You can join the Blue Level tonight with a gift of

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					                             Special Gifts Phase – General Calling Script

            1. ASK FOR THE DONOR                             Helpful hints:
                                                              If prospects ask why you’re collecting
                                                                this information, explain that you need a
Hello, may I speak with (prospect’s first
                                                                proper address to send university
name)?                                                          publications.
                                                                     5. ESTABLISH RAPPORT
Hi, (prospect’s name). This is (your name)
                                                             (Ask open-ended questions. Have a
and I am a student at WVU. How are you?
                                                             conversation, not a survey! The goal is to
 Helpful hints:
 If the prospect doesn’t have time to talk,                 build a relationship with the prospect!)
   or is busy, schedule a non-personal                          Ask them about their affiliation with
                                                                 WVU…(i.e. major, school/college)
                                                                Update them on what’s happening at
I’m calling tonight to talk to you about                         their school or college. Tell them about a

WVU & let you know some ways to stay                             new project, new scholarships, or
                                                                 anything from your fact sheet.
involved with the University.
                                                             Helpful hints:
                                                              You can talk about anything that is
                                                                appropriate. They may work in a field
                                                                you’re interested in. Feel free to ask
Make conversation….ask about recent                             questions about their work.
mailings, where the prospect lives, etc…                      The call should be a dialogue, not a
                                                                monologue. Let the prospect talk as
To make sure you will continue to receive                       much as or more than you do.
communications from WVU, let me confirm                       Rapport should last about 2-3 minutes.

the address information we have for you.
                                                                   6. TRANSITION TO THE ASK
Are you still living at (address)? Thank you
for helping us update our records. The WVU                   “Well (name), I hope you can continue to

Foundation is hoping to begin                                stay updated with what’s happening at

communicating with alumni through the use                    WVU. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably

of email in the near future. We’d like to                    already heard about one exciting thing here

include you in these periodic updates about                  at WVU – the Building Greatness

what’s happening at WVU. If I can take just                  Campaign. Are you familiar with the

a moment and get your current email                          Campaign?

address, we can make sure you receive our
electronic communications.
(Get email address and type in demographic change window).

                      Special Gifts Phase – General Calling Script


    Because of the campaign and the rising       Helpful hint:
     costs of operating programs within            This is the tough part, but the next
                                                     person to speak after you ask for the
     WVU, we’re working very hard to raise           specific pledge should always be the
     money through the Building Greatness            prospect.
                                                             9. SAY THANK YOU!
    FACT
                                                  “Thanks for your generous support. It’s
    FACT
                                                  alumni and friends like you who help to keep
    The best way you can help us is to make
                                                  WVU strong.” Move on to step 10.
     a pledge that can be fulfilled over three
     years. By doing so, you wouldn’t be
     contacted again by phone until 2005.         9A. WHEN THE PROSPECT SAYS NO,
                                                      RESPOND AND NEGOTIATE.
    To help you decide your level of support,
     we’ve created some giving club levels.       “I know that everyone can not give a gift at
    One of our most popular levels is the        this level. The fact that we are asking for
     Blue Level. As a thank you for your gift     gifts of this size indicates how much we
     at this level, you would receive an          depend on the support of alumni and friends
     invitation to a pre-game tent party in the   like you.”
     upcoming football season, membership in      Helpful Hints:
                                                   Respond to their objection before you go
     our exclusive Foundation Partner
                                                     onto giving reasons. If you don’t, the
     program, and a business card luggage            prospect will not feel that you are
                                                     listening to them.
     tag displaying the WVU logo.
                                                   Before each ask, give a good reason why
    You can join the Blue Level tonight with        they should give.
                                                   Be sure to check for matching gifts early
     a gift of $1000 per year for three years.
                                                     and use them in your asks. (A $1000 gift
     Could we count on you for a gift at this        with a 1:1 match will qualify them for
                                                     the Gold Level).
     level tonight?
Helpful hint:                                      9B. IF THE RESPONSE IS STILL NO, GO
 Ask with confidence                             ONTO THE NEXT LEVEL UNTIL YOU HAVE
 Don’t just ask for a gift or for support.              ASKED AT ALL THE LEVELS
   Ask for the specific dollar amount for
   that level. Remember that people
   won’t give unless they’re asked.               Maybe a gift at our Mountaineer Level
                                                  would be a better fit for you. You will still
                                                  receive some special invitations and the
                                                  business card luggage tag. You can join with

                    Special Gifts Phase – General Calling Script

a pledge of $500 a year for three years.                Always ask for a matching gift, it’s
                                                         free money.
Would this be something you’re interested
                                                        For the campus to receive the
in?                                                      matching gift, the employee must fill
                                                         out a form from the employer and
      $250 * 3 years – University Level
                                                         send it in with their gift. We do not
       $100 * 3 years—Campus Level                       have the forms here .
      One time gift – Average Gift $XX
                                                 11. ASK FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT
Helpful hints:
 Be Persistent. Don’t take the first no
   for an answer and don’t skip levels!          One way to save you some time and put your
 Stay positive and keep your tone upbeat
                                                 gift to work right away is to place this on
   throughout the entire ask. Do not let
   any frustration show!                         your credit card. Can you fulfill your pledge
                                                 right now using your Visa or MasterCard?
 9C.IF THE PROSPECT DECIDES NOT                  Helpful hint:
 TO GIVE (despite your best effort!):                   Make sure you read the entire
                                                         number back to the prospect and
I am sorry that you are not able to                      get the expiration date and IVC
participate this year. Thank you for taking
the time to speak with me. Have a great                   12. CONFIRM THE GIFT

  10. IF THEY SAY YES-ASK ABOUT                  I’ll be sending you a pledge confirmation
           MATCHING GIFT                         card this week for $_________.
                                                 Helpful hints:
Many companies match gifts their
                                                    Confirm the pledge amount and
employees, or their employees spouses,
                                                     payment details before hanging up.
make to charities. These matches can
                                                    For multi-year pledges, reminder letters
double or triple the impact of your gift. If I
                                                     will be mailed twice a year.
can take a second and get your current
                                                    If the gift was at least $300 total,
employment information, I can check to see
                                                     don’t forget to tell them about the
if your company participates in a matching
                                                     business card luggage tags!
gift program.
                                                    SAY THANK YOU AGAIN.
Helpful hints:


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