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             Puerto Rico


Republic                       Haiti

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               Bahamas Map

 The Bahamas is an archipelago nation with about
700 islands. About 40 of the islands are populated.
   The islands cover an area of about 100,000
                  square miles.
             Bahamas Flag
The flag colors are aquamarine-blue, gold,
and black. The colors are very symbolic.

Gold stands for the sun and sand

Blue stands for the sea

The black triangle stands for the unity of the
Bahamian people, moving forward together
   Capital-Nassau is the capital city and is located on
    the island of New Providence.

   Although the Bahamas is considered to be part of the
    Caribbean it is not geographically in the Caribbean. It
    is located in the Atlantic Ocean.

   The Bahamas are right on the edge of the infamous
    Bermuda Triangle.

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               Puerto Rico
   Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean
    Ocean. It is the smallest of the Greater
    Antilles Islands, which include Cuba, Haiti
    and the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.
   The capital is San Juan.
   Puerto Rico is only 100 miles long by 35
    miles wide. It is 1000 miles from Miami.
             PR Flag

*Design based on the Cuban flag with
inverted colors

*The colors are similar to the United
States because Puerto Rico
is protected by the USA.

*It only has one star to represent the
unity of the one island.
        Puerto Rico Facts

                                            El Yunque is the local name for
                                             The Caribbean National Forest
                                             in Puerto Rico.
                                            A tropical rain forest is found
                                             in warm climates in the tropics
The Puerto Rican coquí is a very tiny
and small tree frog only about one           close to the equator. There
inch long. Some coquíes look green,          are many tropical rain forests
some brown and some yellowish -              around the world. El Yunque is
actually they are translucent. Coquíes       the only Tropical Rain Forest
have a high pitched sound and can be         in the United State's National
heard from far away. These frogs             Forest System.
can only survive in Puerto Rico.
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   The capital of Jamaica is Kingston.

-Jamaica is a beautiful island in the Caribbean
and is sunny all year round. Although it has
competed in the Winter Olympic Games 5

-Cricket is a game similar to baseball that is
played in Jamaica.
The Jamaican flag has 3 colors,
    green, black and gold.

  Black stands for hardships
  overcome and to be faced.

 Gold, for natural wealth and
     beauty of sunlight.

  Green stands for hope and
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   The capital of Cuba is Havana.
   The island of Cuba is the largest and
    second-most populous island of the
    Greater Antilles.

        Let’s watch a clip about a
     photographers experience in Cuba!
                  Cuban Flag

*Three blue stripes represent the states into which
the island was divided at that time

*Two white stripes imply the force and dedication
of the idealistic soldier for independence

*A red triangle for equality, fraternity and liberty,
and the blood shed in the pursuit of freedom

*A white five-sided star, inside the red triangle, as
a symbol of freedom between nations.

*The flag is twice as long as it is wide.   Go to Flag Page
   Haiti is the third largest country in the
    Caribbean. It shares a 224 mile border
    with the Dominican Republic.
   The capital is Port au Prince.

   Let’s see some photos of Haiti!
            Haitian Flag

The Coat of Arms shows a display of weapons
 showing the country is ready to defend their
   freedom. The Royal Palm tree stands for
independence. On the very top of the palm is
             the Cap of Liberty.
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        Dominican Republic
   The Dominican Republic is located on an
    island called Hispaniola along with Haiti.
    The country makes up two-thirds of the
   The capital is Santo Domingo.
   Baseball is the official sport of the
    Dominican Republic.
      Dominican Republic
*The blue is said to stand for

*Red for the fire and blood of
the independence struggle.

*The white cross is a symbol
of sacrifice.
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-The country of Mexico is located on the
continent of North America.

-Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.

-Mexico is not an island, like the other countries
we have studied.

-The world’s smallest dog, the Chihuahua, came
from here.
                Mexican Flag
-Green: represents hope for a better nation, where
people join together to achieve and maintain peace
between them.

-White: represents the purity of catholic faith.

-Red: the color of blood. With the inclusion of this
color on their flag, Mexican people pay a tribute to
those who died during the terrible war for

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