2011 BLS Instructor Initial Checklist 150212239 by Ucvy1ujY


									         BLS Instructor Initial Checklist
Instructor Name:    ________________________Date:_______________
Skills-Check those successfully completed
Adult/Child/Infant -One Rescuer CPR             Choking
Adult/Child/Infant -Two Rescuer CPR             Glove Removal
Pocket Mask                                     Epi-Pen Application
Bag-Valve-Mask                                  Bandaging
Adult/Child/Infant - AED                        Splinting

Exams- Check those successfully completed
HUE Quiz
AHA BLS Written Exam
AHA HS Optional Exam

Instructor Modules-Check those completed
Discipline Specific Module
Training Center Module

Instructor Certificate of Completion-Check those enclosed
AHA Core Instructor Course
AHA Instructor Update

Faculty Name ________________________________________ Date_________

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