEOUCOM electronics
   - Visit the Dept. of Justice website to find nearest collection site

Gerry Von Ville, Director of Operations
Ohio University- Zanesville
   - Worked on the retrofitting of motion sensors within existing buildings
   - Discussed the small site recycling program, environmental education across

Consensus Needs

   -   HB 251 is an unfunded mandate on higher education institutions; colleges and
       universities need to find outside means to fund programs that will decrease their
       energy consumption by 2014
          - Grants providing funding for not only new technologies, but also the
              installation and training necessary to operate such technology
          - Affordable and efficient ways and means to collect the energy data
              necessary to report not only to the presidents of respective institutions, but
              also to the IUC and OACC presidents
          - Workshops and/or detailed outlines on establishing baselines by which to
              measure further energy efficiency progress
          - Ideas and ways to grasp the “higher hanging fruit” in order to reduce
              energy consumption
   -   Communication among different groups on campus
          - Whether this communication involves direct contact with the president of
              the university, discussing energy reducing strategies with faculty and staff
              (i.e. - lower temperatures in offices), or mobilizing student populations on
              projects like RecycleMania matters not. The point is that communication
              needs to happen among all parts of the university.

Opportunities for Success

   -   Grant opportunities available now with the Ohio Department of Development,
       Ohio Department of Natural Resources, etc.
                                              Ohio Climate and Energy Breakout Session Notes 5

-   Communication! For example, the students at Ohio University performed an
    energy audit in President McDavis’s office. Such work opens up the lines for
    direct communication between the administration and concerned constituent
-   OAPA (?) provides a valuable networking tool for universities to meet their
    employee’s training needs. OAPA provides a listserve for its members to keep up
    to date on the latest technologies and trainings.
        - Could such a listserve be formed between the group gathered in order to
            share similar questions, advice, and opportunities?
-   Cooperation among different departments, with particular emphasis on Facilities
    and Operations relationships with faculty researchers in order to work out energy
    saving plans through business models or new energy research.
        - For example, Cincinnati State is beginning to offer a sustainability course
            in which students can earn specific energy technology training certificates

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