Medical Supplies and Equipment for Suburban First Responders Updated May 10 2012 by 3K50Av1m


									                Medical Supplies and Equipment for Suburban First Responders
The supplies listed below are not mandatory. This list is designed to provide an inventory of
medical supplies available to Suburban First Responders (Listed per Exhibit in the County
Interlocal Agreement) through Austin-Travis County EMS Department Supply. Other medical
supplies not included on this list may be provided, if deemed appropriate by the Medical Director.
Distribution of items marked (ILS and ALS) requires prior approval by the Medical Director or
his designee. Revision approved 12/22/10, Updated October 31, 2011.

                              AUTHORIZED FIRST RESPONDER ORDERING:



         SIGNATURE_______________________________(for MAIL, FAX ,           HAND CARRY or E-SIGNATURE)


         MAIN NUMBER FOR SUPPLY STAFF 978-0480                    (4201 ED BLUESTEIN BLVD.)

         TO ORDER: E-MAIL EMSSUPPLY@AUSTINTEXAS.GOV OR                                FAX: 978-0482

This System Supply Request Form and related information is posted on the OMD Web Page: under the Equipment and Supplies section. Please update me ASAP of any changes
to the Authorized Responders who order supplies for your department. Changes to the authorized list
must come through the OMD.

Reminder: Please completely fill out this section of the Supply Request Form. Especially the estimated
pick up date and time. If your need is urgent and a short turn around time is requested, a courtesy call to
Supply to make sure they received your e-mail or fax is very appropriate. The preferred order method
is E-mail. If fax: only send the pages you need to. All pages are NOT required with each order.

           COMMODITY        Quantity
ITEM #                                   Authorized                  EXTENDED DESCRIPTION
             CODE           Requested

                                                      A002 Convenience Bag™ GKR Industries, Inc. For
 A002       47577131002                    BLS        disposal of emesis and urine

                                                      A003 Sterile Suction Catheter 14 fr. Rush #400500140
 A003       47517261003                    BLS        Latex Free

                                                      A004    Sterile Suction Catheter 8 fr Rush #400500080 Latex
 A004       47517261004                    BLS        Free

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                              A005     Sterile Suction Catheter 6 fr Rush #400500060 Latex
A005     47517261005   BLS    Free

                              A006 HI-D® “BIG STICK”® SSCOR, Inc. # 44241
A006     47587791006   BLS    Pharyngeal Suction tip with thumb control

                              A008 Disposable Suction Canister Bemis Health Care of
A008     47570911008   BLS    Sheboygan, Wisconsin # 484410. 1200cc capacity

                              A009 Universal Bubble Tubing Sherwood Medical Argyle
A009     47573891009   BLS    # 888-280412. 6.0mm I.D. X 30.5M (1/4” x 100’)

                              A010 Adult Non Rebreathing Oxygen Mask Hudson RCI®
A010     46502441010   BLS    # 1060 Adult Oxygen Mask. Latex Free

                              A011 Pediatric Non Rebreathing Oxygen Mask Hudson
A011     46502441011   BLS    RCI® 1058 Pediatric Oxygen Mask. Latex Free

                              A012 Infant Oxygen Mask Rush #396218 Medium
A012     46502441012   BLS    Concentration with 7 foot Oxygen Tubing. Latex Free.

                              A013 Nasal Cannula Adult Hudson RCI® #1103 Cannula.
A013     47573851013   BLS    Latex Free

                              A014 Oxygen Supply Tubing Hudson RCI® #1115
A014     47573851014   BLS    Oxygen Tubing. Latex Free

                              A014.2     Cook Cricothyrotomy Catheter set. Components
                              Included: Cuffed Emergency Cricothyrotomy Catheter - 1
                              each; Amplatz Extra-Stiff Wire Guide with Flexible Tip - 1
A014.2   47518390002   ALS    each; Percutaneous Entry Needle - 2 each; Curved
                              Radiopaque Dilator - 1 each; Disposable Scalpel - 1 each;
                              Syringe - 1 each; Trach Tape - 1 roll. Brand Specific. COOK
                              Medical Part Number C-TCCSB-500-SPOPS.

                              A015 Adult Elongated Aerosol Mask Hudson RCI® 1083
A015     34572511015   BLS    Clear Latex Free

                              A016 Pedi Elongated Aerosol Mask Hudson RCI®1085
A016     34572511016   BLS    Clear Latex Free

                              A018     Ventilator Adapter Elbow Hudson RCI® 1078 Latex
A018     47573891019   BLS    Free

                              A019 Micro Mist® Nebulizer Hudson RCI® # 1883 Micro
A019     47506621019   BLS    Mist® Nebulizer kit with tee, tubing, mouthpiece and
                              reservoir. Latex Free.

                              A020 Universal Cuff Adaptor 22mm I.D. Hudson RCI® #
A020     47573891020   BLS    1421. 22mm Cuff Adaptor Latex Free

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A021   47587751021   BLS    A021     Oral Airway Hudson RCI® 1171Size 5.5 Latex Free

A022   47587751022   BLS    A022     Oral Airway Hudson RCI® 1170 Size 6 Latex Free

A023   47587751023   BLS    A023     Oral Airway Hudson RCI® 1169 Size 7 Latex Free

A024   47587751024   BLS    A024     Oral Airway Hudson RCI®1168 Size 8 Latex Free

A025   47587751025   BLS    A025     Oral Airway Hudson RCI® 1167 Size 10 Latex Free

A026   47587751026   BLS    A026     Oral Airway Hudson RCI® 1166 Size 11Latex Free

A027   47587751027   BLS    A027 Oral Airway Hudson RCI® 1165 Size 12 Latex Free

                            A028 Nasopharyngeal Airway Sherwood # 247031 Size 28
A028   47587751028   BLS    fr. Latex Free

                            A029 Nasopharyngeal Airway SHERWOOD # 247049
A029   47587751029   BLS    Size 30fr. Latex Free

                            A030 Nasopharyngeal Airway SHERWOOD # 247056
A030   47587751030   BLS    Size 32 fr. Latex Free

                            A031 Surgilube Lubricant 3g foil packs Triad 144/box
A031   47548521031   BLS    Surgical Lubricant

                            A032 Laerdal Thomas™ Advanced Airway (King) Tube
A032   47587771032   ALS    Holder Pediatric size

                            A033 Laerdal Thomas™ Advanced Airway (King) Tube
A033   47587771033   BLS    Holder Adult size

                            A044 ADULT Ambu Spur Oxygen ResuscitatorAmbu
A044   34584501044   BLS    product number: 520-211-000 With Adult mask and closed
                            A045 CHILD / INFANT Ambu Spur Oxygen Resuscitator
A045   34584501045   BLS    Ambu product number: 530-215-000 With toddler and infant
                            mask and closed reservoir
                            A046 NEONATE Ambu SPUR Neonate Oxygen
A046   34584501046   BLS    Resuscitator Ambu product number: 544-211-000 With
                            Neonate mask and open reservoir

                            A047 End-Tidal CO2 Detector Nellcor Easy Cap® II
A047   47587751047   BLS    Adult For Body Weight greater than 15kg.

                            A048 End-Tidal CO2 Detector Nellcor Pedi-Cap®
A048   47587751048   ALS    Pediatric For Body Weight From 1kg to 15kg

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                                           A049 NG Feeding Tube Kendall Argyle® # 260406 8fr.
 A049     47573831048               ILS    Infant Sterile

                                           A050 NG Salem Sump® Tube Kendall Argyle® # 264911
 A050     47573861050               ILS    10fr. Sterile

                                           A051 NG Salem Sump® Tube Kendall Argyle® # 264929.
 A051     47573861051               ILS    12fr. Sterile

                                           A052 NG Salem Sump® Tube Kendall Argyle® # 264945
 A052     47573861052               ILS    14fr. Sterile

                                           A053 NG Salem Sump® Tube Kendall Argyle® # 264960
 A053     47573861053               ILS    16fr. Sterile

                                           A054 NG Salem Sump® Tube Kendall Argyle® # 264986
 A054     47573861054               BLS    18fr. Sterile (use with King Airways)

                                           MASKS, DISPOSABLE CELLUCAP 1826 50 PER BOX; 6
A057.4                              BLS    BOXES PER CASE (for use on patients)

                                           A059 V-VAC™ Manual Suction Starter Kit Laerdal
 A059     46578211059               BLS    #98500 Hand-powered aspirator Starter Kit.

                                           A060 V-VAC™ Disposable Suction Replacement
 A060     46578211060               BLS    Cartridge Laerdal #985001. For use with the Laerdal V-
                                           VAC™ manual suction unit

                                           A061 V-VAC™ ADAPTER TIP Laerdal # 985002. For
 A061     46578211061               BLS    use with the Laerdal V-VAC™ manual suction unit

                                           A062 V-VAC™ SUCTION CATH. Laerdal #985004.
 A062     46578211062               BLS    For use with the Laerdal V-VAC™ manual suction unit.

 A063     46578211063               ALS     A063    Meconium Aspirator
                                           A080 King System Supraglottic Airway Kit # 477-
 A080     47587771080               BLS    KLTSD413EA Yellow Size 3 for Adults 4 to 5 feet. With
                                           double lumen tube, 60cc syringe, lubricant and instructions.
                                           A081 King System Supraglottic Airway Kit # 477-
 A081     47587771081               BLS    KLTSD414EA Red Size 4 for Adults 5 to 6 feet. With
                                           double lumen tube, 60cc syringe, lubricant and instructions.
                                           A081.01 King System Supraglottic Airway Kit # 477-
                                           KLTSD415EA Purple size 5 for Adults greater than 6 feet.
A081.01   47587775231               BLS    With double lumen tube, 60cc syringe, lubricant and

                                    ALS    A081.02 King System Supraglottic Airway Kit , King LT-
                        No longer
A081.02   47587775232                      D, SIZE 2, PEDIATRIC, 35-45 IN., OR 12 to 25Kg in
                                           weight.// PART NO# 477-KLTD212EA.

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                               A093 Toddler Mask Ambu® # 252053 Toddler face mask
 A093     34584551093   BLS    with 22mm ID connector. Disposable and Latex Free

                                A096 Sterile Suction Catheter 10 fr Kendall Safe-T-Vac #
 A096     47517271096   BLS    31020 Latex Free

                               A098 3M Particle Respirator N-95 #1870 3M 1870 Health
 A098     34572511098   BLS    Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask. Fold flat
                               A098.5 Patient Mask. Size: Adult-Large. BiTrac ED™
                               Mask. For use with Pulmodyne CPAP system. Multi-
A098.5    46578211058   BLS    positioning; OmniClip™ with Silicone Forehead Pad. Head
                               Strap - Attachment Clip to Mask. Disposable, Latex free.
                               Single Use. Pulmodyne Part Number 313-7030EA.
                               A102.4 3-SET O2-RESQ™ SYSTEM Includes Adult-
                               Medium sized BiTrac ED™Mask, 72” Corrugated Anti-
                               Asphyxia Circuit hose, Filter, 5.0 to 10.0 adjustable O2-
A102.4    46578211122   BLS    CPAP™ Valve and fixed flow generator (fixed flow Venturi
                               device, Built in filter) Disposable, Latex free. Single Use.
                               Pulmodyne Part Number 313-7056EA.

                               A103.3 10.0 PEEP CPAP Valve. Disposable, Latex free.
A103.3    46578211055   BLS    Single Use. Pulmodyne Part Number 313-7718EA
                               A103.4 T-Adapter. Disposable, Latex free. Single Use.
A103.4    46578211054   BLS    Pulmodyne Part Number 313-2230EA.

                               A116 Mucosal Atomization Device - Wolf Troy Nasal
 A116     47573851116   ILS    MAD300 - without 3 ml Syringe

                                A123 RESQPOD, (ITD) Circulatory enhancer, a non-
 A123     46511571123   BLS    invasive device used to enhance blood flow and increase

                               B001 Instant Disposable Cold Compress Gam Industries
 B001     47573222001   BLS    5.5" X 8" disposable instant ice compress

                               B001.01 Instant Disposable Heat Pack Allegiance # 11450-
B001.01   47573225004   BLS    040 Medium size 6" x 6 1/2" with a maximum heat range of
                               90 to 120 degrees.

                               B002 Sterile Gauze Sponge Cypress # 42-42, 4 inch x 4
 B002     26082752002   BLS    inch 12 ply , Sterile 2 per pack

                               B003 All-Purpose Sponges Kendall # 9024 Versalon®.
 B003     47509722003   BLS    4" X 4", 4 ply 200 per pack. Non Sterilized general use

                               B005 Krinkle Gauze Roll Dynarex # 3161. 6 ply large
 B005     47509602005   BLS    sterile roll 4.5in x 4.1yds stretched.

                               B006 Vaseline Petrolatum Gauze Kendal # 8884414600.
 B006     47509662006   BLS    3" X 18" Sterile Vaseline dressing non-adhering fine mesh

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                               B007 Dermiform Knit Tape J & J # 5181 Hypo-
 B007     47509912007   BLS    Allergenic 1" X 10 yards

                               B008 Standard White Porous Tape 2 inch x 10 yards per
 B008     47509792008   BLS    roll Medical Cloth Adhesive Tape

 B009     47509132009   BLS    B009      AC-Tape Elastic Adhesive Bandage 3inch

                               B010 Elastic Bandage 3 inch x 5 yards Elastic Bandage
 B010     34532114010   BLS    with speed clips. Non Sterilized

B010.01   47509115005   BLS    B010.01     3M LATEX FREE COBAN TAPE 2"

                               B011 Triangular Bandage Non sterile 40" X 40" X 56"
 B011     47509352011   BLS    with 2 safety pins included.
                               B012 Emergency Obstetrical Kit GAM Industries # 40-01
                               Disposable OB Kit with 1 pr. Sterile Latex Free Gloves ,
                               scalpel, disposable plastic apron, plastic lined under pad,
 B012     47566432012   BLS    receiving blanket, sterile disposable bulb syringe, sterile O.B.
                               Pad, plastic bag with twist ties, disposable towels, sterile
                               gauze sponges, O.B. toweletts, 2 sterile umbilical cord clamps

                               B015 Multi-Trauma Dressing Gam Industries #3050 .
 B015     47509452015   BLS    12in. X 30 in. Sterile Dressing

 B016     26984125250   BLS     B016      Benzoin Spray. 4 oz spray can.

                               B017 PDI: Compound Benzoin Swabstick # S42450
 B017     26984152017   BLS    Tincture Swabstick

                               B018 STAT STRIP™ Adhesive Bandages American
 B018     47509132018   BLS    White Cross # 15215. 1 in. x 3 in. Adhesive Bandages
                               Flexible Non-Stick Pad 100 per box.

 B020     46514552020   BLS     B020     Pedi Adjustable C Collar

                               B025 Disposable Pillow 15 ounce fill disposable pillow
 B025     47564612020   BLS    17" X 23"

                               B026 9 inch I.V. Arm Board McKesson #48-4512 9 inch x
 B026     46588922026   BLS    3 inch I.V. arm board, non- absorbent with vinyl covering.

                               B027 Padded Board Splint 15 inch non-absorbent with
 B027     46588482027   BLS    vinyl covering. Orange

                               B028 36 Inches long/// Padded board splints are made of
                               1/2 x 3" solid wood/// COLOR: Orange/// vinyl covered
 B028     46588492028   BLS    splints have 1/2" foam on one side/// Morrison Medical Part
                               number 1836 or buyer approved equivalent.

 B030     46588452030   BLS    B030      Sta-Blok™ Head Immobilizer Laerdal #700-00001

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B031     47013152031   BLS    B031     Back Board
                              B032 KENDRICK TRACTION DEVICE™ KTD™. For
                              Splinting Lower Extremities. Compact Design 9 ½ inch x 3
B032     46588402032   BLS    ½ inch 20oz. Folding snap-out Aluminum pole with elastic
                              leg strap, adjustable ankle hitch and groin strap. Must be
                              adjustable for adult and child.

                              B036.1 Graham MegaMover™ 1500 Fluid resistant non
B036.1   47050305007   BLS    woven and machine washable. Holds up to 1,500 lbs.

B040     47013152040   BLS    B040     Adult Adjustable C Collar.

                              B048 Disposable Posey® Limb Restraint Posey® Soft
B048     46588452048   BLS    Limb Holder # 2510 for limiting limb movement. 2 per pack

                              B052 Sam Splints™ Lightweight orange universal splint
B052     46588402052   BLS    Latex Free

                              B060 SAM Sling™ Small #556652sm Sam Medical
B060     46588402060   BLS    Products™ force-controlled circumferential pelvic belt

                              B062 SAM Sling™Large #556652L Sam Medical
B062     46588402062   BLS    Products™ force-controlled circumferential pelvic belt.

C002     47535603002   BLS    C002     Pedatric AED Defib Pads

                              C004 Disposable Prep Razor Dual edge with comb head
C004     47574623004   BLS    and non slip handle for patient prep.

C005     47535603005   BLS    C005     Ambu Blue Sensor Electrodes # SP-00-S 50 per pack.

C008     46514553008   ILS    C008     LP 11/12 Paper

C011     47535603011   BLS    C011     Fore Runner Pads

C012     46514553012   BLS    C012     Fore Runner Adapter

                              D002 Owen Mumford Unistix® 2 Safety LANCETS
D002     47550114002   BLS    Owen Mumford # AT 0712 Unistik 2 Capillary Blood
                              Sampling Device, single use

                              D003.1 Ascensia CONTOUR Glucometer Check Strip
D003.1   46507435008   BLS    EMS Model Bayer -Blood glucose microfill test strips

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                              D004.1 Ascensia CONTOUR Glucometer EMS Model
D004.1   46507435009   BLS    Bayer Blood Glucose Meter Kit

                              D004.2 Ascensia CONTOUR EMS Model Bayer Normal
D004.2   46507435010   BLS    Control Test Solution for testing CONTOUR Glucometer

                              D007 OxiCliq® “A” Nellcor Puritan Bennett™ # OxiCliq
D007     17527514007   BLS    A Adult Oxygen Sensor. Single Use

                              D008 OxiCliq® “P” Nellcor Puritan Bennett™ # OxiCliq
D008     17527514008   BLS    P Pediatric Oxygen Sensor. Single Use

                              D017 ADULT SPHYGMOMANOMETER Complete
D017     46511574017   BLS    Mabis #09-141-011 Latex Free Adult size blue nylon fabric
                              D018 LARGE ADULT SPHYGMOMANOMETER
D018     46511574018   BLS    Complete Mabis #09-141-016 Latex Free Large Adult size
                              blue nylon fabric cuff

                              D019 CHILD SPHYGMOMANOMETER Complete Mabis
D019     46511574019   BLS    #09-141-015 Latex Free Child size blue nylon fabric cuff

                              D020 INFANT SPHYGMOMANOMETER Complete
D020     46511574020   BLS    Mabis #09-141-013 Latex Free Infant size blue nylon fabric
                              D023 THIGH SPHYGMOMANOMETER Mabis #09-
D023     46511574023   BLS    141-017 Latex Free Thigh size blue nylon fabric cuff

D031                   ILS    D031     Adlt/Ped filterline set for LP12 only

D032                   ILS    D032     Smart CapnoLine Plus Adult/Intermediate LP12 only

                              D047 Broselow™ Pediatric Emergency Tape Broselow-
                              Luten™ System Color Coding Kids™ Armstrong Medical #
D047     47537804047   ILS    AE4800. Used to determine proper equipment sizing, drug
                              doses and fluids in emergencies.
                              D055.2 Thermometer, Adtemp™ 419 Hypothermia. Digital.
                              Temperature Range 78.0°F-111.9°F ±.2°F or 25.5°C - 44.3°C
         47585604002          ±.1°C Replaceable 1.55v (LR41) type battery provides up to
D055.2                 BLS    1,500 measurements. Includes plastic storage case. American
                              Diagnostics Corporation Item Number 419.

                              D056 Probe Covers for Thermometer to prevent
D056     47585504056   BLS    contamination prior to use. 500 probe covers per box. DIDI

                              F001 0.9% Sodium Chloride 250ml Hospira (Abbott Labs)
F001     27025576001   ILS    # 798302 Injection, USP 250ml

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                              F002 0.9% Sodium Chloride 1000ml Hospira (Abbott
F002     27025576002   ILS    Labs) # 798309 Injection, USP 1000ml

                              F003 0.9% Sodium Chloride 50ml Hospira (Abbott Labs)
F003     27025576003   ILS    # 798413 Injection, USP 50ml

                              F003.1 0.9% Sodium Chloride 3ml Ready to Use. Latex
                              Free. Packaging: 3mL Unit-Dose Vial. Sold 100 each per
                              Box. Shelf Life. Sterile. Sold in Box of 100 each. NDC
F003.1   27196010001   BLS    00487-9301-03 Nephron Corp Part Number 639841 or buyer
                              approved equal

                               F004 0.4% Lidocaine D5W 250ml Hospira (Abbott Labs)
F004     27084526004   ALS    # 793132 1gram Lidocaine 4mg/ml

                              F005 Sterile Water 500ml Hospira (Abbott Labs) #
F005     43564726005   BLS    613903. 500ml plastic Bottle for irrigation, USP

                              F006.1 10 Drop Intervenous Set. 95 inches total length. 10
                              Drops/ml 24 hour admin set with pre-slit Port, Bravo24,
                              Rotating Luer, 1 ext, Non-DEPH tubing. Latex Free. Custom
F006.1   47516401006   ILS    Manufactured Inventory. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE. 50 each
                              per case. Mfgr: ICU Medical Part Number B99134 or buyer
                              approved equivalent.

                              F007.1     60 Drop Intervenous Set. 95 inches total length. 60
                              Drops/ml 24 hour admin set with pre-slit Port, Bravo24,
                              Rotating Luer, 1 ext, Non-DEPH tubing. Latex Free. Custom
F007.1   47516401007   ILS    Manufactured Inventory. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE. 50 each
                              per case. ICU Medical Part Number B99135

                              F009 ICU Medical Dial-A-Flow #SPF9800 . 19 inch
F009     47573856009   ILS    Extension Set with controller. Latex Free

                              F011 Veni-Gard IV Patch CONMED # 705-4431. IV
F011     47509136009   ILS    Catheter Dressing. Sterile with Transparent Membrane

                              F012 Conmed Clear Site IV Patch #741-1023. 2.25 x 2.75
F012     47509526012   ILS    Sterile Transparent Dressing ADD TEGADERM

                              F013.1 J-Loop extension set. 24 hour Ext set. Removeable
                              Bravo 24 Pre-slit Port. Latex Free. Custom Manufactured
F013.1   47516401008   ILS    Inventory. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE. ICU Medical Part
                              Number B9900-486.

                              F018 Latex Free Tourniquet 1 inch x 18 inch latex free
                              tourniquet Dawnmist #NLT4425.
F018     46588406018   ILS

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                               Tourniquet® (C-A-T®) (Patent Pending) Combat Application
                               Tourniquet (C-A-T)       Color: Tactical Black. Small and
                               lightweight one-handed tourniquet that completely occludes
                               arterial blood flow in an extremity. uses a Self-Adhering Band
F018.1   46588950181   BLS     and a Friction Adaptor Buckle. One-handed windlass system.
                               The windlass uses a free moving internal band. Hook-and-
                               Loop Windlass Strap™ for further securing of the windlass
                               during patient transport. Composite Resources Part Number

                               F027 IV Infuser Ethox® Infusurge® # 4010. 1000cc
F027     47516266027   ILS     Disposable IV infuser

                               G006 Fluid Shield Procedure Mask with Splash Guard
G006     47562577006   BLS     Kimberly-Clark # 47137 Wraparound splashguard visor
                               Latex Free

G007     47562240001   BLS     G007     Shoe Covers

                               G008 Poly Coated Isolation Gown IHS Medical Products
G008     20032547008   BLS     Yellow, Full Back, PE Coated, Universal Size Isolation gown
                               G008.5 Poly-Gown Precept® White Knight Healthcare
G008.5   20032545020   BLS     Large Personal Protection Poly-Gown, individually wrapped
                               and Latex Free #8572
                               G009 Industrial Protective Eyewear UVEX® #S129C
G009     34564457009   BLS     Astrospec 3000 Polycarbonate Lenses Anti-fog, static,
                               scratch, and UV. Clear Lenses
                               G010 Industrial Protective Eyewear UVEX® #S2510C
G010     34564527010   BLS     Fits Over Rx Glasses. Astrospec OTG3001. Anti-fog, static,
                               scratch, and UV. Clear Lenses

G012     35464137012   BLS     G012     Ear Plugs

G014     47541481004   BLS     G014     XL Nitrile Glove

G015     47541481003   BLS     G015     LG Nitrile Glove

G016     47541481002   BLS     G016     M Nitrile Glove

G017     47541481001   BLS     G017     S Nitrile Glove

G024     47541107024   BLS     G024     XXL Nitrile Glove

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H007     45006118007   BLS     H007     3V Glucometer Battery

H009     46514558009   BLS     H009     AED Battery for FR1

H009.1   46514555022   BLS     H009.1     AED Battery for FR2

H013     46514558013   BLS     AED Data Card for FR2

                               I001 New Born Receiving Blanket 100% Cotton flannel
 I001    85012299001   BLS     30” X 30”

                               I002 PORT-A-WARM™ Mattress Allegiance # 11475-
                               010. 18 in. X 9 in. Approximate warmest temperature
 I002    01072609002   BLS     104deg. F. with an approximate 2 hour time duration. Latex

                               I003 New Born Beni Cap Beni Cap for new born babies
 I003    20012469003   BLS     non-sterile/single use

 I004    34530259004   BLS     I004     Silver Swaddler

 I005    47580719005   BLS     I005     Nose/Ear Bulb Syringe 2.5 oz

                               J001 VIONEX® Antimicrobial Skin Wipes Metrex
 J001    48540315016   BLS     Individual Towelette Pack # 10-1510 per box

                               Pre-moistened Germicidal Disposable Wipes. Ready to use.
                               Disinfects and deodorizes. Bacterical, tuberculocidal and
                               virucidal including HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C. Active
                               Ingredients: Dimethyl ethybenzene ammonium chlorides,
                               Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides and minimum 55%
 J003                  BLS     isopropyl alcohol. EPA registered hospital disinfectant. 65
                               wipes in a perforate continous roll. Each wipe measures 8
                               inches by 14 inches. Must include contact kill times for HIV,
                               TB, Hep B, Hep C, MRSA, Influenza. PDI Part Number
                               Q86984 or buyer approved equal. (PDI® SUPER SANI-
                               CLOTH) NOT for use on SKIN

 J024                  BLS     Red Bags

                               L003.1 Disposable Laryngoscope Blade Rusch Lite Slim
L003.1   46537395049   ILS     # 004801100 Macintosh Infant sz. 1. Latex Free

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                                            L003.2 Disposable Laryngoscope Blade Rusch Lite Slim #
L003.2   46537395051                ILS     004802200 Macintosh Child sz. 2. Latex Free

                                            L003.5 Disposable Laryngoscope Blade Rusch Lite Slim #
L003.5   46537395054                ILS     004850050 Miller Premature sz. 0. Latex Free

                                            L003.7 Disposable Laryngoscope Blade Rusch Lite Slim #
L003.7   46537395056                ILS     004852200 Miller Child sz. 2. Latex Free

                                            L003.8 Disposable Laryngoscope Blade Rusch Lite Slim #
L003.8   46537395057                ILS     004853300 Miller Adult sz. 3. Latex Free

L013     26046545068                ILS     L013     Adult Magill Forceps 10 inch

L014     26046545069                ILS     L014     Child Magill Forceps 8 inch

                                            L015 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                       Use L003.5           MILLER Style. Size 0. Neonate. LED. Stainless Steel, Satin
L015     46537590001      until     ILS     Finish. Length: 55 mm. Distal Width: 9.5 mm. NOVALITE
                        depleted            Part Number 18-7020D (Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            L016 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                                            MILLER Style. Size 1. Infant. LED. Stainless Steel, Satin
L016     46537600001                ILS     Finish. Length: 80 mm. Distal Width: 9.5 mm. NOVALITE
                                            Part Number 18-7021D (Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            L017 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                       Use L003.7           MILLER Style. Size 2. Child. LED. Stainless Steel, Satin
L017     46537610001      until     ILS     Finish. Length: 130 mm. Distal Width: 13 mm. NOVALITE
                        depleted            Part Number 18-7022D (Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            L018 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                       Use L003.8           MILLER Style. Size 3. Medium Adult. LED. Stainless Steel,
L018     46537620001      until     ILS     Satin Finish. Length: 170 mm. Distal Width: 13 mm.
                        depleted            NOVALITE Part Number 18-7023D (Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            L019 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                                            MILLER Style. Size 4. Adult. LED. Stainless Steel, Satin
L019     46537630001                ILS     Finish. Length: 180 mm. Distal Width: 13 mm. NOVALITE
                                            Part Number 18-7024D (Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            L020 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                       Use L003.1           MACINTOSH Style. Size 1. Infant. LED. Stainless Steel,
L020     46537640001      until     ILS     Satin Finish. Length: 70 mm. Distal Width: 11 mm.
                        depleted            NOVALITE Part Number 18-7011D. (Updated 08 09 2010)

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                                            L021 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                       Use L003.2           MACINTOSH Style. Size 2. Child. LED. Stainless Steel,
L021     46537650001      until     ILS     Satin Finish. Length: 78 mm. Distal Width: 13 mm.
                        depleted            NOVALITE Part Number 18-7012D. (Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            L022 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                                            MACINTOSH Style. Size 3 Medium Adult. LED. Stainless
L022     46537660001                ILS     Steel, Satin Finish. Length: 108 mm. Distal Width: 15 mm.
                                            NOVALITE Part Number 18-7013D. (Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            L023 Laryngoscope Blade. Metal. Disposable. Single Use.
                                            MACINTOSH Style. Size 4. Adult. LED. Stainless Steel,
L023     46537670001                ILS     Satin Finish. Length: 133 mm. Distal Width: 15 mm.
                                            NOVALITE Part Number 18-7014D.(Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            L024 Laryngoscope Handle. Standard Medium. Reuseable.
                                            Stainless Steel, Satin Finish. Operates on 2 "C" cell batteries.
                                            Fully compatible with all NOVALITE laryngoscope
L024     46537680001                ILS     disposable metal blades. 5-year defect warranty. NOVALITE
                                            Part Number 18-5010MH-3.0V. (Updated 08 09 2010)

                                            M001 Epinephrine Injection, USP Abbott Labs #
M001     27031435070                ALS     00074492134. 1:10,000, 1mg/10ml (0.1mg/ml) LifeShield

                                            M002 Epinephrine Injection, USP 1:1000 (1mg/ml) 30ml
M002     27031435073                ALS     Multiple Dose Vial

                                            M003 Atropine Sulfate Injection, USP Abbott Labs # 74-
M003     27027155072                ALS     4911-34. 1mg/10ml (0.1mg/ml) LifeShield 20ga

                                            M004     Furosemide 40/mg/4ml (10mg/ml) 4ml Single Dose
M004     27011405073                ALS     Vial

                                            M006 Naloxone Hydrochloride 10ml multi dose vial
M006     26928595076                ILS     (0.4mg/ml)

                                            M007.2 NITROMIST Nitroglycerin Lingual Aerosol Spray.
                                            400 mcg/ spray. 230 sprays per container. 8.5 grams. Bar
M007.2   26924155125                ILS     coded. Lot Shelf Life Controlled. Store at 59 – 85 degrees F.
                                            AKRIMAX Pharmaceuticals NDC 24090-401-08.

                                             M008 2% NITROGLYCERIN OINTMENT
M008     26924685078                ILS     #00168032630 Titratable unit dose. 30 gram tubes with dose
                                            measuring applicator

M009     27128305079                BLS     M009     Oral Glucose Gel One Unit Dose 15 grams.

                                            M010 Baby Aspirin Major #0904-4040-73. Children’s
M010     27067295080                BLS     Chewable Aspirin. 81mg chew tabs. 36 tablets per bottle.
                                            Orange Flavor

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                               M011 50% Dextrose Injection, USP Abbott Labs # 74-
M011     27124295081   ILS     4902-34. 50ml/25 grams (0.5g/ml) luer lock adapter and
                               18ga. Protected needle

                               M012.5 Adenosine 12mg/4ml.. Single Dose Vial. Bedford
M012.5   27001205082   ALS     #55390-068

                               M015 Atropine Sulfate Injection, USP 0.4 mg/ml, 20 ml
M015     27027155083   ALS     Multiple Dose Vial

                               M016 Dopamine HCI 200mg/5ml (40mg/ml). 5ml Single
M016     26912335085   ALS     Dose Vial #00517180525

                               M017 INFANTS’ TYLENOL 80mg/0.8ml ½ fl oz
M017     27067115086   ILS     (15ml). Aspirin and Alcohol Free Acetaminophen Drops.
                               Dropper included, Fruit Flavor. Alpharma #00472-1417-99
                               M017.1         Acetaminophen. Tablets. Pharmaceutical.
                               Active Ingredient: 325 mg Individual sealed packets of 2
M017.1   26928380001   ILS     tablets. 2.3.5 MEDI-FIRST Part Number 80313 or buyer
                               approved equal

                               M019 Atropine Sulfate 1mg/ml. 1ml single dose vial
M019     27027155087   ALS     #00517101025

                               M020 8.4% Sodium Bicarbonate 50mEq Abbott Labs #
M020     26940735088   ALS     74-6637-34. Injection, USP 50mEq (1mEq/ml). Luer lock
                               adapter and 18ga. Protected needle

                               M021 10ml Sterile Water 10ml single dose vial to dilute
M021     43564725089   ALS     medications for nebulization or inj. USP

                               M023 Epinephrine 1:1,000 1mg/ml. 1ml Single Dose
M023     27031435090   ALS     Ampule # 724101

                               M026 Diphenhydramine 25mg Capsules individually
M026     27003425092   ILS     blister pack

                               M027 Albuterol Sulfate 2.5mg/3ml. 0.083% Inhalation
M027     26912065093   BLS     Solution

                               M028 Ipratropium Bromide 0.5mg/2.5ml unit dose for
M028     26912445094   ILS     inhalation solution #66794000225

                               M034 2% Lidocaine HCI Injection, USP Abbott Labs #
M034     27084505101   ILS     74-4903-34. 100mg/5ml, LifeShield, Luer lock adapter with
                               20g protected needle

M035     27053525102   ALS     M035     Magnesium Sulfate 50% 1gm/2ml single dose vial.

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                               M037 Methylprednisolone 125mg/2ml (when mixed) 2ml
                               ACT-O-VIAL. (SOLU-MEDROL Sterile Powder) Pharmacia
M037     26968675104   ALS     and UpJohn. NDC: 0009-019-09.

                               M038 10% Calcium Gluconate Injection, USP
M038     26987475106   ALS     4.65mEq/10ml. (0.465mEq/ml)

                               M041 0.9% Sodium Chloride Inj., USP 10ml Single Dose
M041     26987275128   ILS     pre-filled luer lock syringe #8881570121

                               M042 Cordarone (Amiodarone) I.V. 150mg/3ml Ampul
M042     26987275127   ALS     or Vial. 50mg/ml #55390005710

                               M043 Cardizem (Diltiazem) Strength: 5mg/mL. 5mL SDV
                               Refrigeration required. 30 day shelf life upon exposure to
M043     26924155122   ALS     normal temperatures. Teva Pharmceuticals (00703155703) or
                               buyer approved equal
                               M044.1 Enalapril. (ACE Inhibitor Enalaprilat Dihydrate)
M044.1   26924155124   ALS     Strength: 1.25mg /mL Packaging: Single Dose Vial. Volume:
                               1mL. Hospira NDC 00409212201 or buyer approved equal
                               M046 Diphenhydramine, HCI Injection, USP. Single dose.
M046     27003465112   ILS     50mg/ 1 ml Carpuject with Luer lock. Hospira NDC 0409-
                               2290-31 or buyer approved equavilent. Sterile, Pyrogen free.

                               M057 EpiPen* Epinephrine Injection Auto-injector 0.3mg
M057     27031435072   BLS     Adult dose. Dey Laboratories 49502050001

                               M058    EpiPen Jr* Epinephrine Injection Auto-injector
M058     27031435071   BLS     0.15mg. Child dose. Dey Laboratories 49502050101

                               M077.1 Glucagen Kit (vials) manufactured by Bedford
M077.1   26968415142   ILS     NDC# 0004-01

                               M078.1      Ibuprofen. (Non-steroid) Tablets.
                               Pharmaceutical. Active Ingredient: 200 mg. Individual
M078.1   26928700001   ILS     packets of 2 tablets. 250 packs (500 tablets) per box.
                               MEDI-FIRST Part Number 80813 or buyer approved
                               M078.3 Haloperidol (HALDOL). Pharmaceutical.
                               Strength 5mg / mL. Volume 1mL. Application
M078.3   26928360001   ALS     Antipsychotic. Packaging: Vial. Dosage Form
                               Injection. Manufacturer Bedford Laboratories NDC
                               Number 55390014710 or buyer approved equal
                               M1001 ONDANSETRON (ZOFRAN ) USP. Strength:
                               4mg/2ml Packaging Single Dose Vial. Sterile. West-Ward
M1001    26928011013   ALS     Pharmaceutical NDC 00143989105 or equal

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                               N001.1       Chlorascrub™ swab ( wipes) 3.15%
                               Chlorhexidine Gluconate (w/v) and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
                               (v/v) solution on premoistened sterile wipe. Measurements:
N001.1   47514300001   BLS     3.125" x 1.125". Individually packaged. Packaged and Sold
                               100 each per Box. PDI reference Number B10800 or buyer
                               approved equal.
                               N003 14ga. X 1 ¼" PROTECTIV™ PLUS Safety Catheter
N003     47516265158   ILS     Medex # 3068 PROTECTIV™ PLUS Catheter Safety

                               N004 14g x 2" Safety I.V. Catheter Safety type I.V.
N004     47516265159   ILS     Catheter #26729

                               N005 16ga. X 1 ¼" PROTECTIV™ PLUS Safety Catheter
N005     47516265160   ILS     Medex # 3062 PROTECTIV™ PLUS Catheter Safety

                               N006 16g x 2" Safety I.V. Catheter Safety type I.V.
N006     47516265161   ILS     Catheter #26731

                               N007 18ga. X 1 ¼" PROTECTIV™ PLUS Safety Catheter
N007     47516265162   ILS     Medex # 3065 PROTECTIV™ PLUS Catheter Safety

                               N008 18g x 2" Safety I.V. Catheter Safety type I.V.
N008     47516265163   ILS     Catheter #26738

                               N009 20ga. X 1 ¼" PROTECTIV™ PLUS Safety Catheter
N009     47516265164   ILS     Medex # 3066 PROTECTIV™ PLUS Catheter Safety
                               N010 22ga. X 1" PROTECTIV™ PLUS Safety Catheter
N010     47516265165   ILS     Medex # 3060 PROTECTIV™ PLUS Catheter Safety
                               N011 24ga. X ¾ in PROTECTIV™ PLUS Safety Catheter
N011     47516265166   ILS     Medex # 3063 PROTECTIV™ PLUS Catheter Safety
                               N013.1 1 ml Tuberculin Syringe with 25 gauge X 1 inch
                               Needle. VANISHPOINT Disposable. Tri-Beveled Tip.
                               Sterile. Automated Needle Retraction. 0.1 ml Graduation.
N013.1   47587785191   ALS     Latex Free. Single use. Retractable Technologies Inc Part
                               Number 10161.

                               N014.1 3 ml Hypodermic Syringe with 22 gauge X 1-
                               1/2inch Needle. VANISHPOINT Disposable. Color Code:
                               Black. Tri-Beveled Tip. Sterile. Automated Needle
N014.1   47582785192   ILS     Retraction. 0.1 ml Graduation. Latex Free. Single use.
                               Retractable Technologies Inc Part Number 10341.

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                                N016 12cc Disposable Safety Syringe Monoject # 8881-
 N016     47582785171   ILS     522000 Disposable Plastic Safety Syringe, with out needle.
                                Latex Free
                                N017 35 cc disposable syringe with Luer lock //LATEX
                                FREE//Sterile//non-toxic//Pyrogen free//positive plunger
 N017     47582785172   ILS     stop//polypropylene construction. EXEL International Part
                                number 26290 or buyer approved equivalent.
                                N018 60cc Disposable Syringe With Catheter Tip
 N018     47582435174   ILS     Disposable Plastic Syringe with Catheter Tip, with out needle.
                                Latex Free #1186000444
                                N019 19ga X 1.5 Disposable Needle Hypodermic
 N019     47582435175   ILS     Disposable Needle with clear plastic hub. Sterile, Latex

                                N022 22ga X 1.5 Disposable Needle Hypodermic
 N022     47534605177   ILS     Disposable Needle with clear plastic hub. Sterile, Latex Free

                                N024 SHARPS BOX BD® Guardian # 305436. 3 gallon
 N024     47534605178   ILS     single use with mail drop design lid. Approx. Dimensions:
                                11.5" x 13.5" x 6". 11.3 L

                                N026 P 2™ SHARPS SHUTTLE Kendall # 8301.
 N026     47534605180   ILS     Approx. Dimensions: 6 ½ in X 1 ¼ in".

                                N035 BD® Twin Pack™ BD® Twin Pack™ # 303390
 N035     47516265187   ILS     Latex Free

                                N037 BD® 3ml Syringe Luer-Lok™ BD® # 303346 with
 N037     47516265188   ILS     blunt plastic cannula /// 17 G x 3 mL syringe BD™ blunt
                                plastic cannula (100/sp, 800/ca)/// LATEX FREE
                                N040 EZ-IO Adult Needle Sets VidaCare Corporation
 N040     47521315194   ILS     #VID05-9001 boxes of 5 each. Latex Free
                                N040.1 EZ-IO connects VidaCare Corporation
N040.1    47521315191   ILS     #VID05-9002 boxes of 5 each Latex Free
                                N040.11 EZ-IO PD-IO Needle Sets VidaCare
N040.11   47521315192   ILS     Corporation #VID05-9018 boxes of 5 each. Latex Free
                                N040.13 45mm LD Needle set. EZIO Large Adult
                                Needle Sold 5 each per Box. 15 GA needle 45 mm in
                                length. Constructed of 304-stainless steel. With
N040.13   47521315197   ILS     patented cutting tip. Marked with a black line 5 mm from
                                the hub. Sealed in plastic tray with two sharps blocks
                                and includes EZ-Connect® and a wristband. Vidacare
                                Part Number 9079
                                N040.21 EZ-IO Driver. G3 Model. Used by paramedics for
                                intraosseous insertions with EZ-IO needle sets. Sealed
                                external case that houses the motor and Lithium Batteries.
N040.21   47521315200   ILS     RED Housing. Provides at least 1000 insertions and up to 10
                                years shelf life. Latex Free. VIDACARE Part Number 9058.

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                                N040.61 EZ-IO Storage Case for the G3 driver.
                                Color: Yellow. Used to organize all intraosseous
                                equipment, intravenous access procedures and follow
N040.61   47521315201   ILS     through patient care. Latex Free. VIDACARE
                                Corporation Part Number 9074

 N041     17585405200   ALS     N041 1cc Luer Lock syringe
                                S003 Disposable Blanket Banta Health Care Group Soft-
 S003     01072605218   BLS     Kare™ #43, Yellow Insulated Foam, Waterproof 58 inches x
                                90 inches
                                S004 Wool Blanket Gray, 100% Olefin 72 inches x 90
 S004     85012355219   BLS     inches, washable
                                X001 Patient/Backboard Straps Orange Morrison Medical
                                # 1350X - 5', Vinyl type construction with plastic side release
 X001     47013145226   BLS     type buckles. 2 piece construction, 5 foot over all length with
                                Loop-Loc™ end.

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